It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt9

Sorry for being so sick, fam. Seems to be circulating the house and just can't get rid of it. From kids, to me, then back to them, and so on. I was pretty bed ridden for almost 2 weeks. Kids went to go see their mom this last weekend and came back with pink eye, on top of trying to get over colds. It's been a relentless cycle of sanitizing the house and trying not to touch anything. lol I'm desperately trying to make up for lost time, so thanks for sticking with it. :) Also, my friend Brian sent me this. Apparently we have a fan of the comic hurling out insults, and making the news?

54 thoughts on “It’s a Psychobilly Freakout! -Pt9

  1. Ok, now I believe the cat’s definitely dead.

    I don’t care how supernatural it is, I can’t imagine any cat laying still to be a phone rest.

    1. How about, that cat is unconscious; Tarra looks like she is pretty hurt/trapped under debris. Why else would she be making a call lying down with the phone propped up on her cat?

      1. Hey, I’m after her heart! I have never had and will never have either man-bun or tight jeans, and do nothing “ironically”! I may not survive the relationship, but what a way to go! Alas, she’s only 2D…

    1. Well, to be fair, these are not the people you want saving you from a sociopathic sniper with a grudge.

      “Hey Cinnamon! Stand in front of that giant hole in the revolver for me!” “I’m not THAT dumb, Tarra!”

      1. Though the more I think about it, the more I realize that the Buckingham sisters are already known for “fighting bitches.”

        1. I thought about it, and the air tightness is probably Nolan void when she rolled her battle kitty through an armored door

        1. TBH, I think the other girls are going to be given information from Seven Sister Squad. Blacklisted, as it is. “If you are blacklisted from ONE of these, then we are BLACKLISTING you from ALL of them! Solve it yourself!”. And thus, the weary-grinding down of Tarra continues.,

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  3. She’d better hope that the other squads didn’t bail on her yet, or else she’s going to have to resort to her own family.
    Also, if he’s sealed in is a Panera delivery driver going to get in? Pretty sure they can’t scale walls to get into a hole that’s not ground level.
    Final thought: If any place delivers to any of the Buckingham sisters, do they get extra hazard pay?

    1. I really do look for Kyle to call back.

      “Tarra? None of them are coming. They said something about ‘bitch on wheels’ and then suggested you ‘die in a fire.'”

      1. Are we talking about the Delivery Drivers or any of the Sexy Female Assassin Squads?
        Given the Buckingham Sisters alleged reputation, that could be a toss up.

  4. You know, while Kyle is definitely already fed up with Tarra’s BS and probably is going to take off as soon as her apartment is out of lock down, I kinda find myself hoping he sticks around. He’s sensible and has good snark. Even if he manages to escape Tarra’s clutches I hope we’ll be seeing more from him.

    And again while Tarra is looking pretty cute, her personality sure ain’t. I wonder if her other teams are going to ditch her now for being such an ass. I mean, she WAS leading conflicting teams of sexy assassins, so it’d be weird if they didn’t kick her out for leading their rivals.

    1. Don’t think that’s going to happen, sadly. They DO make a surprisingly good couple, someone to pull Tarra back down to Erf. But this was supposed to be Tarra’s collapse arc, last I knew.

      1. Maybe Tarra has some kind of device that is effectively an invisible fence for humans. I could easily see her having an unwilling henchman that she believes wants to be around her despite being forced.

        X started with Anise because Anise had cut her hair, which was the start of her decline. Presumably Tarra was unconscious, such as laid up in the hospital, for Anise to be able to do that. I could see Summer being the one to put her in the hospital for Anise to be able to cut her hair.

        I never got the impression that Tarra’s decline would be a single story. X seemed to me like she was supposed to be a slow progression of change, so I assumed be a separate part for what each sister did would be more likely than all at once (so maybe two in one or so, but not all at once).

        1. I don’t remember that so I don’t think it was in the comic itself and likely not in the author post, but I’ve had work get busy at times and miss the comments entirely for weeks at a time, I haven’t logged into Patreon for the last 4-6 comics that have updated for this site (which makes it well over a year, maybe over two), and I never do any of the social media stuff. So there are lots of canonical knowledge vectors that I’m not tuned in to.

    2. Slay Squad shows up abd ask where Julianna is, he says she joined the Raiders. They say they already had seven members, he says they voted Tarra out. They say “We can do that!?”

  5. I assure you, from now on, we will use a completely DIFFERENT fulfillment service in India to handle customer complaints. Their prices are really low, and I’m told they’re staffed entirely by angry drunks, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right? …right?

      1. AHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA wefwidgewatow is wunning. That’s comedy gold!

        But I’m dismayed that you as a paying customer were so mistreated, sir. Please, let us send you a free patch of indoor grass in dirt that we call a product as a gift to make up for it.

  6. Not gonna lie, that dude is doing better than me. When a woman with that much cleavage asks me a question, I tend to forget how to talk. I had to hide my wife’s good bra once to avoid saying stupid stuff.

  7. I was going to crack wise about tarra having a land line but it serves as an easy way for her to get a hold of Keith since she doesn’t even know his name let alone his number. ;)

  8. ah dam that dude is still calm despite all that happened ………if she doesn’t end up with him I’ll be surprised

    1. I’ve talked to her former personal assistant (before she decided building bots was cheaper, if less accurate).

      Apparently chef-bot was put on hold after the everything tasted like grilled cheese and olice oil.

      Also, To-Go Bot had issues with it’s Geo-Nav as it couldn’t differentiate between which preferred Dominos, McDonals, Burger King, etc NOT to go to.

    2. Speaking as someone who lives alone, Take-Out Bot is almost better than Chef Bot.

      You don’t have to buy groceries that way. They go bad before you can eat them unless you want to eat like five salads in a row or something.

      Oh, I GUESS she could build Go To Market Bot, but then it’s just a slippery slope to Scratch My Butt Bot and then finally Bariatric Surgery Bot after you gain 500 pounds from doing nothing all day.

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