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Alright guys, I have an unbelievable amount of stuff piling up that needs to get done that hasn't been... so I'll be taking a vacation for about a week and a half. I'll most likely have a new post up either the 9th or 11th.  I also need a bit of a mental break since this comic is usually my every waking thought. ;D I'll have some fan art to post when I return as well (just for those artists who are wondering why I haven't posted their stuff yet.) Thanks everyone.

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    1. Given the usual amount of times a cosplayer changes during a convention and seeing as this is most likely a one day convention, I would say at least 4 more

      1. I figured it ran all-weekend, like most conventions, right? Plus didn’t we learn it already started yesterday?

        1. Tails hoodie looks simple, so maybe $50 tops for the materials? Rikku was pretty intricate, and with the sword/daggers and a good wig might be $150 to $300. Maybe even more if she went all out. As for Saturn, let’s say she bought a premade one because she’s still gotta do homework and found the perfect boots at the Goodwill. $100. Unless she’s also got the staff which could bump it up further.

          Cosplay is ‘spensive.

        2. Cosplay of that level is expensive, one of my friends routinely spends 200-300 dollars per outfit, more for the fancy ones.

      1. Ha! Exactly! Her face in the last scene is priceless.

        I briefly looked into the character Pumpkin is based on to see if there was a personality Pumpkin looked for in the characters she dressed as. I found this on the wiki I was looking at:

        “Rikku fears snakes, sometimes shouting “Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaake!” when entering battle against a snake-like enemy such as a Recoil. “

      2. It’s alarm, but not necessarily negative alarm; there’s the possibility of “Heyyy, I never thought of that” going on…

  1. Oh dear.

    I didn’t expect Pumpkin, of all people, to rant about “Fake Geek Girls.”

    But she is young, and you say lots of silly things when your young. And old. And middle aged. Come to think of it, people say lots of silly things in general, huh?

    1. Actually, I believe there’s a difference between the “fake girl” and the “fake geek girl,” much of which is predicated on attitude. And in this case, Pumpkin’s probably got the right of it.

    2. As she never said “geek” in her muttering there, I think she was more focused on their authentic fake-ness (the boobs [as mentioned] the knockoff [fake] goods being sold, and a [by Pumpkins standards] fake commitment to cosplay) The rest of her bit concerning chest size hints that the biggest issue was the fake-boobs trying to boob-shame her, and the anger at potential future dudebros being stereotypical dudebros concerning a hypothetical large chested version of herself.

    1. Sooo many things wrong with that question.

      A. Pumpkin isn’t dressing up as Sailor Pluto, but Sailor Saturn, my favorite, or an original one of some sort (hasn’t put on a wig yet, can’t be sure).

      B. Who you are thinking of was likely Sailor Uranus (and maybe Neptune), not Sailor Pluto.

      C. They weren’t hermaphrodites, they were lesbians. Sailor Uranus was just very tall and butch.

        1. Personally, I think that Willis is a poor writer, and only includes the pop items that would drag traffic to his site.

      1. Yeah, about the closest to hermaphrodite the series had were, I believe, the Sailor Starlights, and they were simply magical gender-swappers.

        1. Only in the (original*) anime. In the manga they simply dressed as men when in disguise; this change to the Starlights for the anime cheesed off Takeuchi as it broke one of her cardinal rules for the series…

          * As opposed to Sailor Moon Crystal, which now makes the distinction necessary.

      2. I guessed Sailor Saturn, too, because of the purple.

        From the wiki: “She possesses powers associated with destruction, death, and rebirth; she has the ability to annihilate a planet and even an entire star system, as well as resetting the evolution of the same to zero”

        Uh oh.

        Should we be worried that this is the sailor scout that Pumpkin identifies with?

        1. Nah. Because if she’s Sailor Saturn, she’s also Hotaru, and Hotaru is the most adorbs thing EVER omg must hugggggg –


          The only thing more adorable would be if Hotaru and Vivio from Nanoha ever met; the radius of induced diabeetus would be measured in parsecs.

      3. And even better the creator of the anime/manga later said that she always felt that Sailor Uranus was actually a Trans Man. Which is why Neptune didn’t have a prince because Sailor Uranus was her prince.

        And yes they loved each other. they literally died reaching for each other longingly.

    2. No.

      Also, Sailor Pluto is not a Magical GIRL. Sailor Pluto is a Magical grown-ass WOMAN, and God bless.

  2. How many costumes did Pumpkin bring? o.O

    Also just a little something I noticed. If you go in order of age, from oldest to youngest, it seems that with each new generation they end up with a larger bust…

    *black background with rainbow trail shooting star* The more you know


  3. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun!!!

    Tune in for our next episode:
    The case of the growing cleavage
    Treasure chest!!

    Ha, but seriously poor pumpkin didn’t stand a chance. Lol

    1. Hay, Ellie, watch me pull my head out of my butt!
      But, Alex, that trick never works, for you.
      This time for Sure! Nothin’ between my ears. Presto!

      Guess I need a new ass hole>

  4. Don’t leave us all alone with Mr. Blue. He doesn’t play nice, and defiantly refuses to be the thimble. His Dr’s bills are so staggering, he might have to a job for UPS in order to sartorically color coordinate and all.

  5. Isn’t she dressed as one of the lesbian scouts? Just sayin.

    And predicting a 180 on her boob opinion.

      1. Uranus color is a dark purple. My guess is the Dumb One got her the wrong color and Pumpkin just said f@ck it and made it anyway.

        1. Er…

          Sailor Uranus (Haruka) was a very slightly purplish BLUE.

          Sailor SATURN (Hotaru) was…purple.

        2. Not…quite. =P Sailor Saturn, Hotaru Tomoe, was the daughter of Professor Souichi Tomoe, the wonderful MAD SCIENTIST!!! who was the leader of the Death Busters in the third season (“S”). The pairing you’re thinking of is Haruka and Michiru – Sailors Uranus and Neptune. (The infamous “cousins” in the dub.)

          That said, assuming Pumpkin is dressing as Sailor Saturn and not just “Sailor Pumpkin”, she needs to sic McFat on whoever made the outfit. It’s “inverted” from Saturn’s colors – Saturn had a lighter purple skirt and top accents, with a darker (really, more purplish-black) bow.

        3. It’s been like a decade since I last watched Sailor Moon. I was soo upset when, I wanna say Cartoon Network dropped it.

        4. Well it recently got a re-release – including season 5 in English for the first (legal) time – and there’s the remake (Crystal) coming soon.

          I’d strongly reccomend you look up and read ‘Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon’ though.

          If only for Kamen Scooter.

  6. Sheesh Pumpkin, you realize one of them busty booth babe types is standing in the bathroom right now, don’t you? I mean, you should – you’re talking to her.

    On that note, why does it always seem like Ellie’s boobs get even bigger when the discussion is about them? Panel 3 – almost as big as her head.

    1. They know you’re talking about them. They know. And they demand sacrifice.

      Ia! Ia! Boobthulhu Ftagn! Dark Rack of the Woods with A Thousand Young! In sunken R’yleh dark Hefner lies dreaming!

    2. With the difference that Ellie A) is not fake in that department and B) usually does not try to boob shame her little sister.

      So it’s not really pointed at her and I’m sure she knows. Though that might be a little bit of retaliation in that last two panels. (^_^)

  7. Yeah, always wondered how Pumpkin would cope and do if she turn out to be as busty as Ellie eventualy. With her personality and all….
    Growing cleavage teen angs.
    Perhaps Ellie will be of some advisor of some sort. More Ellie/Pumpkin sister bond in the futur.

  8. It seems Cinnamon isn’t the only one who lacks a mouth filter.

    Pumpkin seems to have forgotten the present company, complaining about girls with big boobs in a mocking tone to ELLIE. At least Ellie has the last laugh. BOOM, GENETICS!

        1. As the discussion is over and the votes are now tallied, the motion passes. Due to it being a kick-ass comic, the creator is given as long as it takes, pending the odd status update if things unseen come up.

  9. Not sure what they are talking about in the last panel, but I agree with Pumpkin. Is Ellie implying that Pumpkin will have big breasts later in life as well?

      1. Yeah, I was gonna say, this seems to be a startling lack of awareness on Pumpkin’s part, considering who she’s talking to.

        1. Well, she ain’t alone. I saw her insult those two evil skanks at the sword booth plus some kind of general attack on a pair of hypothetical random dudes who only focus on the chest, but on Ellie? Not so much. Kinda seems like a stretch to think Pumpkin was referring to Ellie as “one of those girls given validity solely for her chest.” Especially when Ellie’s got a lot of other reasons to get validity.

        2. I chalk the whole thing up to self-esteem. The boob thing seems to be a sore spot for Pumpkin, which isn’t surprising given she’s the youngest of seven girls. She did what a lot of people do: convinced herself to dislike what she believes she won’t have, to trick herself into feeling good because her present situation is “superior”. It’s more complicated to explain than it is to do.

          Anyhow, my impression is Pumpkin’s still coming down off of her rage from earlier. She’s invested a lot into this “lightly endowed but better off for it” vision for herself, and I think she was rambling it out loud for support from Ellie because Pumpkin’s trying to bounce back and wanted external validation. That’s why she was oblivious to how insulting it might sound to Ellie; because she’s basically talking to herself with an audience.

          I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’d mentally excluded Ellie from the whole thing long ago.

  10. so, there are four characters at the bottom of the page that I do not recognize. Top row, second one and fifth from the left. And in the bottom row, the two on the ends.

    1. Top row the second from the left would be Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop.
      Bottom row on the utmost left is a SuperSonic I guess (haven’t played enough Sonic and not for about two decades)?
      Bottom row on the right is Haruhara Haruko from FLCL.
      Top row fifth from the left I’m not sure. But she definitely has been mentioned by someone else in the comments before, a few pages back.

  11. T-shirt comments.

    Okay. Well. . .

    The good, the bad, the ugly. This would be, Pumpkin and Ellie as the good; Tarragon, Anise as the bad; Ginger, Juniper and Cinnamon as the ugly. Explanation – Ginger (mom’s mad ugly), Juniper (drunk in the morning ugly and possibly what ever else led her to this path (emotional baggage)); and Cinnamon (just because)

    Angels and Devil-ettes. Similar to above, however, it would be more along the lines of Ellie, Pumpkin, Tarragon and Ginger as the Angels with Anise, Juniper and Cinnamon as the Devil-ettes.

    Sister X might be in the latter. . .

    1. Oh, and I just thought of one. Groupings of the individuals based on work settings or situations.

      Hell, I’d even suggest parodying some of Norman Rockwell’s freedoms from series. Thanksgiving would be their freedom from shopping. The Sister Council would be freedom from outsiders. . so on and so forth.

      I mean, the O’Jacks crew, not sure about the Get Mart crew. But then the lifestyle crew could be Quinn, Ellie, Blind Guy, Tired Guy, Alex, the nerd boys all in the National Lampoon’s Vacation Cover. Although, Ellie would be in the place of Chevy Chase and Quinn and Blind Guy would be hanging off of each leg. Not sure who all else is in there, but I’d find or create matching places for them.

    2. Damn it. I should have waited to vote until I thought about this. I should have picked “Other”.

      I can’t really picture an Ellie T-shirt that doesn’t have McFatFat and an iNimbus. While I was thinking about it I came up with an idea for an Ellie shirt. It’d be a normal Ellie with McFatFat on the front. Maybe the pic from the cast page where she’s sitting on him and has “The Lazy One” under her. On the back would be a partial printing of Heads or Tails, panels 1 – 4 and 8 – 10.

        1. Don’t give that money underwear guy any ideas there, eh? Although Quinn should be Death. But to keep the previous Ginger stab, Quinn and Ellie should be fighting each other on the lovers’ card.

        2. Tarot Cards? Interesting. Well if I recall what The People Under The Stairs taught me, Ellie would totally be The Fool. (I wonder who else remembers that insane movie.)

        3. I remember a dude in a leather suit and a shotgun. I remember it’s made by Wes Craven, a man who I started referring to as “Nerve Gas” Craven because he has all the subtlety of an open drum of Sarin. I remember that I never want to watch “The Hills Have Eyes” again. Either version, really, though the remake did improve somewhat. I also remember that if you put “Nerve Gas” Craven to work remaking Japanese horror, you get a pretty decent final product because that stuff has way too much subtlety for its own good most of the time.

        4. At least “Nerve Gas” Craven sounds better than the possible movie adaptation.

          Craven, Craven, has any body seen Sarin?

          Yeah he’s home dying.

        5. If I had to describe The People Under the Stairs, the word subtle would probably never come up. It’s also not a good movie. However, it is a good-bad movie.

  12. I like some of the design stuff in this strip. The fact that Pumpkin’s panel starts out higher as she’s feeling so superior, and then Ellie’s comment drags her back down to her level.

    As far as shirts go, I thought a Ratch spof of Pokemon would be fun, showing their “evolutions.”

    The only thing that concerns me, though, is that as a guy, can it get away with wearing a shirt with Ellie, Quinn, or the sisters on it? Until we have some better established male characters (besides Alex, ugh), I might hold off getting a shirt with characters outside of McFatFat, iNimbus, or some other character like that.

    Posters, though, that’s open.

    1. iNimbus: A Cloud and a Phone

      then underneath, Ellie, shrieking, “THAT’S MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS IN ONE THING!!”

        1. When You Absolutely, Positively, Need Someone or Something Swallowed by an Eldritch Horror and Transported to a Hellish Nether-realm.

    1. Oh snap, Dheu completely eluded my there. There’s so much potential with him too: a big design with him integrated with it somehow (looking all swirly & artsy) or a simple character image (as he has a neat design as is, and would look pretty spiffy with a minimalistic approach as well) or (my favorite) him in his role as the consummate ladies man.

      Ooh, or, simply him (swirling fog post summoning) & a caption/word ballon/whatever of him saying “You give Dheu the creeps.”

    1. I think Ellie might be hinting Pumpkin shopped earlier then 5th Grade, and thus might be more endowed then her bustier sisters in the end…

    2. Now I’m not that well versed in the ways of the U.S. school system. But isn’t 3rd grade something around the age of eight to nineish?

      1. Kindergarten – Age 5 before September.
        so. 1st Grade – 6
        2nd Grade – 7
        3rd Grade – 8
        4th Grade – 9
        5th Grade – 10

        If not five years old before September (depends on school district)
        Kindergarten – 6
        1st Grade – 7
        2nd Grade – 8
        3rd Grade – 9
        4th Grade – 10
        5th Grade – 11
        Having to enroll in a pre school environment will add a year.
        Pre School – 5/6 depending on September
        Kindergarten – 6/7
        1st Grade – 7/8
        2nd Grade – 8/9
        3rd Grade – 9/10
        4th Grade – 10/11
        5th Grade – 11/12

        1. I went to pre-school from 2-3, Pre-K at 4 and Kindergarten at 5.
          1st Grade – 6
          2nd Grade – 7
          3rd Grade – 8
          4th Grade – 9
          5th Grade – 10

      2. For me it was 8. Like I said. Sucked butt. So did the rest of elementary school. It wasn’t really until high school that the teasing etc stopped.

      3. Kids can be as old as 9 at the end of 3rd grade. I was 11 at the end of 5th grade. Don’t recall anything about my first bra shopping experience. Probably suppressing them unconsciously.

    1. Juniper on a t-shirt, lovely as she is, probably won’t come across terribly well to people unfamiliar with the comic. Juniper’s appeal is much more apparent in context- in fact I think that’s kind of one of her fundamental themes, that she’s easy to dismiss at first glance, whether as a slut, a lush, a wage slave, an absent mother, or a ditch dweller. But like many easily dismissed things, she has these depths that you have to really look hard at her to see, and Juniper herself seems to understand that about herself, and the world, because she compulsively photographs ordinary things. I think she appreciates, on some intuitive level, that if you look at them hard enough you’ll see all this wonderful beauty in them, even if they’re ugly things. And I’d be pretty bloody amazed if Rushe could convey the complexity of someone like that in a t-shirt graphic.

      Or, you know, he could draw her smashed and propositioning the viewer. That would work too.

      1. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the Juniper supporters, I think. She may have done some terrible things, and pretty recently, but where there’s life, there’s hope, and Juniper Buckingham is pretty much the living representation of hope for the future.

      2. Juniper on a t-shirt after puking, leaving a bathroom stall, hair a mess, glassy eyed, glass in one hand and wearing only one shoe with a caption that reads “ParTy GuRL”

    2. They’re all sleeping off various hangovers. Also, you can do italics with straight HTML, just not BBCode.

  13. Other shirt suggestion: more ensembles. Your poll includes an “all sisters” option, and I thought that was one of the best for conveying the attitude of the comic, but I was disappointed that was the only ensemble group you offered- I think your pictures of groups of people are some of your best art. Possible groups could be:

    “Roommates”- Ellie, Quinn, and McFatfat
    “Coworkers” – Ellie, KK, Barrel, Ashliii, Tommy, Caz, Megan, and Tyquan
    “Dudes” – Eagan, James, and Richard- and maybe Quinn too?

    I just want to add, I haven’t hardly had the time or energy to comment here for the past few months because I just started the sort of craptastic dead-end job this comic glorifies so beautifully. Taking that job involved cutting off contact with most of my family, who have been aggressively discouraging me from seeking work and trying to have any independence from them. One of their common tactics over the years has been to display contempt for any employment I might actually be able to obtain, often under the guise of telling me that those jobs are beneath me, and I should be looking for something better. Reading your comic really, really helped me feel better about myself during my job search and after I took my job, and every day at work when I start to feel bad about myself for being there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, so very much, for creating a story that presents doing dead-end work to survive as noble, and the people who do it as more than suckers and losers and failures and freeloaders.

    1. One Better. Ellie all down and sour faced with day shift, and all happy with second shift. Kind of like a front and back type of shirt. It’d have to cost extra to have the large screenings on both sides.

    2. Awwww. That’s a really awesome comment. And by that I mean the sincerity part. That does sound like an odd family dynamic going on there, and I’m sure I hardly know all the story. I really hope it works out for you, and if there’s anything I can do, just let me know. :)

      I’ve spent a good decade of my life in customer service, so I know all about being in the trenches. And for far longer than I should have allowed myself to be. Keep fighting the fight.

    3. Pfft. With the way things are nowadays? Do whatever you have to do to make the bucks.

      IF you are able to get and keep a job, you are doing noble work. It’s tough out there.

      Chin up, back straight, stare them in the eye, and do what you have to do.

    4. Unite customer service people of dead-end jobs! =D
      Keep going, even though its a dead-end it leads to you being independent and actually moving forward, not to mention you can learn some stuff, even at a dead-end job. Just having a job and keeping it is great, so take pride in the fact that you’re doing something rather than nothing and don’t let them get to you. Anyhow, lots of smart people started in dead-end jobs before actually getting somewhere, so that argument is really kinda silly.

  14. Wait, I’ve got it. Black T-shirt with Dheu’s “Ladies” face and the words “Would you Dheu me?” On the back it says, “I’d Dheu me.”

  15. The results of that poll are kind of harsh, I have a soft spot for Juniper since she was (temporarily at least) the mascot of the borken wiki but she’s been outvoted by the ratches? Really? Poor girl, no wonder she has self esteem issues.

    1. Like it was said above, it’s hard to translate Juniper into a t-shirt that does her justice. How do you put “a broken yet hopeful individual who may or may not improve at some point in the future” into a t-shirt graphic?

        1. Ratches are just another monster. There’s a great line of t-shirts built around horror movie characters and settings; I’ve personally thought about a Miskatonic University shirt (Go Pods!), or even a Jason’s Deli. Crying out loud, you can get shirts for Mudder’s Milk, for Weyland-Yutani, or any of a hundred horror / science fiction concepts. The Ratches are no different.

  16. Maybe some O’Jack’s merchandise? Something like

    “Live Seasonal Mystery Animal: Take A Bite Of Random Flesh!”

    “Pure Fudge Sundae: Because Ice Cream Just Gets In The Way.”

    “The Wid O’Maker: Now With More Sodium!”

    1. More face links! I love the expressions, especially Ellie and Ginger. Every time I look at Ellie I mentally hear her doing a “cha-chik” noise with her mouth while doing a “Buddy Jesus” pointing pose.

  17. I know the site is always changign design, but I just wanted to say how much I like the chibi-face link buttons

        1. Jessica helps with alot of misc requests I have, so I give her all the credit. The site itself runs on Comicspress, an offshoot of WordPress. It’s a blogging setup that essentially says “you can put this type of stuff here and this type of stuff there” for morons like myself who don’t know jack about HTML and programming. :)

        2. I just do the code, Chris does the design. How to teach yourself code for WordPress websites? Try wordpress.org and w3schools.com

        3. Basically, all the more reason to have a line of “We <3 Jessica" coffee mugs at least. Right Jessica? I know that James would buy a gross of them off of the bat. Or at least the square root.

  18. How long has the store link been up? I just noticed it.

    Do they offer an option to flip around the organization? By that I mean have the basis art be what’s seen and then you look if you can get it as a shirt or a mug or a print from there (along with the specifics for slight differences)?

      1. I did, but I appear to fail at that website. I don’t see the way to say “show me the four prints/ideas available and let me see form factors later.”

        Now granted, that’s not uncommon for me, as I read too often about how many websites get hacked and am fairly choosy about which sites I allow to run JavaScript. Which are needed?

  19. I’d just like to say before we hopefully go on to the next page that this has been the longest week and a half in recent memory.

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