Masters of Chaos

Alright I got in the weeds with this. But anyway it's done. And so is this chapter. This is the wrap up. There's a lot of seeding going on in this comic that I'll expound on in the next arc or two. And the most important reveal is James' balloon dealer is his mom. If you could guess what 2 panels kicked my ass the most, it was probably: ..and the panel after. I had a knockoff FF summoner, man. I had to do something. She's a little Yuna, a little Rinoa. So I named her Yunoa Wattamsayin. The creature behind her is quite OBVIOUSLY my own original creation and not any kind of copyrighted character. I named him "Fire Shiva." He uses mainly water attacks. Yeah.. the more I'm looking at this, the more I'm uh.. wondering what this would be like as someone's first impression of this comic. Like anyone who just stumbled in. lol Welcome to Shotgun Shuffle!

146 thoughts on “Masters of Chaos

        1. The one problem with such a magnificent update, though, is now you have no idea when to even look for an update. This is like five installments at once.

  1. Not sure Loose Cannon is getting what she’s actually supposed to be doing in this whole charade.
    And yeah, I think most new comers to Shotgun Shuffle would be “Huh, this is fine”.

        1. If Loose Cannon doesn’t get her own mini series at some point I’ll be disappointed.

        2. I wonder if we’ll all remember to vote for this on the next Patreon mini-arc topic. I’ll be hard pressed to vote for a different option, certainly.

        3. And good that she’s removing man buns, only one man I know could honestly work a man bun, and that’s Toshiro Mufune. Maybe, possibly John Belushi, but only when he was doing “Samurai…” skits. Everyone else, hipsters.

          Unless she’s looking for a different “man bun”, considering she’s also taking skinny jeans…

  2. So are any if the assassins recognizing him? I couldn’t tell if that was what any of these looks meant. And I thought Striped Shirt and Tarra knew each other? Guess we find out soon…

    1. Apparently not!

      Gas Masks: They’re One Hell of a Disguise! *

      *this message brought to you by the Gas Masks Industry. For fun, for hiding, or for respiratory protection, trust the gas mask.

      1. I think Tarra’s look is recognition. I’m not sure we have any reason to believe the others are part of D52 or not.

        I do wonder what Tarra will do with this information. She can’t be part of Tired Guy’s pre-existing scam, as she’s likely easily got enough money to take care of the survivors and this site wouldn’t be necessary. On the other hand, her look seems more considering than “time for smiting,” so I’m wondering if she has an immediate use for them or is just filing away how to track them down for later use.

  3. Oh my lord. This is dope as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge.

  4. Get enough dudes in a room…and a arm wrestling contest is bound to happen. Kinda wonder what happened to Pumpkin though.

    1. Is it really arm wrestling if one of the participants is using a ponytail and casually enjoying her drink instead of actually trying?

      1. It’s arm wrestling for the same reason a person might yell fire when stuck in a vat of chocolate.

        No one will know what you’re talking about if you say ponytail wrestling.

      2. Even if Tarra isn’t giving it her all I estimate her 1% is like most people’s 250%. So I say props to Fenix Guy for holding his own against her at all and not just instantly going through the table.

      1. Well, on the plus side, she’s probably going to do us all a favor and toss them in a river or set them on fire or something. The fewer skinny jeans and man buns there are in the world, the better off we all are.

        God bless you, Loose Cannon. Your weird, drunken antics will save us all from hipster horror.

        1. If I brought Loose Cannon home someday, that would be one of my arguments for her virtues. “…but she REALLY likes solving problems with fire. It’s practically her most common go-to even.”

        2. She stole his pants.

          Then she stole his heart.

          It’s a love story that’s too damned silly to tell anywhere else.

          This fall, only in theatres

  5. This isn’t an update….it’s an EVENT! You always find a way to outdo yourself!

    And now Anise is cemented as my favorite.

    1. I’m guessing that’s Anise smothering Hookpire, judging by the hair and dress showing around the old dude.

      1. No no, second panel. Emoji Witch is currently in front of Mr. Night, and looks like she’s just been startled by something.

        1. Yes, and what ever it is, it’s blocked by the old guy, as he gives his speech. And, you can see a bit of pink dress, and some blond hair.

        2. I thought that was one of the sword girls. The one where you can’t see her face, in the cutoffs and front-half-of-a-shirt from the Common Thread strip.

        3. Meanwhile, Janey Wetsuit looks super freaked out. I’m guessing she’s being hit on by one of the sword girls, and she does not swing that way.

    2. That guy behind Emoji Witch (in the backwards cap) is the one who “called dibs” on her a few comics back. He’s probably been “shadowing” her all night throwing “mine” signals to the other guys and feigning an interest in Emoji. Now his hand has appeared on her left shoulder and she’s alarmed.

      I dunno if any of that’s true. It’s a testament to this comic’s art that it can evoke stories like that.

      1. So it is! I thought sure she was reacting to something next to her but I totally missed the fingers on her shoulder.

      2. Backwards baseball cap guy has his hand on her shoulder, but she’s looking at the blonde on the other side of her. There does look to be an unidentified arm just barely visible behind her that is at the right angle to be grabbing her ass from the blonde, though.

    3. The more obvious things always slip notice, it took me til just right now, more than a week after your question to see the answer, the guy with the hat next put an arm around her shoulders.

  6. Jessica has one HUGE set of balloons there! They go all the way behind the panel above it.
    Amazing, Rusche! Whenever you have to make us wait, it’s always obvious why when the next comic posts.

  7. Not only do I believe that this is the first time this month that Chris has popped the top 50 for more than one day in a row, but I think that we see the first OG character here today as well.

    Now for something completely different.

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        1. Major Alex Louis Armstrong, otherwise known as The Strong-Arm Alchemist. State Alchemist with the Amestrian State Military, and only son of the Armstrong Family, known throughout the land for their proud military tradition. Also known for his extravagant mustache and musculature, developed as the result of years of enthusiastic physical training. From the anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

        2. The muscle-bound guy with the little lock of hair (and a mustache) would be Armstrong. He’s a character from the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist.

    1. This is probably more of an Exterminatus situation, what with all the fire-breathing monsters in there already.

      1. Hrmm…You may be right. I wonder how many Exterminatus procedures Tarragon has prevented, or even more unheard of, persuaded to end?

  8. …I think I wanna try cosplaying as Balloon Assassin Girl. I’ve never done cosplay before, but I wanna try…

  9. Damn, everything about this page is absolutely fantastic. I’m especially a fan of the dragon. And of course Loose Cannon. What she needs skinny jeans and man buns is unknown and I don’t think the world is ready for the answer to that question. Maybe she just hates skinny jeans and man buns. Dunno when Crazy Cat Mom got there, but hopefully she won’t see James get shot down too hard. Glad to see Anise snagged her man, and probably suffocated him via cleavage. Overall everything is so excellent.

  10. I have to wonder if Anise finally managing to “put baby down for his nap” means she knocked Durkin unconscious so he doesn’t keep running away or something else.

    1. I also wonder this. We know from previous strips and WoG comments that Anise is every bit the perve that Cinnamon is, only less creepy about it, so a knock to the heat may not be out of line for our gal here.

  11. Considering the first page I saw of this comic had Ellie and Owen running away from a horde of zombies I wouldn’t be too worried about first impressions.

    I can’t help but wonder if Ellie put Anise’s name on all the slips just to get her sister a replacement phone.

    1. I didn’t realize you were that recent of an addition to the comment section. It seems like you’ve been around longer than that.

        1. I think it’s more that I feel like I haven’t been here THAT long and I’ve been reading for probably around 5 years (I came here off an ad from “The Hot Girl 180”, the first avatar I remember having was from “100% Hamster Powered”, but I lurked before commenting, too, so I don’t remember where/when I started exactly, but I found a comment from myself on “It’s Weird You Never Mentioned Him Before”), so I’m pretending all time spans are shorter than they actually are.

        1. Says you. It’s the next best hit from ABC, coming this fall to a TV/Steam device near you.

          She’s a sassy web designer by day, by night, she’s an inefficient sexy female assasin.
          He’s a nerd boy with delusions of handing a girl a balloon to win her heart.
          The laughs fly this fall when the hijinks ensue, only on

          “Mrs. Homburg and the Nerd.”

          Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. Eastern, 7:30 pm Central following the top hit mixmashup of the 80s, “Buddy Strangers in Perfect Bosom.” Starring Bronson Pinchot and Peter Scolari.

        1. If real life if no where else? Well here’s hoping Shotgun Shuffle-verse James got the same confirmed happy ending. The moral of the story is balloons solve everything.

        2. Well hell. Can I get the number of his balloon dealer and cut rate training prices for learning how to make Christmas time cookies?

  12. I would introduce Loose Cannon to my good buddy, Devil Boner, but he already married Hyper Fangirl and now they are Hyper Boner!



    I didn’t expect to be so angry at a fictional character for this, but here we are..

      1. I see this going one of two ways. Either she initially accepts his proposal and he eventually realizes there are more boxes that need to be checked (which I suspect won’t happen looking at the expression on her face) or she rejects it and he doesn’t learn what those other boxes are.

      1. You know the scene in Clerks where Veronica saves Dante with a fire extinguisher from the cigarette-throwing crowd yelling “Cancer Merchant” at him? That’s as close to “Love at First Sight” that I get. The rest of the time, it looks like a good way to get a failed relationship at best.

        1. While I can agree that I think love at first sight is garbage and extraordinary luck if it doesn’t crash and burn, I do make an exception for fictional characters based upon real life people who actually are married and their cameos in the comic might happen to be somewhat briefer for their intros and getting to know each other than what happened in real life.

        2. I’ve got anecdotes that would support love at first sight. They got divorced, but could not live apart. She told me that her heart jumps everytime she sees him. And she’s a private pilot, btw. Found that out from her watch.

        3. Well, I did kind of present an unfalsifiable claim there, saying I think it’s garbage or extarordinary luck.

          I do think people can, and do, fall in love. I just don’t think that anything that happens instantaneously is actually love. That’s infatuation, keen interest, lust, or something else transient. People, once spurred by such things, can, have, and will upon occasion continue to associate with each other and then actually fall in love through their ongoing association, some of whom will also then claim “love at first sight” if actual love built before initial euphoria wore off.

          Basically, I believe reactions that could be described as “love at first sight” happen rather more often to lots of people who later decide they were wrong and not in love and it’s fantastic not to have made that mistake. It’s the outliers where the reaction is potentially valid rather than incorrect. Also without some initial euphoric reaction we often don’t consider someone in that sense to begin with, so the bias is unsurprising. I just think it’s wrong.

          Though, to be philosophically fair, there are such massively diverse definitions of love in the world, that it’s possible that “love at first sight” exists with a large percentage of other definitions for the term and it’s actually my personal definition of love is what’s outside the mainstream rather than the feasibility of what other people consider to be love being instantaneous.

  14. “Yunoa Wattamsayin” *facepalm* Reaaally? Ä
    Tried Guy turns on the suave, who knew he had it in him?

  15. LOL ok 1.don’t think I want to know whats in the man buns bag 2.believe it or not they didn’t overkill it with all the anime and video game referenaces (the Full metal alchemist and Street Fighter ones were really nice especially the FFX Yuna one)3. …..I hope that girl says yes to the guys proposal and finally 5. …..looks like Anise finally managed to get that poor bastard of a vampire into her booby trap……I mean seriously its scary when all it takes to take out a vampire is to squish him in her boobs lol

  16. agree, rusche, not update, event. event worth putting on own page. surprised organisers haven’t found serial killer for cinn. maybe she’ll end up writing to someone on death row, i wouldn’t put it past her.
    anise’s “i just put baby down for his nap” = bitty sketch in ‘little britain’
    love all hair colours in this. & dragon. love dragons. guessing cinn’ll plan balloon girl’s wedding but, it’ll have cinn written all over it; black balloons, creepy version of ‘here comes the bride’ & ratchantula as free gift/on cake so their green eggs look like icing

  17. …..everything that went wrong will be blamed on Ellie; everything that went right, someone else will take credit. I really hope it’s just my paranoia talking.

    1. I’m suspecting more, “Wonderful job, Temporary Independent Contractor! Sadly, we have no more work for your particular skillset, but be assured we’ll be happy to give you wonderful references! The door’s over there in case you’ve forgotten…”

  18. there is so much amazing shsit going on here i cant fully process it alll
    and i dont know which of any of it i love the most

  19. For April.

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    First – 833 AV.

    1. Vote on TWC. Link here or ust below the Patreon previews:

      Current stats at the time of this posting:

      SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is now 59th with 160 votes.
      Stand Still. Stay Silent is now 6th with 1,240 votes.
      Grrl Power is 1st with 5,804 votes.

      40th slot — 205 acumulated votes (AV)
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  20. I really want the dragon and Charr-looking thing scenes on a coffee mug.. That would be an epic start to the mornings..

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