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Little Lies

For those that remember the story poll, Option B winning actually affected the dialogue for this strip as we transition into Chapter 3 (which is 2-3 strips away.) Monday may be the end of Chapter 2. I think Pumpkin is the clear winner of the Sister Campaign, so I expanded her role in the upcoming story, which worked out to be incredibly convenient. Regardless of who won the gold, Pumpkin, Cinnamon and Tarra being the top three, will be who Ellie communicates with when she gets something she's been dying for since Mom took it away. And thanks to TheLastOutlaw for my our second fanart "Taking the Title Too Seriously." I obviously need to start a page now for such things. Taking the Title Too Seriously

133 thoughts on “Little Lies

  1. Dang, got to choose between phone and bed.

    I’ll go. . . bed. She’s been this long without a phone, so…. Yeah. That’s mah choice.

    Squeeeee, she’s so kawaii in panel one. She’s infatuated with him as much as he seems to be her. ha ha ha ha.

    Damn, spoiled half of my Wednesday comics just because I can’t fall asleep yet. But I’m getting there, been making typos right and left.

      1. Nature’s green is gold, so she’s young, youthful, vibrant, and seemingly dancing rings around him. She’s only going to be zeroing in on the outermost and readily available visual clues at first. But wouldn’t that be the same for any new relationship, that seems to be as shipped as this one? Or anyone that anyone may have a crush on someone else, like a movie star perhaps or that cheerleader in high school, that car that turns into a robot, or the robot that is a cheerleader, that teacher who is just a car.

  2. Oh lols.

    Darth Ellie: I’ve been waiting for you, Blind Guy-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now *I* am the master.

        1. I tend to read Tired Guy’s dialogue as Farnsworth.

          But TheGeek’s comment has just the right sequence of wrongly-pluralized words to make a perfect Toki phrase.

        2. I can’t for the life of me see Tired Guy as Farnsworth, or hear his dialouge as such. He’s too angry, and I can’t hear the professor being angry. No, I tried with some of those “Dimwitted Monkey, but if you’re supposed to do it, then don’t not do it.” I’ve got the DVD “Super happy fun time robot” or something like that. It’s got “All’s well that’s Roswell.” That’s what I just thought of and tried to quote.

  3. This conversation is both cute and adversarial which wasn’t quite the tone I was expecting. He doesn’t strike me as shy, I wonder what his deal is?

    Also I was not expecting an update this early, thanks for brightening my long night shift =)

      1. Richie, you just made my day! That’s amazing, I never noticed that. Not only has he given her hope, but she is his hope! Sometimes I wish I was a girl, I could enjoy this romance stuff more openly hahaha

    1. Oh hey, TheLastOutlaw, nice fanart.

      Looks like Ellie is going to clean up this town. With… with a shotgun.
      Also, more video games need a powerup that is a cat-ball that carries extra shells.

  4. Love the cat face Ellie in the first pannel lol Still Blind Guy has a great poker face, he’s getting grilled the 3rd degree and he isnt flinching at all ;)

      1. He doesnt look like he’s at a disadvantage. If I had to guess, he is several years older than her, and we already know he’s a lot more mature. Besides he might be blind, but he’s not stupid lol. If I had to bet money on it, I would say Ellie is the kind of person that you can hear her reactions just from the tone of her voice. Unlike Quinn who it takes a Jedi to read.

        1. But he’s at an advantage when it comes to verbal cues and such. They both have advantages and disadvantages. If Blind Guy had been blind since birth, he’d be able to pick up on many more verbal nuances than the normal person, unless they were trained to hear strained voices, fluttering consonants, and the valley girl squeek that may be present when a girl is in love.

          And Ellie is able to pick out the visual effects that she may be having. Seeing if he fidgets any with his watch, clothes, blushes, smirks, eyebrows and other facial clues. And to see if he might be using his foot to get rid of nervous energy by bouncing it rapidly like a dog scratching their stomach. (I don’t know what the thing is actually called. All I know is that I did that so much my mom bought a hammer for me every time that I did it.)

    This ship has sailed and I am its Captain
    But I can’t guarantee that I won’t crash it into an iceburg

    1. Isn’t that a potential problem whenever you ship it? Just remember- a good captain goes down with his/her ship. The same can also be said for shippers. XD

    2. Took me a minute to figure out what you meant, but I’ll ship it with you! You can captain it, but I am definitely on that boat!

      1. Love, exciting and new.. Come Aboard. We’re expecting you… Love, life’s sweetest reward… Let it flow, it floats back to you… Love Boat soon will be making another run.. The Love Boat promises something for everyone.. Set a course for adventure,.. Your mind on a new romance.
        Love won’t hurt anymore.. It’s an open smile on a friendly shore…

        Love Boat soon will be making another run.. The Love Boat promises something for everyone.. Set a course for adventure,.. Your mind on a new romance… Love won’t hurt anymore.. It’s an open smile on a friendly shore… It’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! It’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! It’s
        It’s the Love Boat-ah! It’s the Love Boat-ah!

        1. Captain Stubing: You’re name, your Avatar, that song, nothing could be more perfect! Rusche, this should happen! hahahahaha

  6. This is the second time we’ve seen her kitty face- the first was when she overheard how Alex felt about her as she was walking up the stairs. I’m guessing that’s what gets her rocks off.

    I also kinda feel bad for Blind guy. He doesn’t seem very good at trying to act coy. While I like the idea of the two of them together, it’s still kinda weird they don’t know each other’s names yet. Also, I remember quite clearly that Blind guy said that he worked with kids “even younger than [her],” so it kinda seems that he’s a fair bit older than her. Not that that should ever be a problem for couples, but it DOES make me wonder what their age difference is.

    1. Uhm, no, I thought that face was all catty about Alex and Quinn having relationship troubles. I do not think that she knew about Quinn’s body being on her body until later, much later. If at all.

      1. What I took away from that comic, was that Alex was kicked out, and while he was outside, he said he WAS dreaming of Quinn… with Ellie’s body. Right after that, we see Ellie walking up the stairs, with the kitty face turned to eleven. “Trouble in paradise?” She asks.

        Shortly afterward, he asks if she wanted to come to his figure drawing class and says that she could pose, to which she later commented “eww.” From all that, I gather that she likes being the center of attention, though not from Alex. ‘Cause that was weird for her.

        1. Personally, I tend to think that there are different aspects of being a center of attention. I don’t think that Ellie has to be in the center 24/7/365, and neither does Quinn.

          We’ve seen Ellie grow up quite a bit and while she may have answered an ad for a hot female roommate, she didn’t take it, so I might think that she wouldn’t be so concerned on her acceptance from physical appearances alone. And she’s said so much to Quinn as well.

          Physically, Ellie is at the statistical top five percent, well outside of the normal of female physiques. But Quinn is, I would say, moving to the upper five percent from the normal distribution and within 1 standard deviation, so to say. But then again, that is a broad generalization about broads.

    2. I do not feel bad for blind guy at all for this comic. Even without visual cues, Ellie’s words and behavior pretty clearly tell Blind Guy that she’s not upset that he was hoping to see her again and is trying to cooperate with said desire. Women that direct have been lamentably rare in my life.

  7. I love these conversations between Ellie and Blind Guy. He had all the upper hand in the first series, but now Ellie is on the attack (so to speak). The interaction is lots of fun to watch.
    Also, somehow Ellie is even more sexy in that white blouse.

  8. Either he’s into her, or he’s a spy who’s checking in on her. That’s right, a blind spy – nobody would suspect him. The real question is whether he is giving her legitimate advice, or gathering intel – he seems to do a lot of listening – perhaps the advice to keep working there was only so he would know where to find her?

    But the real real question is who hired him. Tired Guy, looking for dirt on Quinn? Her mother, checking up on her? Is the person who hired him looking out for her interests, or looking to attack? Maybe both? Dun dun dunnn…

    But the real real REAL question is if the spy will fall in love with his target. My prediction is… maybe.

    1. I bet he knows her from school and he became blind only recently.

      He heard her voice and realized who she was and then couldn’t stop himself from coming back when he realized that she doesn’t remember him.

      I recently learned of a gal I knew in elementary school that hooked up with her elementary school teacher. They started to date when she was studying for her masters and they didn’t realize they knew each other earlier until they were looking through old photographs for their slideshow they showed at their wedding.

        1. No… Either Quinn’s dad knew him before, like maybe college or they were in the service together when Blind Guy had his accident. But I don’t expect children to know of or be aware of all people who are their parent’s friends. Besides, from the breakfast strip, Quinn looked to be 13 – 14ish, and is quite possible that she may not know about Blind Guy being one of her dad’s friends.

          By the way, I wonder if he’s going to throw anything for me?

        2. Naturally I assumed Quinn might know him, but not only because all children know of all people who are their parents’ friends.

          I also figured if there are two non-flashback characters we’ve seen who know who Blind Dude is then the probability of one of those characters being Quinn seems much higher (if he has some history with her family) than that of other characters.

        3. My guess, honestly, is that he doesn’t know Quinn’s dad. I think Pat was speculating (albeit tongue-in-cheek) that Quinn’s dad sent him to check up on Ellie. This seems unlikely to me because Quinn’s dad is interested in Quinn accepting others as friends, not in grooming others to be accepted.

          But surely you can see that, playing along, it would be likely that of the potential characters he might know, Quinn would be a likely candidate? In a universe where his connection to the story was through knowing Quinn’s dad?

        4. Actually, I don’t think that I was implying that Blind Guy was checking up on Ellie, and I think that it would be crazy wild if he was actually the building owner and friends with Quinn’s dad in a previous life, either pre blind or as a blind person.

          It just seems ironic to me, that if Blind Guy knew nothing about Ellie from day one being Quinn’s roommate and I’m not sure if anything definite has been stated by Ellie stating as much as fact to that point or not.

          Hmm…. I may have to retract my guess as Blind Guy and Quinn’s dad knowing each other. There seems to be some rule against Blind Guy actually taking up Ellie’s interest in him to see if a relationship can be started.

        5. Suggesting a link between Quinn’s dad and Blind Guy in direct response to a comment about somebody sending BG to spy on Ellie? My fault for misinterpreting I guess. ;)

    2. No clue how common in reality, but I’ve certainly seen a lot of fiction where intelligence agencies use deaf people to read lips from a distance and transcribe it. I could see blind advisors being quite useful in terms of reading additional information in negotiations from non-visual cues (which we’re most likely to guard against displaying).

  9. Interesting to finally see Ellie “on the prowl” (It fits because of the cat face!) Also, I didn’t notice BlindGuy’s blushing at first so thanks to everyone for pointing it out or I would have completely missed it. I was thinking it was handling all this really well hahaha, calm,cool, and collect. WHAT A STUD! hahahahaha

    Also +1 internets for Ellie’s “prowl” face. :D

  10. No comments on the fact that Ellie’s already turned things around to the point where she’s training for a management slot? Sure, it’s probably just a matter of not quitting long enough, but still, that’s a huge reversal of course from the point when she first talked to blind guy.

    On the more popular topic–I think Ellie’s moving from “amused and pleased” that BG is so into her to “slightly irritated” that he’s unwilling to actually express that. BG may not be as bad as a certain scummy artiste, but he does need to work on actual communication skills here. Sure, offer her advice, but treat her as a human being, not just a project to fix.

  11. Kittie Face Ellie! Hahaha. Also, why do I fear that this will blow up in her face. Or, she better not reject him after being so forward like this haha.

      1. I don’t think that was a kitty face, more as it was a, am I in the clear, no one is watching, am I going to get fired again face, how am I going to deal with the ice queen, what the hell am I going to do for tomorrow, how do I keep Mr. Fatty McFatFat from eating all of downtown Lakeland if I don’t have a place for his food bowl……

  12. Well, Ellie certainly just laid it all out there. Nice!

    Kind of refreshing to see a woman be so blunt, and forward. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at picking up hints, clues or just plain outright signs when it comes to women, so if more women were like this, it’d be so much easier to figure things out.

    Also, really digging the M-W-F schedule. This is one of my “must read” comics now.

    1. I know where you’re coming from, my wife has told me more than once if she hadn’t asked me out in the first place we probably still wouldn’t be dating. And I probably can’t argue with that.

  13. Could anyone comment on just what it means to be an “assistant manager” at a place like O’Jacks? I’ve never worked fast food or retail, so I’m clueless. I know such places expect a lot of turnover in the minimum-wage staff, but do they have also a lot of turnover in managers? Is it likely that KK is still around and Ellie will be assisting her? Will Ellie get significantly more money? Should we assume that Ellie is mostly done with working doubles? Basically, I just want to understand the implications for Ellie and the comic of that little tie she is wearing now.

    1. In all honesty, assistant manager means one of two things:
      A. The lazy General Manager will dump everything on you up to (possibly including) balancing the books. You get to write shifts, deal with employee issues and handle customer blowups when the frontline chickens out.

      B. The active General Manager places you in charge of a shift, usually under an “assistant general manager” that handles paperwork. You act more like a parent/den mother to the crew and filter what goes up the chain of command. You are also expected to assign work to employees and make sure things run smoothly.

      1. If your GM is a real piece of work you also end up doing all the scheduling, deposits, payroll, stock ordering, cacluating labor, conducting interviews, hiring, firing and being the one who talks to inspectors because the GM becomes magically “unavailable.” The icing on that cake is when district starts contacting you before they’ll talk to the GM because they know he doesn’t have a clue. I don’t miss that world in the slightest.

    2. There are various levels of management:
      1) General Manager (GM) – Highest authority in store (other than owner/operator figures). Does paperwork, comes out of office usually to assist during lunch, unless the store does enough to have a solid crew to the point s/he isn’t needed. Most likely Barrel.
      2) Assistant Manager (AM) – 2nd in command, and “assists” the GM, which can be anything from doing the GM’s job to just being in charge of the regular shift managers. Typically works opposite shifts for the GM so there is always a high authority present. Also usually a training position in franchises to become a new GM as needed by the company. (NOT Ellie by the way… Most likely KK) Personal note: highest I got in the food chains.
      3)Shift Manager – your typical “manager” you meet / see at stores on night or early morning shifts. Simply there to control employees and ensure service is as expected. (I don’t remember any characters here yet – at least named characters.)
      4)Trainee managers – Just learning the ropes. Expected to handle all positions underneath them and all shifts. (This is Ellie.)

      1. I just got good enough with my food jobs to run the dishroom on my own and get into the food prep with the grills to having the kitchen on my own for weekend breakfasts. No managerial duties. Then it all crapped out when some union broom pusher saw that I was raking in some hours and wanted my job.

  14. OK, here’s my guess for Blind Guy:

    He’s really Alex, sent back in time from the future to kill one of the Buckingham sisters, because one of them will give birth to the leader of the Resistance against the Nude Sketching Club Hivemind.

    1. If it’s time travel, then it’s obviously a 134-year-old Quinn who had her brain transplanted to a death-row convict who came back in time to seduce Ellie into doing her share of the dishes.

  15. I think that Blind Guy is Pumpkin and Ashliii’s teacher, Mr. Stevens. He overheard Ashliii and Pumpkin talking about Ellie’s predicament and her being on the orientation schedule at work—as talked about in “Rage Text”—so he felt a little guilty for his attempt to correct a plagiarism issue leading to a girl being thrown out of her home and checked up on her. His blindness would explain why he has his students read the reports aloud in class. He has been trying to check and see if his advice has helped. Of course, if I am correct, this conversation is about to get very awkward…

        1. Runs and ducks from the table smashing through the window, falling two stories onto Tired Guy as he’s walking over to the management office, killing him instantly by causing the oxygen tank to explode. The explosion causes the town to go into Terrorist threat lockdown. School children are kept in their classrooms with the doors locked not letting anyone go to the restroom for until later that evening, teachers included.

          Police were given awards for killing the mannequins at the thrift store as it was later deemed that they were illegal immigrants from a Grenada Medical School movie, and direct relations to a skeleton who attacked a U.S. Marine.

        2. Now, now, no need for all that. :)

          I should note further that if I am correct he is probably a new and relatively young teacher as he wasn’t there when Ellie was in High School over a year prior. His need to help outside of teaching is also something I have heard of new teachers going out of the way to do until they learn balance. So I peg him at 22 or 23, tops.

        1. In Canada no less. Though I thought he was gone from the restaurant before night shift when the conversation mentioned took place, so presumably his knowledge of the situation was from overhearing something else, possibly in class.

    1. The only possible problem I see with that theory is, in comic ‘OHCRAPOHCRAP’ is on Pumpkin’s graded paper, it says ‘See me.’ Unless BG has an exceptional talent in being able to write while being blind, of course. But everything else you said adds up, and I like the sound of the theory, so I’ll just go with it.

      1. Well he could have been inflicted with blindness, which would make sense as to why he can’t see yet he knows how to write. Perhaps he wasn’t born with it.

        1. Ha true. I considered suggesting he had some kind of scribe, but for some reason I went with my “wasn’t born blind” theory. lol tired logic XD

    2. hmm… if he’s a teacher well… if he’s married/way older than we think or simply uninterested, yes it will get awkward but… Ellie is over 18 sooo… even if he meant simply to help he could be finding himself wanting more. Be interesting to see. =3

        1. hmm… 18? I thought she was 19 because she lounged for a year. But maybe I got it mixed up in my mind xD even if she is 18, she should be almost 19… not that huge of a difference but..

          yeah, it does get creepy at a certain point to most people, though in my family we have two couples 10 years apart… one being my grandparents so… it can work, but kinda unusual. I once heard of a couple being 20 years apart that worked great. That always creeped me out… even in manga/anime. If a guy looks 20 but is actually mid thirties+… my mind really can’t be attracted to a guy who could be my dad >>;

        2. Nice job on giving me such a nice expression to use. I had to have it. My nickname is kitty, so if real life worked like comics… I’d totally be able to make that face. xD

          Also… I’m realizing I may be an “untouchable” like her >>;… I’ve had lots of interest from guys, even other people have noticed it so it isn’t me. But I’ve never been asked out even once in real life, online is a very different matter of course. *watches male gamers ask me out and unmercifully slaughters them*… hmm… maybe that is why guys don’t ask me out… =p

        3. Look to the formula. As you get older, the age gap can get bigger. A 20 year gap is much less creepy if the couple is 34 and 54.

          At younger ages, the gap is very small. A 10 or 12 year gap for your grandparents is fine. But I had a friend who was 30 while dating (and marrying) an 18 year old. He did not follow the formula (should have been chasing 22 or older), and it was creepy. That marriage didn’t last, which I don’t think came as much of a surprise to anyone.

        4. I actually turned to that exact comic when I realized I was old enough that there was decidedly too young.

    3. The only flaw I see in the “he’s a teacher” theory is he arrived at Ellie’s job before school let out in his first appearance.

        1. It would be hilarious if we are all way off, and you’re just throwing a tantrum to keep us chasing a false lead.

          Not that I think that’s what’s happening, but if it is, then I, for one, will laugh.

  16. Ellie sure has come a long way from getting kicked out of home, quitting GetMart, and almost getting fired here. Training for management now. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a comment on that yet.

    1. Training to manage in FFW (FastFoodWorld) can mean that you’ve been identified as having potential and are training with the store staff using a corporate training guide, will assume some supervisory duties of the line employees, such as training new staff, QC or stocking, but not have any additional authority (or money!) until a slot opens somewhere else. Is O’jacks a corporate store or a franchise, ’cause that makes a difference on how fast this can happen…,

      1. She’s wearing the same tie now as Karissa, who was the night shift manager when she first showed up (and still is, based on some of the recent comics). It’s a hunch, but I picked out a cue and ran with it.

      1. Critical levels start at 9.625%, with a sustainable chain reaction occurring at 24.3725%. Once that happens, even the cobalt rods will be unable to protect the surrounding town of Lakeland from the radioactive webcomics that would ensue from the chaos of a runaway reaction.

        At 42%, computers within a two mile radius of O’Jacks non fictional location will start to sparkle, smoke and explode within two minutes.

        At 55%, computers within an hours drive will implode, creating a miniature black hole that lasts for only 0.0000625% of a fraction of a second. Which would be all and well if a person needs to shed excess body fat. However, some people may end up loosing digits, or worse at that point.

        At 68.999%, a tactical nuclear strike will have to be performed, in order to keep the state of Florida from sucking the rest of the country into a singularity that may very well change the fictional nature of the informet.

  17. ERMAGHERD I just remembered this webcomic and I just have to say…

    MY SHIP (I see the blush)


    Also, how should I show you mai fan-art of this? I neeeed to draw them as a couple.

  18. I think he just really liked, in that first meeting, that she talked to him like a regular person.

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