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Loss Prevention

I posted the two sizes requested in comments for the airport wallpaper last comic. If you'd like to make your own, feel free to resize the larger version to fit your needs. 3840x2160 3840x2160 1366x768 1366x768 Also, I can't see any evidence of Society6 creating calendars I can sell, and I know calendars are a bit on the 'goofy novelty' side of merchandise nowadays...but I got an idea for one. Its been pretty well received among the friends I've asked, so I'd like to know if anyone is aware of a site or company that makes them. I need to know how large to make the images before I can start.

62 thoughts on “Loss Prevention

  1. Ow wow, first for the first time in awhile lol ^^ And its nice to see that the more things change the more they stay the same ^^

  2. At least two of those missing cameras are inside a certain obese cat. I wonder if sneaky sneak Danny left one for his own use.

      1. Which Danny said he didn’t do. More likely, all three were eaten. If they can get the old footage, they can probably trace each camera from launch to its removal or its consumption.

        At the least, they should be able to verify three cameras were consigned to the cats digestive tract.

      2. The Chain Part X just shows one other camera in McFatFat’s stomach and the comment is “We lost another camera” so can’t tell if it’s two or three.

        I do tend to believe that Danny probably told Caleb the truth and he didn’t put any in the bathroom.

        I wonder if Ian will clue Quinn in to being online while McFatFat ate them or if Ellie will ask Caleb or what.

        1. The girls did have an opportunity to see the third one mounted on the door, and or the mounting bracket Danny boy could have used to secure it to the door.

        2. Sure, but noticing at the time and remembering aren’t the same. I’d call it a coin toss as to either one remembering that. On the one hand, it’s a weird thing to see and weird things stick in your memory. On the other hand, emotional duress tends to have a detrimental impact on memory. Add on top of that the question of if they noticed it or not and that’s where I call it a coin toss.

        3. Plus the thing might actually be in pieces anyway due to Caleb’s keyless enter. In which case there wouldn’t have been anything to notice on the door anyway. At least nothing that resembles a camera.

    1. Actually they could. The problem is asking him without alerting someone else, especially Ellie’s dad, to the (former) placement of those cameras.

      1. You’re correct in that they COULD ask him. But at this point I don’t think they would believe any answer he would give them. They not only got him fired, they also got him jailed. Not saying he didn’t deserve it, I think he’s proven himself to be a huge douche canoe. But the current state of things would make him unmotivated to tell them the truth and just as unlikely that they would find his data to be factual. A while back Chris alluded to the fact that Ellie would something akin to a nervous breakdown, the paranoia that will stem from their search of the final three cameras (that aren’t in the apartment) may be the straw that broke the camels back.

  3. I wonder what condition they will be in once they reach the litterbox. I kind of imagine this turning into a Futurama reference, where they’ve been reduced to superdense spheres of dark matter.

    1. I’m wondering if they will pass (ouch!) or if McFatFat will need surgery. It just occurred to me that he might just hairball them. Do you think the cams will be returnable once recovered? (If they look o.k. and still work, just wipe ’em down, stick ’em in the box and take ’em in. ‘Cause Radio Crap, f̶u̶ forget ’em.)

      1. The Chain Part X shows us an air horn, keys, and Ellie’s data cloud are also resident in McFatFat’s stomach at that point. Taking that with his previous shown habits and Ellie owning a “kitty defribulator” (comic CHARGING TO 30! currently dated 09 Mar 2010) suggests that she has his routine first aid down just fine. So I assume she has the procedure for “eating things he can’t digest” practically on autopilot.

        Granted, who knows how long it might take. He might not hork them up at some point when we’ve all forgotten about them as an easter egg for the observant.

        1. It might take a while. IIRC the last time that air horn was seen was when Ellie used it to get rid of Quinn’s former junkie roommate, which was how long ago now?

        1. Correct- unless the next comic is something like Ellie saying “Oh McFat-fat probably just ate them…” then would YOU want to live in an apartment where there are maybe still some cameras left.

        2. I don’t see “probably” being good enough for peace of mind.

          However Ian was on the site when McFatFat ate one of them and if he was watching would’ve seen the second in McFatFat’s stomach or might’ve heard one of the longer-term site members talking about “losing another one.” Believing there might be a third one eaten at that point I could see, though.

          From a plot perspective, it seems like Tired Guy hasn’t caused them enough trouble to justify cast page listing, yet. So I’m leaning towards them not moving, at least not soon.

        3. It’s true. Ian might be able to inform them about the fate of two of those cameras. The third however they won’t be able to find that way.

  4. Will the next instalment be the two of them pulling a Harry Caul?
    (Kudos to anybody who knows what I am refering to without a ‘net search.)

    1. Well, seeing as this post was ignored (not that it matters), I’ll just say that I was referring to the last scene of the 1974 movie “The Conversation” by Francis Ford Coppola; starring Gene Hackman as Harry Caul.

  5. There are plenty of printing companies out there that can make calendars, I was researching them for a photobook I want to print up. These guys looked pretty good, http://www.printingcenterusa.com/printing/short-run-calendar-printing, of course there’s always the CafePress (ick) type sites. I googled “short print run calendars” and got a whole ton of places, like this http://www.shortruncalendars.com. I claim no knowledge of any of their quality or lack thereof.

    1. I’m glad I caught the mentioned at the top. Your wording for a second made me think a spammer got on the website. Whew. I love the comment section and was hoping it wouldn’t go down on us.

      1. Rusche has spammers, but Jessica has filters set up that get most of them so they at least require moderation so we never see them. Rusche did edit one so the links were dead and let it through a time or two so people could see some examples when they asked about the moderation required when posting links.

        1. I probably could have prefaced the comment a bit better, too, and I’m glad I could pass along the info, hopefully it helps some.

        2. Spending time to get an e-mail for a random avatar collision with a long-time commenter seems like more effort than would be worth it for spammers, so I think you were covered regardless.

  6. Hm… Calendars… Sounds interesting. And it’s not as if merchandise calendars weren’t still a thing. They definitely are.

    1. Yeah, but calendars have more of a defined shelf-life than most other options as swag goes. T-Shirts, books, and even popular prints can sit around until you get tired of having them and still be salable. Calendars, not so much an item past January.

      1. Merchandising calendars actually go a bit further in selling value. Not for too long and not full price though.

        Doesn’t change the fact you mentioned of them pretty much having a date of expiry when it comes to selling them.

        1. I’m not saying he shouldn’t do calendars, just suggesting either print-on-demand (even though much more expensive) for them or doing pre-order and not getting more many more printed than number of pre-orders to the degree of how his cashflow situation suggests not a big problem to lose (and maybe cost more if he decides to make the extras into January Patreon raffles or something).

        2. I’d rather go pre-order from these two options. And maybe then order a small surplus for the store. So that people too late for the pre-order campaign could still get one short notice, but few enough that it wouldn’t hurt not to sell all of them.

        3. Some people like to keep the pictures with the calendars, if they’re printed right and high enough quality. All that may be more of an old-timey thing, what with you kids today and your GamePods and your empty-3 players…

    1. Probably grabbed all the empty boxes from where Danny had stashed them and didn’t think about leaving the empties. As I recall Danny & Caleb were both watching the site while talking when McFatFat ate the second one and would be aware of the location of all three of those. If it came up while the girls were asleep they might not have thought to mention them.

    1. Two, actually. The view inside his stomach showing one camera is also being broadcast by a camera, so he ate two. And as our artistic potentate pointed out up there, the third is the peephole camera on Danny’s (destroyed) door. The girls still have to figure all that out, though.

  7. Oh…….dang. Um, is there any device like a stud detector that works on cameras? I mean, those could be hidden ANYWHERE…..

    1. That’s sounds rather James-Bond-ish; sweeping for electronic signals to make sure the room is debugged or whatever. I honestly don’t know how effective it would be in a modern building, where most of the walls are jam-packed with electrical wiring anyway. And a signal-jammer probably wouldn’t be a good long-term solution, especially since they are illegal in many places AFAIK.

      1. If the cameras are wifi and not hardwired, detecting them is doable with a little technical knowhow, some fairly commonly available applications, and a laptop with enough battery for you to walk around 30-45 minutes and Linux-friendly wifi (has been 5-10 years since I’ve heard of people having significant problems, most you find these days are fine). On the other hand detecting a negative to the degree you’re comfortable that they aren’t there isn’t particularly “peace of mind”-friendly.

        I think either of the girls (and Pumpkin) would be capable of figuring it out if they knew where to start looking things up and what sites are ok to go to and what sites to stay away from. Not sure if James (Engineering) or Richard (Microbiology) would be likely to know off the top of their heads or not. Ian would have much higher paid jobs if he took up the learning track for that sort of thing. Tarra presumably is or would build a magic device if she didn’t find it in a 3 minute web search.

        Now if the cameras are wired, that’s a lot tougher but I wouldn’t call it impossible. If we were talking North Dakota in the winter instead of spring in Florida then I’d say standard commercial (infrared-based) night-vision goggles might have an outside chance of working (I’ve heard some people use those to look at places in their house that are lacking in insulation), but unless they’re pretty poorly made I don’t see that working in their presumed ambient temperature. From a physics stance detecting all the wires through the walls isn’t profoundly difficult, but I’m not sure what’s available commercially. You can buy the dousers for live power lines (I got one free with a multimeter that was meant for wires you’re holding and works that way, not sure if it penetrates drywall though), but I don’t think Ethernet would have a strong enough signal to register with that, and that’s the closest I’m aware of. Although, Ellie in “con wear” walking into Quinn’s school’s physics department when senior-level physics or EE labs are letting out might turn up someone who would be willing to tinker to make something to help with that.

    1. …I don’t want to meet the substance that would give McFatFat gas. Or indigestion.

      Seriously, what? Plutonium? Roadkill? Whatever they made Caitlyn Jenner out of?

      1. I suspect McFatFat probably does have gas, but with all the heavy metals he eats, it is much heavier than normal air and doesn’t actually reach human nose level for them to notice.

        Which is good, as I’m sure it wouldn’t be healthy for normal creatures to breathe.

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