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There it is. Print is up and available HERE Like I had mentioned before, all these fit great on a poster, but anything shirt/mug-wise will require less characters. Please allow me a moment of your time to vote for the 10 characters above you like best. Again, you can pick ten. That doesn't mean there will only be ten on a shirt. I'm honestly not sure how many will fit, but I'm not going to place anyone on my template yet til I know which ones are preferred. Thanks all!


92 thoughts on “JUST COS

    1. I believe the redhead is a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon. As she doesn’t look like any of the ones that are known of, I assume that she is her personal Sailor Scout character

      1. I was so excited that I somehow managed to stumble onto an update before anyone else did. It also happened to be my first comment on a web comic ever! Go me. I also could only get about 12 of them correctly. Kind of ashamed I didn’t get Morrigan or Samus, being a late 80’s – 90’s gaming nerd.

        1. President Grant only chewed his cigars until he was pictured with a cigar in his mouth during the civil war. After which, he got so many cigars, he had to light them up in order to go through all of them.

          Talk about your white elephants.

  1. Yay! Toph and Death made it in!

    And I’m loving how Death’s characteristic eye-swirly became a large version of Pumpkin’s G-mark. Nice touch!

        1. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I knew who she was. I just assumed that it was some reference I didn’t get, and I was good with that. But now that there’s a name attached to it, I could actually look it up.

        2. Be warned then. There’s probably no other 15 year old with that much porn made of on the net.

          Granted, she’s 17 in X-2. Not really any better though.

        3. Well, since I don’t think I’ve heard anyone argue that X-2 is better than X, I suppose it follows that “accompanying fan-made materials” follow the same trend.

        1. Oh come on. You know that Dr. Girlfriend is a rip off of Kennedy. But yeah, I know what you mean. I just can’t tell a joke any more. Maybe I should retire.

      1. He asked for ideas back in comic The Hard Sell Part II (currently dated September 14, 2015). I think some of the ideas above weren’t mentioned, so he I suspect he had some that he’d already started with before pinging us too. Though possibly the others just came from other avenues, like facebook or email.

        1. I typed them all up, put them into an excel spreadsheet and stuff. Big fun. Oh boy, the Star Wars Pandora collection, only at K’s. Well, maybe not only. I was kind of board.

      1. I’m still giggly over Deadpool Vs. Boba Fett.

        “You had five lines in the trilogy and one of them was “eyaaaaaa!””.

        1. I’m an inveterate red-teamer. When I hear, “Is there any theoretical way….” I will start thinking, “Well, if we could break the laws of physics like so…”.

          It makes me more than a little irritating in meetings at work sometimes.

          I remember once when the person in charge told me to to secure a computer to the greatest degree I could and as someone who knew better was immediately saying, “No! I still want to be able to use it!” I was asking who was going to buy the bags of concrete and provide the appropriate rotation of armed guards.

          [side note: I do not always argue to win.]

    1. Google “Samurai Pizza Cats”. Personally I’ve only ever seen like 2-and-a-half episodes in my entire life, but if you watch it, it’s the kind of thing that sticks with you.

  2. If you buy the print (I just did), will it come with a guide telling us who each avatar is? I could print out the comments, but I’m lazy… ;-)

    1. Nothing like lazy commenters. I remember one time while I was watching “Better Off Dead” and that oriental kid just couldn’t learn English from a decent source.

  3. I’m not actually lazy, I was being self-deprecating. I’m of an older generation and I don’t have a clue as to who most of these characters are by sight. I’m just saying it would be nice to have a key to work off of so I can go look them up.

      1. Oooh! Darn it! Max Headroom would have been a great choice for one of these…especially since he only existed from the shoulder up!

    1. Don’t know if Society6 can/do make them this way or not, but I’d think three cosplay Pumpkins along the outside and non-cosplay Pumpkin at the bottom of the mug would be good.

      1. That throws off the three per mug, but having the SHOTGUN SHUFFLE logo, icon, etc on the bottom of the mug would be great for executive meetings where everyone likes their coffee. Unless their artificial sweeteners were secretly replaced with cocaine lased forrager’s instant crystals.

        1. No, no, no.

          Dosing management with stimulants is a really bad idea with all the “great ideas” everyone then gets tasked with.

          Hallucinogens can be bad too, but at least more amusing and easier to shame them that they didn’t really mean it.

  4. Jubilee was the most 80s character, well into the 90s. She’ll probably have to be revamped extensively in the Apocalypse movie. But here she’s more popular than Toph? Go figure.

    I’m surprised Dr. Girlfriend isn’t higher, maybe if she were shown in her latest costume as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

    “Jill” is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, right?

    But at least there’s Cheetara, the Thundercats’ Ho.

      1. The same way Emma Frost was a teenager in the 80s in XMO Wolverine, and also an adult in the 60s in First Class: The filmmakers totally disregard it and call them separate characters.

    1. That’s dangerous for those of us with hearts two sizes too small. She has a lot of explosives to bust out of enclosed spaces, after all.

  5. it was on a blog. With a little hunintg, the sales person found out what it was and that I had taken the picture and linked to their site. So she called to thank me. That’s why you should let bloggers take pictures and promote your business.

  6. This explains why I’ve seen that weird image on top of the page throughout this entire archive trawl. I wondered what the relevance is, but I see it was just some huge banner for selling merchandise.

    … I prefer the days when people did webcomics for fun. I really do.

    1. He used to do it just for fun, then real life happened and he had to quit. But his fans would not let him quit. They forced him to start a Patreon and were pledging donations even before it was even up. They have also been constantly bugging him and begging him to start offering merchandise. Even then, not only is Patreon content not required to fully enjoy the comic as is, but he even add it into the archive after enough time has passed for his Patrons to have gotten some reward for it, making the Patreon side comics not exclusive, and not permanently behind a pay wall.

      This is not an artist who has sold out. This is an artist who’s fans would not allow him to not do what so many sellouts do. There is a huge difference.

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