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My Stupid Mouth

"Oh is this your bachelor pad? LAWL, you need a girl to spruce this up, you grubby man. I'm your missing puzzle piece!" "I mean OOPS." No Ellie, you're not the first. 

37 thoughts on “My Stupid Mouth

    1. And the first real, cannon photo of Megan and David where we get to see her face, and get a true emotional feeling about their relationship. Her smile and laughter, like only a redhead can do, only serves to makes me sad to think what might have been for them if not for that one, fateful day. That’s has to be hard for Ellie. Time may heal all things, but to look at that photo gives one pause to know that nobody will ever truly replace Megan as David’s one true love in his heart.

      Have to give Chris credit.
      It’s been 8 months since we’ve seen Ellie getting dressed. And even thought this is the same day, it’s good to know that he’s kept their attire consistent with the last time we’ve seen them (Ellie in brown shorts and black llama bros. shirt; David in the same baby blue t-shirt and jeans). Good to know that the timeline remains consistent.

  1. Does David have sonar or something? I mean he has an eye seeing dog, why doesn’t he use him to help him get around or transform into a Zoid that can decimate his enemies.

      1. Yeah I’m still not buying that mapped everything out explanation, I mean it works fine at home, but he gets around fine everywhere, you know there’s something suped up going on there.

        1. Not necessarily. You’d be surprised at what the human brain is actually capable of. Most blind folks use their ears like sonar to hear how close things are to them and build a picture in their minds that way. One guy in the town I live in constantly clicks when he walks and is pretty adept at getting around.

    1. Exactly. He’ll leave (without giving a 10 on the survey) which, among other things, will drive Tarra into stalker territory, doing the kind of stuff wheelchair ninja did (though maybe a bit more competently) and with Kyle either getting worn down & going with it, or with him getting increasingly irritated until he goes from “maybe I’ll just go” to “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU WEIRDO!”

      If it’s the second, that’ll further Tarra’s progress to X.

        1. Agreed that lack of closure on Tarra/Kyle makes sense here. Does he get roped into her madness, escape clean, or escape fleeing to be occasional background easter egg.

      1. @Alec Horne Always leave them wanting more.

        @White Rice I don’t see him bailing. Tarra is like a stray cat. Now that he’s fed her she’s his responsibility.

        Although if she did start stalking him I’d see him completely no-selling it. “Hello Miss Buckingham. Hanging from the elevator ceiling again?” “Miss Buckingham you really shouldn’t follow someone in the rain. You’ll catch a cold… You can share my umbrella if you’d like.” “Miss Buckingham if you’re going to break into my house and watch me sleep could you at least start a pot of coffee in the morning?”

        1. Ooh, the happy medium between getting worn down & getting fed up: just accepting it & continuing with everything normally. I like it.

        2. I don’t know. He’s sitting there, eating the sandwich and he looks neither worn down nor fed up. I think he wants to continue. He should straighten her out on the couch and throw a blanket over her.

    1. I’d love to see a strip where they go to a llama polo match. That would be fun to see Chris draw :) Little people on llamas? What could go wrong or what could be cuter?

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  3. Humility. The thing keeping Ellie from becoming Tarra.

    It makes sense to showcase it here. Good contrast with pacing and the switch.

  4. I don’t think this is the worst thing she has ever said. It may not be the worst thing she has said today.

    I’m pretty sure he will not be upset by it. She knows his story… he hasn’t had a woman’s touch around his place in a while.

    Still, it would be nice if the next thing out of her mouth is “I see the picture of you and your sweetheart. She looks very nice. Once again, I’m sorry for your loss.”

  5. So Ellie isn’t the first woman in David’s life…or isn’t the first woman to walk into David’s house and decide that her shoes taste delicious?

  6. Part of me is with the “oof” squad regarding a taste for footware

    Another part of me read the pacing and the heavy body contact in the picture as “It could obviously use a woman’s touch” *and maybe so could you*

    1. I’ll admit, any time I hear the “this house could use a woman’s touch” sort of line the first thing that pops into my mind is a response in the direction of “the house wasn’t actually number one on my list in that regard.”

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