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Jenga: “Where fun goes to die”

Typical narcissistic attitude. Blame everyone but yourself.  This is also one of the rare times Quinn's eyes are large enough to give them color. I don't find my personality aligns itself well with Alex's, but I've certainly been in those shoes, and said those words before. =P I almost left it unspoken too. This strip was pretty self explanatory  I was tempted to leave it wordless. The expressions, or lack thereof, was enough to tell the story of just walking away, and then her eventual scorn as she continues to associate Ellie with all of her shortcomings/problems. The only reason I ended up doing it, was I didn't want anyone to assume he was handing her an apartment key vs. car key. We can all tell the difference obviously, but with as fast as the eye reads a comic, it could be easily missed by someone rocketing through the site.    

41 thoughts on “Jenga: “Where fun goes to die”

    1. Nah basement-DJ ain’t too bad. He’s the laid-back cool-guy type. Seems like he would at least be the better option.

  1. Because of COURSE this is Ellie’s fault somehow.

    And for once Ellie isn’t even in Quinns room or using her computer. Unless the Jenga game is Quinns and is also off limits, poor girl can’t win.

    I wonder if McFatFat is just eating his pieces.

  2. This coming from the guy who dreams about his girlfriends head on another girls body?


    As for the issue regarding keys, I knew what it was the second I saw it, car keys and hous keys are pretty different in terms of shape, house keys dont have that little plastic cover at the end.

    I do hope that Ellie doesnt just take this laying down. Quinn is obviously upset, but she’s been on Ellie’s case since she got there, only HALF of it is actually warrented.

      1. Dreaming might be, but its hardly the only thing he’s done so far:


        I’m sure he was just being nice and pointing out to Quinn that everyone deserves a fair chance and the benefit of the doubt.


        And I’m positive that his only motive was that he wants to help Ellie so that Quinn will get to know her better and they’ll become friends.

        Yep yep yep, no alterior motives to be found! None at all! ;P

  3. At the beggining of your series, I thought to myself : “This is a comic for womens”.
    But, as the story began I became more and more interested.
    Here I am today, a dude reading a funny comic ‘Bout 2 different women.
    I’d just like to congrats you, I really do like it.
    Have a nice day.

    **I usually write in french, that explain my weird english.

    1. You were attracted to it by my French last name, I’m sure.

      Surprisingly, I’ve had a few people I know tell me they found it weird that I’m a guy, writing about two girls, but there are many stories about girls written by men, and vise versa. All a woman has to do is have atleast one male in her life to be able to write about her observations around him, etc etc.

      Besides, the girls are merely leading off the comic. The cast page is male dominated, anyhow… and your english is fine. =)

    1. Not really she didnt. Its ambigious at minimum, but she didnt go on a date exactly, she went to hang out with some new friends she made. Lying wasnt the brightest of ideas true, but ask any of the trio she was with and they’d be the ones to state that it was just a hang out thing, not a date.

      1. Even though I like Quinn, it’s her fault. Whether the guys feel it was just a hangout or not, she knows why she was there. Her intentions weren’t to “hang out” and her response to Alex being there is proof she knew she was doing something wrong.

        1. I’m going to go out on a branch here and suggest that while Quinn is not 100% at fault, she does have some responsibilities to fess up to. On the other hand, a person is entitled to have some alone time, no matter how they ask for it. Dirty Hippie is a dirty hippie, no matter how good of a talented artist he might be.

          If he were to marry Quinn, then he could have moved into the apartment, but he didn’t want to, so I’m going to suggest maybe once again, that they are using each other to some extent. The relationship is not entirely sound.

        2. Oh, of course not. I’ve said it before in comments. Ellie knows why Quinn is dating him, more than Quinn does. It’s something I’ll get to later on.

        3. I thought the reason he hasn’t moved in is because Quinn’s father would basically cast her to the winds if he found out she was rooming with a guy. He has in fact offered before and even, if I am not mistaken, been willing to make up the money she would lose from her dad. I need to look further back.

        4. Well, all I have to say now is that she was being the manipulative asshole and not Alex. If she wasn’t interested in Alex in the first place, she should’ve done something sooner rather than to hurt him later.
          Sorry, but SOME women are shallow like that :(

        5. But also, I think, that it could be said that she may have not known any other way. I see a lot of “Breakfast Club” in this, where they just got to the library and they are still holding onto their respective coping skills.

          I’m going to suggest that Quinn’s coping skill is not so much as knowingly being manipulative, but not knowing how to be so much a freezing bitch 95 percent of the time. And yes, I’ll say that because Quinn used it directly herself. She also lamented the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, and I think that the movie group may actually have been one of the few times that we’ve seen an honest to herself Quinn.

          ps. Especially when she was buying a flashlight.

        6. Tsapki, I do believe that you have hit a nail on its head. It said ouch. I also think that Quinn is also using her Father as a generous amount of buffer in her ability to have controlled Alex in the past. However willing he was going to put up with her moods and such.

          And I do believe that Alex was offering to make up the financial difference, but that would mean that Quinn would be more than likely putting all of her metaphorical eggs into one basket, and that basket seems to be a slightly self-serving bohemian artist. Unless I got the amount of self serving wrong, that is.

  4. i fail to see why exactly Alex is labeled a douche….what exactly makes him douchey….hes attracted to Ellie….so what??? Quinn is horribly frigid and probably insults him at every turn…so why wouldnt he be attracted to someone else? i mean JESUS….she got pissed off at him for having a dream…. oh he has long hair and looks like a hippy….again….is that why hes a douche? im hoping at some point she changes because i cant stand her at all….i read this comic because Ellie and her cat crack me up and Eagan reminds me a friend i have….in fact the male characters are great.

    Quinn and Alex have no business being together…she clearly hates his guts….and with Eagan it seems she wants to trade one slacker for another…but at least Alex is going to class and is actually enrolled….this girl is totally mixed up…

    1. Well, we do know that he pressures her quite a bit when it comes to some things. He’s been pestering her about moving in together, despite her telling him several times that her father wouldnt allow it. Most likely the threat she is looking at is her father cutting off her money. If she’s made this clear but he keeps pushing her, I can see that causing some issues easily enough.

      1. I’ve noticed you have an odd predisposition against Alex. Perhaps you’re seeing everything but his side of the story?

        And it’s not as if he’s turning the screws on her, FORCING her to allow him to move in with him- he’s making a thoughtful suggestion. After all, he could’ve mentioned it only twice, with the second time being on screen (or on the strip, as it were).

        And he hasn’t made a bad suggestion, either. He already knows that her last few roommates weren’t good. Quinn had already said that she had a deadbeat roommate, so why would a working roommate be so bad? Quinn has told him that her father didn’t want her having a male roommate, but if that’s the best option, then why deny it? Alex also make another good point in saying that her father could actually save money.

        I try to keep my mind as open as possible, and try to determine other people’s motives BEFORE I judge them, though it seems as though you’ve shown some predisposition against him. Even Rusche seems to dislike him, but I’ve seen no such evidence that makes him anywhere near as bad as your comments would indicate. But if there is, please let me know…


    This one was sad, mostly for Alex.

    I’m with Skrapyard on this one. Nothing to me screams that Alex is a douche. He seems like the one who is getting beaten up on and pushed around. Quinn is kinda irritating me.
    Also like Kenju stated previous, I hope Ellie stands up for herself instead of taking it from Quinn. I want to like Quinn, but honestly right now I don’t. Maybe in the future.

        1. yes, the only icon worse than one of the Dirty Hippies. Sorry Banena.

  6. i love the comic, but every time i look at Quinn it always looks like her hair is a bad dye job lol (i can see her roots lol) also did anyone else think Pumpkin was an effeminate looking boy at first, when i saw her mentioned as her i was a little blown away.

    again love the comic, added it to my list of must look at.

    1. Wow. I should give you a prize (if I had any.)

      That’s exactly why I styled Quinn’s hair the way it is. She doesn’t have the money to get her roots dyed (or she could just be one of those types that lets it go for periods.)

      Her roots were initially symmetrical, and flowed exactly with her hair. Now they kinda branch off every which way. I’m guess if she doesn’t dye it soon, they’ll eventually form an outline of Russia.

      On Pumpkin, I had a few readers in the beginning tell me I had typos when I typed “her” or “she” when referring to the character, because it was most assuredly a boy. Pumpkin is the sportier version of Ellie, and based off alot of women I’ve know that rode the tomboy look throughout their youth.

      1. Though bad dye job or not I really dig the way you’ve been drawing Quinn’s hair the last few strips. That extra bit of body it has really helps frame her face better and makes it look less limp and bedraggled. Or it that just the extra effort she put in to chase after Eagan with?

        And I totally had Pumpkin pegged as a tomboyish girl.

      2. When I saw this strip at first, I thought it was just color differentiation though stark shading. Didn’t know it was actually different root color… Even when Quinn made that comment about her roots looking like ass, I still thought it was meant to be imperceptible to the audience, though, now I suppose it’s quite obvious…

  7. wait a minute. If he drove it over, that means that he had a copy of the key as well. I suppose that the only thing that he did not have a copy of was her apartment door, and the front door, if applicable. If she had her key with her, and went from the parking lot to Richard’s (?) car to her apartment to the movie, then it is in all likelyhood that she had her car keys with her.

    Which kind of suggests that Alex had some use of the car with/without Quinn’s knowledge.

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