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Just Cause

So I decided to just go for it. The sketching I thought about doing ended up just being me drawing the comic above. It took an incredible amount of time, and I did go back and tweak alot of pixels I wasn't happy with. But for the most part, it was fun... just time consuming for now to learn. =) And don't get me started on learning to color with it too.

20 thoughts on “Just Cause

  1. So he’s majoring in slacker with a minor in DJ. Seems legit.

    New rule, Quinn reminds me of Kristen Stewart, I get to choose who drinks. I’ma go with the comic author, he deserves it. Or if he doesn’t partake for whatever reason then Jess.

      1. You’re totally part of the team. I have nothing but respect for web and forum admins of the world.

        A toast! A toast to the admins!

      1. I like how you drew her hair in panel one, I can’t put my finger on what’s different but I like it. More body? Different darklights?

    1. Wait, are we playing a drinking game with this comic? Like, take a drink every time Ellie gets a new job? Or pass a drink to the commenter below you every time a new character is introduced? :D

  2. Maybe it’s just the image I’m viewing but I see a pink line or something behind the guy’s head in the last panel.

    Thought you should know :P

    Other than that I really really really like this comic. Maybe it’s just the art style, but every strip is simply amazing.

    1. You didn’t know? That’s the gem that allows him to sneak past campus security, alerts him to upcoming dj gigs, and lets him know when girls might really be interested in him.

      1. It’s gone!!! Quinn is no longer interested in him? On NOES, woe, woe, woe unto the Earth, for intelligent babes have no need for dorks like us.

        uhm,, never mind.

        1. I’m glad people point that out. My spelling is bad enough without the art errors.
          Consistency errors would be another thing. The pink line everyone saw, Eagan and Quinn not having chairs to sit on in the final panel of my previous post, no one called out. haha

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