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Let’s Review

This is somewhat of an unfinished thought, since I planned on rounding out what Ellie's saying. But I had a 'last minute' on what I wanted the next part of her convo to look like, so I held off on this being a double strip. What you're seeing, and will see on Monday, is based entirely off my observations of a few particular friends with the same 'body type' afflictions. If Mr. Perfect doesn't fit mold A, she has no interest. If Mr. Loser does fit mold A, then he's in the running. This obviously does NOT apply to every young lady. But it certainly DOES apply to some that can't see past the physicality of potential courters. =P Their genetics they can't help.. Kinda Quinn's M.O.

40 thoughts on “Let’s Review

  1. “Meatless Assclown” should be the name of a Dubstep band. Or maybe a Synth-Metal band. I don’t know.

    Also, I’m digging the sudden facial expression changes in this comic (and Wednesday’s).

  2. Wow- actual, sensible communication between the two? Bonding? And Ellie being smart, all in ONE strip? You certainly cover your bases! But it doesn’t feel rushed, so that’s a good thing (it’s also kinda ironic, based on your name!)

    I can’t help but feel that Ellie’s observation of Quinn’s dating habits as being… shallow. The dating habits I mean- not Ellie’s observations :D

    I suppose it happens to all of us, and a lot of the time, we don’t notice it, and sometimes we can’t fight it, but it’s still sad to see it happen. Though, I’m sure Ellie is making a good natured remark- not being rude.

    But now, this is rather interesting. Ellie didn’t even remember Quinn’s name in the beginning, but now she remembers her dating habits? Does this mean that Ellie remembered her all along, but simply forgot her name?

    1. Or does Ellie remember the social aspects of the people she meets, but not the personal aspects? She remembers the social patterns of others, but not their names, unless they were close friends? But then again…. She remembered Ian’s name, and I don’t think they were close friends.

        1. Ok, I think I got it now.

          Ellie can’t/couldn’t remember people, but she remembered the different behaviors of certain people. I guess I could see that… I’ve seen that happen with gossipy girls from high school.

    1. He’s that way because of the job, the rank, and the mental discipline that he’s acquired over the years with his dedication to the country, his job, his family and overall himself.

  3. You know…if you overlay an image of Ian over Alex…they do match up quite a bit, especially their posture, all hunched over etc…

    If her father was military, might be her rebelling on a subconscious level, having lived a ridged and structured lifestyle so long, she is drawn to free types, those who arent so orginized and uptight.

    Oddly enough, Ellie growing up with so many sibilings and in such a large family is likely going to be drawn to outgoing and expressive personality types, who are more often than not less structured and orginized.

    Two different backgrounds, two different personality types, both drawn towards similar people. Ellie just happens to have better taste. Makes one wonder, who is drawn towards the stuffy ridget uptight ones lol

    I do hope that the kick Quinn gave isnt the end of Alex’s pain, torturing him could be a bonding experence for Ellie and Quinn lol

    1. I’m curious how long Quinn really lived a rigid, structured lifestyle as a result of her father being military. After all, we know she spent her teenage years living with her mother – this required her taking care of her little brother which I guess one could see as necessitating some structure, but I don’t think that’s the kind of structure you meant. In fact, seeing how her mother lived more likely drove her to seek more structure in her own life and the people around her.

      It could still be some sort of act of rebellion dating these types, but I think Ellie’s theory is more likely: Quinn is just attracted to skinny guys. Some skinny guys are assholes, like Alex; some are pretty cool dudes, like DJ Trashy.

        1. Yes, I meant to include that when I mentioned taking care of her brother. Still, not the type of rigidity and structure I suspect Kenju meant (the comment about her military dad being the indicator there, as otherwise he could just as easily be in jail, dead, cryogenically-frozen, in orbit, a werewolf, or sent into the future in a one-way time machine for Quinn to still have a rough life living with her mom), and not in a way that would inspire rebellion – that structured lifestyle being not forced on her by an authority against which to rebel, but rather something she would have sought on her own to get through that terrible time of her life. It makes no sense to me for one to rebel directly against one’s chosen principles (structured lifestyle) in favor of attributes that one despises (lack of structure).

          Then again, a lot of things people do don’t make sense to me. Like not changing the channel immediately when channel-surfing and accidentally stumbling upon a reality show.

        2. Maybe they’ll get to see someone slip, fall into a pie and have a wardrobe malfunction moment, with Mayloxx antacid chewable pills.

  4. I’ve always been curious how Quinn and Alex first got together. Aside from a proclivity for self-pity, their personalities and life goals seem radically different. Quinn is intelligent, reserved and acts tough to compensate for a lack of confidence. Alex doesn’t seem to be particularly smart, he has been shown to be outgoing and he is certainly not short on love for himself.

    Somehow I picture Quinn standing alone at some mandatory Freshman social function and Alex winning her trust simply by daring to talk to her. At some point, though, Quinn took over the relationship.

    Then again, maybe Quinn is the one who approached Alex. It didn’t take her long to do so with Eagan, and she was technically “off the market” at the time. Eagan and Quinn don’t exactly have similar personalities either—they may even be more different than Quinn and Alex—so it will be interesting to see how their relationship dynamic works if they do end up together.

    1. You do remember that Ian was voted to be the sacrificial lamb, I mean, honorable representative, to approach Quinn when her car was broken down, right?

      1. By “approach,” I didn’t mean their literal first meeting. Quinn was the first one to bring up the idea of a relationship with Eagan when they were on the phone.

        1. Indeed, but she didn’t so much come right out and tell him unprovoked, “I like you,” instead it was after he asked why she didn’t call her boyfriend first. So one might still argue that he “approached” her about it.

        2. Because I am knee deep making my own video game. Comic to follow.

          Though when I do have something, I will most likely link my username on comments such as this one to the website as a sort of cheap way to get attention and also so that people who read my silly nonsense on other comics can go post silly nonsense on mine.

        3. If you did someday, I would insist you precede it with the text, “Don’t click on this link.”

          Because most people are more likely to click it that way.

    2. But Ian’s the one who makes her heart skip a beat. From what I’ve been told in real life, that is one hell of a plus in the column there.

      1. Who’s to say her heart didn’t skip a beat when she first met Alex? We need to know more about how she and Alex met and hooked up, otherwise we’re only speculating on Ian’s and Quinn’s future based entirely off her superficial, practically-unreciprocated infatuation with him.

        Furthermore, a heart skipping a beat may sound romantic, but does it really mean anything? How many doomed relationships started the same way? It would be hard to measure the percentage of successful vs. unsuccessful relationships; how do you classify a relationship as successful? If it lasts X number of years, or do you have to wait for one of the members to die? And there’s definitely a sort of observational bias at play here – if a relationship fails, people are less likely to tell stories about how their hearts skipped a beat, so the sample is already biased toward successful relationships. I just don’t know that I can consider skipping heartbeats as statistically meaningful regarding future success in a relationship without more useful information.

        At the very least, Quinn’s skipped heartbeat may be a palpitation – she should go see a doctor.

        1. I would like, if I may, to offer a counter argument.

          If Quinn’s heart did a double dutch when ever she saw Alex enter the room, she would not have been dealing with Ian all that much. I offer for evidence, the fact that Ian’s got a donut in his mouth, a’la Homer Simpson, and mentions feeling as if someone’s walking on his grave or something. I’m sure that Chris used it through artistic license to infer a type of story plot for the audience that a love triangle will be soon offered to allow for a conflict of interest to ensue.

          I also use the fact that Quinn left without Ellie for the movies, Quinn pulled Ian into the slower moving line, and dressed like a colorful pint sized travel version of him. If you don’t mind my saying so, that seems to be one hell of an argument for like-liking someone. Even to the point where she puts a free flashlight up for the ad that Tired Guy mentioned.

          And my story is true, because it was told to me by a lady that I went to Jr. College with. She divorced the guy, but then they realized that they belonged together because of some untangible reason. She told me that her heart skipped a beat every time she saw him enter the room, and from the look on her face when she was telling me, either I was 100% gullible, or I totally thought that she was telling the truth.

          My story only entails one such possible outcome of your theoretical analysis of my previous statement, but in as such as it contradicts all is untrue, therefore it is possible. My observational bias is only based on what the woman in the story told me, her heart skipped a beat every time her husband entered the room.

          And my use of the fact that someone’s heart skipped a beat while Ian had a donut in his mouth is my basis for suggesting that Quinn has “Chemistry” with Ian, not just Physics. Therefore, I suggest that there may be a possible real relationship for the two of them. Especially if she’s going to be fake tutoring Ian in Physics. So, I would suggest that she skip the Cardiologist and give Ian the flashlight as a symbol of luv.

        2. I should clear up a few things:

          1) Yes, Quinn’s heart didn’t skip a beat every time she saw Alex… that we saw. But perhaps it did in the period of time before they really started dating. And while her heart skips beats for Ian, she hasn’t started dating him yet. So it’s not a fair comparison to make.

          2) Yes, Quinn has done a number of things, including what you have listed above, to indicate her interest in Ian. I don’t doubt for a second that she like-likes him (in fact I referred to it as “infatuation” in my own comment, and it sounds like a pretty strong word, which is why I used it). Again, we don’t know how smitten she was with Alex before they started dating, because we only caught the tale end of that relationship.

          3) I don’t doubt that your story is true. Some of the stories I tell are true too (but not all of them).

          4) My theoretical analysis (thank you for calling it that, it makes it sound more sophisticated than it actually was) was not to prove that all cases of non-beating hearts are unrelated to the success of a relationship. In fact, it’s very likely that a person’s heart skipping a beat is related to emotions they are feeling, including love. But there are lots of people who “love” each other prior to knowing each other deeply and truly, but lose those emotions once they realize how awful the person is with whom they fell in love. I’m also not saying that case B outnumbers case A; I’m just saying I can’t make a call one way or the other without a larger sample.

          5) I was not saying you have an observational bias; I was saying that it’d be difficult to count actual relationships without there already being some kind of bias, due simply to the fact that unsuccessful relationships that started in love would be less likely to present themselves as such for our consideration than successful relationships would be.

          6) You could be entirely right about Ian and Quinn. I just have my doubts. So far, all I can see is that she is head-over-heels for him, and he thinks she’s pretty okay. A good long-lasting relationship could grow from that, but personally I’m not ready to ship them off just yet.

          7) A cardiologist to start seems unnecessary; when I said doctor I meant just her GP, who might be able to determine whether she should see a cardiologist, or if it’s just gas or something.

        3. Yes, the gas of luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv and flashlights. Hell, that sounds like a strip title in the future, eh Chris?

        4. The Gas of Love and Flashlights… never mind a strip title, that sounds like a story arc all on its own!

  5. I like this page a lot! It’s nice to see Quinn and Ellie interacting in a non-hostile way.

    And I think someone reading through the archives will put the last line from the previous comic together with Ellie’s reaction in the first panel of today’s comic, and will see clearly that the whole “passionately making out” thing was ironic banter.

    P.S. From what we have seen, Ian Eagan is a decent guy who would make a much better sweetheart than Alex ever did. I’m not certain if they could possibly make a good enough couple to get married and stay together their whole lives, but for the near term at least they might enjoy dating.

  6. I remember a friend once telling me that she recognized specific looks and qualities that I went for. But I must say I like the phrase meatless assclown hahaha!!

    1. No. They were assclowns whether they had “meat” on them or not. Meatless is a pronoun describing their lack of musculature. Ellie isn’t oppressing the guys of Quinn’s past, just describing them in an unflattering light. At least they didn’t draw realistic nudes of them and post them in a public place.

  7. Here’s an off topic question: Is Ellie the Ninth sister(as her screen name suggests), or the seventh sister? In the silhouettes of Ellie’s sister lineup, I think I see Pumpkin on the far left, a drunk sister, a punk(isn) sister, but the two children on the right I cannot tell if they are sisters, or the children of a sister. In the beginning Ellie’s mother indicates that Ellie’s other sisters all had to move on, and Ellie couldn’t stay and set a bad example for her younger sister, but I didn’t know if Pumpkin is it.

    1. Ellie did say that she has six other sisters, and that she’s seen that junk pulled a dozen times. Pumpkin by virtue of having to do homework, would be the youngest of the brood.

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