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Needless Need for Comparison

48 thoughts on “Needless Need for Comparison

  1. That sounds about right.

    Ellie clearly finds Caleb attractive. I wonder if she would be interested what Vu looks like if that wasn’t the case.

        1. Doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested though. I’d settle for “not enough data” at the current point.

  2. I have seen the end if the void and nothing is everything. I shall however say this internal line. “First”.

      1. Considering your chosen nickname, I think I have to say that the universe gave you the result that you needed AND deserved.

      2. You gotta write your post, then ctrl-C to copy it and refresh that page to make sure no one has added anything while you were typing. Then you can ctrl-V it back into place quickly and post.

        1. …or just open two instances of the page, and refresh the one that the post is not being typed in. That helps reduce the risk of copy/paste mishaps.

        2. Ooor install the Lazarus extension for Firefox or Chrome so that even if the Intarwebz eat your post, you can resurrect it!

        3. Hey look mister, maybe not all of us have fancy newfangled computers that can handle opening more than one browser page at a time! Last time I tried that it took me almost 20 minutes to get the fire under control.

        4. Well, to quote a certain wall breaking comic super..well not quite hero, but anyway: “You pressed the wrong button!”

  3. I wonder if Ellie’s curiosity will lead to all of us getting to finally see Vu’s face, or if the avoidance of showing her face in past comics is just the beginning.

    1. Do not try and see Vu’s face. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth…
      There is no face.

  4. Why is everybody shipping the girls with whomever she’s in the panel with?

    Ellie with Alex (at least one person)
    Ellie with Eustis
    Ellie with the urine salesman
    Ellie with Quinn
    Ellie with Ian
    Quinn with Alex
    Quinn with Ellie
    Quinn with Ian
    Quinn with… you want fries with that?
    Pumpkin and Quinn
    Pumpkin and Ashliii
    Bubbles and Ashliii
    Pumpkin and Katrina
    Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse
    Leonard and Penny
    Col. Sanders and Sgt. Pepper
    Iron Man and Pepper
    Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?
    Promethium and Sodium
    Angella and Tony
    Romeo and Juliette

  5. Caleb (to himself): “Perhaps I should have included not talking to me at all as terms in the contract…”

  6. I am speculating that Ellie finds Caleb interesting (not necessarily as a romantic partner) because he’s one of the only guys we’ve seen so far who talks to Ellie like a person rather than as a sexual conquest. He’s been blunt, a little dismissive, and overall pretty genuine. He offered the girls donuts altruistically (as far as we know) rather than as a means to court her. Ellie doesn’t meet a lot of genuine guys. She may be attracted to the fact that he’s not overtly attracted to her.

  7. We all want to see a picture of Vu!! Problem is, any camera that tries to take her picture bursts into flames. So, no pictures… :-(

    1. It could be that she’s a polymorphed faerie, they’re *hell* on technology. Maybe Deepbluediver has an antique camera we could use… one with a wrought-iron tripod should help to impede any Unseelie magicks girding Vu.

  8. Wait… Danny was the coder? Smarter than I thought. I had figured he was Caleb’s screwup american cousin.

      1. We also never saw the site. It could have been a pile of poorly functioning $h!t made up of code that was hastily and incompetently copied from the internet then crammed into WordPress/Drupal. resulting in a mess that would make even the most ardent jQuery defender weep blood instead of tears.

    1. There are some phenomenally stupid software developers out there, even more when you reduce that to web development only. Hearing that someone is a coder for a living shouldn’t actually be taken as any kind of correlation with intelligence. You will get some correlation with being more literal and logical, it does also draw a good number of less social people, and is an area where people with certain types of disorders in the high functioning autism direction can excel and be reasonably comfortable. General intelligence doesn’t seem markedly different than the general population, though.

      Basically software development tools have gotten better and better which makes it much easier to do development work than it used to be (and it was certainly more hard-core before I started too), so the bar for doing software development does get lower and lower and more and more people have enough need to make it worthwhile learning.

      Additionally the need for software developers has been pretty high for decades, so you’ve had a lot of, “Well, you’re good enough I suppose” get pulled in and manage to stick around. Next you get the fact that non-technical people are REALLY bad at judging technical people, so unless you have someone good to tip you off that the jargon doesn’t make sense and is a pathetic excuse, a non-technical manager can get played for a long time. To magnify that, when you’re chock full of incompetent people in a department, good people either flee like they’re on fire or enjoy being #1 and either don’t try to get more good people or maybe even actively block them, so it can last longer than you’d think.

      If you’re interested in seeing some of the entry-level development tools out there, some of the ones I’ve heard of are Programming Without Coding Technology project, inventwithpython.com , or there are also quite a few pre-teen-oriented programming language books. As alternates with Python, you could look at Natural Language Processing with Python (nltk library) or some of the big data/statistics work that’s being done with Python, as both of those areas also try to appeal to non-technical people as well.

      Honestly software development is primarily being able to decompose a process into steps and trace logical methods or having the patience to “guess and check” for where you can’t (there tends to be some “guess and check” for anything even moderately complicated for all of us mere mortals, which is where the sign of a bad programmer is when that’s all they can do). Past that a lot of it’s just remembering syntax and keywords or at least enough to search for the syntax online (which is also where the modern IDEs can help a lot as they can save the time for looking up a lot of things).

      1. I mostly agree with you, though I would say that most of the “tools” out there have allowed people to pass themselves off as less incompetent than they really are to non-programmers. They’ve also allowed graphic designers to pass themselves off as developers, which really doesn’t help either.

        1. Yes, which is part of what makes “web developer” not something which has positive connotations. I do recognize that there are some good developers who concentrate on web applications, but there are just a lot more that really don’t even have the basics.

          On the other hand, the vast majority of people I’d consider good developers probably couldn’t draw or color jack squat if their life depended on it (I’d bet I’d be dead), and a large part of content that makes the web interesting is due to artistic folks now that the technical folks have laid all the groundwork. So I mainly just consider “web developer” to be equivalent to “non-technophobic artist” and leave it at that until proven otherwise. Really I don’t mind that so much, just keep a separate credit card for anything that touches the web.

  9. Hope everyone remember TWC voting. I’m hoping we’re mainly just in the new month normalization, but we’re in the 80’s right now.

  10. “I don’t have a drivers license. I don’t need one to be a director. I just have my personal chauffeur ferry me around whenever I want to wherever I want to go. Kind of like how you are doing now. Drive faster servant.”

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