Loot Boxes

I honestly wasn't trying to milk that last comic joke for that long. I swear it. I got put on Trulicity. That stuff worked great for the first week, but week 2 and 3 really messed me up with the side effects. Excruciatingly painful nausea 24/7. Could barely sleep. Zero quality of life. As if stabbing myself in the gut with a needle wasn't enough reason to hate it. I straight up had to quit. Next comic is sketched. It will be pretty long. I'm gonna work on that but I will also pause to finish coloring my backlog of Patreon posts I've gotten way behind on (of which there is a butt-ton of ((pun possibly intended.)) Have both comics and pin ups to finalize. See you then.

21 thoughts on “Loot Boxes

  1. Gotta say, Pumpkin is really taking this first taste of being #1 to dizzying heights (snarking on your mom right after she’s reestablished that she IS the law is pretty damn bold) (though it might just be that she’s still in that weird combo afterglow of amazing present/funk from getting turned down by her friends, so she’s leaning into positive to compensate)

    Either way, we either get awkward car ride or childhood crap shenanigans, so things will be interesting no matter what.

        1. I think it’s the expression that gave me light-snark vibes. Not full-blown, teen angst snark, but just throwing out a comment that could be completely innocent or snarky/snide depending on how it’s said. I’m getting a little less wide-eyed wonderment & more confidence/immortality of youth from pumpkin right now, but I could be completely off-base here (my penchant for snark is also probably coloring my inference of the scene)

  2. The drama continues to brew. I do hope that Rosemary and Herb are prepared for their home to become a battleground. The girls are feisty, it’s only a matter of time before things come to blows. Or just lots of yelling.

  3. Ellie and Ginger look forlorn, like they are not happy about moving the last of the stuff in the garage. Juniper seems, almost righteously indignant. Anise looks like she wants to say something but is doesn’t want to wind up completely blind, and Terra seems like she’s between angry and pouty. Which is honestly a weird expression for her. Oh, and Cinn just looks a little less blank somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just made a Ratatchula eat her pile of crap. The varying emotions in their faces are honestly pretty impressive given how small the area each face is taking up on panel.

  4. “Drive until I’m senile.”

    That’s either going to take a lot longer than a tank of gas would normally or not much time at all.

  5. I was always wanting to drove my dad around. But I’m thinking back to that one day of driving lessons that took more than 20 years to get to drove for my dad again. And blowing up a Dodge slant 6 probably didn’t help much with that.

    I can only wonder what Pumpkin can do to keep her mom from becoming the first Theresa Brennan of Florida

  6. Trulicity can be hell. Taking that stuff myself since a few weeks, and GOSH, you can’t fathom what stench can get out of your own stomach because your food is not digested enough anymore >: “Luckily” for me it’s “just” that side effect for now…

  7. Trulicity fucked me up SO bad…. Nausea, and teh WORST heartburn, then diarrhea… unbelievable misery for WEEKS… took forever to wear off, too.

  8. My doctor switched me from Ozempic to Trulicty several months ago. The Trulicity didn’t seem to work as well, so after several weeks he doubled the dose, and I suspect he’ll have to bump it up again. I haven’t experienced side effects like you guys have, but I noticed I do have a really loose BM the day after injecting. Apparently my body chemistry doesn’t have as much trouble with it as a lot of people are reporting.

    I’m so sorry for everyone who is having trouble with it.

    1. Better than a complete shutdown. That’s happened twice now. You want to see it a third time? That one’s the charm, after all, and in this case, it probably would be.

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