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Little Mind Reader

Sorry for the delay. We had a few emergency remodels on the house. Washer blew up and we had to redo the laundry room on top of taking down two walls in our kitchen. Some minor flooding and parts of the house that just had to be striped out. Super time consuming. But 4 kids.. gotta have a laundry room and kitchen that function and you can't have the potential for mold. Had to be done. Claire knows I don't want to talk ill on the comic, but her house did have sections of it that were in disrepair, and many issues have kind of culminated at once. We have been solidly working on these things for the last six months. Thankfully we're at the point everything can be maintained for a while. We have to get new kitchen flooring and redo a lot of ceiling, but it's nothing that can't wait a few more months. We're pretty remodel'd out at this point. We're also super cool on childhood staples like all 4 kids getting head lice because SOME UNNAMED CHILD decided to wear a scrunchie they found on the bus. This was on top of kids with ear infections and strep throat... so yeah. It's been a thing. Claire and I had a joke where each day there was a new 'disaster.' We started marking some on the calendar. "Day of the Bee" were someone left the door open and a swarm of honey bees got into the house. "Day of the Puke" where everyone got stomach flu. There was the day the brakes totally went out on the car and Claire almost crashed into the front gate. My favorite was the day one child got upset at another and threw a metal fidget spinner through the air at their head, missed, and cracked the screen on the 55" living room flatscreen. (I'll spare you the story behind "Day of the Poop." Merry Christmas.) Anyway..  I'm good for now. Life/God/Karma/Universe.. I know you're reading this. Take a break. Come back in the summer or something with all your dumb hurdles.  Or in August/September since you made Claire pregnant. Way to go... XD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE: After much delay, next comic will be up Tuesday, Feb 3rd. I will also have 2 Patreons up that day or the following. Thank you everyone for your patience. 

101 thoughts on “Little Mind Reader

  1. Just saw your sidebar Patreon ad… Your artwork is great and your storytelling is lots of fun, but (if you can excuse my French): I don’t give a good God damn about adult cartoons. Nothing but love for those who draw it and consume it, but that isn’t my bag.

    Are there any other Patreon perks for us asexuals who wanna support ya?

    1. Heyo! Nudes are just for the 10 dollar tier. There’s also the 2 dollar tier that gives you the non-nudes side comic and the 5 dollar discord channel. There’s also a 25, 50 and 100 tier.

      Just to be fair to you though, the last side comic we got was September. Last nude was October. But Rusche said he’s going to update soon!!

  2. He said his update was going to be “Tuesday the 3rd,” but it now is Wednesday the 5th. I guess we”ll get updates when he’s ready or when time permits.

  3. Having trouble retrieving my password, but the next Tuesday February 3rd is in 2031. I guess we just gotta wait…


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