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Quinn accused Pumpkin of this diabolical cosplay plot way back during the Katrina arc. Pumpkin's finally fessing up. Next comic Friday.

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      1. I would like to go on the record that the anonymous response was not me. At that time, I was either leaving to get to a Dr’s appointment if based on EST or in a Dr’s appointment if CST.

  1. That “Why did you do that” feels less like an actual question and more like she already knew the answer but wanted to get Pumpkin to be honest with herself.

    1. So, you are saying that Suzy Q., who once asked Elle if she had any sisters who were hot like her but gay (#justaskingforafriend #theyrefromcanada #youwontknowthem), might have a little gay-dar? The one who kept asking Pumpkin “Is this a sex thing?”? The one who put the breaks on their relationship, until Pumpkin turned 16, when she realized Pumpkin wasn’t 16?

      I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

      1. I disagree. I’m of the thought that Quinn put the brakes on it because Pumpkin was becoming over reaching and possessive. She was also acting if the mere presence of being “there” cemented the presence of a “relationship”.

        Please note that the quotations are implying the differences between the connotations of what a relationship means. Everyone here has been in Pumpkin’s shoes at one point or the other. I don’t think that she knew exactly what all of the possible dimensions that there are in a relationship. Let alone what the other person uses for a definition.

  2. Well, there you go. Now we know.
    Again, not too surprising given how close she’s gotten to Quinn, assuming Quinn’s description and assessment of Pumpkin’s demi-sexuality is accurate.

      1. :rolleyes:
        I think we pretty much have enough to go on by now.
        Which, again, doesn’t surprise me. Again: I’m going by what is probably one of THE most expository and pivotal strips in the entire comic (which some people come across as not even acknowledging it exists): http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/for-those-who-wait/
        Chris’s depiction of Quinn makes her come across as an extremely insightful and intuitive person; wise beyond her years, due to her combination of education, experience in having to deal with her garbage-dump of a narcissistic mother, and probably a goodly amount of influence/wisdom from her own father. The vast majority of teens being as impressionable as they are, any teen would look up to such a person, without even the added bonus of having very similar interests and hobbies. This would naturally make her very attractive to Pumpkin, given Quinn’s/Chris’s description of demisexuality in said strip linked above.
        None of the males in Pumpkin’s life have apparently come close. Well-meaning as he certainly is, Dad hasn’t spent enough time with his youngest daughter to even understand what she likes, and can hardly relate to her interests, despite obviously loving her as well as a dad with seven daughters can and wanting the best for her. All other males she’s come across either see her as a hot piece of meat (not going to bother with links, but they’re dispersed throughout the comic), or are little more than a friend due to superficially similar, but somewhat common, interests (“Francis Bebop”), or just outright polar opposite Pumpkin’s personality (“Pretty Dandruff Boy”). Not much to choose from there. About the only real positive male influence to Pumpkin would be her teacher, David Stevens, and we already see that his influence on her psyche (as far as being a mentor), despite evidently being an excellent teacher, has been basically nil. He’s gotten much farther with her own sister, Ellie, in that regard; and that’s even completely putting aside the romance/sexual aspect of it.
        So, yes, I was willing to withhold judgement (as is the right and obvious thing to do) until provided with more concrete evidence. I’d suspected (as we all had) that the reason Pumpkin blushed in the last panel of the previous strip was due to a secret crush, but Chris obviously reserves the right to throw us for a loop. As I’d remarked in the previous comic’s comment section: being the writer, he is ultimately the “god” of the Shotgun Shuffle universe and he can certainly order things as he sees fit.
        Now: It will be interesting to see which direction Chris will take this. I’m betting, as have other people in the comments section, that Quinn knew this all along, and wanted to steer Pumpkin into a confession for the good of their friendship.

        What I’M waiting for is how that little tie/hair clip is going to come apart to reveal the micro USB drive hidden inside of it.
        I foresee one of three scenarios:
        • Pumpkin will throw it across the room in a fit of anger/jealousy/remorse over Quinn and it will break open, revealing the drive (probably most likely);
        • Pumpkin will inadvertently drop the thing, causing it to break open (not very dramatic; therefore I’m calling this as the least likely);
        • Pumpkin will hear something rattling inside the clip, and her natural curiosity will lead her to take it apart (but on that note, why didn’t Quinn if it would rattle?).
        Gonna get VERRRRRY interesting here on in. Fasten your seat belts, folks.

        1. Okay, KF (may I call you KF?): you got me! Allgoodnoworries! I’m with you!
          (I was just messin’ [playing devil’s advocate, maybe]. Tossing your own words back at you.)

        2. No probs. Yes, you may call me “KF”. My username refers to an American car company which was around from 1946 to 1955 (followed by the last two digits of my birth year). I own a few cars built by them. Short story is they were more-or-less a cousin to the original Willys Jeep; they actually made Jeep vehicles under the Willys and Kaiser names after 1955 up to 1969, when they sold out to AMC. A Google search will give more info.

        3. – So you like cars? Cool! So do Jay Leno and Tony Stark; you’re in FINE company.
          – You were born “way back when
          in ‘67”
          Cool! I’m a ‘69er, myself. The year “we” landed on the Moon.

          WOW. (I read “for those who wait” and “not so subtle”.) I’m not sure how to respond (IDK what to say). You nailed it!
          … those two strips probably ARE among the most pivotal in this series so far. I’m looking FORward to seeing the next/Friday strip — and to seeing what if anything unfolds RE this here tie tack, and what it might contain.

  3. Pumpkin’s G-marks have become positively tiny.

    Is this because big ol’ face letters work less well as the drawing style grows more realistic?

    1. That would be my guess. They always looked odd to me to begin with; and I’m guessing that as the tone of the comic changes to being a bit more serious as well as realistic, it would make more sense to make them less prominent.

  4. We already knew that Quinn knew, which is why she distanced herself from Pumpkin in the first place. Nice to see Pumpkin admit it.

  5. Well, at least now it’s out. It’s not going to work, of course, but at least it’s out. Happy birthday, Pumpkin….

  6. Quinn probably suspected Pumpkins crush and is just confirming it. I’m fairly sure she’s now going to gently but firmly turn her down – Quinn already told Pumpkin she’s not gay. Of course you can say that doesn’t mean she’s straight, but the fact she told Pumpkin that alludes that she’s not interested in her. She might even cite that as a reason why she’s not interested. Poor Pumpkin, probably knows this too. But that won’t make it hurt less.

  7. Let’s hope this doesn’t end in tears. I doubt Quinn feels the same way, not when Pumpkin is only 16 and Not Legal, but I do hope she can let her down easily and Pumpkin will accept it. But knowing Pumpkin, I doubt she’ll handle it the best. She IS only 16 after all and kinda wound up with this birthday party she really didn’t want. I just hope she won’t take it too badly.

    1. I’m hoping Quinn is taking the guiding big sister role since she realizes the other sisters are kinda….crazy lol

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