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James’ Mom

Ha! Still Friday! Next comics will be up this Tuesday. Patreon and the site comic. Probably early evening... Your patience is appreciated while I plow through the coloring.

72 thoughts on “James’ Mom

  1. I’m glad the comic was titled “James’ Mom”, otherwise I never would have had an answer to the inevitable question:

    “Gaaaah! What IS it?”

        1. Oh come on. She went to court to hsve them removed because the letter “N” became an intergalactic insult according to the space pope and Martha Stewart’s clone #4.

  2. James seems nice. Reasonably good looking. Thoughtful. Friendly. I wonder why he can get a date? ……aaand now we know.

    1. It’s fully possible he is aware, and has seen through it, but isn’t saying anything out of politeness. I mean, if you were using a pseudonym on a dating site & met up with someone who knew you, would you want the first thing out of their mouth to be “hey, you aren’t [name], you’re that girl with the boobs from middle/high school!”

      Plus, just being on the same yearbook page doesn’t mean they knew each other, there were plenty of people I went to high school with who I couldn’t recognize while I was going to school with them (different social circles & all that). More likely would be their Facebook link of Quinn, and the fact that her false dating profile picture is one that’s on Facebook too, that’s where any recognition would be more likely, but again, i think he’s respecting her false name usage for now, but will probably let an “Ellie” slip during the date. That’s when things will get real.

      1. I could see that somewhat if it were a big enough school. But even with different social circles, it’d seem odd for James not to at least recognize her as “that hot girl from ____ class”. As I recall, it’s not even two years from their graduation, so it should be relatively fresh in mind.

        1. There is another premise. Let’s assume that James was getting taller and taller all throughout high school. He’d be head and shoulders above most people. Unless it was someone that James was associating with every day through school, then he may not have a reason to recall Ellie, even with their pictures on the same page of the year book.

      2. The girl who won for most popular my senior year was a girl I had never seen before in my life. I was in all advanced classes throughout high school, so there were plenty of people I’d never had a class with. Maybe he was in AP classes as well.

        1. As per the argument between Ellie an Quinn early on in comic Fond Memories (current post date December 3, 2009), Ellie was in honors classes, at least somewhat. So James would’ve had to not be in them.

          I think it’s also a graduating class size question. With a graduating class size of around 100, it’d be nigh impossible for them not to recognize each other. If you’re talking 1,000 then that’s getting more possible (though the attention draw of a hot girl would still bias a larger class size in favor of James still recognizing Ellie, and with Ellie recognizing Quinn, there was some degree of intersection with one of his friends anyway, and the class size is small enough that Ellie was somewhat surprised that Quinn didn’t recognize Ian, so still seems like bias towards “they should recognize each other”).

    2. Consider that people lie like crazy on dating web sites. Having a pseudonym on a web site should almost be assumed. If things start to get serious then a quick “by the way, my name is actually ****** ” and you move on. Keep in mind that her picture is actually HER – which is more than can be said for a LOT of dating website profiles – so she’s still comparatively more on the truthful side than many (or most) of those on dating websites.

      Can you tell I’m a bit cynical about dating websites… :-)

      1. i ruled out zoidberg because of the hand. his claw would not cling to the window, it would have busted the glass. Never forget zoidberg.

  3. To answer your questions in order:

    1. In perpetuity throughout the universe.

    2. Aardvark.

    3. Never on a Tuesday, a first date, or when the moon is in the eighth house of Jupiter.


  4. This scene makes me wonder if there was an alternate reason for requesting Quinn wear a mask while in James car during daylight hours.

  5. “James! I thought we had the prostitute talk! Haven’t you learned the difference yet?”
    “Mom! She didn’t ask for money”

    “…..What?! *whump* …. Are… you sure?”

        1. A. No one like you. B. That is jump the shark in the second season and is as overrated as the cowboys football team. C. I meant for shotgun Shuffle

      1. Why only female? Some of us might have a male favorite character. Pretty fond of Caleb and his disdain myself. Out of the females… I would have to say Ellie. Not for her physical attributes, I just like how she haa grown over the course of the comic.

    1. I confess, I am developing a soft spot for Juniper. She’s a mess, but I love her anyway. I actually kinda ship her with James here already.

      1. I find that I have a soft spot for Juniper as well. Anise is tied for second with Quinn. Then Ginger, Tarragon and Ellie tied for third. Cinnamon is last. My nominations for leading man in a dramatic lead, Ian first with Richard second. For comedic male lead, James and Caleb followed by Herb. Romantic lead nomination is Blind Guy, Tyquan, Ernesto and Barrel in that order. :D

    2. I’m kinda partial to Quinn. Ginger is up there – because I’m married to an amazing woman that Ginger reminds me of.

  6. Two things you can do to remove someone from the glass like that, make the same face on the other side or point off to the side a bit and mouth ‘SPIDER!’

    1. You’re right. I wonder where his nerd gear is? Perhaps his closet door is about to burst open in a nerdy collectible explosion? Smothering James beneath it as he looks for the tickets…

    1. She looks hesitantly in the rear view mirror and says in a subdued voice, “Candymom, Candymom, …Candymom.”

      And then Beetlejuice appears. What the…?

  7. Okay..I have to post this. My friend…she’s over and I’m trying to get her into Shotgun Shuffle. Mission accomplished…except…

    Except after reading this page and looking at the last panel, she told me, “Look! Look! The lady’s all like ‘My son’s virginity is MIIIIINE!’ BWAHAHA!”

    …and then I lost it. Just thought I’d share that.

  8. From the looks of it i would think his mom probably the reason he’s still single, since she scares away any girl that comes near him(assuming they can pass his Nerd Barrier first..)

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