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Life Is Like A Box Of Midichlorians

Well that thing's certainly not making the Kessel Run now... So this tablet sat in it's box for a week untouched. Then it sat for a week on my desk untouched. I had a great week to get accustomed to it, but I had no idea it's video port was strictly DVI. My laptop, like many, only has a VGA port. So that was one night wasted. I promptly headed to Radio Shack after work the next day. "Nerds, I need a cable DVI to VGA." "Well we have a converter: DVI to VGA... we also have VGA to DVI if you'd like." Me: "Uhhh... what's the difference?" Nerd: "Well, nothing. Just another option." Me: "(wtf) Well which one do I NEED? They sound like the same thing." Nerd: "Either's good." Me: "Then what was the point of that?" I promptly snatch one out of his Cheez-it stained hand and get home. OH DAMN. 'no signal' 'going to sleep' Well atleast I know the display works, but this problem is relentless. No matter what I do. The same message. So I search some forums, and the users unanimous reply was: One does not simplyPurple MonkeyThe adapter does not have the nessescary 'pins' required in it to convert properly from a digital signal to analog. So that was another night wasted. I go back the next day, and I'm like "Yeah, totally need the cable." Nerd nervously: "Umm... I don't think we have those. See, it used to be THERE (pointing to empty hole on peg-wall.) Now it's web-only. You'd have to order it." 'Nuts to this, sir' I said, and left. I went to a mom and pop computer store and finally found what I needed. Granted, this is was more out of my way, and at the ghetto mall. One that pretty much had the train tracks running right through it. So I get home and now have the fun task of taking off the back panel and swapping out the cords. The end result, and first drawing was as follows: Tablet Cintiq 22HD Takeupyourwholefriggindesk Edition (ignore my obsession with ER.) First sketch Gather round kids, as I will soon tell you of the time UPS lost my business cards I ordered...   Since merging this movie parody together, I have screenshot the comments from the individual posts, as seen below Archived CommentsArchived Comments IArchived Comments I Archived Comments II   Archived Comments III Archived Comments IV   Archived Comments V   Archived Comments VI

35 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Box Of Midichlorians

    1. I did buy a Bamboo Tablet about three years ago, and absolutely hated my short experience with it. I don’t have enough hand-eye-coordination to deal.
      So I sold it at a garage sale and just saved away money until I was comfortable enough to blow it on this. This guy sat in my eBay cart for three months plus, easy, before I broke down and finally paid for it.

  1. Looks good so far! For all your trials and tribulations, you release content on a regular basis. You might have a future in this! ;)

    1. I’m sure in some future “I remember back when I drew stuff” autobiography, I’ll truly divulge all the tribulations that went on during my tenure here. =D

  2. Wow. Lots of desk space. Lots of frame and border. And Windoze 7. Isn’t there some law sayin’ that artists gotta use Macs. Didn’t you get that memo?

    I’m patiently waiting for the pressure sensitive iPad mega.

    1. haha. You didn’t even point out I’m using Photoshop 7 in that image! If you’re trying to discover how outmoded and behind the times I am, you’re about to experience some sad, sad things.

  3. My dear adult hood story telling friend, may we have more and the story of “Sail Cat.”

        1. DIRTY HIPPIE, FOR ALL OF YOUR DISHEVELED NEEDS, CALL NOW. Operators are standing by. Just don’t ask for Ellie, Quinn or Heather. KT is okay, but is too busy getting Ashliii to answer the phones because she’s on her smartphone texting. That or ordering enough hamburgers to feed a platoon.

  4. Wow, I mean really, on so many levels, wow. You have the sheer terror/horror from millions of credits invested in the Death Star, but on the other hand…

    I admit, I’m one of those rare Anakin/Ashoka shippers. The pairing grew on me, and I love how you have them here. Either as a pairing or not, either way it is showing that Anakin is moving past his loosing Padme and either found a new love, or at least rejected Sidious and has taken on his own Padawan.

    Either way, humorious as it might be you found a great analog for tying Anakin and Dan together, leaving their past behind and living for the present.

    Last page was the funniest so far, but this is my favorite of the mini arc. Great job dude, keep it up.

    1. Awesome. Thanks.
      Yeah, you don’t have to be a huge fan of anything to possibly make something those people into a certain genre may like. Just appreciate what those fans appreciate.

  5. Too bad most people didnt get that memo…

    Still, like I said, you did a great job here with the comparison between Anakin and Dan. There arent that many characters from the Star Wars series who could fill in the roll of Dan’s Vietnamese girlfriend/wife for what she represents. Honestly I expected you to skip that scene all together.

  6. I’m frankly amazed I haven’t seen anyone else try a Star Wars/Forrest Gump spoof. Nice work!
    Also, I read a $#!%-ton of webcomics, and you are comporting yourself VERY well amongst your webcomicker peers.

  7. That reminds me of the time I ALMOST got into a fight with a bikerdude. See I am not your average nerd. Usually you can call me anything under the sun and I don’t give a rats anus. Sometimes though…You cna say it’s my anger issues…but I can be VERY aggressive…So me and my friend (350+lbs. fat as hell nerd friend…best friend in the world btw.) were walking to the electronics section in (was it k-mart or wallmart? can’t remembeR) and we passed by this dude who looked like a biker, who murmered under his breath (I have super fricking hearing…dogs got nothing on me) “nerds” well I was in a “let’s all fight” kinda mood…I promptly turned around towards him…and my friend like me happens to be exceptionally strong for a nerd…grabs me by the collar and yanks me off my feet and places me back in the same direction we were walking…he would be the only friend who can catch me when I wander off…which I am good at. That’s what he thought I was doing. Being a Kender. as he calls me. (5″5′ I am.)

    1. I guess the morale of my story is… Nerds these days do not avoid the gym/work like the plague…Being a cowboy nerd who does happen to go to the gym makes me living proof.
      Proof of nerdom you say? Dungeons and dragons, first edition ’nuff said. Random nerdom words? Snarf Snarf (Thundercats HOOOOO)
      actually as it would have it…if you look about 3 inches away from me…are piles of magic the gathering cards (preparing for a great planeswalker duel here! must be prepared!) along with my D&D1.0 Legends and lore book (gotta have diety encounters…) and my D&D3.5 monster manual (making my one millionth to the 50th power monstrous humanoid character that will probably never be played…but I relish the 3.5 character system!!!)

  8. That’s a big tablet. Ah once knew a guy named David what was goin’ t’ move ta Wacom and start his church. He never replied ta my letters.

    I like that you put our boat in the movie. People will find out all about the kinds of gimpo. There’s agga gimpo, malta gimpo, foga rakka gimpo, ychupka gimpo, nala queesta gimpo, hurbenurben gimpo, renesmee gimpo, musta chopa gimpo, and that’s all the kinds of gimpo there are.

    I like that Hayden Christian Andersen played Lt. Anakin in the movie. He wrote a lot of good stories. My favourite’s Thumbelina, ’cause it tells ya that no matter how you end up born, it doesn’t matter none if ya try hard.

    *bookmarks webpage with virtual Diathim feather*

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