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This is most obviously the sister Ellie likes the least thus far. And her respect level seems on par with Quinn's.

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  1. Oh man… if this is one of the “major” reasons Quinn disliked Ellie, that really sucks… since it was the “Evil sister” that stole the Meatless Assclown.

    And… wow… finally a sister that (barring any actual depth being revealed) I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll like in the least.

      1. Yeah… I just noticed her title on the cast page… I have a strong feeling that unless you provide some serious “back story” for her, and she’s not just all about being a shameless slut, I won’t like her one bit.

        But that’s fine. I didn’t like Alex one bit, either, and I got to see his Wookie getting “bent”… so that was a plus.

        1. When I say “serious back story”, I mean, I’m hoping that you can actually make her “likable”. I’m not sure how easy that will be… since you weren’t able to get me to like Alex (which I think was the intent?), but I figure if you want us to like Juniper… well, you’ll find a way.

          Also, is it wrong that I am constantly checking your “Walking Dead” re-captions, just to see if you added anything new? And… then I always scroll down to the Maggie caption where she’s killing Walkers?

        2. Yeah. She looks like the obsessed girlfriend meme.

          I stopped doing those cause season 3 entered the “Andrea can’t stop talking” episodes and I just couldn’t find much to go on. Then I lost my guy at work that got me the new episodes the next day. So it all kinda fell apart. I’d like to do some season 4 when it starts, but I’ll have to find a way to get the episode almost instantly on my own (and I’m very ignorant on the subject.)

        3. A little… yeah.

          Ah, and that explains the “sudden stop” of the captions. That’s a shame that you can’t get instant access to the episodes though. I found them all pretty funny (more so than the Supplementals, and I found them hilarious). I’d really love to see them continue, if you can find them again.

        4. I…I never actually noticed that there was a cast page. Speaking of it though, by the way thank you for mentioning that, why isn’t ellie’s younger sister on the Sisters pic on the bottom. The one we met at the very beginning, whose name eludes me.

        5. Seriously, you’re doing a casting call series of comics? Each one, how something that Quinn says reminds Ellie of one of her sisters allowing for exposition on said sister? That would be so annoying in real life (classic turning every comment to be about one’s self) that, unless Quinn’s next comments specifically asks about other sisters, I can only hope it ends with another hair cutting fight. As much as I’m curious about the remaining sisters, having the curtain slowly peeled away would be more fun than this sudden rush.

          That said, you’re doing two things I like at the same time. First, the spice themed names is nice subtle touch.

          Second is the mistaking of someone for someone else due to fuzzy memory. In most forms of entertainment, you rarely see characters have the same name, mishear a sentence, or mix people up, even though it happens all the time in the real world. It’s like everyone has a photographic memory and abides by a universal name registry. Only other time I’ve seen it done was by Joss Whedon on FireFly:

          Jubal: Am I a lion? Well, you best consider me one because I have a mighty roar.
          Simon: I said, ARE YOU ALLIANCE?
          Jubal: Oh! you… that was weird.

          Things like Quinn having thought Ellie was Juniper add a nice realism to the strip. Bravo.

        6. The ‘slow peeling away’ is for the top cast panel… and future ones under the sisters’. If each sister being brought up within the convo makes sense within the convo, eh. Doesnt bother me.

        7. Actually, I’m betting they’re all named after spices. Juniper (berries), Anise (sort of like fennel), Tarra(gon), and Pumpkin (pie spice). I can’t figure out what Ellie’s full name would be.

        8. So what if she’s not liked? Characters don’t need to be likeable based on first impressions. I think this is only the second panel she’s appeared in, and both panels were flashbacks.

  2. …and judging from their relative hair lengths, I’m guessing either Juniper was a good fighter, or Ellie was not…

      1. I suppose that it’s scary if the person in your class either shaves at noon to get rid of a five o’clock shadow, or can blatantly drink from a flask because of their age.

  3. Oh, the “slutty one”. I thought that was going to be the “sauced one”, or the drunk one. Look! You even put “s” on her cheeks to remind us. The wheel of fortune board is filling out.

    1. I can’t remember the title, but I think it was called “Rage Text” where it’s implied by Ellie all the sisters decided collectively what title defined each of them.
      Ashliii wrongly thought Ellie was the ‘dumb one.’ So, obviously, we haven’t gotten to the dumb one yet. So “sauced one” probably wouldn’t fall into their youthful vocabulary.

    2. They almost all have letters under their eyes. Pumpkin is G, Ellie is N, Anise is H, and Juniper is S. The dark haired sister looks like she’s U. Tarra seems to have a lot of blush on, or that’s supposed to represent an O. Bets on the last sister having a T under her eyes?

      1. Oh my god, I never caught that either. And the G on Pumpkin’s face seems so obvious in retrospect, too.

        So do you guys like hangman? ‘Cause I’m pretty good at it. Go look at the sisters on the cast page. What’s that spell, huh? Huh?

        Rusche, I think my respect for you just doubled. Any doubts that you planned for the comic to turn out this awesome from the very beginning have just been blown away. You aren’t quite setting them up on, say, David Willis’s level yet, but now I’m just going to be watching to see when you inevitably do.

  4. Something about this one seems off. She doesnt look anything like the others. I mean yeah they are all pretty unique but this ones face doesnt look at all like the others. Its much thinner and more narrow.

    Also surprised that Quinn got those two mixed up. If memory serves Ellie was quite the early bloomer, Juniper is almost FLAT compared to Ellie, she also seems to have a smaller bust than either of the other sisters.

    Which again, is odd. Ellie’s sisters all have very *very* similar traits, Pumpkin literally is like a mini Ellie, the others at least have the same eyes and face shape. This one, she’s very different.

    How does that old song go? One of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong lol.

    1. This is why Quinn says “before summer.” As in, they drifted apart at the end of the year, and she’s probably going off hearsay of what happened, and who with.

      I had differenciate some of their body types, since I didn’t want all of them TOO similar. Juniper is narrow for the sole reason she’s currently the clubbing type. Maintaining a tight frame for tight clothing.

      1. So she didnt actually see them, that makes sense.

        I understand what you mean, though I think having her with a smaller bust and dishwater blonde hair would have been enough. The bust alone would have been enough to make her obviously different, the hair color would have reinforced it.

        Most likely I am also somewhat annoyed with/unhappy at how similar her face is to one of my favorite cartoon characters. The word ‘slut’ being applied to someone whos face could pass as a sister of Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls just bothers me lol

        1. I can understand that you didnt do it on purpose, but you’re telling me you’ve never seen the show? Wow, thats just creepy lol. I thought you did it on purpose or without thinking about it. That you made such a similar sace by chance is pretty wild, even the grin matches, though Wendy’s is warmer and more on the mischivious side.

          Oddly enough, similar story to Ellie, though opposite in that she has three younger brothers. Not quite the brood that is Ellie’s family, but similar, with the entire family being redheads rather than blondes.

        2. Thats because Disney promoted the thing to death after they canceled their entire lineup from last season, they needed a new flagship until Phineas and Ferb started a new season.

          Its actually a pretty good show all around. A blend of Twin Peaks, X-Files and Eureka. The series creator followed Dan and Marsh’s idea of ‘not making a cartoon for kids, but a cartoon that doesnt exclude kids.’

        3. lol, I have heard it compared to a LOT of different series, but THAT is a first. Going to take a screen shot of that one *snicker*

          Still, its a good show. I know kids that watch it, I’m in my mid 20’s and watch it, and I even rope my dad into watching a few episodes. Some of the things they get away with and slip past Disney are surprising, but its done in a way that kids never notice or would pick up on.

          They also did a good job at putting clues/easter eggs that vary so no one would pick all of them out on their own. Some come from comic series, others from movies, some from shows and others from books. They also do pretty good with guest stars for voices. They had David Bowie lined up to do an episode based on Labyrinth, but it got axed by Disney since they didnt think kids would understand the references.

          Seriously, what parent doesnt introduce their kids to Labyrinth at some point?

          Bah, we’re getting off topic. I did have one question about Ellie and her sisters. Might we get a listing of their ages? Because some of them appear to be less than 9 months apart.

        4. Kenju, she DOES kinda look like her. Though, to me, she kinda looks like Panty from the Panty and Stocking anime.

        5. Really? Never heard of dishwater blonde before? Thats surprising, though I might just have an advantage since I am a blonde lol.

          You have blonde, dishwater blonde, sandy blonde, dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde and golden blonde.

          Also depending on your lexicon, blonde is used to describe a girl while blond is used to describe a boy.

          We’re a lot more complicated than people realize lol

  5. Well, rereading back pages….Ellie has at least one black-hair sib….so…that sister between her and Pumpkin….is probably black-haired. Odd among so many blondes. Dyes it maybe?

    1. It depends on genetics, and if the parent’s have the ressessive blonde gene. Two dark haired parents can give birth to practically any hair color. So the odds they ALL be blonde would be rare.

        1. Here I thought that the youngest one got to get away with damn near everything…. However, the stereotype of controlling the older siblings to an extent. . .

          Super duper ignored middle child and able to hide the loss of liquor in the parent’s liquor cabinet.

      1. Old boyfriend of mine had two brown eyed, dark haired parents… both he and his brother were blue eyed gingers. Their features were an obvious blend of their parents, but the recessives were strong with this family.

  6. Haaahahha, I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of cheap laughs out of Juniper. I am excited about this.

    I remember I use to not brush my hair ever. It drove my mom crazy and she’d practically tackle me in the mornings in order to have my hair done decently. She’d also complain that my clothes always looked like I slept in them. So that last part reminded me of my childhood. Haha

  7. After the second panel, I took an interest in the girl’s cheeks, and there does seem to be some sort of indicator of relation to Ellie. But what letter is it?

    Then I read the caption below, and on doing so, I can suggest that Juniper’s life would be a secondary reason for slapping Quinn. However, on the other hand, how does one treat a sexually active seemingly alpha female on the prowl? Tickets to a John Mellencamp concert of his 80s songs?

  8. I’m feeling very unobservant to have just noticed all sisters have marks under their eyes after reading comments from Bunny and Pat above. I’m spotty on reading comments, so maybe it’s been discussed before. Now that I look at it, I can’t see how I missed it from Pumpkin even in the first comic.

    Perfect one only one that’s not an obvious letter, looks a bit too oval, but maybe it’s an O? S for Anise matches self-bestowed title. I can’t tell if Ellie is N viewed upright (“not concerned” maybe) or Z sideways (for sleeping) as she frequently has them at least diagonal from her expressions and that would fit with lazy. Anise with H, maybe “hellspawn” direction? Pumpkin has G’s, assuming “good” of some form. Black haired barber looks like a U and mildly vacant pupils might be the dumb one? I’m guessing the one with kids is the remaining unlettered sister.

    So how far before Quinn or someone in-comic notices and we get an explanation from Ellie?

  9. Wasn’t expecting that. This also gives some explanation to why Ellie’s mom came down on her the way she did: fearing another Juniper perhaps? Also, Rusche, I went back and read through the Gump/Star Wars satire… And I loved it. I’ll have my shoe sandwich now please :P.

    1. meh – men’s rooms aren’t like ladies rooms. A woman can literally just saunter into the men’s room and guys won’t complain or even particularly mind (though they may be a little uncomfortable)…

    2. She was all ninja and dropped down from the ceiling, where no self respecting dude looks. The men’s room and the men’s locker room command the same eye focus, the floor.

  10. And I already like Juniper. I wonder what she looks like now.

    She has a really cool cast page spot but I just noticed we don’t get the sister’s names there, just their (very imporant) general description.

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