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It's a good tour.  Everyone gets pecan sandies at the end. Also, Jim's not uncaring. He's just a man that knows his priorities. And sometimes what's more important is finding out how James Garner's gonna get outta this one.. UPDATE: I gotta push Friday's comic to Saturday. Its about half done. I gotta run around all morning doing errands,  then drive my kids 4 hours out of state to see their mom. Wont be home until after 6. So there's no reason for you guys to refresh the page all day. See you then.

178 thoughts on “Kidnapped

  1. My grandmother once thought I was making up the boyfriend I eventually moved across the country with for attention until I moved with him because she was convinced I was gay. I get the feeling.

  2. Well things have gone from “WTF!” to “DANGER WILL ROBERSON DANGER!!!!” At any rate we now know why he didn’t want her coming near the house with the mother going off the deep end of CRAZZY!!!.

        1. That’s technically true. The TV show was in the 60s, and Richard Dawkins coined the word ‘meme’ in 1976. However, it does meet the definition – it’s a catchphrase.
          A related example: all trilobites predate the word ‘trilobites’.

        2. Only if you don’t count how they acknowledged each other not being translated into English. Then the inter species symbolics would therefore chronologically become their equivalent to our trilobites.

          Kind of an Einstein – Rosen bridge/ worm hole time travel problem. The traveler can not go backwards past the point of the established junction in our space – time continuum. Therefore, knowledge of a species by said species should be in essence the idealogical equivalent of our definition.

  3. Wait a second. What are those creatures that are also in one living room. They look like Mr Fatty but not round.


      1. If you have a link to a good place for the contracted making of comic squishables, you might pass it on to Rusche. New merch is always good in time for Christmas shopping.

        1. On the plus side, you’d never need pillows again. But at $40 each, those are some expensive pillows!

  4. Well, the cinema plan just went down the sink. Kiss it goodbye Ellie.
    But on the other side, free tour of a house. (Wanna bet she’ll have to stay for diner too ?!)
    And a “Mom! You’re embarrassing me” James as a bonus!
    Maybe Ellie will discover she has a lot in common with him.
    (She WAS, not too long ago, still living with her parents.

      1. To be fair, there are some people from older generations who think you’re going to die alone if you aren’t married by twenty.

        1. I don’t know about evil. Taunting the site admin to find you is certainly unwise, though.

          (well, would be if it was serious)

        1. Don’t worry about it. As you can notice from the archive and comic titles, Rusche puts Patreon comics back in the archive for all the world to see after some time passes. Currently we’re a few comics from the end of the Pumpkin & Quinn buddy story line as per last post’s author comment.

          When and if things change for you, we’ll welcome you to the ranks of Patreons as well.

        2. I absolutely think Rusche picked a very good price point for access to the plot B arc strips, and I think his decision to put them on the main site for general consumption after a delay is also a good move.

          It shows that the Patreon strips are meant as appreciation for those of us who want to financially support him, but that he really wants to share them with everyone and doesn’t want someone to be ultimately deprived of backstory due to it not being in the cards financially for whatever reason even at a very low price.

          It’s an attitude that I think it’s hard not to respect, with regards to using Patreon.

  5. Crazy cat lady! lol Normally I’d say he’d better run for the hills because its a lost cause at this point, BUT she IS one of the few people out there with an even more embarrassing family than him.

    Kinda surprised that the mother hasn’t commented at all on just how…well, out of her sons league Ellie is, but then I realized why. The ‘it’s a girl’ comment, since her sons never been on a date and is always hanging out with his two bro hommies, she was probably starting to think he was gay lol

  6. Literally my policy with women and family is that my family will learn I have a girlfriend, and who she is, when they get the wedding invitations in the mail. This comic expresses precisely why.

    1. Stating that as a policy gives the amusing mental image of you printing it out on formal letterhead and handing out copies around the table at holiday gatherings.

  7. All things considered, this is really one of the better ways for Ellie being way too agreeable to bite her on a first date for eSymmetry.

        1. If he was, we’d be seeing comics about how to keep kitty out of the fireplace, keeping our Captain America shield out of the drive way along with multiplication tables made with the sisters Buckingham and multiples of the animals that Ellie took care of. So.. Pumpkin, Ellie and Cinnamon times three North American Round Squirrels equals nine.

        2. Awwwwww. And I worked out a 9×9 grid for multiplication using the Buckingham Family. Ten if you add Quinn based against the animals shown in SHOTGUN SHUFFLE . COM.

          i HaS SadDdSsSsS.

      1. If you have time between Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Dr. Seuss, there’s a blog with a bunch of math game printables here: http://deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com/search/label/Multiplication (scroll past the fractions stuff till later)
        She also has book lists and some great history printables, including a Lewis and Clark game, if you have access to a printer and ink. Our local library does black and white printing for $.10 a copy [our printer has periods of function followed by weeks of jamming and cartridge errors (often at the worst possible time), so the library is my back up].

        1. A pumpkin carved, showing Pumpkin carving a pumpkin into a pumpkin, while wearing a sexy pumpkin costume, and eating pumpkin pie.

        2. Preposterous propaganda proposing pumpkin paraphernalia promised promptly per persons purposefully.

        3. You made me think … I hate it when I think like this. ;-)

          Warrant: Sweet Punk’n Pie

          Dirty, sweet, spicy, adorbs

          She’s my punk’n pie
          Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
          Tastes so good makes a grown girl cry
          Sweet Punk’n Pie

          Continue as written making the above replacements, substitute ‘mama’ for daddy and ‘she’ for he in the 9th stanza if desired. Works so well you have to wonder if Rusche planned it that way.

        4. And her dad burns down their house, van, recording studio, record company and the state that they are based in for making that song. Then he knocks on your door with Jay and Silent Bob while they hold the list of statements printed out from the database that catalogs all of the statements on this website here. Herb points at you and tells the guys that’s him, “He’s the one from ‘Poopchute.com,’ he’s the one who wrote that about you.” Then he stands back while Jay and Silent Bob smack you around with that stack of green and white print outs thicker than two NYC phone books.

        5. Think of every atom in your body suddenly coming under the severe scrutiny of displeasure from every Buckingham female alive and then scattering only to be sucked up by McFatFat eatjing a twinkee roughly 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds while the DeLorean gets hit by a bolt of lightning.

  8. Legit, my mom did this with my second girlfriend. My first was just a friend from school that progressed and then we split. My mom had thought I was gay for the longest, and when my second gf was a fairly attractive blonde girl mom was just entirely too happy. Ren and Stimpy happy.

        1. Art that point, I’d have been worried about them having a sedative and a dose of GHB. I doubt mom being that desperate now, but at the time she scared me with her excitement.

  9. Has anyone else noticed there is a new addition to the cast page? Doya Doya, queen of the clouds?

    Also I can’t really identify with the “overly happy that you’re dating” mom thing that James is going through. Mine was on the exact opposite of the spectrum, firmly rooted in the “this one isn’t good enough for you” territory. Did anyone have a mom who was just chill with the entire thing?

    1. Doya Doya showed up in a Patreon comic and was pointed out by someone over there as being on the cast page. I don’t think anyone mentioned it here yet. I’m very curious about who she is.

      My parents seemed pretty calm to me around new girls be they romantic or not. Privately I always thought Mom was of the mindset that if I didn’t send them running away screaming that she certainly wasn’t going to cause a problem. Dad I think was more of the mind that he’d be in WAY too much trouble with Mom if he scared any off. Neither of them would bring much up about opinions about said girls either unless I asked.

      Granted, Dad’s obnoxiousness controls have appeared to get a bit slippery with age, so at my most recent cousin’s wedding I was informing another cousin’s date to feel free to smack him if necessary. So in the event of me actually dating again and said date has reason to meet Dad, she will get plenty of warning and a reminder immediately before the meeting that ignoring politeness and manners with Dad might become necessary and wouldn’t be viewed negatively if such became the case.

        1. Yep, I remember her. I think the first time I saw her I assumed it was a just a bizarre dream representation of Rosemary. I didn’t key into the fact it was a new character.

      1. This came into my head, actually:

        And I’ve seen dreams that came from the heavenly skies above;
        I’ve seen old men crying at their own grave sides;
        And I’ve seen pigs all sitting, watching picture slides;
        But I’ve … never seen nothing like you –

        Do ya, do ya want my love?

        (It’s a song by ELO)

  10. The Japanese have a term for when you can see white above and below the pupil. Sanpaku. Basically means “crazy eyes.” White above the pupil means your inside world is a danger to you, and white below means the outside world is a danger to you. She’s got both.

    In fact, looking at her in the last panel reminds me nothing so much as that episode of Boondocks where Granddad was dating the woman who owned several wolves and fought several times in the Kumite.

  11. “Also, Jim’s not uncaring. He’s just a man that knows his priorities. And sometimes what’s more important is finding out how James Garner’s gonna get outta this one..”

    No need to apologize for him. In this tableau, he’s looking like the only sane one in the family.

    Well, James MIGHT still be sane up. But I don’t see it lasting for long at this rate.

  12. So here we see the end result of crazy cat ladies successfully breeding. Distract her with a red dot laser and escape

  13. It’s kind of adorable how Ellie is taking this in stride. I suppose this doesn’t seem too weird, compared to the insanity that is her own family.

    1. Which expression, the noncommittal “Oooooookay” in panel 2, or the “My God, is that man melting into his chair?” in panel 3?

      1. Yep. Also I doubt that she needed any particular leverage for Red Lobster. Just mentioning liking it would probably be enough.

        1. nonono.

          I’m talking like FOR-EV-ER. Let me explain.

          -Ellie feels rumbly in her tumbly and Quinn warned her against eating the last pack of expired ramen and thus calls James-
          Ellie: Hey James, wanna hang out?
          James: Um…sure..I guess.
          Ellie: I was thinking Red Lobster, you buyin’?
          James: We can just hang out…in public…and stuff.
          Ellie: Well…oookay…OH! We can talk about the time I met your Mom, that’l be fun t walk around…talking…about that…
          James: …I’ll have to stop by the bank first.

  14. yeahhhhh
    1. never a good sign when the mom says “look he brought home a date AND ITS A GIRL!!”
    2. never good when your mom is that freaked out and the first thing she does is give a tour of the house
    3. ….I’m starting to think while the guy is a little awkward I don’t think he’s the full problem I’m thinking its partly psycho mom’s fault

    1. I figure that’s a tough situation for parents. “The good news is he’s straight. The bad news is he’s not popular with the ladies. So, could be worse, really.”

      1. So is Ellie stepping in on your turf? Is there a comic you that appear to snatch James away to a life of luxury (and snazzy bowler hats?) I can’t be the only one wondering this.

    1. I never really put much thought into it but I am trending toward being considerably more sympathetic towards his personality.

      I always thought he was joking when he told the guys not to tell his Mom when they gave Quinn a ride because his Mom would be expecting grandchildren.

        1. So it has no convenient handholds, is slightly too big for you to wrap your arms around to carry, and with diagonal wriggling you can get it about 85% into your car door?

          Any other features? Slippery with an easily staining grease or is it more acidic? A smell that sticks to your hands even after ten hand scrubbings if you touch it? Flashing lights that induce seizures in people normally not susceptible? Makes a slurping noise when you walk away from it? Has a picture of your mom while dating some guy she was very serious with before your dad and would’ve married if he hadn’t been in a car accident? 5% chance of falling apart if you breathe on it?

    1. Well, considering that Ellie came into this date looking for a not-confidence-crushing way to say “no thanks” to a second date, I doubt that she’s all that worried.

      Heck, she might even decide to try to back off Mrs Blackford a bit to help James out. Ellie is entirely to nice for her own good sometimes and not afraid of confrontation when it becomes necessary, and she is conning herself into believing these dates are going to help the guys out somehow.

    1. Mr. Blue pointedly and pontificatedly pounds on the F5 button purposely in near perpetually in order to produce another platform of prized story telling.

      Also. Set your clocks back an hour if you participate in daylight savings time.

      1. A what now? Any clock I have that requires manually adjusting for daylight saving time isn’t worth setting to the correct time in the first place.

        1. Then i would suggest skipping ahead to the “not worth it baseball and ice skating rink league registration” section authored by the McKenzie Brothers.

    1. I bet he smashes through the window just before Ellie eats a sandie, and James’ mom gets to give someone else a tour of the hiuse giving James and Ellie a chance to escape to the movies.

      Then the popcorn mafia, who defeated the lollipop guild, kidnaps James and Ellie. They abscond to the minecraft boat in that country to the north in Hudson Bay.

  15. Love the comic! I found it today and binged all of it. You’ve improve d a lot since you have began. Please keep up the great work!

  16. HEY!

    What the bloody blue blazes is going on? We were in the 70’s on TWC and now we are almost out of the top 100? Get it together people, and VOTE.

        1. Yep, home network, work network, and cell phone. (Some days I can get multiple votes in from my home network but not usually, I haven’t figured out what causes the exceptions yet.)

        2. Your ISP may have set their DHCP to not give a preference that a system receives the same IP it had before a lease renewal.

    1. Last month ended. The numbers were reset, and most of the non English speaking world, if any, and Australia got first whack at those numbers. I suppose. As the world turns, the Shuffleverse woke up from their sugar and morpheus fueled dreams of saccharine stupors of zeds and skeletons dancinv on the fence instead of leaping sheep and lepers.

      So, everyone had to fight from the starting line.

      1. Yea, the time zone related voting lag always makes the first day or two of the new month appear very volatile. But generally things goes back to much the way they previously were. The only times things seems to change drastically is when a comic either goes on hiatus/end completely (or comes back from a hiatus), starts a big new ad campaign, or a creator does something stupid like start a feud with another comic or something.

        1. Thanks. Yuno has been my avatar on Steam for at least three or four years and she appears elsewhere as my avvy on a semi-regular basis. I’ve been indulging my towards deranged looking anime girl avatars again and few fit the bill better.

        2. So do you have a theory why increased gas prices have resulted in less female screaming? Have you noticed the recent dip in prices cause any increases?

    2. I try to make sure to get at least 12 votes/week and have been trying to be constant about that for the past couple of months. I was a bit disturbed at our ranking earlier this week too.

  17. Hey Rusche, I don’t mean for this to sound rude, but maybe it’s time you drop back to two updates a week. Maybe a Monday Thursday schedule? I can’t speak for myself, but I’d much rather have two on time posts, then to be disappointed when I don’t see it there. Please don’t take that too hard, because by the mere fact that I am disappointed shows just how much I love this comic! It has become the ONLY webcomic I still follow. I have others I may visit, but I am always on here, and always excited for an update. You do amazing work, and I don’t want you to get burnt again on this. I would like to see you continue to enjoy your work and do what you love and have time for life as well. So, maybe for us, and for you, two days a week might need to happen again.

    Sincerely, a man, who thought he was simply “Passing Through”

    1. I thought when you tried to push to three updates a week here and two on Patreon that seemed unachievable at the level you set for your art.

      I’m less concerned on late updates as burnout and poor mental state caused by pushing at an unsustainable pace.

      You also run into strips you can’t pare down to one row of panels relatively often.

      So you have my vote/support on cutting down on promised frequency.

      Also, can you peek your head up and let us all know you’re alright? Last communication on Friday about driving out of state and no poking up here since brings up the question of if all is well or not.

        1. I’m actually thinking of revising my previous suggestion. It might be best to offer a certain number of panel rows per month. The quality and density of the comics show there’s clearly work going on, but the delivery rate is going to tick some people off when it’s listed as X comics per week. That doesn’t get across how much you actually give people over the span of a week, it just puts up a schedule that doesn’t get met when 3 comics look better as one comic with 3 layers of panels…
          It’s not a matter of changing your presentation so much as managing delivery expectations better by making the offer less rigid.

        2. The Mona Lisa was not finished until it was finished, neither was the Sistine Chapel before Michelangelo crawled back down from lying on his back on the scaffolding.

          I consider this web comic a priveledge to watch and read. I may get a bit impatient, but genius can not be rushed. Unlike the U.S. Mail. You know, them and Fed Ex.

        3. I think we’ve suggested that before in the comments, but it didn’t seem to gain traction.

          I do have a slight variant that I think could work well. Add a blurb/widget below the sister portraits stating “N panels in next main site post. M panels in next Patreon post”. Rusche generally has the planned layout. Additionally when he needs to adjust, that’s a quick text adjust on the page requiring not statements or conversation but gives some expectation indicators.

    1. Please tell Chris to take his time, we’re more than willing to wait on his time since its only by his wanting to make this series and being willing to share it with us that we get to enjoy it.

      I actually edit for a few friends of mine and I know that pushing for updates when you have a lot going on isn’t a good thing. The best material comes from the artist/writer wanting to share, not being forced to.

      Besides, Halloween was just a few days ago, he’s probably still sorting his candy like the rest of us lol ^^

  18. Howdy ho there. Just wondering seeing the Halloween is now over and Christmas is fast approaching if Chris had or is willing to make a wish list for him or his children. Woukd live to help him out a bit more this year.

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