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Like one of your french girls

That was certainly some strategic word placement. Avatars Wave 2 have been uploaded. Here's the new additions to add to the randomization: Avs Wave2

One of our friendly neighborhood commentors, Tony Graff, asked if I was willing to do an interview with him for his own site. I agreed, of course, and you can read that: HERE. There was a piece of art I made for him, but it doesn't seem to be displaying right for me. If you can't get it to load, I'll just post it here as well. =P Shock Therapy

113 thoughts on “Like one of your french girls

  1. Oh, Alex…you incredible bastard. Somehow Quinn is going to spin this into it being Ellie’s fault in some way.

      1. And a movie that apparently Quinn hasn’t seen. Not that I can fault her, I’ve never seen it either. But it’s been rammed far into pop culture even I recognized the influence instantly.

        Also awesome pic of the fat kitty and his impatient reaper. Do you have a wallpaper size of that image?

        1. And for God’s sake put Alex’s glasses back on, he’s even creepier when I can see his eyes. *shudder*

        2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Maybe its because we know his true colors now and the eyes make it too personal? Either way, MORE GLASSES.

        3. Nah, it’s because the comic takes it’s start from the second that he stormed back into the room and said “I HAVE THE POWER”. It wasn’t until later, after he admired the technique used in his revenge that he was able to remember that he didn’t have his glasses on.

          Thus for the rest of his life, Alex would have to be all natural in his eyesight in order to make gallery capable art for sale. Thus is the curse of his power. Walk into doors, or make crappy artwork for nerds….

        4. I don’t know about anyone else, but without his glasses the voice I imagine for him in my head has changed. With the glasses, I imagined sort of a Tommy Chong-like voice. Sort of easy-going, relaxed, maybe a little stoned. Without the glasses however, I imagine his voice to be more nasally and pretentious.

          Or maybe the problem is just that I hear voices. Guess I better crank up the death metal to drown them out.

        5. I’m good with old or new, as long as it’s about darkness, murder, and trolls, and it makes my ears bleed.

        6. Trolls are the best. I still regret missing Finntroll when they toured here a few years ago.

    1. The term is “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Way I see it, Alex will shortly have TWO women’s fury on him. Quinn will most likely go after Ellie first, but both aren’t going to be happy with him after the fact. And even if he deals with only one, he got laid out by a slap from Ellie over a kiss. Boy’s not coming outta this with all his teeth.

      1. I think Alex is completely irrelevant now from a storytelling stand point. I can’t see him really having two women’s furry focused on him when his obvious intention is to get them fighting more with each other. Since neither want anything to do with him, his goal is to let them destroy themselves.

  2. Is it a bad sign that his “revenge” automatically filled me with rage that was all directed at a fictional character? I can so see Quinn slicing him to ribbons with words and Ellie finishing the job with the crotch attack she promised him. Of course, there will be the blowout between Quinn and Ellie first.

    You would think that after one kiss got him a slap that knocked his glasses off that he would have the presence of mind that this would get him so much worse… Well, no accounting for intelligence.

  3. Hmm, I actually think that while there may be confusion at first, this will eventually bond Quinn and Ellie together because they will both want Alex’s head on a platter. I think this is where we take off for the rest of the comic as them being friends! Although in the meantime, I see a lot of anger flying in every direction.

    Either way, Alex is screwed, and not in the way he’d probably like.

  4. Oh, Quinn would know that’s not from a pose. She’s a woman, and like all women, she would know that without a bra (or a bad boob job), breasts don’t sit up like that. Gravity makes them fall over. After all, they’re just sacks of fat.

  5. Nice.

    With advertising like that, they’ll have to move the figure drawing class into an auditorium to accommodate all the new members.

    Also, if Quinn talks to any of the other attendees from that night, she’ll learn that Ellie didn’t actually take her clothes off. That, or she’ll infer that Ellie must have given Alex a private, Titanic-themed “figure drawing” session. If you know what I mean.

    I mean sex.

    1. Based on her past actions (see Jenga: Where fun goes to die) I can’t picture Quinn being the type to ask questions first or even truly want facts to get in the way of a good tempter tantrum.

      1. Unless said facts add fuel to the fire. I’ve known some Quinn-types; they tend to view the world in whatever way incites the most rage. It’s like they have an “indignation bias” or something.

        1. I know what you mean about people with an indignation bias. With that in mind it will probably go down like this. She blows up at Ellie first and foremost, then if she finds out more information that allows even more fuel to be tossed on the fire, or to start another fire entirely then she’ll be all for that. I’m sort of hoping the ragefest culminates in Ellie and Quinn both attacking Alex at the same time.

        2. I think we are all hoping that’s what will happen. But I expect the same as you – Quinn will blow up at Ellie.

          My precise guess is that next week will be Quinn screaming at Ellie. That’s all. Just Quinn screaming. In every panel. On both Tuesday and Friday comics. Not even actual words, just “AAAAAHHH!” over and over again, while waving her arms maniacally. Ellie won’t say anything all week. The next week Quinn will storm out of the room and go meet up with DJ Aloof for some hoodie-time and maybe even a little bit of romance, just to get back at Alex. It will be pretty okay – there will be a handshake or two, maybe even a little smooching, but no more than that. She wouldn’t want to take things too fast and scare him off, ya know.

          Then it will cut straight to a scene where Ellie kicks Alex right where his testicles used to be. As he tries to walk it off, Quinn and Eagan will drive by laughing at him, after which his breakfast burrito will explode, blinding him and covering bystanders with bits of egg and sausage. Now blind, Alex will have lost his superpower of drawing girls naked, and will be forced to sell his urine on the streets.

          Later, Mr. Fatty McFatFat will be knighted and henceforth be addressed as _Sir_ Mr. Fatty McFatFat. These are my predictions.

  6. Huh, so Rusche is the Hippie; they have the same art style. Although… “Those sir, are ridiculous.”

    1. It’s funny, because I thought about that. Since the way I draw the characters would be “reality” to them.. I figured any character drawing them in exactly the same style would be at the level of an “accurate” or “good” artist. So it’s implied Alex knows how to draw well.

      Also, you’re not the only person hunting for my supposed comic doppelganger. I’m not in the comic, I promise. =P

  7. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see hat happens next, the last panel really built up some suspense. I mean seriously, a hobo chili cook-off! Did the hobos make the chili? Is the chili made from hobos?!?! The world will have to wait to find out. As a side note, CHILI FER SALE!!

        1. I’m sure that it’s nacho for the South Park episode where Cartman won the chili contest. It’s because of the sign on the poster board after life drawing class.

  8. Well Alex way to burn all the bridges leading off of Shit Island. I think the outcome depends on what’s going through Quinn’s mind. 1 she thinks this was done at the figure drawing class and gets mad at Alex and thinks Ellis is really. 2 she thinks this was an exclusive modeling session and loses her shit on both of them.

  9. It pains me to know that this drawing exists somewhere without the censoring words (yeah, I realize the original probably doesn’t have actual naughty bits, but I can dream, can’t I?)

      1. I couldn’t find it. And before I get called a pervert my foremost intent was to support the artist.

        Ok yea, I’m also a pervert…

  10. I hope that we never see what’s under those censor words. Too much sex on the internet, it’s nice to find somewhere that is interesting and sans nudity.

    1. Thanks. I’m no prude, but I agree.
      I’ve gotten a fair share of compliments that my comic is “family friendly” or at least SFW… which I never spent a second of thought on when I was creating the comic. Now I have to hold true to that. haha

  11. You know….actually…I dont think its that good of a picture. I mean its well drawn, dont get me wrong, but its not Ellie.

    When you draw another person, and its like this, without their consent and done in anger, you dont capture the person in the picture. The gir in the picture looks lifeless, she doesnt have that little ray of light in her eyes that makes Ellie who she is.

    Thats just my two cents. Anyone who actually knew Ellie or was somewhat close to her would pick up on that, just as long time readers here would. Alex captured the form but not to spirit, and thus the picture is a failure in that reguard.

  12. OK… with careful and meticulous consideration, yes he’s still an asshole even though he’s a Leafs fan.

  13. I guess Im just weird is that I think his biggest offense is the fact that he used scotch tape instead of push pins on a cork board–

    I hate those guys…

    1. Actually it makes perfect sense when you think about it. It shows how little he cares about the picture. He didnt think ahead that using tape would mean tearing the picture when its taken down, which means he didnt really think ahead at all.

      Hell, I wouldnt be surprised if we see Ellie and Quinn actually agreeing to work together to kick his ass.

      Not that Ellie would need Quinn’s help, as she has already prove to be more than capable of summoning reinforcements when need be:


      Sic him boys!

    2. ACTUALLY… it’s artist’s tape, or drafting tape (why it’s white) which can be removed without hurting the drawing. What he wouldn’t want to do is use push pins, and permanently gouge holes in the drawing.

  14. sniff, sniff…sniffle, sniffle, sniff… Phew… I smell the slight scent of a law suit… probably against both Alex and the school. If I recall, usually figure models are hired from other schools then model would not be recognized by any of the students at the school where they did the modeling, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen… and the ‘I known her(him) she/he’s in my history class or that’s my girl friend, or she’s friends with my roommate I see them together all of the time…’ the models make a little money with a degree of anonymity. Also I think Official B-Boards usually have to have signatures from someone in the admin’s office to post. She could cause a lot of trouble for the school and Alex could be expelled… Just say’n.

    1. Well, you’ve got one thing right, the bulletin boards do need approval signatures. However, one could think that perhaps this being an artistic board, creative license could be the authoritative signature needed. On the other hand, since it is in a university building, it would mean that it’s approved by the university, therefore, it would need the stamp, signature or office mark of approval.

      Ellie doesn’t go to school.

        1. Well, it’s possible now that KK is going to have to complain about something other than the munchies rush before closing when the stoners come out. It’s going to be the art kids, nerds and titanic fans who flock in there after life drawing class each week. I’m sure after the fourth time, KK is not going to be scheduling Ellie for that night.

  15. … okay, biggest douchebag move I’ve seen so far (well-played for him), I’ll admit BUT… that’s pretty good drawing for an “apparent nobody”

  16. It makes me chuckle at the thought of someone walking in the room while you are referencing the Kate Winslett “Draw me like one of your French girls” bit.

  17. For an artist with such a malicious intent, I think the sketch is quite flattering. Hmm… probably demonstrates how conflicted Alex still is about Ellie. She is after all the girl of his dreams.

    As for the critics… Yeah, too passive a pose for a real life Ellie that’s for sure. Even so imagine how it will boost her home page friend count!

    You know, the way Ellie was progressing just before she was kicked out from home, she wasn’t that far off graduating from free access to a pay site.


    It’s almost a bizarre perfect fit for her, combining her obsession with the net and narcissism with her new need to pay rent. That malicious display of a nude drawing of Ellie, instead of shaming her might work to her benefit as advertising.

        1. Ack, two ellies, one pizza guy and one dirty hippie, house looses 25% of the time. :D

        2. Whoops, I meant to say, one Ellie, one Quinn, one pizza delivery guy and a dirty hippie….

  18. Alex is clearly not local. Regardless of what the state of their relationship is, Ellie’s dad has grounds to hunt the putz down. Polk County is a bad place to try that crap.

  19. Quinn’s going to start yelling at Ellie, who will calmly listen up to “naked drawing” then yell Quinn down and channel the rage towards Alex. Who won’t be seen again afterwards.

  20. When I rule the world, all artists (male and female) will have to take boob physics classes. Alex will be a student whether he wants to or not (and that other guy that was in the class).

  21. We learn a couple things from this trip.

    –Alex is a good artist and has a good enough memory.
    –Quinn might be able to identify Alex’s art (though it is fairly obvious given the subject matter).

  22. Overall, though, I think his move was rather childish. 1. A threat like this… doesn’t really do much. This more solidified the level of douchebaggery he has succumbed to. So, we see a well-drawn picture, minus some of the incorrect physics, of a naked woman who’s already more attractive than she should be recognized for being.

    2. How can Quinn date him and note know what his drawing style is like? She’d be able to tell right off that it’s his artwork. If anything, this is a moral dilemma for Quinn, and little to do with Ellie or Alex. She now has to decide between the integrity of the girl with more boobs than brains, or the boyfriend she wants to be an ex-boyfriend but doesn’t have the guts to say anything. This stunt /should/ tip things in Ellie’s favor, but this could very well mean Ellie’s trying to find a new place to live.

    My guess is that Quinn’s going to realize how much of life she’s missing, so she goes off to discover the world. Since she’d need a place to keep her stuff, Ellie gets a place to stay, but still has to pay rent. Of course, this would be after Alex gets sent to the emergency room for getting kicked in the junk so hard his nuts high-five his vocal cords.

    1. Personally, unless she was around him long enough to get a decent look at his art, then and only then could I begin to agree with you. However, when we have the “blockhead Ellie” and “Pikachu Ellie” to compare, your point is very credible.

      But then again, I can almost recognize a person by the way they walk… soooo.

  23. Alex has officially lost all respect from me. He used to be the guy who was (a little) creepy, down on his luck, and had to deal with a bitchy GF.
    Now he is just a giant douche that I would punch in the uterus.

  24. This has to be the first time that I’ve seen more than 100 comments on a single strip.

    Three cheers for Chris!!!


  25. So, got busy this past weekend, missed this update. Damn.

    I’m going to say this: IF Ellie complains about this to the right people, Alex will be lucky if he makes it out of this without getting expelled. Schools really are cracking down on this sort of harassment, especially when it goes public like this.

    And I wouldn’t be the least bit sorry to see him go.

    1. You know, that’s right, Ellie would not have to even say anything. While it is artwork, it’s sexual harassment in a nutshell.

      1. Not only that, he’s also used her image without her permission.

        Not in drawing her, but in the fact he uses it to advertise for the class.

  26. Is there a way to pick which avatar you have on this site without downloading it and making it your universal Gravatar?

    -Is she wearing the Pancreas of the Ocean!?
    -Good linework, good shading, poor knowledge of how breasts work. Quinn should know better, but I’m sure she’s not going to let the obvious falsehood get in the way of a good tirade. I’m nowhere near as proportionately well-endowed as Ellie, and in that position even my pectoral fat-bags would resemble those of Blinkin from the undercover scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

    1. Oh, right, the third thing! It wasn’t commenting on the adorable bonus art. It was pointing out (relevant only to other comments conversations) that I actually thought he should have used the six-pin method of attaching it to the cork-board instead of using tape or sticking pins through it XD

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