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Just What I Was Hoping To Avoid

Monday was getting too close so I just combined Friday's work with today's. Enjoy.

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    1. “Stings” doesn’t exactly stop a home invasion though. “Hey hey ow, that stings! Forget this, I’m out of here”

        1. Through jeans? She’s not Tarra to be able to create a dimensional rift to get past the denim.

      1. hahahah, oh god, I love the Blues Brothers. it’s one of those movies where if i see it on TV, i drop everything, watch it until the next censored scene or commercial break, and then get frustrated and put in the DVD and watch it from the beginning.

  1. Lol I love that Quinn calls him a “stray bro-dude”! Now the only question is how long till the girls find the cameras?

      1. What ever happened to just dude? Or was that definition diluted by the surfers ridicule of their general application to the point of near universally being applied to all genders that the gender had to be put onto the beginning of this term in place of the prefix?

        1. Well, “dude” itself became somewhat generic, I figure, used to address just about anyone, including women in some cases as a familiar term. Thus “bro-dude” became the amplification of “dude,” which was formerly used to describe what “bro-dude” does today. That’s my guess, anyway.

        2. OK. I used “dude” in a familiar vernacular to the point that my usage was not gender specific but gender neutral. And I mostly used it for people that I felt a connection with, so I don’t think that I abused it in the general surfer way.

          But then I suppose that “The Big Lebowski” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” may have had something to do with this.

        3. Quite possible. However, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” was released in 1982 whereas “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” bit the screens in 1989.

      1. We’re talking the cameras he put up last comic, not the webcam. Those are certainly not built into the laptop, though the data storage or at least temporary storage might be.

    1. Hardly misanthropy here, is it? I mean random uninvited (so far as she knew) dude leering at her while she’s half asleep in her underwear, and his first words aren’t even to be apologetic or surprised or explain, but a straightforward ‘ur hot’ dudebro speak.

      Being blunt and hostile in such a case is hardly misanthropic. Courtesy, rather, is what would be out of place!

      1. Responding to a perceived threat against her person is one thing, insulting the way he smells is another. I just call ’em how I see’s ’em.

        1. Remarking on the unpleasant odor of an unwelcome surprise intruder in your home while you’re in your underwear is misanthropic?

          C’mon, that’s absurd-especially since it’s actually a relevant remark. Quinn is remarking ‘huh, for someone who is supposedly so drunk, I catch no scent of alcohol’-in a mocking way because he just insulted and mocked her.

        2. If I called her a misanthrope based on this single event I could agree on it being absurd but her overall behavior in the series has been misanthropic. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing either since outgrowing such a trait (or even tempering it) would be good character development.

        3. That’s a bit of a switch from what you were saying before-in which her reaction to Danny’s surprise, words, and simple presence was to remark on his odor was an example of misanthropy. Anyway, the idea that ‘it’s not a bad thing’ because ‘mitigating or getting rid of it would be good’ is an odd reasoning for why it’s not so bad…


          Anyhoo, just in case I didn’t say this before on these boards (I’ve been reading intermittently these past few months, and I can’t remember if I ever got around to it or forgot), awhile back, six months? a year?, I was critical of the writing in the comic for its portrayal of Quinn, specifically in the way it seemed to hold her in a poorer light than Ellie. This was pretty early on. I felt there was some authorial approval/disapproval going on, and being the sort of nerd who comments on that sort of thing, expressed my thoughts in the comment section.

          Anyway, I remember thinking over time-and possibly posting?-that this impression I had faded over time, as the characters and their portrayals continued to evolve and grow. I’m afraid I rather lost the train of thought from all those months ago, so I can’t be more specific than that, but I wanted to express this one reader’s enjoyment of the way the characters have grown and changed. Thanks!

        4. Since you seem bound and determined to dissect my posts and motivations let’s do so.

          First post, I paraphrased Quinns statement and said I missed her casual misanthropy which implies that I found her misanthropic before this AND that it amused me. Both of these implications I can confirm were intentional.

          You know, never mind. Sorry I apparently bothered you. Not sure or why it bothered you but I apologize.

  2. Man, Quinn totally undereacted here.
    I mean, I’m a pretty chill dude, but if brohiem here snuck up behind me while I’m getting dranks, you know I’m flipping a table.

  3. Like the “does not work” post-it on the other switch! Reminds me of my son’s first dorm room.

    Quinn needs to work on her tool identification skills. My whisk handle is nothing like a knife handle (of course, the knives aren’t in the same drawer as the whisk, but that’s another issue).

  4. beat the crap out of him Quinn!!

    But I seriously hope they figure out what Sleazy McSleazeface is up to because I want to watch him go down in flames.

      1. I’m just happy to see Quinn being mean to someone again. :D

        It’s a plus that this victim actually deserves it.

        1. Yes. This is true. And on behalf of the Amortized American Chivalry Association, we would like to pay a dollar in order to see the ensuing fracas.

        2. I would totally agree, but I don’t see what she is doing as being mean. She is behaving absolutely reasonable. Even Mother Theresa would have reacted similarly in such a situation. Just different vernacular.

        3. I mean comments like, “He smells of many things. Being too drunk to leave isn’t one of them.” Definitely mean, but totally justified. Quinn’s got an acid tongue.

        4. I suppose that is somewhat mean, though I didn’t even process it that way. My main thought for that statement is that it’s much more eloquent than I expect I would be at her assumed level of awareness this early in the morning.

        5. It actually reminded me of a scene when Danny was gathering supplies to take Ellie out first evening of the con.

          “Just take the hint.”

  5. Somehow, D-bag (We can call him that now, right?) has not improved his status with this conversation. In fact, he came off, to me, as rapey-er than last comic.

  6. Aw, c’mon Quinn. You’re dad’s military and your BFF (where the middle F is Frenemy) is Ellie. How are you still this bad at self-defense? I was expecting at least a hadouken.

    1. Nah, Quinn’s personality tends to a lot of verbal/emotional aggression, but physical aggression is uncommon for her. We’re also not sure how much Dad was around to teach her self-defense (maybe not so much by the time she got old enough that he would’ve started, and with traveling for military it might’ve been pretty sporadic anyway).

  7. Awww, yeah Quinn! Hopefully they’ll pick up on his game right away. I wonder if her being able to smell that level of drunk is something she picked up when she was living with her mom?

    1. Either that or elsewhere in college would make sense. I guess Mamma B kept Juniper out when she was drunk enough that Ellie doesn’t recognize the smell.

  8. Damn, Quinn, at least close the fridge before you threaten a dude with grievous bodily whisking. Seriously, you’re letting all the cold air out.

  9. First comment for the strip, second electronic device, long time reader (listener), recent Patreon and fan art maker.

    Wow, say that sixteen times real fast. Thathathathathathathathathathathathathathathathat.

    okay. Love the whip, bro dude appellation, and the sticky note. (Is this what foreshadowing looks like on a Saturday night?)

      1. Oh dear. I missed it. It has been misfiled, and should have been an assent rather than a separate topic.

        Fetch me the whisk.

        1. Who wants an orange whisk? Orange whisk? Orange whisk? Three orange whisks!

    1. If you drank enough to be unable to drive you reek of booze. it’s very easy to spot. As for experience with it, go to any college or Uni and it’s very easy to find people like that and learn to identify them.

      1. If we’re being nitpicky here, you’re unable to drive way before you start reeking of booze. Well, safely that is.

        Meaning everyone reeking of booze is long past just having had too much to still be driving.

        1. Well, from an in character stance, they could have wildly differing opinions on that.

          If Quinn grew up with an alcoholic mother and learned her definition of too drunk to drive, that could put her assessment pretty far out there.

          Similarly, Herb might’ve taken the trouble to make sure his girls heard him talking about enough drunk driving crashes he had to clean up to try to make them less likely to risk it.

        2. Unless you’re accident-prone, and just spilled a bunch of booze on your clothes, so you’re driving home to change.

          Anyone run across someone whose body odor was sufficient to mask the alcohol smell? Just wondering if it’s possible.

        3. At least until he breathed directly in my face, yes. Met one once, yes. And no, it wasn’t a homeless person or something.

  10. Now I get it. Her long time experience with only knowing how to make breakfast things is why she grabbed that instead of a knife. Plus she wouldn’t have reason to have anything bigger than a steak knife anyway. Not like she’s Rosemary. Cleavers have multiple uses (in case Alton Brown walks in the installment. )

    Tune in next time on S O A P? No

    Tune in next time on S H O T G U N S H U F F L E.

    Damn, what kind of bumper music would we use here?

  11. The reaction Danny has and his lines make him even creepier and well more sinister then ever before. I wouldn’t care who let him in, he’d be out the door that instant or cops would remove him for me.

      1. The lazy one may see her as skinny, but sexy Quinn is sexy. And, been flying the bi-curios flag since she found out that it wasn’t Ellie that stole her man in high school.

        1. Ellie stated that she thought Quinn is more attractive than her. See end of comic Mutual Understanding (12 Aug 2013) and beginning of Excue My Dejavu (14 Aug 2013) for that exchange (second comic is where the words are said).

          Also going back to look at Quinn then, I’d forgotten how much Rusche had her start filling out with the not starving from lack of rent income. I was curious if it was art style, but going back to Black Friday arc (Gold Dust Woman – 14 Feb 2014 is what I picked) for comparison, I think it’s the starvation thing.

        2. Didn’t say Ellie thought she was ugly, just skinny. And Ellie did think of her as sexy Quinn. She did fill out that dress, even if it was half off.

        3. That waistline definitely qualifies as skinny. She was a bit scrawnier before Ellie started paying rent though.

          Everytime I see the statement about the dress being half off, I immediately hear the question, “Which half?”

  12. I think the real problem here is Quinn went to fast to “not to drunk to leave”. D-bag didn’t exactly sneak up on her, and they don’t know how much of a d-bag, D-bag is. Or is this just a matter of “My roommate who pays half the rent can’t have friends over.” :p

    1. There’s a difference between Quinn having an “Ellie can’t have friends over” attitude and being upset about a guy she’s never met surprising her like this. From a roommate etiquette stance, Ellie should’ve given Quinn some kind of, “there’s gonna’ be a random dude in the apartment” notice.

      Granted, Ellie wouldn’t have thought of it so if Quinn never brought it up, it’s not surprising Ellie didn’t think to do it nor did they have a system worked out.

        1. And the other problem is two fold. Ellie wants to go out on the town instead of staying in.
          The other might be that she hasn’t had anyone over because she hasn’t gone or with anyone.

          There is also Quinn being the ice queen and possibly being the primary tenant on the lease.

        2. From a story stance Quinn would’ve still missed it, but it doesn’t change the “you should notify your roommate when you’ve allowed a strange man into your apartment” courtesy aspect. It’s very within character for that to have never occurred to Ellie, though.

        3. On the other hand, she wanted him gone before Quinn would notice or be disturbed. And it wasn’t because she was sneakily trying to hide him, but her being nice enough to let him stay until he could drive safely again and Quinn already being fast asleep so she couldn’t be asked about it.
          And seriously, what was she supposed to put on the note in this case? “Quinn, while you were asleep, a coworker of mine who had helped me with something was taking a short nap to sleep of the beer he’d drunk. Then left quietly before you woke.”

          Of course, Danny being the guy he is did not exactly follow Ellie’s (made quite clearly) intentions.

        4. I don’t see realistic options for Ellie to have notified Quinn that would’ve seemed likely to be noticed first thing in the morning. I’m just saying that, were I in Ellie’s position, my attitude there would be “My bad for not giving you warning.”

    2. To dissect this:

      It is reasonable for Quinn to require that Ellie clear guests with her ahead of time. It is also reasonable that Ellie require Quinn clear guests with her ahead of time (although that would require that Quinn have friends, which is not a real thing that happens). They should totally have a policy on this front, and a schelling point of “Warn roomates that extra humans will be present” is probably what will be settled on.

      Quinn is totally justified in being angry at Ellie for not getting the ok on Dannie ahead of time. Ellie will answer that she had instructed Dannie to leave before Quinn got up, but obviously “I didn’t think you’d catch me” is a shitty defense.

      Quinn wanting Dannie to leave right now, in the middle of the night, is sketchier. Its not his fault Ellie didn’t clear that shit with Quinn ahead of time. Ultimately though, its her house, she can throw him out if she wants. (Throwing Ellie out is harder, but possible. See storyline 1).

      The intersection of Quinn/Dannie earlier is just fucked up on all sides. As far as each knows the other is an intruder.

      Dannie: Who are you?

      Good so far. No objections to this line.

      Quinn: Don’t touch me pervert, I will CUT you!

      Don’t insult, threaten or assault strangers, Quinn! You just committed a felony.

      Dannie: Heh, lotta good that would do.

      Drawing attention to her helplessness is the wrong move here, Danny. You needed to continue with your previous line of inquiry. Who is this person, why is she threatening you? Those are more important than pointing out that her threat isn’t super credible.

      Quinn: Only your prison boyfriends will find out where I’m putting it.

      Quinn, stop threatening strangers, ffs. Why are you like this?

      Danny: Relax, Ellie let me in.

      This is a nod in the vague direction of proper. You are establishing why you are there, and de-escalating a situation that was rapidly going downhill. I particularly like the leap to the idea that Quinn would know Ellie. Two neurons appear to have encountered one another within the vast wasteland of Danny’s brain.

      Getting Ellie’s input is the necessary part here. The spoonful of casual disrespect on top is just good old fashion Quinn.

      There is a missing apology in there, Lazy One. You made a commitment not to treat Quinn like a sister a while back. You have to warn her if you have guys over. Still, she gets the information across.

      Probably for the best, after he is gone you need to have a talk with Ellie and clarify both sides feelings on this matter.

      1. Curse you lack of an edit button. Bottom sections were supposed to be commentary on the rest of the conversation, but wordpress ate the brackets I was trying to use to summarize the longer lines in the rest of their back and forth.

      2. No felony there on Quinn’s side actually. At least not in my judicial system and I’m pretty sure not in yours as well.

        They are on private ground, inside an appartment. Quinn is the tenant of that appartment. Danny is a stranger, neither living there nor having ever entered the appartment itself before as far as we know, who has not introduced himself or stated the reasons for his presence.
        Quinn is issuing a verbal threat, that she’ll react with violence if that stranger is trying to do something indecent to her.

        She’s not exactly nice here, but she’s well within her rights to act.

        Also, I think that your interpretation of Danny’s “Wow! Who are you?” is rather off. Considering he heard the door of one of the bedrooms open, probably heard the steps into the kitchen and then saw someone in sleeping attire standing there, it was obvious from the beginning that it could have only been either Ellie, her roommate or a guest of the latter. And the third could pretty much be ruled out due to Ellie’s prior statements.
        So he might have been surprised because he was expecting/hoping for Ellie. But as becomes clear here, he fully knew who he had before him.

        1. There’s the way the judicial system is supposed to work and the way it seems to when you hear the cases that are out there enough to make it to the news two states away. The justice system in the US should, in theory, follow what you say, however there are precedents along his lines (burglers have succeeded suing homeowners for being injured on their property when being there to rob them, and apparently civil suits by criminals against their victims that successfully defended themselves for injuries sustained aren’t uncommon nor foregone for the criminals to lose). There is also sometimes a counter-intuitive legal precedent (example that comes to mind is that if defending yourself with a firearm, courts treat a warning shot as removing your right to use lethal force as it shows you think you have other options and potentially granting it to your attacker as you fired a gun).

          So I’d prefer to live in a world where the courts followed what you say, but as I understand it I don’t all the time.

  13. I’m wondering what Danny’s bluff strategy was here. Was he trying to get Quinn to storm out of the kitchen to go to Ellie’s room, which the more I think of it is dumb because allowing him unescorted apartment access would be weird. I can’t decide if he had zero hope of avoiding being caught where he was or if he is being dumb.

    Also definite oversight of him not to spill some beer on his shirt to smell more like booze if that’s what he’d been intending Ellie to think (as opposed to just normally asleep and not waking up, which was what I had assumed he was going for).

    1. My thoughts as well. I suspect Danny may have made a tactical move that is spectacularly failing… or that he genuinely got distracted when he saw Quinn. Ellie did mention Quinn had a prettier face than herself.

      1. He’s certainly shown that his attention span, ability to concentrate, and ability to refrain from staring at attractively presented feminine body parts is quite low. So getting distracted by Quinn is quite possible.

        This is once again a fourth wall observation, but from Rusche’s storytelling style, I think it’d be expected for Quinn to be more resistant and suspicious to Danny’s crap than Ellie, however it’d be odd if she instantly saw through all of it too. I just feel like she’s going to successfully call Danny on several small items but miss the big lie.

  14. Hrm. Looking at Quinn again in panel 2, she looks like she’s maintaining a fighting stance from Charlie’s Angels.

  15. Ok, so this might be kind of a weird question, but do a lot of people sleep in only their underwear? Or less? I’ve pretty much worn pajamas to bed my whole life. Basically just PJ-pants and old t-shirts, but still. I feel weird sleeping in anything less. If I try to sleep topless my shoulders poke out of the blanket and get cold. If I sleep in short I feel weird about the blankets touching my knees. If it’s really hot out I’ll sleep on top of the covers, but still dressed.

    And I know that almost all the time when it’s depicted in media most scenes aren’t like that (not counting lingerie, of course).

    1. Well I can’t speak for other people but I forgo any clothes at all. I make sure all my sheets feel really comfortable.

    2. Really depends on the person. Some sleep nude, some sleep in just a shirt, some just pants, some need both. A lot is going to depend on what you’re comfortable with. Then there’s the whole, did anything happen before actually falling asleep in the bed factor. :p

      1. OK, yes, it’s obviously a personal choice, but I was wondering just how common each choice actually was. In my experience it tends to get portrayed in media one particular way a lot of the time.

    3. I used to be a short sleeve shirt & long pj pants type. Then I grew too big for my uncle’s old surgical scrubs and after failing several other long pants type PJs settled on shorts which turned into boxer shorts. Then later, heating/cooling in the dorms was horrible so I got used to going either T-shirt or not on top. I ran out of the T-shirts I’d been using and tried a couple of the multipack cheap ones and those all felt uncomfortable. I’m now firmly in the “just underwear” camp, but I do remember that each step was caused by comfort of the clothes I was trying to use at the time just turning into habit.

      From the media portrayal stance, it’s mainstream enough that no one bats an eye (example in this comic, look at the difference in comments here versus Ratches from 11 Oct 2013 where there was a lot of noise about Ellie’s position being fanservice-y). From there, you have obvious aspects of sex sells (I can see last comic final panel showing up as an ad banner if it could shrink well enough), but also areas where it is a method of introducing background for the story. For here it puts us in the frame of mind that Quinn considers herself vulnerable more than we would if she’d been in something bigger and fluffier. For some other depictions it might be something intended to show a familiar comfort between characters. Finally, this takes place in Florida and they’re both cost conscious, so supporting lower cooling costs would be expected.

    4. Hm… I went from long pyjamas in winter and short ones in summer (pants and shirt set all of them) to only short ones. Then several years without the shirt on most nights. And back to pants and shirt but still only short ones for some time now.
      That is when I’m at home (and barring any special circumstances).

      Military service I usually went with underpants only, sometimes with a t-shirt only worn for bed. On holidays it depends. When sleeping in hotels, I usually take pyjamas with me. Otherwise (tents for example) I usually go with underpants and t-shirt. Depending on the situation a special sleeping shirt or just what I had worn that day.

      And before the question arises: Semi-tight boxers.

    5. Do keep in mind, this is Florida, sweaty armpit of the nation. As a Floridian, I can tell you that at a certain point the mixture of heat and humidity can make too much clothing (especially absorbent stuff like cotton) rather uncomfortable. And A/C only does so much to stop the water.

  16. Waiting and hoping that one of the two checks the trash to see that there are multiple goddamn video camera boxes sitting there.

    1. He’s to conniving for that. Besides living in an apartment building and with a dumpster, who is going to go dicing for boxes when the girls would need a step ladder to look in there?

  17. This is about the third or so comment on the “D-bags” body odor! I guess he is blissfully unaware of what personnel hygiene is all about.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t actually have a normal residence and just lives out of his ice cream truck. From there showers are when he crashes someplace, tries to pull a “let’s stay in a hotel” thing, or goes and pays at a truck stop.

      Speaking of him crashing someplace and using their shower, Danny also strikes me as the kind of guy to make sure every inch of the towel he uses is used to attempt to dry his butt crack. On the bright side, I suspect the list of people who wouldn’t immediately wash anything he’d used would be quite short.

      1. Truth be told: If someone washed thoroughly (as they should), that “used to attempt to dry his butt crack” would not really be an issue.
        Many don’t though, obviously.

        1. While I personally agree with that, it’s my understanding that many people do not agree. I’ve heard people, when lending a towel, instruct the recipient about which side to use on their butt. Even people who are 100% certain to wash said towel in their next load of laundry. I’ve also seen towels with “FACE” on one side and “BUTT” on the other. So I’m led to believe it’s a commonly held belief, however I may have just been influenced by outliers.

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