It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt5

I think I've made it clear what the exact obsession is by now. ;) See you Tuesday.

70 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt5

        1. I know it’s ages since this comment, but PROPS! for the Rocky Horror reach-back, Dr. Furter.

  1. Not an obsession until Tarra hears about Ellie anyway.

    Eh, the fourth ring of Hell isn’t so bad, alot of moaning and stuff.
    Fifth ring: Full of spiders…with wings…and on fire. Yeah. Don’t go to that one.
    I hear Limbo isn’t so bad..when comparing circles of Hell anyway.
    Why’s everyone looking at me like I’m crazy?

    1. I’m going to bet that the “Get Out of Jail” cards from all of the Buckingham’s Monopoly games have mysteriously disappeared and are now residing on Tarra’s person, with a variety of scenarios replacing the scratched out word “JAIL.”

        1. I think it all started when I went Grape Nuts and realized that Life just wasn’t worth it any more. :D

        2. Stop acting like I’ve gone Froot Loops! I mean, honestly, I haven’t gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I’m just a regular guy. Almost a Quaker, even!

        3. Will you guys stop Raisin’ Bran here? We all know Cinnamon’s Toast Crunches, but that doesn’t make her Cheerios. And Tarra’s about to get her Post Toasties.

          They’re all just a bunch of Pop Tarts, anyway.

    1. When I went to look for Popkka I also noticed that he’d updated portrait pictures for the sister picture and the top cast picture too. I’m wondering if that was part of this update or if it was earlier and I didn’t notice it (even when I went to look for Mr. Kingdom with the last update).

      1. I updated the thumbnails for the sisters and other random cast last night. He added Popkka to the D52 section with this comic though.

      1. Also since a chant (and maybe body pose/special thought) summons it in the first place, there might be another phrase/pose/thought to cause the trigger to pull without the assistance of a 4′ diameter finger.

  2. Historical note: the EIGHTH circle of hell is for frauds, according to Dante. The fourth is for the greedy, and the fifth is for the wrathful.

  3. Shouldn’t be to hard to dodge the shot, just go forward a few steps. Although the blastwave would probably blow both of them off the roof.

  4. So, my heart is breaking for Tarra and the 52. David was one of them, they were probably amazing people; however, they went down a path that cost them their lives, and David had to make the sacrifice

      1. Right! Which means when they went down whatever road they chose, he had to fight. He didn’t fight villains, he didn’t fight enemies, he fought friends. He fought lost family. He fought those he loved and ended them. Not because he wanted to, but because he needed to, because there was no other choice

        1. He’s called the second chance, and his x glitches away the same time a face flickers on the screen

        2. As of comic Terms and Conditions-Part 12 (current post date October 28, 2016), Mr. Night thought that Quinn’s dad killed Mr. Radio (and that’s when he ended up on the cast page). That could’ve been a fake-out, but that would suggest that #2 didn’t know #4’s actual identity.

        3. Sometimes you can say someone was “killed” as a metaphor. Anakin Skywalker was killed by Darth Vader, after all.

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  6. WELL THEN. I was expecting to find out the lows Tarra could sink to, but I certainly did NOT expect that low. Dang, Tarra, you shitty.

        1. I don’t think we have an answer on that yet (at least not in the comic, it’s possible it’s been mentioned elsewhere).

          We know Tarra’s obsession and she was running towards Gen Nicks in the background of the flashback where they were talking about the AI. Also Mr. Night described her as David’s sidekick and subordinate in comic Terms and Conditions Part 20 (current post date February 14, 2017) and they were talking about her association with him during the end of D52.

  7. Thinking about Tarra purloining all the D52 toys she could along with her turning into X and Rusche’s previous statement that the D52 would be a bit of a boss rush at the end of the comic, I’m starting to wonder if X will be the primary antagonist mastermind of the third arc (or more).

  8. I wonder if Take-a-bullet bot and all the construction bots are in this category of Popkka’s mechs, if they’re a separate D52 invention, something she swiped from someone else, or her original creation.

    I’d initially thought “same” but then I remembered that the cat has a living creature inside it directing it, so these might be different things from the autonomous ones.

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