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133 thoughts on “Moonblood

  1. Of course, who doesn’t like their fetish fuel with a nice dose of apocalyptic, flesh-rending horror?
    Ellie really should have seen that coming.

        1. Now I can’t help but think of the reaction of the bad movie club going to see a movie…

          And spotting Ellie in her small role.

        2. Not only them. But art dude had knowledge of the prior website Ellie was hyping. If he gets on there just to brag about working with lightning bolts, oy vey.

        3. That’d actually probably be a positive thing. The three of them might be excited enough to go demand to know from Ellie how to get extra/walkon/cameo roles too and that might help smooth things over between the three of them.

  2. Ellie’s right on that looking ridiculous thing. I mean, no walkie-talkie for her? C’mon.

    Also, if this is what classifies as “background civilians,” those who left early are going to kick themselves when they find out.

        1. And that brings to mind Maxima mentally cursing her boobs getting in the way of reholstering her sidearm in Grrl Power.

          They do make under boob holsters that are accessed by reaching under a (not skin-tight) shirt from the bottom. One of those would work quite well for her.

  3. @Rushe, you might want to use a sexier banner for Topwebcomics. New visitors see dozens of banners, so yours must really grab the attention.

    1. That can go both ways. A sexy banner can also draw more people looking for this comic to be something it isn’t going to be, and since Rusche turned off ads, people who come and look through a bunch of random comics and leave aren’t going to be a net gain. Better to have somewhat fewer people stop by but a higher percentage of them stay.

        1. Sure, but that can be hard to pick, especially with such a limited size/space available. It’s rather a thin banner that they allow.

      1. There is the bait and switch methodology that TOG described. And with the assumption of a meager increase from click through ad revenue against the increased amount of bandwidth used would be the increased costs of bandwidth because of all of the people looking and searching for the “sexy”. It would be a disadvantage unless Chris could have his own advertisements set up as a floater for the pages the visitor searches through. But that is a hellacious amount of work, I imagine. And Chris is not even up to that level of required tech support yet.

        No offense towards our beloved Jessica.

        1. He’d also be going back on a Patreon goal to put ads on the site (other than the banner that goes to his store page).

        1. I don’t want to know if this was an actual episode or not. What he did to that kid, oy. And our moon. So much wasted grilled moon cheese sandwiches.

    1. Are you kidding? It seems like her voice is being used everywhere these days. She’s almost the buscemi of the voice acting world.

  4. Wubba-lubba-dub-dubbed!

    Older Guy looks like he went to prison for insurance fraud or embezzlement or something. Not exactly the best choice for zombe-killin’. At least put some fake tats on his arms. Nothing too fancy – he’s just an extra after all – give Damien a Sharpie and about 5 minutes.

    I mean, at least Ellie is sexy – sexy people always seem to survive longer in zombie movies.

        1. Is it bad that I just read that in Ryan Reynold’s voice from Deadpool (the bar scene that made it into the trailer as well)?

        2. …found guilty of supplying Listerine to a minor.

          …caught in possession of a ZIP disk with four or five mp3s on it, like 12 years ago.

          …imprisoned after he saw his old college buddy Dominic at the airport and called out to him from across a crowded food court, “Dom! Hey, DOM!!”

        3. … extreme and surprising profanity in front of a class of kindergarteners walking by when he was arguing with a meter maid.

          … bowling with a head of cabbage, refusing to leave when requested by the bowling alley owner, and resisting arrest on the way out.

          … attempting to use a water slide at a public pool while it was still dry and flashing everyone else there while getting quite a lot of inconvenient pavement burn.

          … creating a fake non-profit in order to get a tax ID number allowing him to avoid paying income tax for the last 7.5 years.

          … walking through a mattress store and tearing off all the tags on floor models.

          … Rollerblading Under the Influence

          … Peeping in J.J. Abrams window when no one else is home in an attempt to find a good spoiler for the next Star Trek movie.

        4. Oh right…

          He looks like he was sentenced to hard time for making hilarious references to an awful movie. At a book reading. For a best-selling novel. That the awful movie happened to be based on.

          …assigned a public defender after hiding in bushes to video-tape birds at the park, not realizing there was a playground in the background with like, a hundred kids just running around.

          …prosecuted to the full extent of the law for

  5. I love his complete disinterest in her outfit. KEL-TEC KSGs are more interesting to fondle that shrink-wrapped blondes, apparently.

      1. It’s not uncommon for prop master/armourers to cobble together stuff that looks cool but is either completely impractical or flat out doesn’t exist.

      2. I always have to laugh when I see a laser sight on a shotgun because a Maglite would work just as well or even better.

        1. You realize that they DO make gun mounts for maglites…. they run anywhere from about $US 14 to $US 26.

        2. That’s why “Wondering Where the Lions Are” is laughing. It’s the people who stick lasers on shotguns who don’t know that a flashlight would be better.

    1. He already realized he had no chance with her and she had no real interest in him and something was up. Just because she made some insightful comments didn’t change the fact that he was right too :p

  6. “Imma go murder the moon.”

    In that moment, my respect for this man has tripled. You go, sir. You go and you murder the moon. Enthusiastically.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I’m the only person reading that who added “murdering the moon” to my bucket list.

      It’s good to see he has his priorities straight.

    1. If I was being handed an orange jumpsuit and a kitted out KSG, she could call me Justin Bie- nah. Nah. I’d still walk off the set. I have my limits.

        1. Ellie’s on a [secretly pretend/fake] date, he’s not groping her or drooling down her cleavage and doesn’t seem to take the label seriously. I see no reason for her to object.

        2. Ellie is likely used to it by now. Everyone she dated was ready to call her the new girlfriend. Even the girl :p They’re also likely not the type to go out of their way to say they’re not, like one would see in a sitcom.

    2. I’m waiting for the end of the ‘date’, where Ellie realizes that this is the first of them she’d ended up enjoying.

      Barring some yet unforeseen disaster, of course.

      1. Hey now! The plot actually explained that!

        Remember how they went to the Blockbuster Video and discovered even the clerk was thin and attractive?

        Everything’s thinner in Hollywood.

        Even the tar.

  7. A background prisoner with a high tech shotgun? Just go with it.

    I was expecting to see the fallout between Ellie’s accidentally almost a stalker and her probably vampire guardian angel.

      1. Being for a movie I’m sure it a prop, it just seems incongruous that the inmate would have the heavier firepower than the cop.

        1. Not so far out of line. He could easily have picked it up from a dead cop who died in a previous shot. It may have even been called for by the narrative that the cops, sensing trouble, handed out guns to all and sundry who could point them at the zombies. A minor suspension of disbelief is all that’s required to see that the prisoners, in such a situation, would see value in protecting themselves, and the cops, from the zombies.

        2. I remember hearing in California there’s a program allowing prisoners under certain conditions (good behavior definitely, I think restrictions on conviction) work fighting wildfires and days spent doing that count as somewhere between double & quadruple for their time or other similar benefits.

          I can see some similar spot decisions being made in a zombie apocalypse. If you’ve got a prisoner with general good behavior in for something minor and zombies are swarming, arming him/her would seem a pretty easy choice to make.

          Shotgun also makes sense with him presumably being a worse shot than a cop.

  8. Look ridiculous? Sound ridiculous?

    Don’t be ridiculous. Actually do be ridiculous.

    The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power of the ridiculous. Embrace the ridiculous. Feel the power of the ridiculous flowing through you. Become one with the ridiculous.

      1. I can’t imagine they’d cut Ellie’s scenes entirely. They’ve got a young, busty blonde they don’t have to pay who presumably signed a film release in a cop fetish outfit. They’ll leave some frames of her in even if they have to tell her to stand still before they start filming and say they’re just adjusting the camera or something.

        1. An attempt not to lowball was where I was coming from with them getting to the point of telling Ellie to stand still while they adjust the camera and say it’s before actual filming.

  9. Well you Are an extra, shoot yourself in the foot and bounce around. That will get you more fame faster than you could ever realize.

    1. I’m not entirely certain, but I suspect there’s a definite maximum to how much bouncing Ellie can do in that outfit without exposing herself. I’ve known some girls who’ve told me they test some of their outfits in a mirror before going out so they have a good idea of where that point is. I’d say it could go either way for Ellie taking that precaution in the dressing room or not.

      1. Well, she’s still got her underwear on. And she’s probably tested all of that on durability even in cases of “Whoop! Gotta Run!”

        So there’s probably a limit as to how much of herself she would be exposing as well.

        1. I’m surprised that nobody’s mentioned that she IS the daughter of a police chief.
          If anybody is going to know just how ridiculous this outfit is, it’s going to be a cop’s daughter.

          I’ve known several daughters from police and firefighter families. They all know right from wrong and when somebody is making a stereotype of their brothers and sisters in the force and none of them wouldn’t hesitate to tell those jokers to cut this crap out. I’m surprised that Ellie even put that “costume” on. (Unless they convinced her it is a futuristic, paramilitary, justice force or some other piece of bull. Even so, any good cop’s kid would have second thoughts before putting on that skin-type pseudo-police uniform.)

        2. Actually, I was only talking about her neck line.

          Boob placement stability along with the occasional skirt/panties questions are all I’ve actually heard women say they tested before leaving home from a knowing safe range of motion/momentum stance. Not to say there may not be more, those are just the only conversations of that nature I’ve been a part of.

  10. I’m a little amused that Ellie seems to really want to get to scream in the cheesy zombie movie. The little things that we set our sights on can be quite amusing to outside viewers.

    1. Hey! Wanting to scream? Suddenly that reminded me of an old fave webcomic: Sore Thumbs! The artwork wasn’t as good as Shotgun, and it didn’t have the elaborate storyline that this does, it wasn’t without its charms. Not least because the heroine had “assets” not entirely different from Ellie’s. More to the point, the plot began with her return home from college where she majored in hosting horror film TV shows, hoping to be the next Elvira! So the screams seemed to fit that plot, too. The whole strip is still on line for your delectation: http://sorethumbsonline.com

    1. While I’m always happy to see another shotgun, the first shotgun was in comic Please Be Kind, RELOAD (currently dated September 28, 2010).

        1. Matthew definitely has one in comic Kerfuffle (currently dated October 7, 2013), and I think Herb is holding one in Patreon comic Over My Head (currently dated February 4, 2015), but the angle isn’t good to see for certain.

          Also I realized that I am sadly wrong above. I now think the first shotgun was in comic Much Bacon Was Had
          (currently dated September 14, 2010).

  11. Never commented before, and I love the story. Patreon is worth doing. I really like that last line, “I’mma go murder the moon.” Made me crack up! ?

    1. Mr. Blue should be around any time now with your welcome basket. This week I’m told it’s a coupon good for one free pizza when you buy six larger pizzas at Louie’s Embarassingly Overpriced Pizza, and a third of a box of Mallomars.

        1. That was LAST week’s basket. Along with the coupon for one free oil change for any car made before 1965.

  12. Why is it, just now, that I realized the birthmarks spell out, gunshot? *sigh* Why didn’t I pay attention to that before?!

    1. It is a prop in a low budget zombie movie, and even bigger budget movies frequently ignore what makes sense with firearms.

  13. I just now noticed that I can’t make out what kind of handgun Ellie is wielding (except that it’s obviously an auto-loader. I think.).

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