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Halloween was fairly lame again. Still had fun. Just not many houses participating. Oddly enough, quite a few houses had jack-o-lanterns and other misc Halloween decor, but still elected to not hand out candy. Even coming to the door to tell us so.... (then why did you decorate?) People are weird. Called it an early night. I will have a comic up this Friday. Will be short. See you then.

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      1. Then don’t leave your porch light on, that’s the big “candy here” signal. Also: Trick-or-Treat was a way to teach children to be independent from their parents when I was growing up. Your parents stand at the end of their walk, send you to the door and remind you to say “trick or treat” and “thank you.”

        Also, how rich are you that there’s trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood?

  1. Doh! Somebody beat me to it. Ah well.

    Anyways, I do believe this is the first time we’ve heard Desiree’s name. If anyone can correct me on that it would be much appreciated.

    Also, wow is that car proving to be a monkey’s paw. Her sisters hate her for it, her friends hate her for it. I’m almost tempted to quote Family Guy.

    In addition, it occurs to me to question how a family that only just got its first dishwasher can afford a new car out of nowhere.

    1. That was the most passive aggressive Happy birthday I’ve ever seen. Hell, I wish I’d have that many people show up for my birthdays growing up. I’d be happy if my friend’s parents had gotten them a new car for their birthday!

    2. I think Bubbles is still upset about that one dude crossing out her name on the song and replacing it with Pumpkin. The male attention also seems to be what Desiree is upset about. Though the car on top of that could add a layer of “oh she gets EVERYTHING.”

      As for how they can afford a surprise car, there was a large number of children living in that home at any given time and now there’s only two (one of whom is an adult and I think still has a job?) , so they might be saving a lot on food, water, clothing, school supplies, etc etc.

    3. >Anyways, I do believe this is the first time we’ve heard Desiree’s name. If anyone can correct me on that it would be much appreciated.

      I’m trying to put together a character appearance spreadsheet (which Claire started). I have Desiree’s early appearances listed by her name, but none of those have her name said. I can’t remember if I got the name from Claire, or if Desiree’s name was listed later than where I am in the archive. (My most recent entry in the spreadsheet is “Hidden Agenda”.)

  2. Wow. My friends and I would’ve been excited for a friend to get a car for their birthday. Sad to see her friends so jealous.

    And really Desiree seems like she’d have a lifetime of Pumpkin getting male attention, long before she decided to wear a tight revealing shirt.

    1. So a few things to keep in mind here:
      First, she received attention before, but it was generally unwanted. She went a long time actively hiding her assets. Now she isn’t just getting male attention, she’s flaunting her goods with tight shirt + cleavage + tongue-in-cheek reference to make it obvious she wants everyone to look

      Secondly, she didn’t just get a car, she got a brand new, nice muscle car as a present, while they are working jobs for a rustbucket.

      Thirdly, they are teenagers, and girls at that. Teenage girls are way more passive-aggressive. They may get over it tomorrow, they may not, female friendships are often different.

      Combine all this into the span of a couple hours, and I could totally see friends being irked.

  3. Geez, what a bunch of turds. As a teenager, I would’ve been absolutely *stoked* to see one of my friends get a car for their birthday…

  4. Mr. Buckingham is running an experiment on his daughters. Part of that experiment is painting Ellie (the second-hardest-working sister) as lazy, while giving Ellie’s little sister more than all of his other daughters. Maybe the point is to see if any of them recognize that Ellie’s grown as a person? He’s got enough descendants for a control group and experimental group…

  5. What is the make and model of the rustbucket in panel three? I’m not as good at recognizing cars as I used to be.

  6. I can undwrstand the sisters being pissed, but Ithink her friends should’ve been a bit more supportive. You should be happy your friend got a car for their birthday and be happy for them, not be angry that you didn’t get one. Now she feels like a jerk, and on her birthday no less.
    Good friends are happy when good things happen to their friends.

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