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My Stalker and Me

Thursday and Friday's comics are coming, but most likely not today. Probably midday tomorrow. I'm doing both of them together on the same PSD, and the line work has taken all day. I also have some complicated (for me) lighting in them which I don't think will make it by any midnight deadline to be up today. Imma take a nap, cause frankly I'm exhausted, and get back to coloring. Quinn

231 thoughts on “My Stalker and Me

        1. I still have trouble not substituting parts of that version of the Star Spangled Banner for the real one. “Lots of bombs in the air” & “that we still had a prayer” are the most common ones that come to mind faster than the correct lyrics.

      1. I wouldn’t count scoping out Quinn in that outfit as one of the many things from Danny that qualify as decidedly bad. That’s more in the “not surprising, but he’s probably staring a bit too long” category for me. It’s the camera footage of her changing that he’s probably about to go check that’s decidedly bad.

        1. It’s just that he’s so ronry. Just a rittle ronry.

          (Before anyone gets offended, I’m just keeping my comment in line with the original source of Brad’s comment…)

        2. That psychic punishment you were given isn’t as laughable as you first thought, is it Mr. Blue?

    1. I’m picturing it happening as sort of the inverse to Tarra’s elevator attack. Danny turns after closing his door, seeing Quinn clinging to his ceiling, and only manages to shout out, “Whisk ninja!” before we jump to a hallway shot as he’s attacked off-screen.

      1. If you’re going to picture Quinn in Danny’s apartment, remember to put her in a full gas mask. I suspect she’d lose consciousness otherwise.

      1. The meter has snapped off, flown across the room, and embedded itself in the wall where it is currently vibrating in sync to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

        1. Heh. Eleven squared, cubed, and then further raised to the fourth power would not come close to the proper quantum definition of how much of a creeper this boy is.

        2. 9.84973E+24

          *Mr. Blue turns on BOC’s Don’t Fear the Reaper

          All our girls have come
          Here but now Daniel’s done
          Reasons to fear this peeper
          Not or his mind, this pun or the rain, we can be like they are

    1. I see this as raising his creepiness factor more than his evil factor. Kat’s still ahead on evil, but Danny’s pulled into the lead on creepy.

  1. His beatdown is gunna be interesting to watch. Just wonder if any of the older sisters are going to get in on it.

        1. That would dismiss her food addiction for good, thus allowing an opening for Mr. Bellvedere to move into the empty room bringing recipes for Ragnarok A’la Muerto.

    1. Hmm, I’m seeing Ellie & Quinn finding out about it and getting someone to magically track the videos to the apartment next door and they’ll kick in the door and be surprised to find Danny there. Except I’m not sure how well Rusche could draw the violence that would ensue save by using the classic cartoon dust cloud.

      1. I’ve got to ask, how are they going to be tracking these signals? Unless they have something that can track the loss of signal and use multiple devices to triangulate this information back to the destiny in question? The signal would/should be the only thing that can be tracked, isn’t it? And if the target for the signal(s) is in the apartment, wouldn’t they just be too damn close to the source to definitely discriminate the collection device from the source devices?

        Unless you’re referring to Dheu and/or David? Maybe Orko?

        1. I’m guessing WLAN transmission here. And probably low power, seeing as it only has to reach the appartment over. Now you couldn’t track that really. But you could measure about how far away the receiving station can be at max and go from there. It’d probably be a choice of just the directly adjacent appartments. Depending on signal strength most likely same floor only.

        2. I’m going to suggest that he may have even watched “Pump up the Volume” and might have a similar setup. Obfuscation to the max, eh?

        3. I was suggesting just common fictional meme of a lot more data in things than is really the case. Like where they “sharpen” three pixels into a photograph or whatnot.

          Though if Danny happens to be dumb enough, he might have the address of that apartment in the WHOIS registration info for the website.


      1. It strikes me that Tired Guy’s impressive knowledge of the building’s rules and operations would be a worthwhile candidate to end all this….

        1. Negative. Tired guy would benefit from this illegal action.

          Besides. I think that I called it in some way that Danny isn’t planning on using their wifi.

        2. Though as I recall, Tired Guy’s mission was to get an apartment for his niece, and Danny’s would do the job just fine.

        3. Tired Guy forgot if it was his niece or granddaughter, so I’m guessing that was just pretext.

          Actually, Tired Guy discovering the site would be a good way of the girls getting to know about it. Get a hidden camera in his oxygen tank, tell the girls about it and that the person doing it is in the next apartment, then just film and give it to the landlord (and/or call the landlord the moment they ignore him to attack Danny).

          However that would probably get them kicked out of the apartment, so that would require that consequence to be acceptable for the plot, though in theory they’ve roomed together long enough and each find enough benefit in the arrangement that it wouldn’t be that odd for them to look for another apartment together (Quinn’s dad would still require a roommate for the next one, and Ellie would still likely be too short on cash for her own place and probably prefers having other people around anyway).

        4. Wouldn’t it just cost too damn much to have a working hidden camera inserted into a working oxygen tank? Especially one that would have to be in 100% working operation.

        5. Okay, never mind. I forgot about hiding it in the tank caddy. But then, he didn’t have one when he asked about the free flashlight. . . . .

        6. The hidden camera would have to be built into a special purpose regulator and not the tank itself.
          That would be about the only way that would work. But even that might be evident, because it would have to have a medical approval in order to even work, I think. One of those daytime Judge shows got a jeweler in trouble for making grills with a process of taking dental impressions. That was classified as practicing medicine (dentistry) according to that particular state.

        7. I was meaning “hidden around” as opposed to in. You can order pens with hidden cameras pretty cheaply, so he could use one of those.

    1. I think what is needed here is very selective violence… I have a shovel, a shotgun and a fenced backyard, as the D.A.D.D. motto says “shoot the first one and the word will spread.”

    1. Hey, anything we can do to help, I say. I once compared the early Danny / Ellie thing to a really sad “Pretty Woman” analogue and Rusche went with that one. I consider it added value.

    2. I do this all the time when GMing table top RPGs. Nothing like letting your players’ paranoia ruin wills and then harvesting a few tidbits from their panicked conversation. You can pick up on a lot of conclusions and potential plots in such fashion, and it makes the participants feel clever or vindicated when their deductions are right once in a while.

        1. Aaahh… I love it when I GM Paranoia at cons.

          My groups tend to not even make it to the briefing room without at least one casualty (and not even by my doing).
          They always find fun things to do with the gear I give them.
          And I truly never plan exactly ahead. I’ve got a mission I give them. A few things prepared that I can throw at them in any kind of order. A list of gear they can get and how it may or may not function. That’s all. The players’ll always do the rest of the work for you and make things more complicated for themselves.
          Of course that’s the whole fun and the reason to play it.
          And next time I GM, I will send them down into the sewers (read dungeons). Where they will meet tough, green skinned mutants with crude axes. And happen upon a part that their motion sensor will show as a big square room, divided into symmetrically arranged corridors. With a line of bright points on the otherwise in black and blue tones screen disappearing when crossed to make clear where they’ve already passed through. And some weird echos on the screen that look somewhat like a hooded head with a zigzag bottom, each with a different colour and only the huge cartoony eyes visible of the face.

    1. Now is not the time to be thinking about Stupid, Sexy Quinn’s butt in yoga pants. Only after the one with one brow has been dealt with can we go back to that sexy little image.

        1. I’m not really questioning that butt staring. I actually consider it pretty rational, expected, and in character.

      1. Put that in the form of a motion, so that it can be seconded. Then debate can go forth before the vote on if Danny boy qualifies to be included in questionable butt staring or not

        1. Oh, no, he has lost all but privileges, staring or otherwise. I am saying, it is right and proper to consider Stupid, Sexy Quinn’s butt, in whatever state of undress it may be, when making decisions.

        2. I motion that Herb and Pumpkin’s bonding activity involve taxidermy and Danny’s remains.

        3. The motion has been made that Herb and Pumpkin’s bonding activity involve taxidermy and Danny’s remains. Is there a second to this motion before the chair?

        4. I motion that this activity be conducted WITH a chair… preferably a folding one. (You do NOT want someone coming at you with one of those things, they can do some SERIOUS damage!)

        5. Your motion can not be made, there is already a motion before the chair. You are out of order.

          Would you like some fries with that? Maybe some poutine delivered by the point of Vu’s blade?

        6. Crom, by Crom, can laugh when the actionable motion has been seconded and then only when it has been offered to the floor by the chair for debate. If he doesn’t wait for that, then by Crom, I will have the Sergeant-at-Arms strip Crom of his credentials as a delegate and escort him out of the convention.

        7. Hm… And what about Ronal? There’s gotta be a job where we can fit the poor little barbarian in, right?

    2. Meh. Staring at Stupid Sexy Quinn Butt In Yoga Pants is probably the most human thing this cretin has done since Ellie quit the job. It doesn’t even register as one of his sins at this point.

      1. I would agree that staring at Quinn is quite the human thing here. But let’s not forget he’s still at least feigning to be Mister Right for Ellie. Under these circumstances, it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.

        1. No. I do not want the affable human thing ascribed to that soul patched dude bro jerk @@$#+#%# %##÷$$× &€£!÷+@$ #÷÷#$@£¥ #!×$+=#÷●•~<}{ who can't even try his !@×÷$ with his #$×÷. Further more, the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

          (The editor here. We as the acting managerial staff of the commentary section of this publication, Shotgun Shuffle have censored Mr. Blue’s comments on Mr. Fleetwood. We also would like to point out that while Mr. Fleetwood does have facial hair, management would like to have it know that we neither support nor condone any facial hair stance beyond those of Ms. Anise Buckingham.

          Furthermore, we are delighted to offer such a basis for profound and stimulating discussion as presented in today’s installment by our actors. So please try to remember that the individual’s depicted here are also not the opinions proffered by management, nor are they supported claims or views and nor are they condoned nor considered grounds for prank calling your local dominettes pizza chain to ask for Elvis’ peanut butter and sushi whopper wings.

          Thank you and good nachos.

          We now return you to your regularly scheduled Mr. Blue, who seems to have calmed down)

          And that is why the Roman’s used the lion for proper disposal in those situations. Does Lakeland have a zoo?

        2. I don’t think he’s under any delusions that he’s Mr. Right for Ellie or that she thought he was.

          He’s feigning being Mr. Harmless.

        3. Sorry but let me clean something up. Mr. Big is the name of the senor male lion at my local zoo.

  3. Based on Danny’s face in the last panel, any hesitation/guild about what he is about to do next has vanished. Bring on full creepy-stalker-hidden-webcam-porno-douche-bag mode.

        1. So do you see him as getting the “violently impaled” or “torn apart by animals” Disney villain ending?

        2. My favorite “violently impaled” villain ending would be from Hot Fuzz. Didn’t like the movie in general, but the final villain fight was very satisfying.

    1. Hmmm, I can’t see that he had any hesitation to get all those cameras up in three or four hours. Nor does he seem like the type to really feel guilt about anything.

  4. And now we know how he got his cameras into the apartment so fast…and got rid of the evidence. Also takes care of a lot of the logistic issues with where the cameras are going to be connecting.

    As for the Yoga pants Quinn…2 thumbs up!!! Way up!!! For Quinn has a much better “ass”et than Ellie, but Ellie has some other better assets than Quinn. Kinda evens out on the hot scale for both of them.

    Oh, and Danny must die…or at least become one who is seriously injured and unable to operate a website.

      1. Rusche said no one dies during the Black Friday arc. I don’t recall him saying that in general. I mean, Darryl already died (unsurprisingly this was mentioned in the comic Poor Darryl – 04 May 2010).

        @Gnatevil – I’m fairly certain the Canadians run the website (Caleb anyway, not sure about Vu).

  5. Hmm… Now if he’s living next door, I can’t see it taking *too* long for the ladies to discover he’s there, particularly if he still has the iScream Truck. However, if he’s merely using it as a broadcasting point that only requires intermittent in-person access, then it could be a while. Either way, he’s plainly stepped into the territory of villainy at this juncture — villainous creepery at that.

    1. Actually, he could park the van some ways away in a hidden spot and carefully only leaving the appartment when none of the girls are in danger of catching him go or return (the cameras would definitely help there).

      I’d say if he plays it “right” (the word somewhat sounding wrong under these circumstances), he’d be able to stay hidden for quite some time.

  6. And here I’d thought he’d set it up so that the camera feeds would dump their recordings to the laptop Ellie was ‘gifted’, and then it would send them on at an hour she would be asleep. Far more creepy now, though.

    1. And his lies are fairly well crafted. ‘HE’ never said he was too drunk to drive home, he just feigned being passed out so he could stay. He didn’t say he didn’t already have a place nearby (across the frickin hall!), he just asked Ellie what she would think if he got a place nearby.

      Given the amount of $$$ Danny has sunk into trying to win Ellie over by being her constant companion, he’s probably pretty deep in the hole with his partners. While we can hope he is just streaming for personal gratification, in all likelihood Ellie and Quinn are going to be the unknowing stars of a PPV ‘girls apartment’ site as Danny tries to recoup his losses.

      1. I am increasingly convinced that those “partners” are more pansies, than anything else. A legitimate front, in who’s name he can operate in, and to which he can shed any debt to. He has been double dealing with them from the get go. The company card pays for everything, yet he is the only one that knows that the card exists.

        He plans, most likely, to use the site to host his ads, for a discount, for the roomie-cam. He runs a pay site, drawing in cash, and puts enough back into the company to keep it afloat, all the while paying all expenses via the above mentioned card. And, if/when all goes South, he drives off in his ice cream truck (now I’m having 1980’s Rap/Country crossover flashbacks. Ancients of MooMoo.) and leaves a stinking pile of blame at their feet.

  7. I think Danny has just confirmed he is a Sociopath with absolutely no remorse about what he does or who he will eventually hurt as long as gets what he wants.

    I just looked up a couple of web sites with a definition of sociopath and found he fits quite a few of the identifiers.

    1. If he’s a sociopath, he’d be on the low functioning end. I don’t know that sociopaths tend to be as impulsive, though, so I’m not thinking he’s a full DSM definition-type sociopath. As much of a sociopath as the average CEO, sure.

  8. I love how Ellie twisted the knife there. “Oh yea, I’m totally open and interested in having a relationship, just not with you in particular. So hit the bricks!”

  9. There is only one way he could have pulled this off.

    He rented the place at least two weeks before hand and got the girls schedule patterned out. The boy is a dedicated sack o manure for 3.95. Most likely from a third rate poultry farm associated with weekly outbreaks of salmonella and escheria coli.

  10. You know, you have a guy that smart and patient, you’d think he’d be able to solve his problems in a smarter and more patient way.

    1. Cunning, sure. Having certain useful skills, yep. Smart, no.

      He does some advance planning, but all we’ve seen of that is the occasional steps to a goal, not the consequences of being caught. He also doesn’t really put that much prior work into most things, hence his attempt to buy off the Magpies.

        1. You know, I put some thought into this.

          And I think if we throw in some populist scumbags from politics and FOX news fact-checkers (not that they’d ever be needed *cough*nogozonesinfranceandbirminghamisahundredpercentmuslim*cough*), then add an (empty) jetpack to supposedly fly back out, the anteaters might be in for some surprisingly entertaining deathmatch scenes.

        2. Oh well hell man, why not just take Brewster along with all of that stuff installed into a Sarlac pit with an infinite regression groundhog paradigm influx bound by Phil Connors.

        3. An interesting proposition. But I’m not sure whether that goes conform with local zoning laws. We might have to apply for a special permit. And that always costs a lot of time and money. Not to mention that adjoining owners might file an appeal.

  11. Remember when installing the cameras was creepy? Man those were the good old days…

    I doubt there is a third party. My theory is he grabbed as much money as he could from that website he was working for before bailing and used it to set all this up with plans to make a paid membership voyeur website.

    1. That doesn’t seem likely given that Caleb (one of Danny’s partners in Canada) is on the cast page. Otherwise I’d have probably agreed with you.

        1. I don’t think Rusche is going to shift character focus to follow Danny, so Caleb & Vu would need to have a reason to interact with Ellie, Quinn, or another primary character. So while I wouldn’t be surprised about Danny screwing them over and them coming after him, I think they’re still somewhat in on it with the cameras, otherwise they’d have no way to know to have anything to do with Ellie or Quinn.

          Another possibility is that Caleb & Vu might be Danny’s roommates. That’d make more sense for them being on the cast page.

        2. There’s still the possibility that they’d like to make amends for the screw up that is their (at this point probably former or soon to be) partner. Might even lead up to an actual job opportunity, who knows?

          Well, Rusche of course.

          And the Shadow, obviously.

        3. In a comment Rusche mentioned that Ellie’s next job after whatever the hell this is with Danny will have her working with David.

  12. Chris. Don’t try to keep the backlog current if you missed a day. I could see a plausible miss of two a month while your getting better as adapting the style. I did learn one thing from one of my photography classes.

    You can’t frost a crappy cake.

    With all of the special touches, easter eggs and such your comic is so far above par, you need to have another level of competition just to get someone else in the top ten spot. Don’t worry yourself over a day or two a month. Leave a tidbit for the printed book/revamp. I definitely want one. And a Fatty McFatFat doll. And maybe the seven Buckingham beanies.

    You definitely give the monies worth a great value.

    1. I’m going to second that attempting to make up for being sick the moment you get better is not the best idea. If you feel internally motivated to do that, ramp back to normal, stay there for a week, and then try to go for extra.

      I wouldn’t worry about it anyway, though. You do extra comic-wise all the time because the story doesn’t work as well with splits where the shorter comic would leave it or that artistically you want more overlap from panels that’d be in different posts. You probably average out as doing “extra” at least once a week just normally.

      1. TOG, you’re an awful and petty person for leaving me with pretty much nothing more to say than maybe a “I agree”.

        And a like to your comment.

    1. He’s going to give a reason for his characters to succeed or fail in growing and giving a story where things aren’t always perfect and magic. So, sometimes bad things happen and characters are awful and vile.

      Why you keep coming back is something you’ll have to answer for yourself. I come back because I enjoy the story in general even if I don’t always enjoy what’s going on.

      I did hit a spot earlier with Danny where I decided I was going to wait a week or two before I came back so I wouldn’t have the discomfort with waiting between postings, but that coincided with a delay and I calmed down with what was bugging me.

      1. You know, when I read the middle part of your comment, what came to my mind was

        “Came for the boobies, stayed for the story!”

        Can’t help it. :D

        1. I think it was a Hot Girl 180 ad from another webcomic that I originally clicked on to find this comic, so I can’t say your statement is completely wrong.

    1. It could also be a reference to an old doll called My Buddy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next comic was called “Are You there, Vu? It’s Me, Danny.”

        1. I only remember the “My Buddy” commercial. Maybe the kid sister was in a different market with a higher population density that could allow for competition with the Barbie dolls with a better sales ratio, perhaps hmm?

  13. I don’t like where this is going. I want to hurt him already. Danny has turned from the laughable lazy kid who just doesn’t care what’s happening, to the creepy ass guy who needs his ass wooped otherwise he’s going to end up in jail.

    1. Maybe the social media website Danny’s working for is like a less intense version of The Game (1997), and Ellie’s setup is only unique because she’s unaware of it.

    2. I suggested we take a folding chair to Danny, but SOMEBODY was more concerned with their own pedantry than actually delivering concussions in a timely and hilarious fashion…

        1. Oooh, you just gave me an idea: why limit ourselves to just one type of prop? How about a ladder match atop a steel cage, then a swan dive with the folding chair onto a stack of tables…? BURNING tables… scattered with thumbtacks! :D

          Our in-universe selves could stream THAT onto the InterTubes and funnel the proceeds to Ellie and Quinn.

        2. For their legal defense team? Just make sure we don’t get Johnny Cochran. I’m sure that there are already enough dead beat poets in Florida already lured by the mouse ears.

        3. Nice. You think we could find a way to reasonably fit in some lumberjacks into this? For good measure, you know.

    3. I’m leaning towards “have ass-whooped and end up in Jail” myself.. Or better yet “Ass-whooped while in jail”. And isn’t Papa-buck Chief of Police…

  14. C’mon Blue – One more comment and you’ll have FIFTY **50** comments on this episode. C’mon man, I believe in you. Your powers of spam are too great, don’t…miss…this…chance!

    (note: recursive comments were counted twice).

    1. I’m not going to retire the moniker Mr. Blue.

      Maybe some people prefer to prize through the RSS feeds. Maybe some phones and there stupid auto-corkboard functions can’t process those feeds coherently by hiding the code and paring things down to one instance of the data presented. Maybe they like to run through the comments top to bottom to make sure they don’t miss one bit of the audience participation.

      Maybe the idiot calling himself Mr. Blue has a plethora of dsm brand alphabet soup and is an individual who mostly avoids mechanically separated meats because of vital agents in close proximity to the neutral tissues, conduits and fluids. Along with the possibility of associated prions in the aforementioned sources.

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