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Just What I Don’t Need

Hopefully Monday we'll see the full conversation. I'm not sure whether or not to split it up. Depends on how much background I wanna throw in. =P

31 thoughts on “Just What I Don’t Need

    1. He is the “Dirty Hippie” who was behind Quinn. At least that was how Ellie described him.

      Dirty Hippie.

  1. She did say “mildly.”

    I can’t be the only person who thinks those of the hippy-persuasion keep their appearances borderline disheveled. =P

  2. You’re confusing hippies and hipsters.

    Hippies often appear slightly disheveled because they just don’t care.

    Hipsters take great pains to look like they don’t care.

    1. That is not true, I resent that! We take EXTREME care to make it look like we are wearing grandma’s drapes and doilies.

    2. Ah! One must take so much care to not be mainstream! Which obscure reference t-shirt? Which vintage hat? My dead great aunt’s jacket, or my dead grandpa’s jacket? What level of tightness in my skinny jeans for the day?

        1. Let me put it this way. I don’t want to have to think of it, because on the one hand, it’d be gross to think that guys are dressing that way just to be hipsters. On the other hand, it’d be too much of a distraction and cannon fodder for unfortunate patterns of thought that have since run amok under their own steam.

          All skinny pants do for a guy is show off how much of a wimp they are, that or malnourished.

        2. Don’t worry, I’m a girl, and I was being completely serious. That is my morning routine.

  3. He must REALLY look nasty in person because everyone seems so disgusted by him. It makes me wonder what Quinn saw in him in the first place.
    Also, I am very excited to finally get into this conversation they are about to have. the curiosity is killing me!

    1. Well, we know that Quinn was using him for money and car repairs so he was somewhat useful. As far as adult uses, I don’t want to know. And at least I’ve been told that this is a family webcomic. I was told that, wasn’t I?

      But, I think that it’s not that Alex the Dirty Hippie is totally disgusting, it’s just that he either has some unknown unconscious repulsive force operating out of persona that becomes evident in either his manner of dress, college appearance, burrito stains, hair, facial hair, posture, facial expressions, skin pores, smell..

      I mean, I shared a house with an art major once, and his room smelled of stale pekoe…. and he did not drink tea.

      1. I have heard that facial hair tends to start to smell like the food you eat, so I guess he smells like breakfast burrito all the time. Breakfast burrito would be an interesting persona. Bahaha

        1. As a proud member of team facial hair I can tell you that is NOT true. At least if you bathe regularly it isn’t.

        2. Frankly my dear, I thought that he didn’t give a dam. President Hoover on the other hand, has one in his name. And then there is the band called, “DAMn YANKEES” :D

        3. Which division of team facial hair are you? Or are you part of the teams multi divisionally talented group?


          Okay, I was going to post a link, but it may just be best to bing/google/yahoo search the following: Heavy tf2 Team Fortress 2 is Einstein black hole youtube you tube.

  4. And when I’m not at the gym I’m… doing any of a hundred other things. In fact, inventing excuses not to go to the gym is one of my favorite hobbies.

    Also: dirty hippie – eww!

  5. KK!!! yay!! And I’m glad that KK has somewhat of an opinion on the men in Ellie’s life. Perhaps that’s how we’ll see the blind dude come back. KK tells Ellie that he’s here, is a millionaire, and is offering her a job as personal secretary.

  6. I’m not sure why everyone keeps calling him “dirty hippie,” he looks like half the people I know. Though, I do live in an area that’s congealed with hipsters and hippies.

    1. DGR, this strip is mostly to readdress Ellie’s lack of attraction to Alex, and general apathy towards his character. This adds a bit more weight to Tuesday’s post coming up.

  7. been in her shoes before, homeless people walked through the drive thru all the time, it was pretty gnarly

  8. I like that Ellie’s finally gotten the “I don’t care about this job, but I have to expend juuuuuuuust enough effort to not get fired” expression down pat.

    As for all of the commenters who have been asking if he’s really filthy enough to be mistaken for a hobo: He doesn’t have to be filthy if he’s walking up to a drive-through window. The McDonald’s in my town actually has (or at least used to have) a policy that pedestrians weren’t allowed to use the drive-through because too many homeless people were doing it. My dad (who drove an 18-wheeler that was too tall for the carport) did it anyway, at least when employees who were sufficiently uncaring were manning the window.

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