Karmic Thief

Okay guys, loaner computer has arrived and it consistently stays on. XD Working on getting caught up. I intend to get my new brick from Cyberpower fixed eventually, but for now I'm just happy to be working. One of the last things the brick gifted me was corrupting my 6 tier Patreon update, which was half done. Luckily I posted some previews to friends in DMs, so I'm blowing those up and re-lining them. It's coming. It's just stupidly delayed. On top of the loaner computer, "Hot Female Fan" has also infiltrated the site's wordpress. I WOULD feel incredibly violated if she wasn't updating and fixing things. There are going to be numerous updates and tweeks, so a few things may appear/dissappear/etc... as we try some stuff out. For instance: site chat and forum are gone, as we are setting up a discord for Shotgun Shuffle to replace both. We're still in the planning phases on a lot, but expect some big overhauls. I will tell you more as we get there. Thanks guys. Love you lots :) UPDATE: Running behind on coloring. Pushing this to hopefully be up later today (Wednesday.)

99 thoughts on “Karmic Thief

        1. I have said it. Many times. Usually just as I am pressed into a girl’s cleavage by surprise.

          It usually sounds like, “AH RERANIZE DAS CEAVEG.”

    1. I know this is a strange observation, but the situation it to be asked.

      Between Tarra and Ellie, who has the biggest breast size ?!? O.o
      I always though Ellie was the one who would have the bigger one by a noticable marging. Hence her subdescription in the Cast page. But by checking Tarra here in comparison to Ellie in the previous comic. They look….pretty much the same size !!!! (Well, If Ellie is indeed bigger, it’s hard to tell.)

      Also…..does that mean that Tarra’s chest size is foreshadowing how big Pumpking will be next time we see her ?!? Last time we saw her, we saw she was already making quite some development in that area and it’s been a long time since we last see her. ( Not counting the quick few apparation not too long ago where she was in a sailor suit disguise, conceilling her true curves.)

      1. That’s not a strange observation. I’ve had the same questions. I think the only true way to solve this is to have them stand side by side.

        1. With both in outfits that are equal on the accentuating-reducing scale.

          I have a vague recollection that Ellie just barely inches Tarra out, but I’m not certain about that.

        2. Typically, some artists do that line-up so you can see who has the bigger cleavage in their comics.

          I mean, pffff, that’s other comics, pffff, not that Rusche has to do … that or anything. Pffff. Pffffffffff. PfffffffffFFFFF!

    2. Dolly Parton, Loni Anderson, Tea Leoni,
      Elvira, Missteps of the Dark, Lursa Duras,
      Samantha Fox (British Singer),
      B’etor Duras, Jessica Rabbit,
      Pamela Anderson, Christina Applegate,
      Kaley Cuoco, PowerGirl, Blondie Bumstead.

  1. ? I’m pretty sure I could pick my wife’s cleavage out in a crowd.

    Also I don’t think I ever noticed before that Tarra’s braid gets thicker toward the end which is the exact opposite of the way hair really works. I wonder if she has something woven in there, emergency rocket launcher perhaps?

    1. Hammerspace? Or, maybe, like the TARDIS, the “bigger on the inside” makes the outside get larger over time. Since that part of her hair is older than the part at the scalp, that would fit, too.

    2. Could be forshadowing for a mental piloted drone with arm back to her head if SS decides to go in a direction of “magic not really magic, just future science.”

    3. My understanding is that her hair is so long that she has to wind it up and loop it back to prevent it from dragging behind her like Rapunzel’s hair on steroids.

  2. “Infiltrated the site’s WordPress.” Is THAT what the kids are calling it these days? Man, I’m getting old…I haven’t had MY WordPress invaded in almost 20 years.

    …”Wordpress” is just kid slang for “pants,” right?

      1. I remember the last time…it was back during the great Cattle Fire of ought-nine. You could smell barbecue from three counties over!

      2. I was under the impression that WordPress was slang for something else, but pants will do.

        Even so, then the question should be: When was the last time your WordPress was pressed?

    1. I imaged this comment happening after slapping the top of her chest.

      Insert “this baby can fit so many X’s” meme

      1. Having just now searched “this baby can fit so many X’s meme” and only finding this page, I’m not sure it’s the meme you claim it to be, Magus.

  3. I’ve been curious about Summer since we saw her. Now I’m even MORE curious. I never noticed the missing leg before – previously very subtle. Going back I see it now. Well done!

        1. THIS….this is why I started reading the champagne bottles. I’m guessing it’s champagne, anyway. Thought it was wine earlier, but now I figure it’s champagne.

    1. Depends on if this is in the hotel or not. If so, then this might be cause of explosion. If not, they might just be sorting pictures the next day.


    “Bad translation!” “Mal Traduit” is “Bad Translation” IN FRENCH!!

    Fucking bravo, Rusche! I almost missed it.

      1. Ever since you put a Hamm-Hamm in a gas mask on the side of a floor stripper can, I knew I had to watch this thing more closely.

  5. Ugh, God.. freaking Cyberpower. I have a case from them, mostly new hardware in it except for the RAM. The motherboard won’t even boot in that case. It’s got a front-panel ribbon cable, instead of proper HDD/HDLED/USB leads.A cable designed ONLY for that system.

    I ended up refurbishing an old case, that I’ll be putting all-new equipment into. Including the old equipment that was in the Cyberpower case. Oh yeah, the DVD burner that came with it was crap, too. Paper-thin terminals that warped as soon as I tried to reconnect it.

    1. Lol. Did they actually hook your burner up? Cause they put mine in, with zero connections hooked up to it. It’s just in there dead to the world.

      1. It was good to go, out of the box… until just after the warrant-mandated six months. Either the board or the RAM died after that point. I’m thinking the RAM.. its build quality was almost as bad as the burner’s.

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  7. Is Summer the Hitomi to Tarra’s Yakamo? I admit it’s not a perfect comparison since Summer is both the one consumed by the spirit of vengeance and the one who got her limb cut off first. The point is if Tarra gets her leg cut off and gets a sweet demonic replacement, I totally called it.

    I’d like to think that the reason Summer missed LoveCon was because she had a tag match that night.

    Judging from the picture below Tarra’s I don’t think Emoji Witch appreciated having her shoulder touched.

  8. I can’t look at that close-up of Summer looking startled and angry without hearing the Metal Gear ‘A guard just spotted you’ sound effect.

        1. I have not, but I am interested in trying. As you probably know, killer bees do have a very high yield of honey, but are very protective of their hive. It is likely that bee farms may begin to implement and “rehabilitate” killer bees to help contribute not just honey but also stability the bee population.

      1. I am impressed that you can recognize The Black Speech Mr. Steve. I felt that it was the only to express myself regarding the loss of the old chat room, but with the knowledge of a new one being prepared. An evil tongue used to express good and sadness of what has passed with joy of what is to come.

        1. Unfortunately I don’t think Google Translate supports Black Speech currently.

          I’m also not looking forward to Discord just because I find its UI annoying to deal with.

        2. Well, it’s basically one long chat log. So it always feels like you’re jumping into the middle of a conversation. And it’s a hassle to scroll through and determine where the conversation started and what points have already been raised. I mean, I can barely be bothered to do that on Facebook and at least there posts divide the content into more easily managed chunks.

        3. It roughly translates to , “Must I stay with such beautiful company?”. While I no longer have the capacity to speak with you all in the chat room, I can speak to you here with everyone else. While we shared in glorious conversations of philosophy, ideas, and interplanetary conquest of the Cassini Wars in the old room we have new opportunities for such things in the new one. Thus I attempted to make a condensed oxymoron soliloquy by using an evil language to swell the reminiscence about the good things that were and are to come.

      1. Hello newly named person. Welcome statements are on the 6th floor. Please fill out this voucher and take it to Steve on the 6th floor in the laurel department. Take the third elevator to the left. You’ll need to see EmCeeKahn on the 2nd floor, handshaking department first. East wing, third door. Ask for the gift voucher application. Get this for stamped by That One Guy on the 8th floor for your affirmation checklist. From there, you’ll need to head to the fifth basement and see Davebro for a validation of your statement of ranking. From there, you’ll need to head to the office across the foyer on this floor for an approval of receipt of gift basket. After that, head to the 49th floor and find out his name. After that get your seasonal drink in the lobby. Then return here for your provisional Erf Multi-Pass. Thank you.

        1. Does my $5 a month Patreon contribution get me past the velvet rope? That’s FIVE whole dollars, mind you!

  9. Looks like Summer is going to go out hot, balmy and with a bang. Just like our poor Ninja Head. Will she be replaced by a guy with a robotic arm named Autumn Winter who’s married to an assassin named Christmas Snow who specializes with long range, high bore weaponry?

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