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If at first you don't succeed.. buy more balloons.

95 thoughts on “LoveCon

      1. mR. Blue has not confirmed that he is the AWW THORR EYE TAY!.


        But I agree, I believe that it’s Alex in disguise. Now, can we get the guys who do the opening intro for “The Big Bang Theory” to do a song about it. . . .

  1. It’s like a where’s Waldo for losers and pop culture references (not mutually exclusive, looking at you “Fry.”) Good times.

      1. The one & the same. He’s behind & to the left of most-likely-Alex-with-a-beard (turned away from us). Looks like Major Dad is looking right at him, too.

        1. I saw, and then that whole series came crashing back to me (we didn’t get the whole tank, just the treads! *laugh track*)

    1. “Aw man, Rick. Why are we here? This l-l-looks like the the biggest sausage party in the multiverse.”
      “It *uuurp* it is, Morty. I’m n-not gonna lie, this is a *uuurp* shitty timeline, Morty. But it has a biiiiig upside, Morty. There’s this chick here, Morty, she’s got huuuuge boobs, Morty. The biggest boobs in the multiverse, Morty. Th-they defy all logic and laws of gravity, Morty. You gotta s-see ’em; they’re amazing. They’ll blow your pubescent brain right outta your skull, Morty.”
      “Oh jease, Rick.”
      “And she’s at *this* event, Morty! This *uurp* whooole thing was her idea, Morty! I mean, there’s some d-disgusting human trash here, Morty. L-l-look at that idiot with the spiky orange hair; you can see how stupid he is, right there on in his face, Morty. But i-it’s aaall gonna be worth it when we see those boobs, Morty, those magnificent boobs.”

      1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that somewhere, somewhen, Abraham still exists.

    1. It’s not just you. He never DID get his date with *ahem* Kyrie, so he WOULD get an invite. I guess he’s Clark Kenting today.

  2. So Alex must be wearing a fake beard and hair extensions, right? It’s only been, at most, about two weeks since he last appeared. Not nearly long enough to have grown that naturally.

    1. There’s been no established time between LoveCon idea to LoveCon actually happening. Although.. he would probably stoop to that.

      1. Saying ‘at most’ was inaccurate of me.

        But we have a hard cap in the form of Pumpkin’s birthday. When Pumpkin invites Quinn that gives us a maximum time frame of eight weeks, assuming that scene takes place at the start of its month and the birthday is at the end of the next. I estimate 1-2 weeks between that scene and Ellie finding out about them hanging out, then another week of collegeroomatehotties.com being up getting taken down. There’s 9-10 days between Alex showing up and Ellie’s date with Owen. And I estimate 1-3 days for her meeting with Mr. Night and their meeting with KK.

        So there’s a possible 3-4 week window where the Con can take place depending on how much time will pass between it and Pumpkin’s birthday.

        1. …you’re the one with the mop. Seriously, you want that crowd to get schwifty, it’s gonna smell like a Taco Bell for weeks.

  3. I was close in my guess, but no cigar. I said this would end up a sausage fest, when indeed, it has turned out to be a sausage party. Subtle but important difference.

    1. Well, instead of Gerald McRainey, I’m wondering if that guy is G. Gordon Liddy. From the lower right corner, zig zag up to the fifth person.

  4. I’m thinking of Ellie’s confidence in this new career path of hers and wondering how far it may plummet after this event.

    Though if she successfully pulls it off, that’d be a well warranted confidence boost.

    1. I hate it when I respond to a comment, but forget to hit the reply, and my response ends up looking like a fresh comment..

      1. I think I do the mistake in the other direction more. I hit reply to respond to someone and then decide whatever I was thinking is better left unsaid, and then if I don’t reply to anyone else before I get to the bottom of a new page, I reply to them with a complete non-sequitur that I’d meant to be a top level comment.

  5. Which would be a shame, since it isn’t her fault there are no women on the site. Heck, apparently no one that works there realuzes there are no women on the site. Now that I’m thinking about it, Ellie shouldn’t actually show up to this, should she? That would be something of a reveal.

    1. KK’s advice last page was: “Just act as an intermediary between both companies, put out fires, and ensure the guests have a good time. Make sure the night goes well, and present it to them.”

      From that and Ellie listening, I’d say she’s somewhere inside ready to try to put out fires, unsure everyone has a good time, and make sure the night goes well. So I suspect she’s there.

        1. Correct, you win ten internets. Little miss constant letdown would have also been acceptable.

    1. It’s time to go hit up Mr. Night for a booze budget, then go to every club in a five mile radius and declare open bar for ladies at the new hotel.

    1. I think I spot Wilford Brimley up under Nena’s binder, and that bald guy with the brushy mustache could be Full Frontal Nerdity’s Nelson.

  6. I’ve been wondering this for a while, and now it’s come to a head: they’re not having Ellie attend this thing, are they? She’s probably dated a bunch of these guys, so she’d really be put on the spot, especially as the only female in the room. At best they’d try to get her to pick a boyfriend (because with selection that big there must be ONE guy who’s her type), at worst the whole sham is blown open and everyone there demands refunds.

    1. I suspect they didn’t invite any of the people that Ellie went on a date with. They aren’t owed a refund any more, after all.

    1. I’m so embarrassed that I went gaga over this. Can someone please delete this particular post. Looks like Christopher Lloyd punk’d us again. Or at least someone made it look like he did that. I don’t know. I suppose that I should have been skeptical when the DeLorean came into the scene, went all ‘Tokyo Drift’ and then shot back to a different time without having to refuel the reaction chamber.

      1. It was a pretty well made fan trailer, but a couple things stood out to me (ironically, nothing involving the DeLorean save for that final still/CG image with the creators info). The biggest thing: the news report (the second one, not the one from pt. 1 about the plutonium) What’s disturbing about a car appearing, safely stopping somewhere, then having an old dude come out asking what year it is? Had they used a different anchor opening it wouldn’t have bugged me, but that part didn’t work for me. Everything else was pretty neat though (though for the DeLorean to have the old plates, it’d have to either be from part 1, or before the absolute beginning of part 2 (because the barcode plates then) unless they procured another DeLorean after the end of part 3…but what caused the timeline to change back to the “Biff got the almanac” timeline (well, I guess that’d be the whole point of the movie…but yeah…here I go with excessive parentheses about hypothetical movie plots for fan-made trailers to things that don’t actively exist (yet!)))

        Dang, most of that reply was within ()s, and that’s silly.

        1. Right, given that we knew that the time circuits worked for Marty in going back to the past and then back to the future, why should Doc be asking what year it is.

  7. I’m going to attempt to divert from your embarrassment to another BTTF project I want to see happen.

    Ok, so in BTTF 2, Old Man Biff (OMB) steals the Delorean to go back in time. However, I sincerely doubt that Biff would get controlling the time machine on the first shot. Hence, I propose THE BIFF CHRONICLES, the story of all the timelines that OMB visited while learning how to use the time machine. We get an episode where he meets Napoleon, calls him a butthead. Meets Cleopatra, calls her a butthead. Meet’s Abe Lincoln… butthead, and so on.

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