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Name Dropping

We had a few Scooby Doo mysteries solved in comments last few posts. Maybe more today. Apparently some of you aren't aware I've added a sister panel to the cast page. Or that there was a cast page at all... And I'm going to declare story option B as the winner. I know the votings close, now... It's only within a few, right? Like one or two more could totally swing it the other way.. =P So I'm already writing for it.   Also, on a personal note. If any of you have Nat Geo, be on the look out for a show called Family Beef. It stars some quirky relatives of mine who live in Virginia, and their life on a cattle  farm. It just started airing and it's more or less in it's testing phase to see how the ratings are... so I suspect, depending on time zone and newness, it's going to be airing at various times. Regardless, just a plug for them. (Some of you old Survivor watchers may remember Big Tom. He stars in this. He was in Survivor Africa and Survivor Allstar.)

100 thoughts on “Name Dropping

  1. Daw… Ellies high school pic is adorable.

    And a glimpse of the dark haired sis between Ellie and Pumpkin. And another example of how insular Quinn is. It is nice to see the girls bonding though (over the mutual contempt for Juniper.) That identity mixup does go a LONG way towards explaining Quinns heretofore overall rage against Ellie though.

      1. And I see either a new mystery? a typo? Of the fact I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours is making me see things. But Ellie’s name does not appear to be Ellie in the year book. Which actually makes more sense.

        I think.

        I sleep now…

        1. I don’t know, aside from Ellie, all sisters introduced are plants with recognizable tastes/smells. My guess (before reading below comments) was Cinnamon and Lavender, which many others are guessing as well.

          As the self-proclaimed Lazy One, the thought “an eight letter/three syllable name is WAY too long to be writing/saying” seems very appropriate for Ellie.

          I’m looking forward to a lot of what else has been planned for the sisters. With the kids in the shadow, I’m guessing “responsible” or “nurturing” or even “successful” for T. U is “dumb” as already hinted and maybe even stated in comments (and Ellie’s ‘derp’). I’d guess Pumpkin as “good”, “motivated”, or also possibly “successful”, but she mentioned the one F from Ellie’s copy/paste put her at a D, so with Pumpkin seeming to care and Ellie stated as floating through in honors classes with no effort, I’m not sure.

          I don’t know a lot about fraternal twins, but one being apparently dumb and the other being able to coast through honors classes does seem like a larger than normal spread.

    1. She really does look cute, and somewhat different than I imagined. I’m constantly thinking of Ellie’s angry expressions, mostly due to her disposition for the past few weeks talking to Quinn, so seeing her look really bubbly is almost… odd, for me, even if that’s her normal personality.

      On the topic of looks, why did Ellie start the series with short hair rather than long hair? Story wise, it’s because a sister recently cut it, but was there a technical reason why? Is the shorter hair easier to draw, or did Rusche just like the short hair look more?

        1. Ah, ok then. I remember you saying that Quinn was modeled after someone you knew, but that Ellie was a composite character. I hadn’t thought that her appearance was also based off of someone.

    2. As far as Quinn’s rage against Ellie goes, the contrast of their silhouettes in the first panel really says it all…

  2. Since most of the other sisters are named after trees, herbs and squash… What is Ellie short for? Also, if Juniper was left back two years, and Derpy U sister is in the same grade as Ellie, does that mean Derp was left back a year as well, or are she and Ellie fraternal twins?

    1. Based on the sidebar names, it appears to be a diminutive version of something that starts with “La” (lamb?) so I’m guessing it’s actually L-‘ee.

      Side Note: it looks like brunette sister is named “Cinnamon”

      1. oh, and either Cinnamon skipped some grades, was held back, is adopted, or (my hope) is Ellie’s fraternal twin…

    1. No Derpy is the black-haired sis because the flashback in Tarragon has a black-haired toddler with the same “U”s on her cheeks. Given the yearbook layout, her name appears to start with “Ci”. So I’m thinking Cindy or something along those lines. Going off of that same tangent, Ellie’s actual first name starts with “La”. Now we need to identify spices with those letters because it sure as heck isn’t “Larry”. Unless Rusche decides to name her Larry….

      1. According to Wikipedia, the most likely candidates are “Cicely” for the sis and “Lavender” for Ellie. Forgive the obsessiveness I’m currently suffering from insomnia XD

        1. Ahhh, that’s kinda clever…. for a middle school kid. I never understood that mentality- some kids were just uncomfortable with their names, and either called themselves by their middle names, or by initials- even when they had fairly normal names.

          But back to the point, I was asking if Lavender was Ellie’s real -first- name. I guess it is, so she ended up using her initials to make a different name. I don’t think Lavender is a bad name- it’s actually kinda cute. Well, at least certainly more than Pumpkin… :/

        2. I knew a person like that, and was one myself. In his case, it was a matter of his name being extremely common, and he didn’t like any of the shortenings of it, so he used his less common, shortening-free middle name.

          Mine was similar, but I also just outright hate my name. I still don’t like it, and my middle name is worse (it’s one of those names that was inherited, but the name is dated).

        3. You’ve got me interested now! What’s your name? Or at least your middle name. Is it Bartholomew? Or Jedediah? Er…. I guess if you wanted to share, you would’ve, so… sorry I asked! :)

          My middle name is also inherited. Kinda… See, in my father’s family, we have a little tradition of making the grandfather’s first name, the grandson’s middle name. My grandfather’s first name is Joseph, so that’s my middle name. And here’s a weird coincidence- my favorite Marvel character’s full name is Nicholas Joseph Fury, and mine is Nicholas Joseph Stephenson. Cool, eh?

        4. Nick, nothing against sharing, but if you don’t mind my saying, that seems to be too much information in today’s identity theft world.

        5. You know who else liked to play around with the letters in their name?


          Just saying. ;)

          (Tried to think of a way to make a joke about Ellie having two lightning scars, but it’s too late).

        6. No, we have nothing of the sort in our house. However, if you ask a bunch of random people if they’re named after a relative, you’ll find that well over 80% (thank you, Pareto?) have a middle name that is the same as a relative’s first name. At least, in the States.

          And no, I’m not interested in sharing my name, but it’s dating is similar to these: Esther, Lenore, Bernard, Earl, Gladys, Milton, Beatrice, and Willard. That should give you a rough idea of why I didn’t want to use it through school.

        7. I was betting on this one. I grew up with a friend named Mary Elizabeth, we always called her Emmie. M.E.

        8. Heh, one of the first things I did upon waking up today was google spices to figure out what Ellie’s real name probably is. I couldn’t find a better candidate than Lavender either.

        9. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t let her mother have named her “Larch”. I’m hoping for Laurel.

      1. I wonder, is his inclusion here “just ’cause”, or was there another reason why? Have he and Ellie met before?

    1. I was wondering since Ellie said DJ Extra Trashy went to the same high school, how many of those guys also did. I guess we know of two now. One more to go.

      And now I’m imagining how things would go if Quinn actually let Ellie tag along the next time she goes out with the guys (assuming that happens again and wouldn’t be too awkward). It might be interesting considering that Ellie likely remembers the guys and they would surely remember Ellie, although probably a little alienating for Quinn since she didn’t know any of them even went to the same high school (except Ellie).

      1. Cornbread, my whitebreaded icon personage. Cornbread. C O R N B R E A D. Corn Meal, buttermilk, corn, bacon, bacon grease, cast iron skillet, eggs, and something else, can’t remember.

        1. Some varieties of cornbread are baked with jalapenos in them. I’ve never really liked that though – it’s not that I don’t like jalapenos, I just don’t like the taste of them in cornbread. A personal preference, I guess.

  3. Wow, that profile image in the first pannel is quite a surprise. I knew Ellie was…fuller than Quinn, but I didnt know she was that much taller than her. No wonder Ellier kicked her ass in their scuffle, not counting their bust size, Ellie is quite a bit thicker, built stronger from years of living with her sisters.

    Still, I couldnt help but notice on the cast page, Juni isnt the one shown with kids around her…thats…a possibly depressing thought.

    Question, WHOSE yearbook is that we are looking at? Ellie’s or Quinn’s?

      1. Really? Interesting, that makes me wonder who the girl in Anise’s strip is that she Xed out is. No way that’s Quinn, hair is too curly. Also I see in the year on the same page is a girl that looks a LOT like one of the art students that drew Ellie in Alex’s class ;)

        1. Also, N isn’t usually listed before B in most yearbooks.

          And I too noticed the potentially-reoccurring art student. Maybe it will be someone important later? Or maybe not; probably just a familiar face we’ll see from time to time.

        2. I’m pretty sure Mr. Rusche mentioned somewhere that the art student who has been a gravatar is going to reappear.

        3. Rats, I just went back and looked (after I hit “post”, of course)… I though I remembered the X’d out girl being on a “Buckingham” page, but I guess this page of the comic is the first to show Buckinghams in the yearbook.

    1. For your possibly depressing thought, I rebut with a more positive theory. I would not be surprised if that unrevealed sister with the three kids may have simply adopted Juni’s kid after birth. I doubt any of them would trust Juni with a baby, after all.

      I honestly get the feeling that the Buckinghams are family oriented and would not consider abortion an option except in more extreme cases. I’m actually a girl who has six sisters myself, and that’s how my family roles at least.

      Then again, I could be wrong. I just think it would be odd she would need to drop out of high school if she were just going to abort, as it was stated that she dropped out when she got pregnant rather than just because she felt like it.

      1. Welcome Jamilee.

        Ya see folks, I knew the day would come a real-life Ellie would visit the site.
        And wow, look… she’s completely predicting my future stories. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Makes you wonder if he’s going to have a shotgun in his hands the whole time. But he’d keep shifting it between hands in order to subtelty suggest the web comic.

      redneck 1 from Georgia: Dang, what’s that guy doing wit dat shotgun

      Jeff Foxworty: getonouttahere, he’s shufflin it between his hands.

      redneck 2 from Georgia: Dang, he’s shufflin that shotgun fast.

      Jeff Foxworty: Gun reference drink.

      redneck 1 from Georgia & Jeff Foxworthy: NOT IT

      redneck 2 from Georgia: got DANG it.

  4. Heh… you know, I feel badly for people not reading the comments… so many hints from the story, seem to be getting answered here in the comments section.

    Also… yikes… Ellie’s mum has a really weird quirk, with these unusual names that she’s given her kids.

    1. Well, I have to ask.

      1) were the names given to the girls by their mother, or were they inspired by their father. Or perhaps, given that they are in Florida, and that the mother seems to have black hair, could they have cuban ancestry of a sort, and the grandparents may have had some influence on naming the girls.

      2) The one thing that is odd, is this. Doesn’t every parent, stereotypically or realistically, use every frigging name that a kid has when they are in the dog house?

  5. Derp! Nice picture.

    So Ellie apparently thought the person before Juni in the yearbook was either hot (or “hawt” as I am told the hip young girls call it these days) or stinky.

    Also, nice picture of Ellie. She’s kind of got a “Strong Arm Alchemist” thing going on with the pink stars and all.

        1. Looking back through the archives, I realize that you’ve always given her a slightly confused expression in the random shots she’s in. Nice, subtle touch.

  6. Juni looks a little like she might be having a hangover in that one picture. Still trying to smile though, bless her.

    Also: Juni was preggers?! *What a twist!*.

    1. I agree. I feel conflicted because Ellie is obviously going to want to grow her hair out (and looks great when she does), but short hair Ellie is how we’ve gotten to know her.

  7. I’m amazed that they all have long here in this, was there a truce between sisters for a couple of years? haha. Also, I’m now kinda wondering, with Ellies cheeks have a Z, The slut has an S, the Derp has a U, will their cheeks spell something or be an anagram of sorts??

    1. Ellie’s are N’s.
      You can look on the cast page to read it. But in order of youngest to oldest, we know the following letter: G U N S H O –
      So it’s obvious what the last letter is. =)

      1. We got gunshot, gunshow, gunshop with only shotgun being an actual single word. And Gunshok is just a word I made up for my video game.

        Now I am wondering if their cutie marks are tatoos but in by their father which is why Anise likes tatoos.

  8. Just had a thought regarding the sisters. When I first saw the strip introducing Tarra, I didn’t realize Tarragon was a spice. I thought the strip name was making a pun of Tarra’s name and the word “paragon” since she’s listed as “The Perfect One” on the cast page. Kinda random I know. Going to bed now XD

  9. I feel bad for those that didn’t know about Cast Page because I always thought that was one of the highlights of the comic… slowly getting the slots filled in.

    So I guess Zane (shown as Derp!) is another sister if only because she is the only female shown on the page when mentioning another sister. And she has a letter on her face.
    And check out who is above Derp!’s face.

        1. Ah, I see the mix-up now. The speaking character is always the first on stage, yearbook names are clearly on the sides, and the second level of naming references has to deal with high school boys who may have somehow become Ellie’s nephew/niece daddy, because of Juniper’s nickname.

  10. Their father is a blonde, right? Well, even then, how the hell did they get the majority of their children to be blonde haired with their mother having completely black hair? Blonde hair is recessive. I could see Ellie and Pumpkin, maybe one other sister being blonde, but 5 (maybe 6) out of 7?

    1. Each kid is a separate roll of the dice, statistically speaking. For instance with eye color, a blue eyed parent and a brown eyed parent have a 75% chance of producing a brown eyed child, and a 25% chance of having a blue eyed child. This is true every time they conceive. Nature wouldn’t look at the blue eyes and go–Well, that’s your one, it’s brown eyes from now on.

      Or left/right hand dominance. The statistic is one in ten. Every time you conceive a child there is a 10% you’ll get a lefty. The chances of you getting two left handed children in one family is one in one hundred. Three left handed children in one family is one in one thousand.

      This is all given my imperfect understanding of statistics as well as genetics.

    2. It depends on genetics. If both parents carry the same recessive gene, say for blond hair, they can have a blondhaired child even if they are both dark haired.

      1. That’s just it, the fact that’s recessive. Two dark-haired parents both with a blonde recessive gene have only a one in four chance of their child getting both recessive genes. If he’s blonde and she’s blonde-recessive (and she would have to be in that case, as him being blonde and her NOT being a carrier would result in all of their children getting a dominant and a recessive gene – which means none of them would be blonde), then that at least makes a 50/50 shot of them being blonde. So really, that’s the only way the majority of them being blonde works in my head.

  11. I’m probably wrong, but I’m thinking that the pic with two ankle-biters (I’m assuming they’re that young) is the mother of the clan. Moving this comic from the undefined list to the Mon-Wed-Fri list, which seems closest to most accurate.

    Keep up the good work- you are able to get a history put together and still tell a great story!

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