Look What God Gave Her

Sometimes you don't know what your meds do until you stop taking them. During the Texapocalypse I ran out of those. And refills. Had to wait for more bloodwork before I could get more. And everything was closed. Was off them for like two weeks. Good news is blood sugar went from 13.5 to 8.9 since the summer. Bad news is if I'm off my thyroid shit I suddenly sleep 15 hours a day. Thanks for your continued patience guys. I really really hate scraping for energy when I need to marathon a longer comic. (I also don't want to constantly bitch about my health cause I know that crap's annoying.) Anyway. Back to 9-ish hours of sleep on meds. I'm working on some more Patreons. Next main site comic will be sometime later in the week. Thanks as always. :)

100 thoughts on “Look What God Gave Her

  1. This is the most awkward Pumpkin has ever looked, and this is after openly discussing her relationship wants with her crush. Hopefully she gets more comfortable with this new style in coming pages or learns that it isn’t for her and sets it aside. Would hate for her to push it if it’s not really what she wants, but change can feel uncomfortable at first even if it’s a wanted one.

    1. Yeah…I’m having a hard time believing that Pumpkin would “love” this. Assuming, of course, this is the “it” that was referred to back in the last strip.

      1. She could love the shirt at first sight, but actually wearing it, being a different story. :p Especially considering she’s not used to showing herself off.

        1. Pumpkin is a cosplayer. THE cosplayer of the Buckingham clan (as opposed to Tarra, who is an actual hero[ine]). She’s dressed as, for example, FFX’s Rikku (or at least would be willing to, as the Just Cos poster shows), which shows a fair amount of skin. What’s different is that the performance art is now being applied to her real life. Acknowledging to herself that she has personal desires (absent while she was a child) was the first step. Now she’s moving into the “doing something about it” arena.

        2. She cosplayed, but didn’t she still try to hide aspects of herself in that cosplay? The reactions seem to be saying yes.

        3. I’m with you in that she’s not used to this. It actually adds a bit of realism (GASP!) to the comic, in that she is not going to be flawlessly confident the first time she tries something on for fit…the persona, as well as the t-shirt that goes with it. I actually appreciate that a little uncertainty is showing.

    2. Judging from the previews shown at the end of “In the Family Way” (Oct. 29, 2020), it’s apparently a look she’ll grow into; as she appears to be not only in a bikini top, but in another tiny tank top as well.

  2. Doesn’t seem like Pumpkin’s style, honestly. I doubt she’ll stick with it, too many brains in her head.

      1. anyhow? Maybe not. Shes got them tied up from underneath, and they’re also fake… so yeah, maybe a potential sticking point.

    1. Styles change. Whether she stays with it or not is a different story, but sometimes you just want to try something different.

  3. Isnt this the first time shes actually tried to show off her assets? It also seems like she isnt in as much love with it as she was last page. Also she clearly is having second thoughts about it.

    That, or the gift was something else, and this is just something Tarra set her up with in addition to… and shes definitely getting bigger as the conic has gone on. Time line wise how far in are we now anybow?

    1. She’s shown cleavage when it’s just her and Quinn. Her friends were surprised when they spotted her at the movies. This outfit is more revealing than the one from the movies, but it’s pretty similar to the one Pumpkin was wearing when Quinn friendship-dumped her, though they color is more eye-catching.

      1. Given how game designers dress their characters, I’m sure she’s shown more skin in service of cosplay…at least on conventions floors.

  4. Wow, she even got GiGi to look away from the camera. Those things are massive. She looks wildly uncomfortable. But then, so does almost everyone else, for different reasons.

  5. OK, let’s start from the start. How did you know I had just went to bed? Should I be paranoid, or something? Is the Discord watching through the camera that isn’t connected at all?

    Moving on… Stars, no! Let her do her thing, and don’t insult her. Cheerleader, indeed. You know better than that. And now, she just thinks you’re hitting on her. It’s your own fault she “OK, Boomer”ed you. (You are (still) very pretty, and you have already Hooked your man. Don’t go fishing for bait.)

    Pumpkin letting it all hang out, flying all her flags, horns blaring, headlights flashing, and opening her vast tracks of land for the party. Yeah, I agree, it really i’nt her jam. But, given that her mentors in the family are the Paladin and the Bard, it was going to happen in some form or another. Especially after all those failed seduction rolls a couple of comics back.

    However, this does nothing to dissuade my belief that this is in fact Ashliiiii… (inhale) iiii’s jam. And bread, butter, peanut butter, whip cream, and/or strawberry icing.

    The question is, where is Suzy Q?

    1. Tracts. It’s “huge… tracts of land”.

      A track is a pathway for travel upon land, a tract is a section or parcel of land. So you can build a track in a tract of land but are unlikely to build a track out of tracts of land, and certainly not without confusing your realtor and developer.

    1. While I wouldn’t put it past her to do that, I think she’s actually taking it out and putting it on the table – purple-girl is picking one of them up after we see Anise carrying it.

      1. Ach. I’m totally wrong. Purp got her cupcake and _then_ Anise is taking the remaining whole damn bunch o’ cupcakes for herself.

        Panel1 – Anise has no cupcakes.
        Panel 2 – Anise has all the cupcakes except for
        Panel 3 – Purp licking icing from handling her own cupcake, which just reminded me of how long it’s been since adult human contact.

        1. IIRC, “Purple Girl/Purp” is called “Bubbles”; although that’s the only name she’s called in this strip so far. I’m assuming it’s a nickname, and we’ll find out her real name later.
          I do have to say she looks quite pleasant with her mouth closed; Chris kind of exaggerates her braces a bit when she is open-mouthed.

  6. I’m overjoyed to finaly see Pumpkin assuming her marvelous asset nature gifted her and not hidding them in shame and shyness. (though, i’m not sure flashy pink color suit her that much.)
    It’s exciting to see her curves slowly get a little more curvier as the comic goes and her chest getting bigger and bigger again each time. And to think that they are still growing. And that her boobs will soon eventually get nearly as huge as her sister Ellie. It’s fantastic!!! \o/

    Now, if only she could acquire some confidence and proudness about her look and physic. She’ll be able to continue to be who she is and do what she like, while also being proud of her physic and not having any fear of displaying her assets instead of letting the opinion of what other may think of her look dictate her appearence. With also using her charm to her advantage from time to time when she’ll feel like it. Just like Ellie and Tarra

  7. Is this really a comment to notice that the first thing employed by the plot is a classic misdirection? However, just what if, the 52 included the Fire Cheif’s soon? I mean that cool dude exterior just melted in that Florida climate faster than an imported 1780’s antique Swiss snowball based Toblerone. Just saying.

    Also, I think that I can safely say that TWO huge plot devices/twists have been dropped into our collective laps.

  8. Storms a comin’

    Seriously tho, old and start to sag? HOW DARE?

    And yes I noticed the use of the “NPC angry eyes” meme lol

  9. Meanwhile Kyle and Darby are playing X-Box and he goes “Why is everyone so awkwardly silent all of a sudden? I’d look but I can’t afford the distraction.”

  10. That pink shirt looks soooo wrong on Pumpkin. And it looks like Pumpkin herself might agree. That girl looks so uncomfortable.

    Now Anise? Anise is flawless. And her would-be protegee lacks taste and culture.

  11. Ok, either the shirt is an obvious misdirect or I’ve been watching too much WandaVision. My money is on a Zero-G bra. Also, if she is going to wear the clippy thing, she has got to learn what to do with her hair. The one eye covered swoop looked fine on her. The current look looks like the fixed it in the dark. I do love Cammie(I think) and Dudebro’s reactions. I’m betting he is going to be on the receiving end of a whooping before this whole thing is over.
    And one more thought, I think all of her female friends are questioning their sexuality at this point. Because that is the farthest we’ve seen Ashliii’s jaw drop so far.

    1. Any, or all of the above. Really, Tarra and Ellie. They are the sisters with the mostest natural, er, charisma. And, they both know how to use their natural assets for maximum damage. Hence my reference earlier to them being the Paladin and Bard, respectively. Juni is more of a Druid.

      For refrence, Ginger is totaly the Cleric. Anise is the Warlock (Star Pact, of course). Cin is the Rogue. Pumpkin is “The G*%-D@&^ Batgirl”, AKA Fighter/Wizard/Ranger/Artificer/Barbarian/Sorcerer/Bard/Cleric.

  12. I hope the overall end result of this is Pumpkin just being comfortable with her body in a normal and healthy way. Not hiding in a hoodie where she’s ashamed of them, or flaunting them in a form fitting tank (not that there’s anything wrong with that, she’s just obviously uncomfortable with it). But normal everyday stuff, like when she went to the movies with Quinn. She seemed happy with herself then.

    Also I’m wondering how this works into Tarras plan of getting Quinn to date Pumpkin? She’s not the type to drool over some huge…plot points. If anything she’d shy away even harder.

    1. Yes! I hope so too! And I hope she ends up being comfortable with everything else about herself besides her body, too!

    2. Tarra never flat-out said that she was going to help Pumpkin get Quinn. All Tarra said was “…how does Pumpkin get what Pumpkin wants? By convincing others that she has everything they want.” And then proceeded to give her the tools to become “the center of attention”, as apparently all Buckingham women were “destined” to be.

  13. Yup, big sis has been pushing all her sisters to flaunt themselves instead of being comfortable in themselves. How much pain has she caused them to go through? She’s done nothing but hurt her family.

  14. Glad you survived the Icepocalypse, sorry about your meds. We lost power in Garland for about 13 hours, and the inside temperatures dropped to 53°F before power was restored and the heat came back on.

    Pumpkin looks like she’s uncomfortably on display, but also slightly excited about it.

      1. The wind doth taste of bittersweet / like jasper wine and sugar / I bet it’s blown thru others’ feet / like those of Caspar Weinberger.

        –an earlier Opus poem.

  15. … is it odd that I am more hung up about Anise’s apparently missing eye then i am about Pumpkin showing that she does in fact have the same figure as the rest of her older sisters, which is surprisingly huge tits and a very trim figure.

    I mean i knew she was more developed then shown because of the generally shapeless nature of her shown wardrobe. but was expecting medium C not what appears to be low double Ds… it’s like finding out that well groomed gentleman in the Suit interviewing for a Job was in fact the Homeless man you bought a decent meal for less then 24 hours ago.

    1. OK; third try here. Evidently it’s not liking me posting links to previous strips.
      It was implied by Ellie much earlier in the comic that Pumpkin got her nuclear bosom from merging/fusing with Tarragon to become “Pumpagon” during the Black Friday arc, and Ellie points out that Pumpkin should’ve consulted her first… it’s implied that Ellie got her buxomness from doing the same thing at an unseen earlier event. Since my post evidently won’t appear if I post actual links, look for these strips in the archive list:
      “Fusion Dance” (Feb. 7, 2014)
      “[Patreon] Tarrallie” (Jan. 29, 2015)

    2. D’s??? You need to go further down the alphabet… like F. She’s got to have at least a 6 inch difference in her band and cup measurements.

  16. I do have to say I like the way your art is evolving, Chris. It’s especially gotten better over the last year. You seem to be either getting better at drawing figures (referencing the group shot of the Assassin Girls in “Assassin Girls Inc”, Dec. 20, 2017; some of those girls’ legs look REEEEEALLY awkwardly-drawn!), or just taking more time to draw them. I especially like the way you’re drawing the girls’ faces now; they seem to have a “softer” and more pleasant look for the most part. Keep up the good work.

  17. I’m a bit more focussed on “It’s Time for Plot”. Is this a specific reference to something earlier in canon? Or is it a reference to an anime or something? Pumpkin may have loved it in a box, but less once the garment is on.

    1. You’ll notice the .gif below the strip, featuring heavily the word “plot.”

      This is a meme reference to “I watch it for the plot.” Via KnowYourMeme:

      “I Watch It For The Plot” is an ironic statement used to falsely indicate an appreciation for a television series due to its engaging storyline and character development, rather than enjoying its sexually attractive characters, nude scenes and other gratifying elements that are collectively known as fan service. As a result, the word “plot” has become associated with the objectification of female characters.

      1. As opposed to its literal, actual meaning, of “storyline”? I think you’re overthinking this, delving for post-modern irony where there is none. This is a simple declaration of fact…that having after spent so much time on the dating service convention and other tangential arcs … basically spinning wheels…this is an unmistakable declaration that there will be actual story coming next, presented in a way that even people who “read it for the plot” in the ironic sense you allude to, will get the message

        1. Could be both at once. This wouldn’t be Pumpkin’s first dip into meme culture, so wearing a shirt that’s also a meme makes some sense.

      2. In my day, the meme went, “I read it for the articles.” (Assuming I’ve got this right now.) Also, the corresponding shirt would have had a big staple printed just above the belly button.

        1. Remember when one of the *ahem* “gentlemen’s magazines” tried to do a magazine that was 100% articles? It was called “OMNI”.

  18. What exactly is “Another one of you”? I look at Ginger in that pic and she doesn’t look to be lacking in the front area, doesn’t look to hide anything and has had multiple kids.

    1. I think she’s meaning another one that doesn’t mind using what they have. Though in this case Pumpkin looks like she does mind, but is trying not to show it.

  19. Thinking on it. It’s likely the “It’s Time For Plot” aspect of the shirt that she loved, as it seems very Pumpkin thing to say. Wearing the tight fitting tank top, is another story. However, it’s one she can likely get used to.

  20. Hang in there trust me i know how insane things have been. I was diagnosed with a heart blockage last Nov. then had to have a fusion done to my neck back in Jan. and now they say i have a kidney tumor…. 2020 has bled into 2021 so yeah lol

  21. just wanted to check in but do we know the next update? i know the guy has been swamped lately just wanted to see if we knew if he and his family are okay.

      1. Yeah. No one wants that. Though, Anise likely won’t have that problem. She got implants, so she won’t be hesitant to keep going back to keep em from sagging.

  22. Well. I’ll be dammed. I came back around to see if the old hornets’ nest that is the comment section was worth kicking again and I find an update. Not just one but several. And more than long winded explorations of Chris’s personal life; but real life, honest to God tits, er… I mean content.

    Oh hell. Let’s be honest. It’s basically all tits these days. The closest thing Chris has to a story anymore is Juniper and Tag. And at his current rate, we may get one more page of those two some time this decade. But at least we have some 16 year old F cups for the old men to ogle.

    But I am at least glad to see Chris isn’t dead.

    1. Now that’s just not true. There are STILL plenty of loose ends to be had here.

      We still have no idea what the Hair Clip MacGuffin actually is or does.

      There are still several members of D52 who haven’t been identified, even if most of them are dead.

      Caleb is still roaming the Northlands in a cloud of disdain.

      Just how many kids does Dheu have, anyway?

      And we still don’t even know what two entire main characters look like.

      Yes, the update schedule is beginning to look like a geological chart of Pangaea, but there are a LOT of plot threads that need to be picked up here. Which ensures I’m going to be whipping my poor abused F5 key until they get covered.

      …and we’re ALL at least glad to see Chris isn’t dead.

      1. Agreed that there is PLENTY of story left to go. Which actually is a double edged sword because while there’s plenty to write about \ keep us engaged with, at this pace I’ll be a grandma by the time they’ll be all completed. And my oldest is 2.

        But diabetes is no joke, so I am more sympathetic to delays than I was previously. Just worried if we’ll ever see the end of these storylines

        1. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. The Patreons will probably get fed up at the lack of updates and material LONG before your oldest produces offspring!

          …oh wait…

  23. About time for a brief comment to the effect that Chris IS alive. After 2 weeks, that’s not much to ask. He’s still ahead of DresdenCodak, miles ahead of Nerf this or Scout crossing or….

  24. Has it been said what their ages are?

    Pumpkin is obviously 16. Elle and Cinnamon are 18 (19?). Juniper is only 1 maybe 2 years older than Elle/Cinnamon, as we know they went to high school together. Which leaves the last three and Anise isn’t likely to be that much older.

    So, trying to get the idea of a 16 year old thinking an early 20 as old. :p

  25. “Later this week”
    Man, that’s a LONG week! Also, you’ve got advertising bots again. Happens to websites that don’t update often enough… which, I guess, is another reason that perfectionism sucks.

  26. Honestly, I prefer when Pumpkin had realistically sized boobs, she was believably attractive then. The tits in this comic are *just* beyond the realm of reasonable and that kind of ruins it.

  27. Anise’s outfit is known in the midwest as “The Full MaryAnn” and is the primary reason most everyone loved her more than Ginger. Girl next door wins most bets. The look of her figure though is what if the two became one… Solid, I’ll give it a 9/10.

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