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Just Not Getting It

I'll be pushing off Thursday's and Friday's comic until Monday and Tuesday so I can make them longer. Executive decision. They'll both read better, and I can hopefully get my schedule back on track after weeks of sickly-fatigue.

181 thoughts on “Just Not Getting It

    1. O hi I’m replying so my comment will be up top! AM I TODAY’S HERO YET?! AM I?! All joking aside, I thought if how a hillbilly would say tornado working. Ternadur Wetch! and Ternadur Wernin! Ruche, if you could make somebody say that in l later comic, I’d really appreciate it! This has been RHS0’s comment of randomness.

  1. This guy’s retardedry just never ends….
    Love Ellie’s face in that second panel. Pretty much my expression as well.

        1. Her face is screaming that is the dumbest thing I have heard and my twin sister barely knows how to breath

        2. Truly says it all, that face. How Danny managed to get from their last conversations to this solution is… Well, an utter lack in the “reading a situation” department is the least thing, he could be accused of here.

          Not to say there aren’t people like this. I’ve met a few myself.

        3. Not necessarily. This could be a shift in bluffing tactics after the miserable failure of his first attempt. By Quinn’s response it might cause them to both leave the room allowing him to do something like, throw a bunch of camera boxes out the window.

        4. Personally I prefer Elliequinn for a joining of their names, though I thought it worked better as a tabloid couple tagline than a Fusion Dance product.

        5. I like Quellie or Quellinn, because “quell” is a Middle English verb for “murder” or just ending something with force and violence. It’s meaning has gotten a little calmer in modern times.

        6. I like the sound of the word harlequin, so I pick that from similarity.

          I could pretend that I’m following the trend of all the pictures from a con that Jessica took and Rusche posted and claim it’s a reference to Harley Quinn (that would be a retcon reason, though).

  2. This guy just keeps getting lower and lower in the slime ball pit. Now we know that the laptop is not going to be the wireless relay. He’s going to be blind casting to the apartment. However, I suppose that the big indicator would be the distance from their apartment. The closer the sicker, but the better the signal relay.

    What a sick jerk. Sad enough, to think that there are most likely people like this in real life.

      1. Roof access for both places man. Both places. And while we know that the Cape guy was quick, (possibly because of a cable junction box), this stuff is going to need all of its own wiring and power. And bleeding part off the landlord/owners is a sure way to bring this enterprise to a swift end.

        1. Not necessarily roof access if you’ve got a line of sight actually. And there’s a number of ways to hide it from being discernible as what it is.

        2. I’m talking about the power consumption. Quinn has been on a severe budget crunch before Ellie moved in. The pizza and take out boxes are evidence submitted that Quinn has a bit more disposable income.

        3. Depends how the electric bill is handled. If the landlord didn’t bother separating them he might just split the cost evenly between them all and pass it along that way, or a “utilities included” lease that would mean an increase on renewal. Also if he was in the attic, he might’ve found an outlet that wasn’t hooked to their apartment.

          However, power bill increases would realistically take a few months to get him caught. First of all some power companies do estimated reads, so it might be the second bill for a real read. Next there’s the high bill causing arguing and Quinn & Ellie blaming each other and being super conservative for a month. Then it’s the month after that they demand the landlord get an electrician out. So it’d easily be realistic for an electricity issue to have a 3-6 month lead before causing discovery.

          However, the easiest way to do these cameras would be using wifi surveillance cameras using their wifi (which he would’ve found a way to grab while helping Ellie with the laptop). No proximity required. He could set passwords on the cameras or leave them open, then he and the Canadians can get to them whenever they want. If he leaves them open, that is a larger chance of discovery, though, as there are sites on the Internet that show you all the open (or default password) Internet connected cameras that their scans have found. I seem to recall the count is in the high tens of thousands. However, we’re still talking realistic to pull of for a long time before that gets him found out.

        4. A typical webcam runs just fine on the 5 volts provided by USB. So even assuming a current draw of 1 amp (the max USB allows), that works out to 5 watts. That means 20 cameras could be powered for the same amount of power as a single 100 watt light bulb. I just checked a webcam that I have sitting here, and it only draws 0.5 amps, so 40 of those could be run with the same amount of power a 100 watt light bulb uses.

          For further reference, at the highest billing tier in my area, using 100 watts of electricity for every single minute of the entire month would cost $23.06. At the lowest tier, the cost is half that. And of course if one isn’t actually trying to run 20-40 cameras at max possible USB current draw, the cost will drop even more. Even if the cameras aren’t USB and happen to run on more than 5 volts, there’s only so much power a camera can realistically require. As variable as electric bills tend to be anyway, they wouldn’t realistically notice the difference. And if they did, well Ellie DID get a laptop that could use a similar amount of power by itself, and if she’s leaving it on all the time to download those torrents we know she knows about, there’s your electronic scapegoat.

        5. It’s not just the power for the Web cams. Wireless wound be easier to set up with just power. My guess is that these cameras are already set up for a single user (Danny boy) access.

          The power would also be shunted for the router and the line of sight transceiver antenna thingie. Because he’s not going to want to do a 360 broadcast, which would be akin to a giving it away for free.

        6. He doesn’t need to broadcast the signal farther than their wifi router. That doesn’t take a lot of power. I haven’t looked into the numbers there, but I can say my cell phone uses 2-4x more power idle with antenna than wifi (T-Mobile with officially supported wifi calling that then turns off the antenna).

          Another thing to take into account here is that power companies will sometimes vary the rates. My local one here does. If you look at the price per kilowatt hour on my bill it’s different every month. That’d make it much harder to notice if their electric bill is like that too.

          Though I still hold that it’d take 3-6 months for power spike to get the cameras discovered.

        7. That’s another thing. If he how it into the girls wifi, the bandwidth WILL increase. My argument is that he’s got another router to take the signals (and it has to handle all the cameras, otherwise, whats the use) and transmit them to his secure backbone connection. If he’s going to be making money off of this, he is going to have to maximize his initial efforts at first in order to prevent most of his customers from becoming irate.

          Now lizard squad types may attempt to hack them and him but that may just be a given in today’s day and age. Danny boy can’t afford anything being dropped because of bandwidth problems. And let’s argue 20 webcams. As suggested earlier. 20 quality video feeds. And it has to be a decent number because these cameras don’t seem to be able to pan or tilt. And the zoom was discussed earlier.

        8. Massive broadcast would be obvious and give him too much video to go through. I suspect it’s pull as opposed to push and he’ll just check them at times he expects to be potentially interesting. Some security cameras have built in motion detection for turning on too, so that could be one way to reduce what he gathers. He could also have “Ellie’s” laptop or another laptop to do some automatic discrimination before transmitting too.

          Finally, recall that this is “future-present” so there me be some commodity hardware or software available in Shotgun Shuffle world that’s fantastically better than what we’ve got in minor ways (like motion detection, recognizing what a person is doing and if they’re naked, low computing requirements for things we could do with a cluster, etc).

        9. But having massive recording would compensate for the potentially missed money shot. However, granted that there are only two girls, therefore the potential to have two rooms occupied at one time would need to have a decent amount of coverage potential. Unless Danny boy was able to install cameras in the girls rooms while they were asleep, those are two rooms that would be camera free.

        10. And most countries have yet to create working laws about where drones with cameras may be used and were not. And of those who have, at least a number didn’t manage to make the law(s) in question actually do what they’re supposed to.

        11. You borked it.


          Mr. Blue points an amusing object d’art at Lukkai that looks like a botched pretzel made to look like a foam football finger that was going to be edible and wearable. But it fell into a vat of lead based paint.

        12. For me. It’s two things. Pointing out possible avenues of egress as well as attempting to point out basic reasons people need to step up their own security for their own protection.

          Besides, with a proliferation of drones, toys stores are cheap suppliers of unintended aerial perv vehicles. Not just step van manufacturers. Stupid step van.

    1. Ellie does have a tendency to be a bit too nice and naive. She takes longer to escalate things than Quinn too. If I were Quinn I could see feeling a need to tell her it was time to take the kid gloves off.

        1. Her expression is shocked, stunned, and befuddled. No malice or anger in it. Could still go either way.

  3. How many “Let’s not even be friends, just work acquaintances, make that former work place” signals does Ellie have to hit him over the head with?

    1. I think the problem is that while she’s said as much, she’s also let him into the apartment (to show her how to torrent movies) and she let him sleep on the couch instead of just forcing him up & out. While she’s tried to cleanly desperate herself from his “employment” she hasn’t quite cast him out of her life yet (and, with him on the cast page, we can assume that even if he leaves for a while, he’ll be back) Plus, she quasi-defended him to Quinn in the last page, so he could claim he was getting “mixed signals” or something like that.

      Heres hoping that Mr Steven’s punch earlier didn’t do so much damage to tired guy that there’s be an available apartment right bellow the ladies (we never got to find out what happened after that wonderous punch)

      1. Yeah, she has to be explicit. He’s too dense to get hints. She needs to tell him. “I don’t like you or desire you. I am not even willing to take money from you. Go away.”

        1. I don’t think she’d have to do that. That is, I can’t see Danny saying “Fine, I’ll go, give me back the laptop”.

          His pose is that that’s purely a present to make up for her lost time. (Yes, Danny is so bad at the mating game he’s paying Ellie for her presence…twice)

          In truth he wants her to keep the laptop in order to use it to spy on her, presuming that it is part of the whole camera installation plan.

        2. That’s not the thing. I’m not going to say that Danny is going to ask for it back. I’m just saying that if Ellie realizes that he’s got stipulations on things, then she would have to give it up to be completely rid of him. Ellie does kind of have an internet addiction.

        3. I’m not sure whether she would have been against meeting him again every now so often anyway. (That is up to this statement. Mind you.)
          Not exactly considering him a close friend, but still an acquaintance to possibly hang out with.

          But he’s pretty much throwing that possibility out the window, currently.

        4. I agree on the first part.

          With regard to the second part, she doesn’t know the worst bits yet, he probably just seems like a lot of other guys she’s kinda’ not quite pushed away (think about how she behaved with Alex, until he crossed her line by kissing her). I’m not sure that I’d underestimate how bored and activity-craving she might be, either. So I don’t know that she considers the bridge burned yet.

          Granted, my reasoning may be influenced by the connection between the last names of the three pictured characters her, making me suspect Danny has a much longer shelf life than I might otherwise suspect.

        5. Oh, that would be part of the line up for…wait for it…Fleetwood Mac!!! Yay me for the win!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  4. This took an unexpected turn. I wonder if this is the first time Ellie found herself Cinn-faced.

    Actually, all things considered, Danny might be the perfect boyfriend for Cinnamon.

    1. …you take that back right now. I don’t care how rational it is; those two together would be a disaster!

      If Danny found out how to breed ratchtantulapedes, they’d be holding Washington D.C. for ransom within hours!

      Now I’ve got a picture of Danny with a shaved head in my mind, a finger crooked at his mouth, smirking “ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!” into a camera pickup.

      1. I’m pretty sure he’d accidentally get himself eaten first. Then again, the real worst case scenario is they sample his DNA from his blood and produce ratchtantulapedannies, adding human size and the ability to drive. Then we’d all have to remember the movie Mimic.

    2. Danny and Cinn would certainly have fun together, but I believe Cinn would inevitably turn on him and destroy him for her own twisted pleasure.

      1. You say that like it’s a drawback. At this point, I’m rooting for the destruction of Danny. Do we get to watch Dhu eat him? Though the ratchtantualpedes can stay home, if it’s all the same to you.

        1. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a drawback per se, just goes against Danny being a perfect boyfriend for Cinn, because he wouldn’t likely survive her long so she’d either be without or have to go through the trouble of finding another one.

          Many [commenters on this page] might argue that makes Cinn a MORE perfect girlfriend for Danny, though.

        2. I was thinking about it from the angle that they both are highly manipulative people who both want what the other offers. They’d have a very business-like relationship and cancel each other out (in the dating world) for a few years. It might even go on indefinitely if they never had children.

        3. I don’t know about that.

          I suspect Danny’s source of money is tied to Ellie, and I suspect Cinn’s soulless cunning would lead her to notice what Ellie’s desire to think well of people misdirects her away from. At that point, Cinn would be more likely to get rid of Danny and keep the whole chunk of change instead of sharing (if she didn’t massively object to his business model, anyway).

        4. Nah, I’m speaking generally. Cinnamon tries to maintain control over her boyfriends with sex, Danny tries to trade things for sex. Neither seems to have much more to their contribution to the relationship, so they’d at least be approaching a relationship from the same quid-pro-quo perspective.

        5. Oh, I was thinking more about Cinn’s Deadly Sin being Greed and looking at it from that perspective.

      1. Hopefully Tarra will have a talk with her so she doesn’t make some sort of “announcement” for Easter dinner.

        1. No, I was referring to the difference in shade to her two items of visible apparel and her question she most likely didn’t really care to get an answer to in the last panel of The Final Con Part II (22 Dec 2014).

    1. Feedback (definitely not criticism) for Chris:
      I had to go back to doublecheck (all in the name of science, of course), and noticed something – In Purple Stuff (Jan 15), Quinn is wearing some kind of hip-hugger panty (higher than a boy-short, lower than a tanga), but in Just What I Was Hoping to Avoid (Jan 19), she turns around, and it looks more like she’s wearing a thong…

  5. Oh, I like the look on Ellie’s face. He’s turning into That Thing That Wouldn’t Leave and she knows it. Also, probably wondering if it’s time to file for a restraining order or something.

  6. ”Bruh. Are you kidding me. The hell. Leave. Fuck outta my life.” Probably what Ellie was thinking making that face.

    1. I’m 100% content with my “too early to tell” before the camera installs. That was no longer too early to tell and “creep” was there proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

      1. I’m with That One Guy. We made what we determined was the most reasonable vote given the evidence provided at the time. We have new evidence, so we make a new vote.

        1. Motion to amend the record so that the previous vote on Danny boy reads “Daniel, douche bag, ahole or a total creep whose level of redemption would be welcomed less than Juniper to Ginger” as the ballot in question.

        2. I’m not against any particular character’s redemption, it’s just a question of how far they’d have to go and if there’s the ability to tell that much story to make it plausible (even if Rusche passed the comic to his descendents to continue for longer than a normal human life expectancy).

          With current info for Danny it’d take quite a lot for me to believe he managed significant redemption as opposed to just trying another con; however, interesting stories require large story movement sometimes, so whatever happens, happens.

  7. The financially perverse thing is that it’s not unlikely he would be paying for the rent in this new place with peeping-tom surveillance on the ladies themselves.

    I’m curious to see how far Quinn’s irritability and often antagonistic instincts will take her in this case. In other situations, they have led her in bad directions to her own detriment; here, she has the (mixed blessing!) combination of an actual scumbag who she either thinks or is on her way to thinking is a scumbag.

    I wonder if this might lead to the sort of rational discussion so helpful but so rarely undertaken (especially in stories, which need conflict!) of: ‘hey, we have to have some guidelines about our shared living space, such as when it is and isn’t OK to have people I don’t know over’.

    1. I don’t know if it’ll be on camera, but I fully expect Quinn to start that conversation and Ellie to recognize the necessity of it. Definitely a necessary roommate understanding, though also unsurprising to have been overlooked.

    1. Indeed, which makes sense and is good non-verbal story telling. Her initially heightened sense of danger overwhelmed her sense of pantlessness, which is now returning as the feeling of danger wanes (displayed by her calm tone of voice, willingness to have Danny out of her immediate observation, and covering herself)

  8. i would like to point out that every time i use that line it has resulted in a negative percentage of success. that is i am usually court ordered to move further away

      1. na… its easier to just circle the whole planet and live on the moon…now if the chinese would stop leaving their rubbish in my yard…..

        1. I’d say the commute must be murder, but I suspect that depends on how well you aim your arrival point.

        2. you would be surprised the amount of time you save getting to work when the coefficient of friction is not a factor for 98% of your commute.

        3. Do you have a shower onsite for your job, then? Personally I suspect it’d take me an hour or two to stop sweating after re-entry.

        4. Okay, so the luster wore off of the possibility that Chris had readers that were quite literally out of this world. But still curious about the job there.

  9. I’m surprised to be the first to point this out, but despite the author post and comic title, I don’t think Danny has the slightest bit of trouble getting the hint. He’s deliberately trying to pretend otherwise knowing full well it isn’t the case. He’s probably relatively certain that Ellie’s had harmless lovesick admirers and isn’t good at brushing them off and is trying to hide in that niche of her mindset.

    Possibly I’m giving his sense of cunning too much credit, though.

    1. My best guess is that while they discuss the implications of that statement, he can finish up whatever he doesn’t have done yet with the cameras. Unless it’s done. Then him confronting Quinn at the refrigerator instead of leaving without getting caught doesn’t make much sense.

      1. Tossing camera boxes out the window to carry back to his truck or moving something back in place is my guess to what he needs to do. I don’t see him trying to place another camera or anything.

  10. Time for a restraining order and hopefully the landlord is understanding.

    I would ask how he would get the money for rent, but he seems like a huge enough slimeball to con someone out of enough

    1. Probably the same way he’s had money for two months of this fake con and date garbage with Ellie. We have no clue how he’s pulled that off yet either, but offering to buy off the Magpies at the last one shows he didn’t exactly stop throwing money around at the tiniest provocation.

  11. … I’m waiting for the inevitable snapping of all patience and rationality from Ellie.

    On a completely unrelated note, I’m also hiding in a bomb shelter around 300 feet underground, and a quarter- hemisphere away.

    I still don’t think I’m safe enough.

    1. Quarter-hemisphere is about right for me as well. But instead of a bomb shelter, it’s a deck chair on the roof, popcorn and sunglasses.

        1. You know, I haven’t thought of that episode in quite some time. “A giant laser to carve my name in the moon” really is the perfect holiday or birthday gift idea when I can’t think of anything else.

        2. Moon, atmosphere…. Either way will be spectacular.

          *dances the chachacha because the moon commands it*

    1. No worries. It’s a deliberately anonymous sort of user name, but the different random avatars shows anyway. Possibly I’ve seemed like you in a few random other places (though only commented on a couple of other webcomics on rare occasions), so apologies for that collision if it took place.

      1. Yeah, I went with contextual usernames for months before a registration fiasco made me decide to go with the inaccurate username you see now.

        1. But…but it’s not blank at all! There are WORDS IN THERE!! AAAAAA!!

          *runs screaming out the nearest window*

        2. Well, Ellie threatening to shove a Monopoly thimble up Cinn’s ass is a pretty good avatar.

          The Tired Guy cast page pic I’ve got now is ok and I do certainly have some degree of “disagreeable old man” to my personality; but I liked my older random one better (Quinn covering Ellie’s mouth from end of 100% Hamster Powered – 13 Feb 2013, and I also have some degree of “Why the hell would you say that out loud! Keep your damn mouth shut!” to my personality).

        3. Side note – I’m crossing my fingers for MGS surprise face Tarra from Number 200 (9 Oct 2013) for my random avatar after the next avatar roulette, whenever Rusche decides he’s wants a change from the current batch.

  12. That face. I pull that face at least 3 times per day when working with clients. Luckily it’s remote and they can’t see me.

    1. I’ve always been more prone to literal facepalms, which sometimes they can hear the smack, half-sigh/half-groan, or muffled voice from if I’m not careful.

      1. Yeah, facepalm it is for myself as well.

        Alternatively The Rock eyebrow (though I can’t pull it off quite as spectacular as him).

  13. His mistake here was in asking the question. If he had just done it he could have gotten away with doing it without looking creepy (to them, not us, we know he’s a creep) now if El says no, bad idea, and he does it…CREEEEEEEPY!

  14. I wounder if Quinn is going to ask Ellie about future rent money, now that Danny let it out that Ellie is no longer accepting his cash. :(

  15. Part of this is Ellie’s fault. She seems to look disgusted at the thought of Danny moving close by in the last panel, but if she had avoided inviting him in and taking the laptop from him, if she was already disgusted by him, she really has no one to blame but herself. She should have told him at the door when he came bearing gifts, “No. I don’t want to have contact with you or have anything from you, from this point on.”

    1. I’m going to call shenanigans on that. By that logic, it’s the woman’s fault when men overstep the proper boundaries. Compliments, door holding, hand kissing, cat calls, friendly punching, unwanted attention, butt gropes and rape. All the woman’s fault.

      But no. You are partly correct, however, I’m of the thought that Danny boy here has danced this dance before. Why would he head off any possible arguments against the laptop with, ‘it’s not even the one for my porn’ statement. He conned his way here from step one. Reference Bill Murray’s weatherman Phil Connors in “Groundhog Day. ” Phil attempted to con his way into Rita’s pants through trial, error and memorization. After he got honest about things, we know where things went. Now Phil is the only one with all of the superfluous knowledge gained through all of those nights, deaths and flapjacks. He became honest, redid his life and became the better person than he was at first in the end, thus earning the adoration of the whole town and Rita’s checkbook balance for the benefit auction.

      Danny boy here doesn’t have that ability, was sum from day one, has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes including I believe the Canadians as well. He’s been singing song and dance, getting his target(s) on the hook and then leading them to the dark side. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and no, they don’t have any cookies Virginia.

      Ellie is naive, but not responsible for this as his actions were not honestly intended from the start. Danny is the injurious party, Ellie and now Quinn are those going to be injured. Ellie has not acted dishonestly for the most part.

      Remember kids, downloading illegal movies is a crime.

      “Get your hard drive scratched by the Beastie Boys”

      1. Totally different. The part I’m saying is partly her fault is him thinking it’s a good idea to move nearby. Not him putting in the cameras.

        She just recently admitted she does stuff that is stupid because she’s lazy. She already had an idea of him. Then she went and invited him in, knowing he had a tendency to talk to her chest and butt, and was doing the stupidest jobs to keep her around.

        I’m not saying it’s her fault that he’s done other crimes. :p

        1. Ellie has resigned herself to the fact that she has looks that most every one wants. That said, she knows people are going to see her at times as choice prime rib, or some such side of meat. She’s used that fact at times. However, she is human. She perceives Danny boy here as trying to help, that said, this is her first foray into this type of problem. She may know in general how things are supposed to go, but your main problem, ‘this is Erf.’

    2. I see three problems with your argument:

      1) Ellie appears to be a very social person who doesn’t get to do much socially. Her getting fed up with his “convention” crap doesn’t mean that she was writing him out of her life. If she had been, she wouldn’t have answered his questions after quitting, just told him to get away and she didn’t want contact with him. The same way that she kinda’ wanted to go to the movie with Quinn and James/Richard/Ian just as a getting out-type activity, she might’ve been ok with that upon occasion from Danny.

      2) Danny is deliberately trying to be deceptive here, and it’s not in a way she was aware of in the past. The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” While Danny may have been fooling her all along in a similar way, since she hasn’t become aware of what’s happening, we’re still in the “shame on you” phase. I’m fairly certain he’s deliberately playing on her being used to harmless lovesick hangers on and he’s playing into that role.

      3) Saying this is partially Ellie’s fault is slightly off regardless. It would be correct to say she could’ve done more to stop this. Saying this is a fault on her part suggests it was her responsibility to predict and determine Danny’s actions and prepare herself for all those possibilities. Danny’s actions are far enough out of general expected likelihood that expecting Ellie to prepare for enough contingencies to cover this is somewhat unreasonable (remember he’s spent two months convincing her that he’s a little scummy and pervy, but generally harmless).

    3. I’m gonna jump on a different tangent. Ellie reminds me of a few girls I’ve known/seen who always put off letting a guy know he’ll never be more than a friend for as long as possible. Sometimes it’s positive, because they’re worried it will cost them the friendship. Sometimes it’s negative, because they don’t want to lose whatever it is they’re getting out of being wooed indefinitely (attention, emotional support, gifts/free stuff/assistance, etc).
      What she really needs to do is break off all contact with Danny, and to make it clear this isn’t the reason why – beyond this being the last straw on Straw Mountain.

  16. Correction. It might be a media sharing site, but now I’m of the thought that the Canadians may have full access to all items posted where Danny boy may have an illicit account. I’m not sure how this may play out, but Caleb and Vu seem to be too small time to deal with the business of running a porn operation running illegally obtained video.

    (re: plenty of fish (not used by permission (listing of this title does not construe an endorsement nor approval nor comparison beyond a website that got popular after being created by a small staff (re: 1 (?)))))

    1. My argument for the illicit account is based on him doing the convention against the Canadians wishes, multiple laptops and the sudden appearance of electronic surveillance equipment.

      1. I found that an anchor with a solid chain and lock plus a sufficiently deep stretch of water work wonders as a restraining order.

        I hear that Florida has all of those available.

        1. Not good. From what I understand is that most of the applicable areas are controlled by mafia families. They don’t like having to explain to the feeds why unauthorized individuals keep popping up. It costs them time, money and plates of pasta that supposedly remind them of their dear sainted mothers.

          So unless that chain comes with a hell of a pasta dish, its not really advisable.

        2. A ditz for not telling us about the great pasta dishes that come out of Switzerland. So, I suppose that instead of Parmesan cheese it’d be swiss cheese, right?

    1. You forget that while we’ve discovered Danny’s actions, Ellie and Quinn so far have not. The violence comes after discovery.

  17. Yeah Danny, that idea cross the line into Creepy-stalker territory, you were a dumd bugger think with the wrong head but now…..

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