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Thanks for being so patient while I work through some personal matters. Next Patreon is about 75% done. Hopefully up late tonight or early tomorrow. I don't want to over-promise, which I seem to do in overestimating how quickly I can produce these, but I'm shooting for Monday for the next one. Thanks all.

103 thoughts on “Memorabilia

  1. It’s worth the wait, Rusche! Lol, I love how well aligned those figurines were. Complete dork. *hides well-aligned collection*

  2. Wow! The level of detail. No wonder this took a week to finalize!!
    Plus, funny as all hell!

    Love the mom’s casual response to this travesty (“So….”) while changing the topic.

      1. I was surprised it was so pink, I didn’t think Tarra was much for pink. The exclamation point wasn’t surprising at all.

  3. Only the Master of Magnetism himself could knock over a statue of Megatron at least ten times larger than himself! All hail Magneto!

  4. Android 18, Gandalf, Car Voltron, Gambit, some Attack on Titan person, mecha Gargoyle(?), Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Super Saiyan Goku, no idea, … Colossus, no idea, no idea, Magneto, Megatron. Someone fill in my blanks.

    And someone else get the comics. I see a mirror-world Spawn in the box, but I can’t tell what’s on the floor.

    1. Attack on Titan person? That’s Mikasa,, and the mecha Gargoyle? That’s Silverbolt from Beast Wars. Not sure who is after Goku, after Colossus is Red Tornado. After that I can’t be sure but it looks a lot like Jade from Mortal Kombat.

      Still, this is the reason I don’t let *anyone* in my room, ever…its also why I have double sided tape on the feet of all my action figures, so this doesn’t happen lol ^^

      From one great collector to another, I salute! ^^

      1. I think after Goku is Rogue.

        The main thing holding me back from being buried in figures (other than money) is the fact that I would have to dust all of them.

        1. Rogue? From what series? Rogue from X-Men is a chick and Rogue from Fairy Tail is scrawny, don’t know any other Rouges…

          As for dusting, its a labor of love lol but you can do a lot to cut down on dust, ask any collector ;) Air Purifiers/Filters help a lot, as does keeping windows covered since light is the primary cause of dust, also careful control over humidity levels.

          Seems like a lot of work but its not really, not once you have everything in place, and given how old some of my stuff is and how rare a few of my pieces are its totally worth it in my book.

        2. Cable has never worn an eye patch and never had combat tentacles. Also his colors are blue and silver, not black and red…

  5. Few know the dangers of collecting. At any moment there could be an avalanche of collectibles that bury you in their awesomeness. This has bee, a public service announcement from an actual collector. Please resume you normal Shotgun Shuffle programming.

  6. See, that’s why I keep my collections in horded piles. Nothing can fall over! Then, every so often, you can go swimming in it, Scrooge McDuck style. Just watch out for all the sharp accessories.

  7. I can’t tell if she’s more ashamed of the mess she made in that last panel or of how she’s gonna have to lie (or tell the truth) about the question.

    1. Hands down the question from Mrs. Blackford.

      The mess is a “sorry about that” sort of thing that I think she considers as a “how about I forget the implied mess you hurried to clean up and you forget I just messed it all up” sort of thing.

      The question (with the mess as a backdrop) is one of those shots across the bow at Tired Guy’s justifications convincing her this is a good idea.

      1. James’ Mom seems oddly fascinated with the growing chaos. She looks almost entranced, like a pyromaniac watching a fire…

        1. I can see that, but to me she just looks like she’s contently thinking “I am watching this happen” and nothing else while patiently waiting to ask her question.

  8. When last we saw our ponytailed heroine, she was precariously dangling over Canadian side of Niagra Falls attempting to save three five year olds, a cat, their three kittens and a pup named Scooby Doo from going over the falls in a barrel. Unfortunately, the nefarious Wheelchair Ninja had arrived just moments before, blocking her egress to save the perilous plunge of the precocious people and their pets in the giant pickle barrel. Inside, the continuing adventures of Tarra, breaking the fourth wall for adventure.

  9. Woah woah waoh back up I just realized something. That giant Megatron is ARTICULATED!? The arms have moved between the last two panels

    ….I wont admit to how jealous I am of that, but I would like to know if such a thing actually exists lol

      1. I always like to see a wife supportive of these pursuits. I know a few, but it seems like the majority are in the, “No, you cannot attach a catapult to the roof of the house” camp. Though, that could also just be a laziness excuse from the husbands for things that they think sound cool but wouldn’t want to put the effort for (says a single guy with demonstrably zero roof catapults).

        Note that wives that follow up a catapult kibosh with something like, “You have to go get a change to the zoning for it first or the city will just take it down. I don’t want to have to keep buying more catapults, so do your homework first!” count as part of the first camp.

        1. It is time for someone to invest in a 3D printer to make the action figures and toys that the toy companies wont.

        2. AS. YOU. SHOULD!

          Mainly I just know a lot of guys who either married women who don’t share some cool geeky interests, or they just like using her as an excuse. Most of them I can’t actually tell which is correct/true. To be fair, the wife that I view as holding the, likely necessary, role of stopping her husband from putting medieval siege equipment on their roof, did enthusiastically participate in a contest on weirdest/briefest description of things they could get someone to come and get from Craig’s List when they did a renovation and had a lot of odd things to get rid of.

  10. I might be watching CinemaSins too much lately, but I started jotting down a few notes about the comic and ended up with a couple of paragraphs. I don’t think I dare post it, though. :I <– picture the dashes on either side of that letter '"i" so you know it's me keeping my mouth shut, not just going "meh."

    I will provide this snippet, though: Panel 5: Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Movie Statuette (+1)

      1. “90’s Cartoon Douchebag Gambit.” (+1) *ding*

        “Unless this is the action figure that could throw cards up in the air by flicking a switch on its back, but if you didn’t have a card in its hand it looked really, really inappropriate as the hand jerked up and down. Two sins for that.” (+1) *ding*

  11. Good to see you back, and personal matters are certainly understood. Let me know if there’s something I can do to help.

  12. “NO ONE KNOCKS OVER THE MIGHTY MEGATRON!”except a professional heavily endowed confidence booster with too much curiosity

        1. We have cats and they are pretty good at not knocking memorabilia over. Unless it’s on the bottom shelf but that’s too low to display stuff anyway

  13. Also, I just want to add to the amazement over the details in this piece. I mean, you didn’t just make little mini characters representing action figures, you depicted action figures. Silverbolt in particular is worthy of note; you even included the joint bits and grooves and screw heads in his forearms. Tip o’ the hat to you, sir.

    1. On the bright side, if you did have the Megatron from this comic, you’d have to either keep completely silent about it or have one of the worlds’ best security systems to be able to hold onto it.

    2. We can always hope that it will appear in Rusche’s store one of these days. It’s the hope of a fool, but “I am that fool.”

        1. If there were only one, I can’t imagine it not being sold out before I got there, regardless of the cost.

  14. As Megatron falls, in my headcanon I hear the sound effects of an ankle-tied AT-AT hitting the icy surface of Hoth…

  15. If anyone noticed the Patreon dollar total difference, I’m guessing Rusche was selected for this test:


    So it looks like he went backwards, but we’re actually just seeing the more accurate number of what he gets from Patreon (still wouldn’t include whatever taxes he’d have to pay, though). Personally I’d Patreon to show both pledges and estimated creator takehome (before taxes, which they obviously wouldn’t know).

    1. Alf snuck in and mistook it for Fifi and choked on it after escaping jnto the sewers. The upside is that the resultant mutant alligator – boa constrictor nuclear mutant mix was thrawted when it’s grandparent choked on Alf soon after his demise.

    1. Not especially, unless something terrible happens to the author so that the strip stops completely. The story’s already laid out, from what I’ve heard. The only real issue is how quickly we get access. Since at one point, Rusche was going to stop the comic completely because of expenses, I consider all comics since then to be gifts. It’s hours of his time spent to give me the next bit of the story.

      I’m not seeing where his personal struggles are affecting anything but the speed at which we get to read it. He has the same 24 hours to fit things into that I do, and I definitely don’t produce amazing artwork on a regular basis.

    2. All the webcomics I read risk dropping into nonexistence due to the author losing motivation to continue for one reason or another. More than a few have. Just one of the many, many non-ideal parts of life.

      To be honest, I appreciate the text updates saying, “Sorry all, life’s being a pain.” Some of the webcomics I still check I half wonder if the author died in a car accident or something since the last post.

      1. I think of this webcomic as a window into not only the scene of an awesome story, but also an interpretation that will continue to work into other realms of media. I can relate to this because of growing up on television from the big three before cable and early satellite systems proliferated into most of the country. And even before that, we have serialized movies, radio shows and novellas.

  16. Ok, thats just hilarious!
    Never seen someone have his collection lined up so he could do that!
    And a nice collection it is, both comic and anime characters, altrough i wonder who would want such a big Megatron, thought it was a costume(might still be)

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