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Still plugging away. First panel took me hours to get right. It'll be up this evening or early tomorrow. I promise no sleep until it's finished. :P Red Lobster Patreon winners are as follows: Set 1 White Rice Petaluma, CA Set 2 Alex Casselberry, FL Set 3 TSG Bolingbrook, IL Set 4 Andrew Alexandria, VA Set 5 Botania Portland, OR Set 6 Jager Rex, GA Set 7 Aya Duluth, MN Set 8 Michael Atkinson, NH Set 9 Kyle Brownsville, TX Set 10 William Kronenwetter, WI

193 thoughts on “Junebug

        1. Also, at the time of posting I had just binge read the entire comic and was unaware that (correct me if I’m wrong, by the way.) he is the author.

        2. Ah, you must not have noticed the post I was referencing. If you go back to the comic Two-Sided Knife (15 May 2015, at least until the next Patreon archive insertion) and look at the first post and Rusche’s reply.

        3. Aww, you shouldn’t call Rusche a douchebag for mocking something practiced by bad people who deserve nothing but scorn and condemnation.

        4. Everyone who has ever said First, ever, should feel ashamed and die from that shame and wallow in heck in said shame, shamefully.

        5. The problem with ironically posting “First!” is that it is functionally identical to non-ironically posting “First!”

        6. Oh no. I didn’t divide by zero. That’s just crazy land, there!

          I merely “zeroed,”thus adjusted an instrument or apparatus (i.e. the forum comments) to a zero point or to an arbitrary reading from which all other readings are to be measured. In essence, I rolled it back to it’s base point and claimed the best the starting spot.

          IT. IS. MINE.

        7. You can’t expect him to work a joke about people calling first into a Patreon panel to post all the time. Other poking fun at people being concerned about first post is still valid.

        1. That may be so, but the tangentiality of the situation has already been discussed, advanced to the floor, motion made, passed, sent to the chair, motion made, passed and entered into the minutes as Mr. Blue is nuts.

    1. Hi, personal first post here. Got to your comic through the Gump x Star Wars strip (searched through the net if anyone had already an idea for a Midichlorians comic) and been reading through the archives since about one or two weeks or so. I totally now have a Manly Guys crossover stuck in my brain now, thanks for that xD

    1. My first thought was a long sigh. Followed by a mournful, “Quinn, I thought you were better than that…”

      1. It’s a purple Bug. That’s about as tempting as marshmallows, cream, sprinkles and hot chocolate when you’re two days into a diet. xD

        1. It fits her character, it’s just that when a VW bug appears, my next reaction tends to be sadness that smashing said VW bug with a sledge hammer on principle is not, in fact, legal and free from financial consequences.

          That reaction is actually what leads to the previously mentioned long sigh.

        1. Other way around. Not large enough. A real problem with tall people, the soft tissues don’t grow to match the bones and muscles. The heart is working way to hard, and gives out early. Same with the other organs, but the heart usually goes first.

  1. There will be no negotiating here; that salesman is going to screw Caleb for every penny he can get.

    1. I’m not certain of that.
      Both of those cars new adds up to quite a bit more than I think the site could have made.

      1. Both cars are probably used vehicles, but combined they might be a bit more than the 20 to 23 K Caleb has to spend.

        1. he could probably get away with spending about $12k or so. It really depends on how new that Jeep is.

          Although, Ellie might get a couple thousand knocked off that price if she gives him the right look.

        2. Eh, just looking quickly on Autotrader, in my area alone you could probably get away with spending as litlle as $15-16k CAD. Granted, they probably won’t go that cheap, but it’s actually fairly likely that the two vehicles could fit on a $22,000 budget.

    2. Yup. As a salesman myself the dynamic of someone spending someone else’s money is the best opportunity.

    1. With Saturday’s comic, with the side profile, I thought it was a 50/50 chance it was her brother-in-law. But today’s front angle photo, combined with his punchline kinda confirms it to me…
      Quinn and Ellie are letting Caleb and Co. help support Ginger’s family with these purchases.

      Last note: deep down, I pictured Quinn finding a purple Beetle all along. These two choices work perfectly with their personalities!

        1. A couple of months back, I was working a site, a store remodel, where they had the piped in music. All recent stuff, and one of the songs used this as it’s sample. It hit me that, with the exception of the supervisor, none of the work crew had been born within about 10 years of the original being a hit. I felt old.

        2. I remember the expressions of a few teenies when I mentioned upon them highpraising Lady Gaga’s ingenuity that I’ve seen all she does before in the 80s and 90s by other artists, mostly Madonna. Heck, after first seeing the music video to “Alejandro”, which also was my first time hearing the song overall, I actually had to doublecheck to make sure it wasn’t an old Madonna video that I had forgotten.
          The big eyes, the sheer look of disbelief they showed me…

        3. On that note: How many people now the refrain from “Dream On”? And how many know that it’s from an Aerosmith song from 1973?

          Now, I wasn’t born then. I’m an 80s monkey (and now you can probably guess the story behind my gravatar). But my musical upbringing included loads of stuff from the 60s and 70s as well.

        4. I’ve been explaining that to disbelieving listeners since the 80’s. No, Rag Doll was not their first hit. No, RunD.M.C. did not make them famous, either.

        5. wait people didnt know dream on was aerosmith? i think this more than anything has made me lose faith in humanity

        6. Years ago I heard some girl in a music store ask her friend if she knew Paul McCartney had been in another band before Wings.

          Of course, now most of you haven’t heard of Wings, either…

        7. I did in fact learn of the Wings later than of the Beatles. But that’s mostly because of my dad, I guess. A big fan of the Beatles.

          I… I’d actually say she’s partially excused for knowing the Wings, though.

        8. I just had a thought that makes Williams amusing one liner a lot less amusing. It’s obvious that two guys are buying Ellie and Quinn vehicles for a likely wrongdoing, how long is it going to be before this fact spreads through Elllies family since William is married to her oldest sister? Speculation may run rampant and wrong conclusion jumped to as this info passes through a new chain. Poor Ellie.

        9. William – Hi hon. I saw your sister today.
          Ginger – NO YOUR MY MAN.
          scene fades to black.

          nine months later, another little brother is born.

  2. That car was made for Quinn. It’s perfect. No wonder she was so overcome with emotion that she just had to hug it when she finally found her destiny.

  3. Considering he recognized the girls style of retaliation, I’m going with yes.
    Granted, he has no way of knowing how Quinn extracts payback, but he would have had ample opportunity to learn the Buckingham way of revenge.

    Also, this shot looks even more like the guy we saw at Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Interesting that Ellie got a Wrangler (my first car) and Quinn got a Beetle (my current car). Of the cars I’ve had those are the only two that I love and would get another.

    I like that you went with the New Beetle and not the “New” New Beetle (A5) crap that looks godawful.

      1. I see them all the time. The A5 (the latest model) looks like someone stepped on it. The bumpers have corners, whereas the previous models were all rounded. It’s like they mated it with a Pinto. Basically it’s a generic hatchback lacking all the iconography of the original and New versions.

  5. HAH! I was just commenting on voice comm with a fellow reader last night that I figured a VW Beetle (in purple, of course), would be the perfect juxtaposition to Ellie’s Jeep! XD

    1. This statement is supported. Of course since the comment was made LAST night then technically it was pre-first.

        1. First usage I ever saw of that was “zeroth,” penned by Isaac Asimov in one of the last Robot Detective novels. The reference was the 3 (then 4) laws of robotics.

  6. Caleb doesn’t seem to be as thrilled as Quinn is finding her car soulmate. Let’s be honest though, I’ve never once seen him smile so let’s assume that despite seeing his money drain away to cover his ass, he’s happy for her on the inside. At least it’s a Beetle and not a Mini-Cooper.

      1. I heavily doubt it. That thing more looks like the size of a Range Rover. Especially considering the red part seems to be the car next to (in front of from our perspective) it.

        But a purple New Beetle really looks like just the car to match Quinn’s personality. Not necessarily the car I would have chosen (I’m quite pragmatic with cars and the NB has several things going against it), but it’ll still do nicely.

        1. Also, judging by the angles between William and Quinn, I don’t think that would be a Range Rover as you have suggested. Quinn would definitely be shorter than that vehicle’s height. And, I’m guessing that William is somewhere between 5’8″ and 6’4″. If it a Range Rover type of vehicle/SUV, it should be closer to his height instead of it’s roof line being shorter than Quinn’s height.

        2. What. It’s a decent observation. Not only that, but being as tall or taller than James, most sports cars are waist high on me if not then belly button. Most sedans don’t come up to between my elbows and lower chest. Very few vehicles are taller than my neck, with trucks and vans being eye level or higher, which allows for a unique perspective when dealing with perspective and vanishing point lessons in art.

          Individuals who might be outside of the statistical norm for height may be more inclined to have their artwork noticed by more people because of their difference in perspectives when viewed against the norm, thus standing out more precepts.

          That’s my hypothesis.

        3. Besides, I don’t know if the remark was off handed or not, but it’s an interesting way to enter into a decent discussion, is it not?

        4. Are you suggesting that Mr. Blue is trying to impress Quinn by showing an interest in her major?

    1. While it wasn’t a smile, he did look rather content at doughnut time, a few pages back. No furrowing of his brows, at the very least.

      I think he just has a scowl as his default expression, and if he isn’t scowling then you can assume he’s, at the very least, satisfied with the situation.

  7. A quick google for the MSRP of a 2015 Volkswagen Beetle and a 2015 Jeep Wrangler put them at 20k and 23k, respectively, at the low-end of the range. Caleb is going to spend more than 10k each on them, no doubt, but if they’re a couple years old and don’t have a ton of bells and whistles he could conceivably talk him down to 15-16 apiece.

  8. Very nice, touching really. I mean that seriously, Quinn looks so happy in that second pannel, like this is something she has wanted for a very long time and finally has it :)

    My only question is the remark about ‘Not sure what you did but I forgive you’ at the end. Is that him joking about them having to buy cars for the girls, or is he being serious that he knows something must have happened (as they are buying cars for Ellie and Quinn) but this gesture of making up for it has cleared them in his book from the perspective of them being family?

    1. As family, he probably recognized Danny’s treatment and the fact that they were obviously subservient here in the car buying shows that his sister-in-law came out on top. She’s also in reasonably good spirits. From a brother-in-law stance I think that qualifies as, “You have no extra trouble from me.”

      1. Several bonus points: kept it in-house, gave him business… and, I suspect Caleb might have scouted who had what cars available while the girls were zonked. I suspect some collusion on both Caleb’s and William’s parts to match the girls with their dreams. :)

  9. How wonderful. It warms my heart to see her finding a happy match. This scene reminds me of when I bought my Sunburst Orange 2007 Dodge Caliber.

      1. No…but I thought about it for a moment in time. It would be interesting to have a car with some unique artistic feature on it. However, it seems to be difficult to incorporate such things without a great deal of thought. I have seen graphics that are gorgeous and others that are submerged in insurmountable blights of eye pain. Perhaps once I design my car I can fancy the idea of incorporating images into the overall structure of it.

        1. I usually think of automotive mods the same way I think about tattoos. I have seen some rather beautiful ones, but I can’t imagine putting anything on my truck that I won’t be bored with in a month or two.

        2. i myself go for the practical vehicle mods…my 2000 jeep cherokee has a light bar and grill lights for my firefighting job and i want to do a lift and even bigger offroad tires for more hard to reach places…and a bigger engine because i mean hell more power

        3. I’ll get those Duke Boys Boss. Don’t you worry your chubby little cheeks about that none.

    1. I’ve known a couple Quinns, I just didn’t realize it until her breakdown. She’s the type who puts up a cold, hostile front because she’s really, really vulnerable.

    1. Is it? I thought all of Doc and Martys time shenanigans occurred in the October-November period, Which jump are you talking about?

      1. Okay, time for the numbers. Shotgun Shuffle has a total of 552 votes. This places it at #45 on the TWC list with a daily average of 50.18181818 voters per day.

        In order to get to the #40 spot, which has an aggregate total of 564 votes and a daily average of 51.5454 people a day. Shuffle-fans and the NARS group buddies are going to have to up the vote tally by at least three per day.

      1. Stand Still. Stay Silent stays still at the #7 spot on the TWC list with 3,547 total votes to date. This comes down to an average daily vote of 322.45 voters per day. They have a strong standing against “The Meek,” with at least 44 more votes per day to gain a gap of 489 votes.

        SSSS is only 89 votes behind “Mare Internum”, a gap of 8 people minimum to tie, 9 to surpass.

      1. A Redtail’s Dream, a finished title on the NARS group reading list, but still a great read.

        aRTD has a total of 641 votes. This puts them at #39 on the TWC list with 58.2727 voters a day.

    1. I’m not particularily fond of the new one. Too big, too impractical (for it’s size) for my taste. But then I’m quite the “substance over style” kind of guy when it comes to choose a car for myself.

        1. Ever had that thing standing next to a Golf? Now guess which car gives you more room to use.

  10. o man, i hope she knows what shes getting into. its a vw, its a great car and will take care of her as long as she takes care of it. but… god help her if she dosn’t, that car will punish her for neglect.

      1. “Look, the death rays are great, but I’m not paying an extra five grand for that kind of feature. Do you have this model without the death rays?”

        1. Your momma is a bunch of dead and decrepit old guys. I threw that snake in for DNA, copyright, trademark and because Tomax informed me that we would be sued by Dolly if we didn’t. You’re that irreverent.

        2. I’d like to say here that, if more GI Joe episodes had been like this, they probably would have aged better.

  11. It looks like you drew them instead of just tracing. I respect your stupidity. LOL. It’s pretty much the way I would go about drawing it, too.

    1. Hmm, and take note of who seem to be animatedly talking to each other, and who looks like they know that they might as well not be in the room…

    1. As someone who dabbles in creative stuff, I second the sleep recommendation. It sucks to have to redo something because you don’t listen to your brain telling you to sleep. I’m going to bed. It’ll look great tomorrow.

  12. Not taking time to read through above comments tonight, but as a long time reader and Patreon supporter, I’d like to say that sleep is not actually an enemy, no matter how it may first appear (and it’s certainly shifty and likes to make rude comments about your mother sometimes). I, and I believe many others here, are in it for the long haul. If you feel the need for penance of some form, pick something that won’t hinder your abilities or immune system (like writing something on your arm with a pen or putting a post-it note on your fridge or whatever meets your own criteria as irritating and obvious enough that you feel like it’s sufficient).

    For me, a text statement on the days we assume you’re posting (either from normal schedule or pre-announced “this is going to take longer”) or the day after so we don’t start wondering if you had a toilet seat from a space station take you out or something is fine.

      1. Considering that one of the main characters’ origin stories was drilling a hole in his own head to attempt to get high, I can see the fever dream interpretation.

    1. As someone who is a long-time reader of Megatokyo, I just have to say that the delays you’ve had are nothing compared to Fred Gallagher’s. Don’t sweat it, we’ll still be here.

  13. LAST!

    Quin looks cute in purple.

    And dwaaaaaaa, that is a cute hug.

    Can we call her car the “Love Bug????”

    Wait! Don’t respond, or I’ll lose my place!

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