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Magical Thinking

Next comic is 3 tiers. Up Tuesday the 19th.

77 thoughts on “Magical Thinking

    1. No, no, no. Anise is teaching us an important lesson.

      All phones are flip phones if you try hard enough, and don’t mind if they don’t work later.

    1. It’s that third panel look that sells it. I think she even kind of knows she’s delusional.

      Oh Anise, what is going on in that electric hoo-ha candyland of a skull?

  1. I do like that Anise has the most normal colored speech balloons when she’s the craziest member of the crazy sisters of Crazytown.

  2. Aw…Santa Claus is out of the picture! I am even negotiating an acting role were I play a young muscle bound Kris Kringle that is going to be filmed next year…

  3. That’s some pretty impressive hand-strength right there, crazy noodlebrain notwithstanding.

    Also, did anyone else see “Mrs. Clause” and think it was Ginger at first glance? Leave it to Santa to still use a curly-cord landline. Or maybe it’s his less famous younger brother Mike.

      1. I thought the whole idea of obscure rules regarding first commenting was to have an officially accepted “you failed” to people who don’t at least put a little effort into what they’re saying.

        I don’t really see any point in such rules and announcements past that.

        1. You know, I’m wondering if we could look into the possibility of being able to edit our entries. But anyway, why not have some positive reinforcement as well?

        2. I did actually find a few options on that and sent them to Jessica a while ago, but I don’t know what all other plugins she uses and there’s always possibility of conflicts and issues. I seem to recall there were either the ones that allowed logged in users to edit their own posts or the ones that used a cookie and allowed editing for 5-10 minutes after posting.

          Determining that such things don’t break the stack of plugins already present can be a pain at times.

        1. Considering the massive differences in characterization of the Joker’s particular brand of crazy, it seems fair to me to flex Harley’s psychosis details a bit too.

        1. Oh. Yeah. Not too crazy about that movie. I mean she seemed to have been doing an okay Harley, but the relationship between Harley and the Joker was just too much pimp and ho. The Joker was somewhat holding Harley in contempt whenever she was wanting to go out for a ride.

        2. I actually thought the Joker/Harley dynamic there was a bit more attached (on the Joker’s part) than usual. Though I guess I haven’t really made a large study of characterizations for Harley so much either (much more solo Joker).

      1. Having “Ish thad ma phone!?” coming from off panel in Cinn’s speech bubble color would’ve been a good joke here, though I think the tone of this comic is ultimately better without it.

      1. I thought there was a comment by Rusche that had stated Mike was co-owner of the tattoo studio Anise works at.

        Which brings up the question of if Rusche changed her mind, or if that’s also true and this is just a different Mike that was a mall Santa Anise got fixated on (and apparently his phone number at some point).

  4. There’s something almost endearing about Anise’s flavor of crazy for me.

    I’m sure it’d get upsetting fast if I knew and closely interacted with her in real life, though a year’s association would probably give me a lifetime’s worth of conversational bits and pieces to mention.

      1. I don’t see any indicators of a fake beard in comic Stuck in the Middle with You (current post date January 24, 2014).

        I’d say it’s within differences of artistic style between now and then for it to be the same, but it’s easily explainable otherwise too. I mean, if Anise saw that guy on the street I don’t think she’d need the costume to target him as SANTA!

      1. Anise had the “Call Mike” tattoo before Black Friday, so probably not that mall Santa, but they did know her well at that point, so quite possibly an older mall Santa (maybe before or maybe after the art school decision).

        Either way, he doesn’t seem to make the connection. Also, I get the feeling that “reality disagrees with you” isn’t a particularly compelling argument for Anise.

        1. It’s not impossible, but based on the reaction of the mall Santa in comic Stuck in the Middle with You (current post date January 24, 2014), it doesn’t seem like it’s a yearly occurrence. He seems a bit more surprised & embarrassed than someone who’s been seeing that same spectacle year after year. It’s certainly still possible that she got his number elsewhere and he mentioned he was going to be the mall Santa at that time.

          However, either way on that, it seems to me that if he’d had several years of Anise flashing him and she tended to call him enough that he tells her to stop calling here, he’d put two & two together between frequent flasher and frequent caller.

  5. So, is anyone else getting a touch of cognitive dissonance with the “hot goth” sister wearing whay looks like a pink nightgown? Just me? Okay.

    1. Look back a few strips – she was wearing a black body suit under the pink dress until Ellie demanded everyone be less… themselves.

    1. Eventually they won’t bother to take it down. They’ll pass it off as “Christmas in July,” and just leave it up all the time.

      1. When I worked at Disneyland, people would walk into the stores in September/October and say “Christmas ornaments already?!” They actually keep the ornaments out year-round because some people are only ever going to visit once. Might as well let them spend money on ornaments in April if they’re never coming back.

        1. Frankenmuth is a special case. Michigan has a surprisingly large number of holiday-themed destinations. We have Frankenmuthfor the Christmas crowd, Turkeyville for the Thanksgiving crowd, and Hell for the Halloween bunch.

        2. No. Detroit has it’s own special holiday. Hell is it’s own entity altogether. It’s a famous destination for nerds who want to date that hot chick. So they go there to find out if Hell has frozen over. So they go up there, slip on the ice and break their necks. So, then their parents have it stipulated in the will that the nerd’s ashes have to be compressed into a diamond and given to that hot chick.

        3. Oh no, there actually is a Hell, Michigan. Google the images sometime; there’s a wonderful road sign that reads “Hell” and it’s covered in icicles.

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  7. …and then I looked more closely at the text under the strip.

    Feeling old. Yeah, I remember the first time I felt old. I was in the car and The Chainsmokers’ “Selfie” song came on. And I remember my first thought being “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

    That was when I realized I was old.

    1. You must be younger than me, because I didn’t know that song was by The Chainsmokers. Literally thought Don’t Let Me Down was the first Chainsmokers song.

      1. Ehhhhhhwwwwwwwwww. (ACTIVATE SHUDDER)

        I mean, that’s just creepy to the max. How would she get all of that unless she went through the trash with the literal fine toothed comb.

        (END SHUDDER)

        No, I mean stuff that she could have lifted from around the guys house. Or his trash. Or those delivery boxes that never got there. But I kind of doubt that last one.

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