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Layoffs Are Coming

Can't let this house of cards get too big. Depending how much art I can produce, there are about 3-5 comics left in Chapter 5 (this chapter.) I have a decent amount of dialogue to get through, and I don't like overcrowding panels with word bubbles. Above example is about as much as I can stand in a comic.

102 thoughts on “Layoffs Are Coming

        1. Nope. No, I’m not paying attention to that at all. It’s not happening. No, no. Not happening. At all.

          …now what’s the number for 911 again?

    1. The thing about really really old people is that when you reach a certain point… you just don’t give a shit anymore. Tired Guy probably couldn’t survive a beating from these young people and even if he could, I doubt that any of them could put any kind of fear in him. He’d die with a scowl on his face and his pride intact.
      Then again, he *is* some kind of super villain. I wonder what his power is. His aliases are The Breathtaker and Mr. Night. Is there a clue in those names? He also wore a gas mask in his Mr. Night persona. Maybe that’s involved somehow.
      He’s the leader of this group and they all seem to follow his orders without question. Why is that? Does he have some kind of hold over them or a common goal that they all want to see realized? So many questions. The leader isn’t always the most dangerous of a super powered group, but I think Tired Guy is more powerful than he appears to be. When the time comes for Tarra or someone else to confront him, he might surprise us all.

  1. So, the betting pool on who tells the other first: Lay Off because we don’t need you, or I Quit so I can do this for others.

  2. All these comments… Major understatement… Hmm? We are all forgetting the ingredients we have on hand. One Ellie, who wont take shit, a bunch of protective sisters, a mess of lonely guys who finally have had a taste of what they are looking for, and a literal ARMY of sexy assassins Yeah Wrinkles may think his group is hot shit and can do what they want, but if he isn’t careful, his oxygen tank is going to be shoved up his rear access port.

        1. The sisters all by themselves, remember Black Friday? That was without motivation, imagine what could they do if they had a plan.

        2. True, and a plan will probably form after the tirade Tarra looks like she’s going to be on after Ellie’s display of being the “dominant female”
          She may have messed up, but family is family.

  3. Not even a bonus? Just, “Good job, but we no longer need you. Now get out and don’t start crying.”

    David should have hit him harder.

    1. Let’s be honest here, is this altogether that surprising? He tried to come up with some contrivance to get Quinn and company expelled from the complex just to get into the apartment. Also, from a standard head of a company dealing with temporary workers standpoint, he is pretty much baseline.

      1. I can’t say it’s real company unrealistically dumb, but it’s definitely a dumb way to do it. The smarter way is to send Nina to her apartment tomorrow and have her hand deliver the pink slip.

  4. So, my thought on the whole “he’s going to drop this bomb on Ellie while surrounded by angry sisters/sext assassins” is that most sisters are still annoyed with Ellie (as the meters earlier showed), and will sit back and let a lesson happen…except for Juniper, the sole reason for those 300+ renewals. IF (and it’s a big if) things go pear-shaped and retaliation comes (retaliation being the iffy part of that big if), I think it’ll be from Juni, and will result in the site effectively shutting down.

    So…I’ll just grab some popcorn & be over here watching :-D

    1. I think this is the kind of “leadership” that led to their numbers declining as far as it had. He used to have… 51 associates, right?

      1. Worse than that; these memberships are running $60 each, based on the numbers from Terms and Conditions Part 26. Ellie’s idea brought in just over $26,000 tonight (300 reups +135 new members * $60 per = $26,100) and for this, they will fire her. eSymmetry now looks dumber than ever before and Ellie’s got a nice new resume capper.

        1. I was thinking about their cash in the opposite way.

          There’s renting out the hotel, whatever catering they may have done, whatever was done for decorations (I know they copy/pasted/overwrote/stole wherever they could, but still not free), 11-13 employees and however many apartments they rented out (Dick said 9, as I recall, but might’ve been lying, but I think we’ve seen at least three or four). Finally, they’re an evil organization that used to be in the business of destruction on a scale that’s globally noteworthy.

          How is $26k an, “ok, we were short on funds, but finally that’s sorted out” sort of number?

        2. it’s not just income, it’s outgo prevented. They were about to be on the hook for $216,000 in refunds.

        3. It’s the “if we find ourselves in financial straights again” part that makes it sound like they were worse off financially than makes sense to me.

          @Steve – I don’t think Tired Guy would’ve been that averse to welshing on debts or commitments, so I don’t know how much the “owed refunds” were an issue past convenience of not having to make himself scarce from those debts.

    2. agreed……Elle kinda made Junipers…well….LIFE when she said she was proud of her……if anything I think not only her but anyone who she went out with that found their soulmate (like balloon boy a couple strips back) are gonna have even more to say about her getting the axe

    3. I could see any of the present sisters go either way as far as retaliation. While Juniper appreciates what Ellie said, this thing did line up a bunch of prospects for her to take advantage of for quite some time if needed and she’s looking for nicer temporary places to stay than dumpsters. Anise might do a lot of damage going after Durkin and/or think she’s going to impress him. Tarra might want to re-assert dominance and show everyone she’s the most powerful being in the room. Ginger’s Mom2 tendencies could go protective instead of let her learn a lesson, also her deadly sin mapping is wrath, so if one or two of the others are determined to cause mayhem, she might be angry enough to want to join in since the lesson might not be learned anyway.

        1. I don’t think that Ellie is going to be doing any mangling. They’re going to bring her to one of the back areas, tell her she’s fired and the bald guys going to grab her by the shoulders and put her outside a back door. She’ll probably run into Zeke, who may be running from Cinnamon’s advances, goes into his chainsaw mode, but Ellie’s too depressed to notice and Zeke quits, turns to Jesus, turns himself in and creates a revival and rehabilitation in the Florida penal system.

  5. Man, this is not going to go the way he expects. Ellie won’t like getting fired from what she was envisioning as a regular gig, but better to be fired and hopefully get good references than to quit again and definitely get no good references. I hope that we will see the savvy side of Ellie again and have the confrontation end to Ellie’s benefit.

    1. I never got the impression that Ellie thought that she’d be regularly working for this site as an event planner. I had thought she was envisioning being a free lance event planner.

  6. this old dicks gonna double cross her……well we’ve seen what happens to those who mess with Elle……and its always fun watching the Revenge rebound

  7. Ha, house of cards=D52, I get it.

    I’m not sure how to feel about this page. On the one hand I like that we finally got confirmation that they’re operating the website to at least some extent with the intention of making money. On the other it annoys me how flippant Tired Guy is about running it.

    Ellie leaving this job was already revealed in the FAQ and she was advised to get out (by Danny but still) so I’m kind of neutral on that.

    I suppose this does make it less likely we’ll get a canon image of Ellie with a jetpack. So I have to dislike it for that.

        1. Haha The pink haired demon chick?
          She hasn’t had a good view of her feet by glancing down..ever.
          Just how she is in her comics universe. Though there is her spider form..but she doesn’t have toes then

  8. Still who is to say that Ellie can’t make her own dating website and out do Tired Guy? Yes, Ellie would need the money but I think she can manage it if Tarragon gives her a loan. Plus Tarragon does have contacts through her assassinations and I guarantee you she has networked with other people in different fields other than “Wetwork”, so Ellie putting together her dating service is possible. After she makes back the money and has surplus Ellie can always reimburse Tarragon!

  9. i believe he has forgotten that she has 5 of her six sisters there and about , what 30-40 SFAs (sexy female assassins) +single MOMs (Maternally Omniscient Madwomen).Not to mention we are talking about Ellie here. I do not think this will go as he expects it too.

  10. I have a feeling that Ellie is already well aware of this outcome, or at the very least expecting it. Something tells me she won’t put up as much of a fuss as many expect.

    She might feel a little scorned though, just to keep the tension between her and ‘Tired Guy’ going.

    1. Yep, I could definitely see her playing for sympathy and a bonus for keeping this afloat and making it successful, but not being upset about “your services are no longer needed.”

  11. I hope that Ellie and Blind Guy start their own, competing dating site against Nina and Tired Guy.

    A dating site for sexy female assassins would be awesome.

    1. Tired of guys freaking out when they find out what you do for a living? Sick of the club scene where everyone’s asking for freebies? Just wish you could find that special someone that doesn’t mind the fact that you straight up murder people for fun and entertainment? Then make the move to Assassin Love! Our triple-vetting process ensures that not only are our singles selected on their basis for affinity for mayhem, but that they’re also loving and patient people who on average don’t look half bad either.

      So remember: Cupid was the first sniper. Sign up for Assassin Love today!

      1. Small print – No system can be 100% foolproof at identifying undercover law enforcement officers or grieving family members of your past victims out for revenge, and Assassin Love, LLC cannot be responsible for the consequences to you, them, or the immediate surroundings where a confrontation takes place and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Assassin Love, LLC for any and all issues, legal or extralegal, which result from said confrontations.

        1. Nah, the real site said “cannot be held responsible” so I changed it enough that it’s not a direct copy.

  12. It seems almost unanimous in the comments that everyone thinks Tired Guy is going to get beaten up and publicly shamed somehow. Which is all the more reason that’s probably not going to happen. At least not in the immediate future. He’s a super villain, after all, and the closest thing the comic currently has to a primary antagonist. It just so happens that he appears to be a frail cantankerous old man. Which could easily be a sham, but even if it’s the physical reality he might have powers that make up for it. Powers yet unrevealed.
    The secret agenda of his group seems to be at the heart of where the plot is going, so I don’t think he’s going to just get bumped off for the sake of a pathetic ‘feel good’ gag where the bad person gets comeuppance. Sarcastic yay. How delightful. At least it seems like a lot of build up would be wasted otherwise. Anything is possible. From the perspective of Ellie, her sisters, and the public at large… Tired Guy is just a mean old man. They won’t harm him as long as he remains just that. Who beats up the elderly? Especially the infirm elderly? That’d be fucked up. I can’t believe so many people think that’s so likely to happen. He is shielded by decency. If the protagonists were willing to assault old people just because that old person ‘was rude’ I’d be shocked.

    1. I agree. His comeuppance will come at a later time, and I suspect it will be significantly less violent than we all want it to be.

      I’m thinking that Ellie is much more shrewd these days.

      I made a comment about her and Blind Guy starting a competing website for female assassins…but in all honesty I could see her going to Caleb about making a competing site instead. He’s the one with business sense, he has an established base (including females), and it would be easy to get Danny to do something to redirect users…etc.

  13. Oh god finally the dating site arc is going to end! Yes, she made it work, but I call a huge Deus Ex Machina on that one and tired guy seems to agree. Though Deus Ex Machina is not necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes an artist just wants to have fun and goof off, like in By The Book. My humor is just more along the lines of what happened at the beginning when Ellie was working at that junk food restaurant.

  14. Does Mr. Night really want to make an enemy of a person that can mobilizes a small army of professional assassins in a matter of hours? I thought he was smarter than that.

      1. Evil is dumb is a phrase that runs oddly through this comic so far. First time I pointed it out, even Rusche was surprised to see it. But that’s what it’s been so far; Shotgun Shuffle is reverse-Spaceballs; evil is dumb.

        We have Alex, who was a comparatively mild evil, but left his smut drawings out in easy reach of his annoyed soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend. We have Katrina, who speaks for herself. We have the Backwards Burglar, robbing a bank in broad daylight where Tarra Buckingham is currently located. We have Cinnamon, who is by definition the Dumb One. We have Danny, who strung up a bundle of cameras then gave away his own location BY NAMING HIS WI-FI NETWORK AFTER HIMSELF. Now we have Mr. Night.

        1. Although to be fair, it’s a safe bet that Mr. Night doesn’t actually KNOW he’s antagonizing the little sister of the certain sadistic sidekick.

        2. The start of comic 52 Pickup (current post date August 20, 2015) and the end of comic Terms and Conditions-Part 6 (current post date August 26, 2016) both suggest that he does know that Ellie & Tarra are sisters (first hints, second is fairly clear-cut).

  15. Just thought I’d point out the amazing job Chris did with this page. For one he drew mirror images of the same character multiple times, effectively doubling the amount of work that he put into much of it. Additionally (and here’s where he actually outperformed most comic people, even “pros” in print) he did multiple angles (or “cuts” if you’re cinematically inclined) without crossing or inverting the line of action, a task made even more difficult with the addition of the mirror. Kudos.

        1. True enough, though I can’t help but wonder where the next one is. I’m not super concerned but it has been a week, and Rusche’s new update schedule has been nothing short of awesome.

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