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Mutual Gain

I am planning some comics for Patreon pledges only. I'll let you know. Even though the last several weeks I've posted the comics later in the day, I am actually getting quicker with making the comics. In most cases, the time I save on X, I end up spending creating Y and Z for the comic. Some of this is more elaborate backgrounds and lighting, etc. I find it's better to have the extras and post later, than have no backgrounds and post at 5am or so. Oh, and I did use the "Pretty Woman" analogy Steve came up with. :P

71 thoughts on “Mutual Gain

  1. Hey, in all honesty, the whole, “Post the night before” model that every other webcomic is fine and all, but I actually really like that this one shows up sometime around midmorning or afternoon, that way it’s like a nice surprise a bit after I wake up or a little laugh at lunch. Anyways, don’t stress about the early morning posting! You are the way of the future!

    1. Another good model to consider is making comics in advance, and having a site that automatically makes them available on a set schedule. It gives you a way to set up a buffer.

      1. Rusche has mentioned in the past that he didn’t like running a buffer.

        Add another vote to don’t stress about posting timing.

        I do appreciate that if Rusche misses a posting that he’ll generally update the author post of the most recent one. He’s reliable enough about that that I recall one time he didn’t update the post for a day or two and I was wondering if he was alright.

    1. And we thought Danny was the one perving it up, lol. Thank you Jayne, for showing how low the bar can go.

      I kid of course. Kudos for the reference! :)

  2. I’m just waiting for Danny’s business partner to catch on and blow up. That’s going to be an entertaining conversation.

    1. He’s been throwing cash around like a drunken politician for the last several weeks. If his partners weren’t Canadians they probably would have had him killed by now.

      1. Hey, don’t short those Canadians. They might seem all politeness and maple-syrup, but double cross them and one day you’ll wake up to a moose knocking at your door.

        1. I’m still holding out for ultra-polite Canadian versions of Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction.

        2. “‘What’ is no country I’ve ever heard of. Might I inquire if they speak the Queen’s English therein?”

          (to paraphrase myself yesterday)

        3. -Good day, eh. I’m Jules, and this is my hetero partner, Vincent.
          -How’s it going, eh?
          -So, like, pay up, or we’re going to get medieval and put a mouse in a bottle into your head.
          -Yeah, eh? Because Jesus wept.
          -That’s a good one, hoser.
          -]chortles [ Yeah, that one’s a real beaut, eh?
          -So pay up, eh?
          -Yeah, before we hit you with the big book of Canadian Criminal Codes, eh.

        4. I read that less like “Canadians are too polite” and more like “Canadians are a four digit number of miles apart from him right now”.

          I might be wrong though.

        5. Idk – don’t think thousands of miles are enough to save you from the Canuks. Swear to god every Canadian I’ve ever encountered is just biding their time ’til global domination.

        6. I don’t know about that, their liberal policies may bite them on their beaver tails, and I’m not talking about the pastry. What with the recent ISIS attacks. However, it only seems to be stereotypical for the heavily populated areas to be overly polite and liberal at large. I’m sure that unless their gun registration policies work for 100% removal from their population, then ISIS will be the backing force behind the Canadian push for global domination.

        7. Gun registration can’t work because people can make guns. Part of the design goal the US had with the AR platform was for all parts to be easily manufactured from any machine shop if the need would ever arise (as opposed to the Soviet’s goal with the AK which was to make them quickly/cheaply and no concern if it’s less efficient/convenient to make in a small facility). The powder and primers for the ammunition is what’s tricky to manufacture. Though if sniping is all you need, black powder is fairly easy and while some have primers for convenience, they can be made to operate with just flint & steel.

          I can’t see Islamic extremists taking over Canada without knocking out the US first. All joking aside (and yes, it is fun to crack jokes about Canada), I think the relationship between Canada & the US is pretty solid and I can’t imagine them getting in any kind of really serious trouble and the US not helping them with the full blessing of at least 90% of the citizens of both countries.

        8. Nah, as far as Nations are concerned Canada is the calm quiet one that lets things go until you make them mad. Then they bring out the hockey sticks for your forthcoming lobotomy.

  3. Maybe it is because there isn’t a comic I read where I actually pay attention to/read the comments (this community is awesome), but I don’t think I’ve ever really seen an author/artist take random, off-hand comments/observations and use them. :)

    As always, Keep up the Awesome!

  4. I want Ellie to wear cool fashion clothes. I think she’d look good, with the body she has. But honestly I just want to see cool outfits on her.

    1. Don’t taint this! Clearly it’s a strip club, and Danny was just marketing to Shakespeare enthusiasts. (It’s a Florida thing.)

      1. No wonder that looked familiar. I rarely got out to Polk county so I couldn’t place it.

        … Danny still could have been looking for Shakespeare enthusiasts there, even though it’s not a strip club, so I’m not out a point! :D

        1. For sleuth, what light yonder pole bears. It is tilted to the east, and Juliette is the sun. Arise righteous sun,and work that pole. For my money satchel grows to bursting. And beats upon my family’s tree and jewels to render my seed no yield to bear the future of mine name.

        2. I figured Rusche would know what I was referring to, as he’s a Floridian. Some years ago in central Florida, nudity got mostly banned. One strip club figured out a loophole (or so they thought) that allowed nudity in theatrical performances. They put on what they called “Shakespeare in the Buff” which is exactly what it sounds like.

          I managed to dig up a safe for work link to the Orlando Sentinel on the subject: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2000-01-11/news/0001110104_1_casselberry-femmes-fatale-back-on-stage

        3. I always find the move/countermove in people trying to restrict strip clubs amusing. I did find out in college that, at that time anyway, in Ohio a full nude strip club would be one that a person had to be 18 to get into. A strip club that required age 21 would be topless only (reason being an Ohio law restricting full nudity if alcohol was being served). That one made me laugh when I found it out. I’ve heard stranger ones about a bar and dance studio being set up with a glass wall in between (I think that was Louisiana for some reason).

        4. There are some weird issues here in Louisiana. Like, if alcohol is served in the establishment, you cannot use your hands to place the bills in the dancers g-string. You must use a grabbing device to hold the bill that you want to place. Kinda weird, especially since they actually provide you with the device so you can’t “touch” the girls…not that I would want to…

        5. For streuth, to prey upon the lusty, baudy feminine wiles from afar.
          To bear the transparent partition between those who preform natural acts
          ..and twixt those upon whose eyes seek the gentile arts of creation plyd for all

          Thank you.

  5. Well Ellie. All I got to say is that is work life in a nut shell. Even the best jobs have a$$holes that want to bang you or such. Just thank your stars you have a job you like.

    Also was wondering a bit on the whole custom patreon drawing. Will the drawings be posted online or are the private?

      1. Ok so it is a real picture then. Welp hope my luck is better next month ( unless you are willing to take commission w;)

        1. As I recall, yes, a parsec is a measure if distance, but Star Wars Episode IV used it as if it were a measure of time, so even some people who recognize that it was used incorrectly will use it as a measure of time in reference.

        2. But… did they really get it wrong? Assuming that your civilization can literally go as fast as it is possible to go then distance becomes a measurement of how fast you can travel.

        3. In the original Episode IV, Han Solo was scum when the heros found him. He was a smuggler and a cheat at the very least. He shot first and asked questions later. Due to interactions with the heros, his character DEVELOPED into the bad boy with a heart of gold. In the original he is talking out of his @$$ in order to make the sale and jack up the rate, Obi-Wan immediately catches on to his use of parsecs as a measure of time with the look he gives him (it is even in the original script).

          When George Lucas started “Remastering” Star Wars, he retconned Han Solo to have always been a bad boy with a heart of gold (why is character development and redemption considered a bad thing?), and it was then that parsecs traveled in The Kessel Run could be considered a legitimate test of a vessels speed.

  6. I wouldn’t have guessed that Lakeland had a sizeable Amish population.

    I’m also glad to see Ellie having moral qualms with this arrangement enough to say something. On the one hand, he’s volunteering things and she’s not making offers that she’s not following through with. But on the other hand a decent person does start to feel bad if they’re taking advantage of someone too badly, even if it is the other person’s idea.

    1. Danny on the other hand is a real class act.

      First creepy perv, now disrespectful ass, one more and he’s got a trifecta!

      1. He is also wasting his own money to do this. A few strips back his partners told him that they ain’t paying for the conventions or the girl. …so either she hasn’t been paid yet or he’s been paying her out of his own pocket.

  7. What about using an old patreon low level comic for a vote incentive? Maybe a once a month teaser to get non patreons to vote in order to see down the rabbit hole and perhaps increase patreon funding as well.

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