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It’s Your Boob Window

Okay, just to be clear. Yes Sailor Pluto's hair is not red. Pumpkin is not Sailor Pluto. She's a "new sailor scout" who's the leader of the ALSO new "outer-outer senshi." This is to insinuate she's a scout to represent all the dwarf planets, or: trans-neptunian objects, Pluto included. Like it, hate it... it was for one comic and of no importance to anything... important. Carry on!

51 thoughts on “It’s Your Boob Window

        1. Are beatings not the moral high ground? Maybe I need to stop getting advice from the ghost of Genghis Khan…

        2. It’s generally a bad idea to consult phantom warlords for advice on sound moral principles, yes.

        3. Twinkies change the situational dynamic enough to make it a grey-area, morality-wise. Also, twinkies.

        4. That’d have to be one big Twinkie.

          Say, about 35 feet long that weighs approximately 600 pounds.

        5. that’s too much. All you need is a a deep fried chocodile. A deep fried chocolate covered twinkie.

  1. I like the idea of getting a picture with a buxom woman at a con, but to have the picture being trying to get fresh, but said buxom woman snapping one’s fingers, and responding in a comically exaggerated fashion.

      1. Pictures $2
        Standing next to PG $5
        Standing next to touching closest shoulder, inner hip $8
        Standing next to touching opposite shoulder $12
        Standing next hand on hip, outer $20
        Standing next to touching waist $25
        Standing next to, hand slips accidentally, $35 & warning
        Standing next to, hand slips again, $50, emergency room fees.
        Standing next to, hand slip caught on camera, $115, broken recording device, cast on hand, E.R. fees for photographer, plus con expenses.
        For everything else, there’s MasterCARD.

        1. okay, Blue – you now owe me a new soda and keyboard

          …and can you hand me that napkin so I can see my screen again?

        2. Well. I need to know if you want a regular, diet, old fashioned, ergonomic, 101 key, RGB, LCD, OLED, Blu-ray, Ray, Peter, Egon, Winston, paper free, lotion free, micro fibre, bran fiber, carbon fiber, carbon copy, carbon tube, nano tube, nanu nanu, Mork from Ork, Mork and Mindy, Mork or Fonzie.

          Plus the address

    1. 2:1 Ellie allows the jerk to walk away with a few barbed insults and a threat or two.

      3:1 Ellie gives this colossal jerk a bloody nose.

      5:1 Ellie renders this newest victim unconscious

      25:1 Ellie breaks a wrist

      100:1 Ellie ends up on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel under the headline “Booth Babe Bites Back: Brawl Bashes Boob-Happy Bastards”

      1000:1 Onomateopeiacon shuts down following the discovery of a human being wedged in one of the convention center’s toilets.

      1. I think I’d switch the odds on verbal retaliation & bloody nose here, after we saw what happened with Alex (although there was the persistent creepery with him, so maybe not; need to recalculate now)

        1. The odds are what the house says they are, and the house figures it’s more likely she’ll shout him down rather than break out the smacking.

    1. It IS kind of a shame for Ellie, really. We know she wants to get out and do more things, but all she gets is the creepy and the intimidated. The guys who’d be good for her won’t even try to storm that particular Bastille, and the guys willing to try are pretty much wrong for everyone.

  2. Seriously? She didnt think anyone would try to cop a feel? I would have thought she’d known that to be a hazard up front. Kinda…no, not kinda, extremly surprised to be honest lol.

    Still, that guy in the last pannel is the luckest in the world…for the next twenty seconds, before the pain of a dislocated shoulder and six way fractured wrist kick in I suppose lol

    Also is it just me, or did Pumpkin get a er…growth spurt since last page?

    1. One, it’s not out of line for her to think she won’t get publicly groped. Maybe a bit naive–there are indeed jerks everywhere–but not out of line.

      Two, I figure it’s the costume. Between the heeled boots and the rest of it, it’s probably lending a bit of an augment to the appearance.

    2. I think that the premise that people do not want to get copped up when they go out of their front door. If two consenting adults decide to cop up with each other, do it within the confines of their proverbial castle.

      Otherwise, TMI.

    3. Have either of you ever been to a con before? If you are attractive, or if you are wearing a well made costum, you are going to be touched, poked, prodded, groped or otherwise pestered.

      Vic Mignogna himself got annoyend with people constantly pestering him whenever he would go to cons as a regular atendee and not as a special guest (he himself has admitted he’s just as big a fanboy as the rest of us) so he came up with what he thought would be a good plan.

      He got himself a Imperial Stormtrooper uniform, a very nice one.

      Well, after that whole incident, he said he’d just go back to going without a costum, stating it was less of a hassle and that ‘Vic Mignogna doesnt attract as much attention’ lol

      Point is, this is par for the course when you go to a convention. Is it right? No, but its human nature in this case as its the closest 90% of those present will ever get to a girl.

      1. I don’t deny that such behavior should be expected. That is not the same as saying her annoyance with such behavior is unreasonable, however.

        When I go out driving, I fully expect somebody to cut me off in traffic, somebody to tailgate, and somebody to make a right turn from the left lane. That doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable for me to get pissed off at the individual that does it.

      2. This seems to be her first convention, actually. She’s been mostly an online presence up to this point. So yeah, she really was surprised at public, blatant gropery.

        Furthermore, no matter how typical it might be, her reaction is totally legit. It shouldn’t be expected, and if it happens, she has every right to react exactly as she would in any other environment. I just wish cons would enforce behavior codes better (we’re in a bit of a transition–more cons are establishing codes of conduct, but they’re still figuring out the nuances of enforcement).

        Getting pissed about this sort of thing, though, is how it gets changed.

  3. Hell with that. Pumpkin’s costume-fu is mighty- have her whip out a Powerful Girl costume that doesn’t infringe on anybody’s copyrights while clearly indicating its origins!

    1. …could she find material in the middle of a convention without having to pay a ridiculous amount, though?

  4. Damage so far. One furry arrested, Two vendors eaten alive (current condition unknown), one kid gone Super Saiyan, asshole about yo loose arm and it is only their first day there!

  5. Ellie has made on slight miscalculation in her “You made more in five hours…” statement.

    Yea Pumpkin made (profit or gross unclear) $800 in five hours but I’m pretty sure she’s been working most of her spare time for the last couple of months or so in prep for the con. If you figure it out per hour I’m sure it’s a lot less impressive.

        1. I would be under the assumption that Pumpkin is aware of the cost of materials and such. With the time she spent between the iNimbus and the con, that time could be negligible but still factored in at two bucks per. Cost of materials and convention tickets should have been covered as well. Marketing a batch as last two and $200 for the one I’m wearing could also suggest that she’s made more than 800 gross profit.

  6. FML! I wonder why I’ve never seen that before?

    Plus, sneakery not prepared for? Are all the commenters off the mark? Because Ellie being Ellie, I would think is greatly prepared for someone too handsy. So what else could Ellie be talking about?

    Taking into account “It’s your boob window”, my understanding is that the unprepared for action is the sneaky-guy doing a little under-wire support to make that boob window really pop for the camera.

  7. Redhead Sailor Pluto for the win! (still not a hermaphrodite)

    Awww, I’m just razzin’ yah, Rusche!

  8. Oop! You touched the side boob! That will be an extra twenty dollars! Oh you don’t want to pay? That is all right, Rhino, Knuckles. Break his legs.

    This is a thousand times better when spoken in old time radio voice.

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