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Nightmare Fuel

Since the last two update-postings have vanished, for any future reader wondering about the two week posting gap, my daughter was involved in a car accident and is now recovering and doing very well. Thanks again for everyone's concern. Probably won't have the next one up until Friday. But Friday's will be the last one for this story. I will have a few transitional strips that will work this story into the next one after that (in epiloguey fashion.) Pumpkin will be featured in the beginning, which was part of a vote I did some time back of which character the reader's wanted to see more of. She works well considering the setting. As far as this current arc's vote is concerned, I'd love to actually illustrate what Ginger's outcome would have been, but it would take away tremendously from future comics. If today's post didn't spell it out for you, Sister X is in fact Tarra. The result of Tarra's vote winning. A future version who's been physically and emotionally scarred by her sisters, and is now (was) set on their demise. Alot of this idea was implemented in Tarra's design, way back when I was coming up with her (hince, her birthmark is different than the others.) X has five things distinguishing her from present Tarra,  Four of which the median sisters have done, and one she did to herself. Anise obviously cut her hair off. This was the start of her life's decline, and why Anise was first. For anyone wanting spoilers, Juniper costs her her eye, Ellie causes her speech bubble to change color and Cinnamon's has yet to be elaborated upon. You'll see when we get to it. And getting to it, will be sprinkled through the remainder of the comic in small doses. And this won't be a time loop by any means, but more a play on foreshadowing. Ginger's vote would've resulted in X being an entirely different sister from their father's previous, short-lived marriage. Many of you speculated she'd have a new spice name, but remember, the Food Channel obsession was from Rosemary, not whomever his first wife was, so X would've been given a normal female name, like .. "Widget" or something. Tarra would've stepped in to confront X after this panel (w/ dialogue change) : X Ginger's rage-out on Juniper would've put her in position to sidestep Tarra and yank X outside by the ear shouting "Get in the F%#@ing van [insert name]!!" and X would've protested she never gets invited to anything the family does. X would then be added to the cast panel, but instead, it will revert back to normalcy after this story. The only future elaboration on X from that standpoint (I had immediately planned) was a flashback of her coming over to a Thanksgiving with the girls back when they were little, and immediately being at odds with them. This is a take on 'dad starting a new family' but sevenfold. So you'd have miniature versions of Anise, Tarra, and Ginger meeting a slightly older punkass brat Buckingham sister born from 'not-mom.' A scuffle would then ensue, with X losing her eye by Tarra (who would have rage issues as a child.) With kids being involved, I wouldn't explicitly show THAT, but it would lead to X being less involved with the predominate Buckingham girls. X also would've been the sole sister missing an eye. And X isn't necessarily 'missing' her eye. It's just badly damaged. See you Friday.

203 thoughts on “Nightmare Fuel

  1. Glad to hear she’s going to be well; it’s good to see you back online.

    Doing exactly what, I’m going to need a few free hours to re-read to get back up to speed on the story (probably not this weekend), but hey, it’s good you all are doing well…

  2. Went back to check the author post and just finally noticed that the toy bird Juniper bought is continuing the trend of trying to eat Quinn’s hair.

    Nice subtle use of a running gag.

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