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Man of the World

Tarragon: "I'm not taking questions." Also Tarragon: "-well, since you asked..."

115 thoughts on “Man of the World

    1. Your application for first has been accepted for consideration. In order to ensure quality of assured insurance, an operator will be on the line in the order in which your statement qualifies.

    2. The proper comment would have been formulated like so:

      “The first thing I want to know is if that’s Freddie Mercury. Secondly, it appears that this webcomic has a Steampunk basis after all!”

      Note the minimum of ten words, the reference to the picture, and the oblique reference to being “first,” without claiming “first!” This habit of calling “first” is gauche and must be eliminated through training in proper etiquette for the webcomic reading community.

    1. Yep, considering all the robots Tarra has you would think she would have some load carrying ones that could do this.

      Also, why does she have an apartment, you would think she would have a lair somewhere.

      1. For some reason, my reply to your comment got shuffled to the bottom …

        What I meant to say was –

        I think making a lair is just around the corner now.

        In time. Not around the literal corner, where she’s probably keeping a cage of trained velociraptors.

  1. Seems like to due to continued exposure to Tarra that the Erf to wack ratio of the Erf itself has been skewed.

      1. “The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces are called ‘aglets’. Their true purpose is sinister.” –Tarragon Buckingham.

  2. ….am I the only one who saw this and thought “Why would you stick your head in if you knew it was going to the center of the earth?! You’ll burn your eyes out kid!”

    1. Wouldn’t you want to see the machine Jules Verne built down there if you had the chance?

      Or did you go to one of those schools advocating that outdated theory that there’s just a big ball of metal down there?

    1. Dang it, you are the first person to notice that there is Dig-Dug in the background. However, since you did not use the word “First” in your statement, you are disqualified for having the “First” comment of the comic. Since this statement does have the required ten word minimum, points out an aspect of the image in reference to “First” and used the word “First” in the statement, it does not qualify for “First” as it is also using this statement as an appropriate example of “First.” I’m sorry, we had to award it to our next caller.

    1. Well, seems this guy hasn’t got to balls to tell her where to shove it. Likely she just stuffed them up his backend and he was thanking her for. Nothing worse than giving into people like that be they male or female. Grow a pair Kyle, stick with your sock collection rather than this train wreck waiting to happen.

  3. I think that’s just around the corner now.

    In time. Not around the literal corner, where she’s probably keeping a cage of trained velociraptors.

  4. LMAO well thats a fair question….do u think the earth runs itself……wonder how the salary and health package is for that job…..

    1. It’s at least got an enormously better HVAC system than most places I’ve worked. He looks downright comfortable temperature-wise.

  5. Is it me, or is she giving subtle signals that he’s about to see things that she can’t allow him to leave with knowlege of. Or, in other words, she won’t let him leave this place alive.

    Also, the coat closet that they are in contains a penthouse, with at least three levels. And, portals. Probably more than one. Then, there’s the summoning lines on the floor…

  6. Rally to me friends! If we do not have a chatroom on this site, then we shall have one right here! Stand beside me in this comment and we shall be able to engage in glorious socialization once more. Let us revel in the wonders of technology that has the capacity to bring us together. For once we are together we shall have fellowship, in fellowship we shall have unity, and in unity we shall have victory!

    1. Here, here. I for one welcome a vigorous discussion of the topics of the day.

      Plus I could use a venue to be overly melodramatic and lament that I am a genius unrecognized in my own time. I mean I could do that elsewhere but on the L5R boards I need to engage in actual reasoned debate for the most part rather than just cursing out the opposition as a bunch of narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned, draw-obsessed nimrods incapable of strategic innovation.

      Glory! Majesty! Unity!
      Hail! Hail! Hail!!!

      1. Unrecognized genius is not a thing to lament, but a thing to expect. Genius is nigh unrecognizeable due to the arbitrary and capricious definitions by which the term is used.

        Why, I’ve even heard a person described as being a “genius with PowerPoint,” and what could be further from the truth than anyone of sound intellect ever rejoicing in the use of PowerPoint.

        1. Hear, hear. Too often many folk seem to equate regular intelligence as excellence when in fact it is as you say “to be expected”. Indeed the true thing to lament is that many people will not discover their genius due to societal pressure and fear. Is it not within our nature to explore, discover the unknown, and progress towards the future not only in the outside world, but also inside ourselves?

        2. I don’t think expecting a thing and lamenting it are mutually exclusive. For example, if I expected it would rain I can still lament that it’s raining.

          Besides considering that L5R is a subject I’ve dedicated a considerable portion of my brilliance to mastering I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be irritated when my stances on certain key issues are in opposition to the generally accepted conventional wisdom.

          @The Good Sir Count: It would depend on your definition of proper order. I will say it’s not significantly more disorderly than is typical. I trust your own endeavors are moving forward in a reasonable fashion?

        3. I am remarkably busy as always, but I have had numerous phenomenal expeditions and experiences recently. I had the honor of performing in Carnegie Hall on October 1st with my other talented musicians, I am currently overseeing some falcons in the wilderness, and I will be starting the preproduction of a broadcast series this month. How goes the The L5R?

        4. Well I’m still dominating locally, but they’re at least managing to push me more recently.

          I decided to join the Discord League and that’s gone about as horribly as I could have expected. Though more because I was without my computer for over a week than any particular fault of Discord’s. So I’ve got about a week to have three games on a very limited schedule or get disqualified.

          Killington’s coming up but that’s not an official FFG event and it’s the same weekend as Worlds so I’m not expecting a super high quality of competition.

      1. I am exceptionally well. How doth thou fare this day Mr. Blue? I trust everything is sound in your section of space?

        1. I found out that some of those crazy side effects I had previously were allergic reactions that I had months ago. Although I found this stuff out this morning when I had a basic allergy panel screening.

  7. “Don’t expect me to answer your normie questions, either.”

    First normie question he asks, she answers.

    Yeah, she’s leading him on.

    1. I read it more as an “I’m far superior to normal, so normal rules don’t apply to me so I don’t need to concern myself if I break them.”

    2. Thank you for your application for “First”

      Please be advised that your are certainly awarded the access to the Vortex Meditation Site.

      Please accept this unconfirmed confirmation that does not contain the certificate because we lost the certificate when we sent this letter certified with ExFED for First.

      1. Don’t forget that the Vortex Meditation Site is currently under construction, and those visiting must provide themselves with all OSHA required PPE before entry, and are subject to conscription into the construction workforce.

    3. Yeah… “normie”. At least the second time she’s used the term; first time was on her own sister, no less. Way to look down your nose at everyone and everything, Tarra [mutters “@$$hole” under breath].

  8. I am still laughing at Tarra having a picture of herself on the wall, and the logo of her company being her own face.

    That said, Tarra strikes me as lonely. I suspect few people are really close to her. Is there anyone she can be true and genuine around? Does she ever drop her guard and her competitive edge? Maybe to Ginger, or Ellie?

    1. I suspect that she dropped her guard to David. He probably didn’t freak out too badly in an immediate and obvious way, and that explains why she’s so obsessed and why he wants to not be involved with her so badly.

    2. Judging by her haughty superior attitude, I suspect she has no one else to blame but herself for her loneliness.

    1. Two words: Super. Villain.

      They all start out being little innocuous corporation owners who eventually become super villains who monologue too much.

        1. Believe it or not, both Tony and Bruce have alternate universe selves that are worse than most of the villains they fight in the regular reality.

          And both inherited their fortunes in rather gigantic corporations, not created them.

  9. Okay, Tarragon is still kind of being a bitch here. If I was in his shoes however, bitchy treatment aside I think this would be too fascinating to pass up.

    1. Considering Tarra, I think rather than the result of a mistake it’s the consequence of conservation of energy and she just decides, “well f*** that place, the destructive energy needs to go somewhere.”

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  11. “Tarracorp?” Looks like Kyle’s “date” with Tarra is going “well”, but at this point I’m beginning to think she did the hero stuff to provide her with enough of a positive reputation among the hero crowd to make her transition to super villainy hard for them to accept. At least she could be a plausible friend, acquaintance, or rival to Michael Poe’s Janis character from “Does Not Play Well With Others”.

  12. I’m not sure what, if anything, it means, but with the eyebrows and birthmarks on the stylized Tarracorp Tarra being there but eyes, nose, mouth, and ears aren’t, I realized that it’s an accurate drawing of Tarra’s head without any of the holes or body parts that contain holes (discounting hair follicles, because presumably those get a pass).

    I’m wondering if that’s something that looked neat to Rusche (maybe an accident of turning on and off layers) or if it’s intended to be a window into some odd thing or other with Tarra’s psyche.

    1. Gah, I thought another comment had brought it to mind and I’d reply to and didn’t find only to notice that it was commenter Mrak above after hitting submit….

    1. What happened to Wheelchair Ninja?
      Also, what’s going to happen when Tarra eventually sees Ellie with David? Or Pumpkin, for that matter.

      1. New reader!

        Oh man, you really stepped in it now. If you’re a new reader, then you know the part that comes next! The official welcome basket!

        Now, before we go any farther, you have to understand we’ve been giving out a lot of these lately, so our stock of prizes isn’t as…extensive…as it once was. But that’s okay! We can still put something together!

        Why I’ve got..um..three bites of a Subway Club sandwich here. and six pretzel rods. And we have an autographed picture of Tarragon Buckingham! We didn’t ask her to sign it, but she did anyway. Don’t…um…don’t look for that to appreciate in value. There are a LOT of autographed pictures of Tarragon Buckingham out there.

        So welcome to Shotgun Shuffle, and the comments section, where it’s always Morning in America…even in the afternoon!

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