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It’s that one guy..

New computer is smooth sailing. Just in time for all the nighttime hand painting. (Based on the title, it's also now mandatory The One Guy posts a comment below.)

49 thoughts on “It’s that one guy..

  1. Prescription strength febreeze? That’s a scary thought. The regular stuff is strong enough that Ellie’s might actually work like pepper spray.

        1. Was that the same year they describe as “Like Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant, but all the time! Neckbeards melting in the cloud of clean-smelling Febreeze everywhere!”

  2. My first instinct seeing him looming the in the shadows was ‘Batman’, but we all know he’s really ‘Daredevil’. And since Ellie would be ‘Power Girl’. . . .Great. Now I ship Power Girl and Daredevil. Oh well, at least they would be cute couple.

  3. Mandatory comment posted.

    Though to note, I’m can’t claim nearly David’s level of awesomeness, and I have been lucky enough not to have to test if I have similar aerodynamics, so I also cede supremacy to him in that regard.

  4. This is gonna be another clueless Ellie he’s obviously into her and she won’t ever see it till he says so to her face, and 5en she will be caught between the side her employer runs and whoever this guy works for.

  5. Dun Dun DUUUNNNNNN!!!

    Now she’s curious and hopeful that she can (hopefully) land her man.

    And he is awesome, walking around without his cane. Blind man super powers.

  6. If David is the cleaner of Tarra’s messes, and that giant hole in the wall is certainly a mess, using Frebreeze isn’t a terrible idea.

  7. As for the febreeze, this is neither Ellie’s first rodeo nor convention. You just have to wonder about some of what she’s been exposed to in order to have prescription strength product.

        1. Tarra could easily have an M.D. or D.O. and be licensed to dispense prescriptions. Or not have the degree and by mysteriously licensed to dispense prescriptions anyway.

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    1. And it’s so easy to vote, too! No need to sign up for anything; just three simple clicks and you’re actually back on the site, enjoying your high-quality webcomic!

        1. I was wondering if my browser settings were tweaking something. I’ve occasionally seen vote buttons rather than the radio button and separate vote button, so I was wondering if that was more normal or not (as that would’ve been three clicks from here).

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