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Love and Devotion

Next comic will be up Friday around noonish. Still fiddling with backgrounds. [poll id="13"][poll id="12"][poll id="14"][poll id="15"][poll id="16"][poll id="17"][poll id="18"]

88 thoughts on “Love and Devotion

        1. That is an insult to all right-thinking muskrats everywhere. Expect a visit from the Muskrat Anti-Defamation Detachment (MADD).

        2. No it started as a nuritrat that Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty found on the road dead after 5 days in the louisiana heat.,he proceeded to skin it an sell it to tried guy as a hair piece :D

          P.S I do like the Roberston’s but Mechwarrior’s comment spawned my comment

        3. I considered saying nutria, but I wasn’t sure if people would know what I was talking about.

        4. You know what the difference between a nutria and a pothole is?

          You swerve to avoid a pothole.

      1. Agreed. I vote Aaron J can be honorary first and thus have fulfilled all needs for first posts for at least the next seven decades.

        Congratulations Aaron J!

    1. I’m thinking a Blues Brother homage. Though with it being Tired Guy as opposed to Danny, the family would’ve had to name a very low price.

  1. I’m gonna guess that they let the little girl in the commercial because she wrote half the script…in crayola.

    1. I think you’re forgetting item 12 from the evil overlord list (for the ordering that puts that item in #12, see eviloverlord.com/lists overlord.html ).

  2. I keep answering yes to the cat questions, but it won’t accept my submission. Every cat is my best friend. EVERY. CAT.

  3. Do I like cats? I am so tempted to put yes they are quite delicious if wild caught, however the domesticated ones are too obese and most are on their way to being McFatfat the cat. However I have never actually eaten a cat, at least not to my knowledge, though the any-meat TM brand hot dogs leave me wondering.

  4. …This always annoys me a little, on surveys – they ask for gender, then say male or female.

    Gender refers to your brain. Male and Female generally refers to the body.

    1. Gender is socioeconomic, not biological (the brain being an organ). A person’s decision to have a box outside of the box in an empenised paradigmn is a completely spiritual action. Shame on you for perpetuating misinformation.


        1. You know, I could point towards a certain comic whose name shall not be named but is surprisingly easy to find in your chosen commenter’s handle as a counter to that claim *breeeath*

          But I won’t.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out why he needed the whole building’s worth of apartments, clearly half the complex. Is this a dating site, a “dating” site, or a dating “site”? Are they renting the rooms by the night? the week? or the hour?

  6. How long can he go without his O2 lines stuffed up his nose. These commercials must take a lot out of him. I know this video was edited already, but still…working with children isn’t the easiest and we know Tired Guy isn’t exactly the most personable person on the planet.

    1. Some people need oxygen in the occasionally-but-RIGHT-NOW-when-needed sort of mode. He could be one of those. Additionally sitting down and not walking around will help.

    1. That’s apparently his granddaughter, but he has no idea what her name is, instead referring to her by her genus and species name. It’s like those old Mad TV political ads for Smith Comma John.

  7. Using a pre-pubescent girl to advertise a dating site… more evidence that Dick has no clue, unless his real target market is pedophiles. And advertising a survey form that takes 3 weeks to fill out? It’s a wonder they have any business.

  8. If it really worked that way, an interdimensional dating service would be a great gimmick to set it apart. Though it would be tricky if the other dimensions they connect don’t actually have humans. Depends how similar they are to our dimension, I guess.

  9. I do have to ask now…can that little girl carry him away, and the horse he rode in on?
    I mean, we can’t see her legs, but in my headcannon, she’s wearing one short sock, and one long stocking.

  10. I could not fill out the survey because I do not like cats and so I had to stop and could not in good conscious continue.

    Also I get the feeling that that little girl is pure evil off camera, but that might be too cliche for Rusche hahaha.

    Also, that toupee looks so fantastic! hahahaha

    1. I do not like cats, R. U. Ushed,
      I do not like cats being bused.

      I do not like them here nor there,
      I do not like their balls o’coughed hair.

      I do not like them in my car,
      Their yowling alerts from afar.

      I do not like them with green eggs and ham,
      I do not like them amongst my clan.

      Althiugh, Chris not I am.

  11. Tired Guy is genius here. He doesn’t have to pay for this to be on TVLand at 3 AM. The nature of reality and the very fabric of the universe will force TVLand to air this at 3 AM without him paying a dime!

  12. Wow, the little girl is really working the adorable. But I bet she’s really 35, and has been a heavy drinker and smoker since she was 13.

    1. by ‘adorable’ do you mean ‘super fucking creepy, oh my god get it away from me. burn it with holy fire’?

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