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Now make like a tree, and get outta here.

It's pretty bad when even your breakfast burrito craps itself. James, also pulling a Biff Tannen.

35 thoughts on “Now make like a tree, and get outta here.

  1. Crapping breakfast burritos are the worst.

    And it would be hilarious if Eagan wore a matching blouse/hair barrette.

  2. Aww I was hoping to see the full exchange between Quinn and Ellie! Oh well, this is still a pretty interesting update. Last night Alex goes storming off in a huff, here the next morning Quinn is casual and pretty laid back, like nothing happened.

    Either she took what Ellie said in stride, or she is *far* more flippent than I gave her credit for. I thought for sure Quinn was the sort of person to fret over something and work herself into an ulcer worrying over stuff like this.

    On a side note however, I could have sworn that ‘DJ Cornbread’ told her the night before that he wasnt going to be at school friday *cat face* Did he go just to see Quinn I wonder ;P

    1. There will be a complete meltdown that will conclude what is the hypothetical ‘chapter 2’ we’re in now. The last comic was simply showing the hostility is now going both ways, along with Ellie’s tolerance reaching zero for Quinn’s anomosity towards her.

      The initial strip where Quinn is first given a lift, was a Monday. She then stated her schedule was Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So this is assumidly Wednesday now, with her day off from school not shown.

      There was a strip I omitted where Quinn is debating over taking her car, versus pretending a ride is still required. I chose to nix it for timing.

      1. Ah, now I get it, I knew there had to have been some passage of time between this strip and the previous one, I just assumed that today’s took place on Friday since, well, today is Friday lol

        Thanks for clearing that up, and the Back to the Future reference regarding the joke, I didnt catch that myself.

  3. I’m amazed these guys picked up the matching clothes things so quickly….I’m clueless when it comes to little signs like that. Hate being oblivious

    1. I’d like some clearing up on that joke myself. I dont keep up with much in terms of the news or current events, but if I had to guess I would say its a joke directed at the current Pope’s name, former name, or something to do with his past. Though I could be wrong.

      When someone has to explain a joke, it kills the humor I know, but I dont get this one.

      1. It’s a portmanteau of the expressions “Is the Pope Catholic?” and “Does a bear shit in the woods?”. It seems to be a reference to Biff from Back To The Future, who would frequently mix up expressions, such as “Make like a tree and get outta here!” and “Have a nice trip, see you next winter!”.

        1. I thought it was a reference to Steve Martin’s “Wild and Crazy Guy” album from back in his stand up days; he uses that line when he talks about remembering just enough from Philosophy classes to #$@! him up.

      2. It doesn’t have anything to do with the current Pope. I try to avoid current events like the plague.

        James is just mashing up two common sayings people utter when answering a question with the very obvious answer of yes:
        “Does a bear crap in the woods?” and “Is the Pope catholic?”

  4. Love the breakfast burrito bit. I especially like how you made his face mostly blank (it kind of looks surprised due to his eyebrows, but otherwise doesn’t emote much) and instead let the prop he’s holding express his surprise, as well as eggs, sausage, and what-not.

  5. It’s more difficult to emote a character who’s eyes are completely hidden. Chris left his eyebrows to work with and the use of the props is icing on the cake. Or breakfast burrito on the floor as it were…

    In a project I’ve been messing about with I learned importance of having the characters eyes available for expression and it prompted a costume change. But that’s another story entirely.

    1. Absolutely – it’s a challenge to express a character’s emotions without eyes. I was observing how using the hands (or in this case, whatever’s in the hands) is a great alternative. It’s amazing how many artists pay so little attention to the hands, or even find excuses to hide them. The hands say so much!

      As for his eyebrows, they’ve worked until now, but in this case they are pretty ambiguous (surprise? confusion? haughtiness? mild satisfaction? indigestion? maybe some combination of these?). I think it works though, almost as if whatever facial expression he has in the next comic is a delayed reaction to the shock he’s experiencing now.

      1. Of course if he had been aroused instead of perplexed I’m sure the burrito would have erupted in a different direction.

      2. Sully, from Monsters Inc, was originally designed wearing glasses, which can be seen on the extras for the movie. Pixar decided to take them out since blocking a characters facial expression severely hurts the characters reception among the audience, blocking his emotions, etc.

        This can be a beneficial character limitation however, on a secondary character you WANT to have limited expressions. There are two versions, with pupils, or without. Alex has his omitted to even further limit how the audience reads him (or doesn’t.)

  6. It’s odd that I have no problem with people saying “my girlfriend”–it’s no more possessive than saying “my sister” or “my boss”–but it always irks me a little bit to hear “my girl” (or in this case, “your girl”).

  7. I feel really bad for Alex.

    His girl friend is obviously shopping around for a new boyfriend without giving the courtesy of breaking up with him first.

    And now she’s pretending he doesn’t exist after he calls her on her BS.

    I just don’t see a future for this couple. I never really saw much to begin with, and I’m not sure why and how they got together to begin with.

    1. I feel sorry for Alex, but not in the way that you suggested.

      She’s grown a bit, or at least spread her wings in the sense that she was around people who seem to be enamored with her enough to ignore her negatives and still be themselves. And she was able to let her guard down a bit enough to explore herself in some such aspect that she didn’t have to be pissy all the time.


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