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Lake Hollingsworth

So after so many bland interior shots, I spent some time over-compensating. For the 99.999% of you not familiar with Lakeland, this is one of the major lakes. Depending on what part of town you live in, it's the quintessential lake that defines Lakeland. It's not the biggest lake, but it's certainly the most recreation'ed from my experience. I'll have to do one of those Google Maps deals where I plot all the events, since they're based off actual sites. The sisters panel will begin filling up, starting Wednesday. See you all then.

35 thoughts on “Lake Hollingsworth

  1. Ooooooh… so pretty! You outdid yourself on this one.

    I can’t wait to see these sisters you’ve promised… I enjoy meeting the new cast members.

      1. I’ve gotta say, it REALLY looks fantastic. The shading, the reflection of the moonlight on the pool… even the shrubbery looks amazing. The appearance of the wood grain on the hand rails looks awesome too. One could easily mistake this for a photograph, if Ellie weren’t in it.

        I’m curious now, though. I believe that Quinn goes to a Floridian university, so (obviously) this comic takes place in Florida, right? When you had written about “Lakeland,” for some reason I thought you were referring to Michigan or something… :) I guess I’m gonna have to start doing geographical research for this comic!

        1. Click on the name here, and it will link you to the strip where Quinn’s car has broken down. You should also see the name of the University where this takes place.

          My question would be, something taken from Clerks II, and that question would be, “Is O’Jacks burger based upon an actual location that was closed, or is it just an arbitrary place?”

        2. Nick, Quinn goes to Florida Southern College on the north side of Lake Hollingsworth. There is a spot across from the school that juts out into the water, and Ellie and Quinn are on one of the boardwalks.

          Mr.. Rusche, nice view of the lake at night. Have to tell my minister that our church made it big time.

        3. I went to FSC for 3 semesters. Although that was 25 years ago, long before the boardwalk was built. The tour is interesting is you have any interest in architecture as all of the older buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

          The steeple in the background is First Presbyterian Church of Lakeland where I’ve been a member for 30 years.

          Aside from a great story, this has been one of the really cool things, recognizing a lot of the places that we see in the strip. Quinn’s apartment, the college, the movie theater, and Alex’s dorm all have real world counterparts. I’ll leave that to Mr. Rusche to discuss those. Although as one thought to him, if KK’s place is the complex next to the aforementioned church, FSC bought them about a year ago as student housing.

        4. Indeed, the art is great.

          I do like how the trees in the background are a bit more blended/smoother than the near details.

  2. The page before was great as well, loved how the cat ate that shake(or whatever it was) and this one looks great!
    I sense a incoming mental beatdown for Quinn since she totally does’t know how to apolegize well hehe.
    anyway, keep it up! it still is an interesting comic that keeps all of us guessing on how it will work out :)

  3. I wonder what Ellie needed to hear…hmmm, perhaps ‘I’m sorry’ lol, not a hard one to figure out. Terra was right though, you outdid yourself with this page, its great work dude, keep it up!

  4. Perhaps “I’m sorry Ellie. Please don’t move out.” might have been a better lead off for this conversation. But Quinn, being who she is, probably has a hard time acknowledging her own feelings, much less expressing them.

    It seems she has a hard time phrasing an apology – that would be admitting she was wrong.

    And yeah, Shweet artwork on this page. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  5. KK has worked a miracle. And the Quinn’s heart grew three sizes that day…

    Also Ellie is being shocking cold. This conversation will be interesting I’m sure. *gets popcorn*

    1. I’m not sure she’s being cold, so much as experienced. She probably knows the difference between when a person recognizes they need to change and when said person decides to actively try to change. I’m going to hazard that she sees Quinn as being the former, and she required the later to give her a second chance this quick.

      That said, please pass the popcorn. ^^

  6. Willing to bet it’s not just “I’m sorry”, but more a re-phrase of “You don’t HAVE to move out” as well. Maybe more, “I’m sorry, would you like to give me another chance” or something along those lines.
    Or maybe I’m just reading to much into the have to move out line, since I’ve heard it before…

    “You don’t HAVE to move out. You can just…acknowledge that I’m always right and you are worth less than dirt. Except when I need you, then you’re MY dirt.” I paraphrased a little there… >.<

  7. Wow, Quinn is manning up and coming to Ellie. Sometimes it takes people awhile to come around and start fixing issues, but it seems she is stronger than that. Interesting. I’m proud of her though, haha.

    Also the art looks really good Rusche!

    1. I would suggest that Ellie was always able to back herself up, it just seemed that she was so under the gun in order to have a roof under her head, she was having to bend over backwards in order to satisfy requirements and had to show humility over assertiveness.

  8. I love the sidewalk, makes it look like you could wander around on it. That, and I want to print the whole damn thing out and paste it on a brick wall and sit back somewhere. >:D

  9. So here’s my line of thinking. Quinn really hurt Ellie with her constant jealous characterization of Ellie as a cheap-slut-sex-poodle who uses her body to get by because far from being that flavor of user, Ellie has never been with anyone. Ever. I’ve known girls who won the genetic lottery who were virgins into their 20s because they simply assumed that any interest shown to them was superficial based on their looks. They wanted to be valued for anything but their looks. The world is still kinder to the pretty, but in each case, they built up defenses to avoid being used, and it was assumed that they were getting busy when they certainly were not.
    Now. I’m not assigning their motives to Ellie, but I’m guessing that since she had teachers forming unhealthy fascinations with her, (stalkers can make a girl very VERY cautious), guys wholesale trying to get in her pants, accusations of sluttery from other girls, and being so disengaged from other people that she herself wasn’t in like/love/lust with anyone else–it’s possible that it would have been too much trouble to lose her virginity.
    It sounds to me like Ellie’s been called a slut since fifth grade, and reached her tipping point when Quinn accused her of sleeping with Alex the dirty hippie (who Ellie finds personally revolting). Thus the hauling off and punching her.

    I personally have high hopes that you’ll bring Blind Guy back. There is some beautiful symmetry if Ellie finds someone who values her for all the rest of her and is not moved at all by appearance.

    1. … though at the end of that arc, the blind guy was sitting on bench and saying….”Sigh… desperation.”

      which could mean that guy was so desperate to woo Ellie who probably rejected him in the past… that he made himself look blind to get her… but since he is also a good guy, he didn’t take her offer when he had the chance and instead helped her.

      …. there is some clues shown to give the impression that he wasn’t blind.

      1. though as a straight male, I’m holding out hope for the stupid slash fantasy that Ellie & Quinn gets together…. which destroys hippie guy….

    2. Bunny, I think that’s a very accurate take on what’s going on with Ellie.

      We’ll see more of Blind Guy. Anyone on the cast page is due multiple appearances in the comic.

  10. Not a fan of how Ellie makes Quinn come to her, because of the way it seems to conform to her (Ellie’s) attitude of being the victim here, but I cannot deny it’s human characterization. It fits her.

    Eh. I just suppose that both of them, in their own ways, have ‘had growth’ but it was of the barely-voluntary sort. Ellie had some growth as far as exerting herself and personal responsibility, but it only came as a result of being forced out of her pampered nest and being put on the brink of real homelessness and poverty. Quinn had some growth in terms of acknowledging how her toxic behavior towards others is much more rooted in her past and much more harmful to her personally than she realized, and needs to grow.

  11. Would love to see a google pinset with the locations around town. You did a very good job drawing the boardwalk section on the north part of the Holl.

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