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No Last Resorts

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    1. Oh no I’ve fallen into the reread the archive trap… must not read tonight… must go to bed… must go to work in the morning… … … … help me.

      1. Everytime I introduce someone new to the comic, into the archive I go…
        Likewise, most time someone brings up something I forgot/missed from before…
        Or really slow days at work.

        slow is relative, shut up. =P

      2. Well I made it to bed not too late so didn’t fall asleep on my lunch break… but first thing when I got home from work I dived back into the archives. (and do to hints being dropped by Sir. Rusche I do believe I now know Blind Guys last name.)

    2. Could it be that Ashliii has been reporting on something about Ellie flirting with some guy who has been hanging around looking for her without ordering or saying anything. I’m going to guess that Ashliii has only heard stuff and not seen.

        1. Ashliii is probably the reason he doesn’t show up nights. Even if she didn’t see him, she’d probably recognize his voice and fill in gaps when KK questions Ellie.

      1. That, my dear, is Rikku’s hair from Final Fantasy X-2- the first Final Fantasy that was a direct sequel of a numbered FF game. It was also the game that marked “The beginning of the end…” Dun, dun, DUNNNN!

        In all seriousness, though, the quality of the FF game tapered of sharply after FF X…. Hopefully FFXV will be as great as we all hope it to be!

        1. I thought so, but I only realized it immediately after submitting that last message. Gotta love how that works.

    1. Not sure if I agree there. Ellie’s mother kicked her daughter out, and that was pretty rough for our little heroine. I suppose we could chalk that up to “tough love,” after all, Ellie didn’t actually get a job or enroll in school for an entire year after she graduated high school, so Ellie DID need a fire under her to make sure she could start living, and stop mooching. HOWEVER, kicking your kid out after a single week, knowing full well that Ellie has never worked before, or looked for an apartment, is nothing short of uncaring. Ellie had to do two rather momentous things that she’s never had to do before, and she had a week to do them. That’s a lot for an innocent kid’s shoulders. Even though mothers and fathers are still people, still make mistakes, and most love their children, it still rubbed me the wrong way. But… *sigh* if I had half as many kids as Rosemary, I’d probably be completely burned out too. Even so, I’d still hate myself for kicking my kid out to the curb. I’d hate myself even more for kicking them out AND trying to rent the room out before they were even gone. That’s vile.

      And I’m not sure I could say that they’re ALL the same- Quinn certainly had an… interesting mother, to say the least. Maybe she DOES love Quinn, but it’s probably buried beneath her selfishness. My mom is kind of the same way, though not nearly as bad as Quinn’s mother (thank gawd). And now that I think about it… my dad was also in the military for 20 years. And I also had some serious social issues… holy crap. Quinn and I are really similar. That’s interesting…

      On a much less caustic and odd topics, I also noticed that Pumpkin is a fan of Final Fantasy. Coupled with the fact that she’s also an avid fan of Disney, I’m sure I can safely assume that she MUST be a fan of Kingdom Hearts, and if she’s a fan of KH… then she’s alright by me! Not sure if you can tell, but my grav is a picture of the protagonist, Sora, standing in front of the eponymous “Kingdom Hearts.”

        1. ‘s Okay. We all take turns.
          And you got a ways to go before you catch up to the word o’ text master: Chris

        2. Nothing wrong with being “that” guy, if you make some good points every now and then, or are entertaining, or both. If some people don’t care enough about what you’re writing to spend a few moments reading through your lengthy comment, then you shouldn’t care enough about them reading it such that you’d reduce it for their approval.

          Now, as for your lengthy comment, if I may ever-so-slightly disagree with one of your points: Ellie’s mom kicked her out, not so much because she was a mooch who never left the house, but because her moochitude was negatively affecting her younger sister. I didn’t really see her mother as uncaring, I just figured she was fed up with Ellie and looking out for Pumpkin’s needs. And while 1 week might have been rough, it was probably necessary. If she gave Ellie a whole month, she would likely have sat around hogging the bandwidth for 3 weeks before venturing out and taking her situation seriously.

        3. I care because it’s the principle of the matter. Even if you dedicate only 10 seconds of your day to reading my comment, the last thing I want to do is make people feel like they wasted their time. Not everyone is going to find me to be interesting or funny. For those people, I issued an apology. I try to be as decent a person as I can.

          Now for Ellie’s mother… my computer messed up pretty bad a few minutes ago, and I lost a LONG message I was in the middle of typing (longer than my last comment) about this, so I’m gonna try to abbreviate this as best I can.

          An uncaring parent can still care about his/her child. If I were to take the optimistic approach, and say that this was Rosemary’s attempt to show tough love to Ellie, there are still some unresolved problems. Of these, a prominent problem is that Rosemary was trying to rent Ellie’s room out EVEN THOUGH Ellie hadn’t even found a place to live yet.

          This defeats one of the more positive theories that Rosemary simply wanted Ellie to know how good she had it- she wanted to her to see that living wasn’t cheap, and Rosemary wanted Ellie to stop taking things for granted- learn the value of a dollar, and hopefully, get a job or enroll in college.

          Renting Ellie’s room out before she actually left just smacks of uncaring and just a bit of negligence. Rosemary didn’t simply want to teach Ellie a lesson and make her -want- to better herself- no no, she wanted Ellie gone. Good or bad, fortune or tragedy, Rosemary didn’t care. She burned those bridges, and for that, she has earned my disdain.

          If this was simply to make sure that Pumpkin didn’t develop bad habits, make sure that Ellie could learn a lesson, have her sweat bullets, then invite her back home (eventually), or to otherwise help Ellie in some way, then I would’ve backed Rosemary 110%, but it wasn’t JUST out of concern for Pumpkin growing up well- she wanted Ellie gone. Sure, gone to protect Pumpkin, but still… kicking out one kid to “protect” another is kind of a flimsy excuse.

          Now, I’m guessing that Rosemary still loves Ellie, but as I wrote before- burning bridges isn’t a reversible. The relationship between her and Ellie was tossed aside somewhat carelessly. True, Ellie had a big part in that, I won’t deny that, but again- she’s the child, and Rosemary is the mother. I figure that Rosemary just tossed her out, out of exasperation. While all people are susceptible to those feelings, kicking out your flesh and blood is a BIT extreme. I’m sure Rusche has plans in motion to reconcile the relationship between the two, but as of right now, it still pisses me off.

        4. This comment made me literally LOL.

          Nick, you’re great, very earnest, and incredibly passionate about the comic. but you set that one up too perfectly.

        5. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to make people feel like they wasted their time, but if they chose to read your comment, they knew the risks, and if they aren’t entertained midway through, they can bail. That’s how reading works. Perhaps there is an alternate universe where whenever people start reading a comment they are compelled by some supernatural force to read through to the end of the comment. Of course, since such a compulsion would occur all the time, they wouldn’t call it “supernatural”. Just natural. People would probably be used to it by now, like, “Sorry boss, I can’t come in to work today, I started reading this comment Nick wrote.” “Oh that’s understandable Craig, just keep it to yourself.” Like long comments are a disease or something. But it’s possible that people could evolve a sixth sense for reading things, where they can tell if a long block of text would be funny or not. Though a more realistic scenario would probably be that they make lengthy commentary a capital crime. In which case you and I would both be hanged.

          Sometimes I wonder if this alternate universe’s mysterious forces might be somehow fueled by the apologies of long-comment-writers in this universe. Like if people don’t apologize for long comments here, then the other universe would fall apart. But then I just start playing video games and forget about the whole thing again.

          As for the rest of your comment, let me point out that in my previous comment, I said I was only slightly disagreeing with you. Meaning not fully. At the time, Ellie’s mom kicking her out didn’t bother me as much, as Ellie had been a problem as long as I had known her, but after getting to know Ellie more and learning her history, she doesn’t seem like she was that much of a problem child. Working with Ellie to gradually get her a job and set up living elsewhere would have been better (then again, do we know her mother didn’t try this before?) – and the bit about renting Ellie’s room out before she was moved out… well if Quinn doing the exact same thing pissed me off, I guess I’d have to be even more pissed off at her mom because she’s, well, her mom. So point taken there.

          The point I was trying to make was that there were other reasons besides simply “Ellie was a mooch.” Though you’ve acknowledged that now. So I guess we understand each other. Also, I should say I too look forward to seeing reconciliation between Ellie and her mom.

        6. I sentence you to death by tickling, and the tickling shall be done by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

        7. Having that ad in the paper in a week would be a lot of effort. I’m still of the opinion she told everyone but Ellie that the room was occupied and put it there while forcing Ellie to go through the list as a message to Ellie. With five other sisters, all presumably moved out, she’d have been renting other rooms earlier than this if she really wanted to rent out spare rooms in her house.

        8. Or the time to place an ad was less of a concern over the audience getting a laugh out of the call. Could we be placing too much thought on some of these panels

        9. Possibly, but on the other hand Rusche has shown several things that were prepared long before they were explained, so hard telling.

        10. Her mom gave her a week. The question is, was that the same day paper, or what? I prefer to give acknowledgement to the artistic liscense that allows for want ads to be posted three days before, so, if Ellie cribbed the paper on a Thursday morning, then the ad could have been placed after that intervention, and if she was at squall mart on a Tuesday, then it’s logical that the ad would have been in an appropriate amount of time. Just look in the paper. Heck, the time frame would even be less now, maybe two day turnaround, what with everything so computerized.

        11. Oh, and Quinn’s on Tuesday, after calling mom about the room and job.
          Get-mart on Wednesday, along with the flashlight
          O’Jacks on Thursday with orientation and almost fired on Friday.

        12. Come on. Hello, local Lakeland Florida newspaper? I would like to place an ad. Wanted, Charles in Charge situation, one kid, two parents. You clean, play nanny to the kid or just make sure that she doesn’t burn down the house or impale her self on those damn ears of hers. Call (212) 555 – 1234, between 9 am – 3 pm. only.

          How much? It should run for two weeks as soon as possible. $325.00? Wait, start over, Room to let, housekeeping chores, supervising minimal. Call (212) 555 – 1234 Business hours only. $125.00. Done. How soon? three days? Fine.

        13. Consider this Ellie states her family agrees she is the lazy one. Perhaps In “Never Forget To Pack Your Cat”, 7 days has already passed. All subsequent strips of her looking for an apartment are on the same day. None of them actually state how many days have passed. Also you would think the cat would be the last thing to be packed on the last day of the ultimatum. Therefore her mother has plenty of time to place the add.

        14. Oh come on. Ellie’s come a bit too far for that, and we’ve seen it at work, for her to hold it against her mom for something like that. Besides, at home, she only had a desktop and a phone. But now, she’s got a job, HER own room (as long as she can pay the rent and stuff), her own cloud AND phone, a few friends from school, some guy who’s interested in her, someone she can pester a bit without getting too catty.

          She has responsibilities, and in performing actions in taking care of those responsibilities, she’s getting to know and interact with people who accept her for her, and not her bewbies. Or stereotypes. She may know what power she holds without hands, or just fabric, straps and lace, and she may be able to wield that power with either a heavy fist or velvet touch. We’ve seen that she’s able to take care of her self, stand on her own two feet, stand up for herself and became reacquainted with a school friend.

          Besides, she had a week, she had ample warnings before hand, and she did not take heed of those. She’s set herself up to succeed for now, because her mom kicked her out of the house. She has cable tv because of her looks, and a job because of not using them.

          We have things to see, perhaps Ellie may be even able to be such a lazy person to just “ZEN” through this and just be.

          Birds kick their young out of the next to learn to fly. All the parent can do is to attempt to teach the youth all they need to survive, but well, until that threshold is crossed, who knows what will be attempted under their roof.

      1. Getting kicked out with little to no notice sucks (the voice of experience speaking) but in Ellie’s case I never got the impression that it was completely out of the blue. It might have been, but I don’t think that when she got kicked out was the first time her mom had the “do something with your life” talk with her. And speaking from the other side (kicking a kid out), when there’s sufficient reason your conscience stings not a bit.

        And I know all mother’s are not exactly the same, it was generalization for comedic effect which I seem to be really bad at doing.

        1. I understand. I don’t think that Ellie was simply told the one time that she needed to do something with her life, but really, do many teenagers respond to that talk? I sure didn’t. But then again, I had things going on in my life that Ellie didn’t, soooo….

          Perhaps her conscience did sting, but her actions stung a bit more. Remember that scene in The Little Mermaid when Triton basically breaks every trinket Ariel collected? He felt bad afterward, but that doesn’t make what he did right. I’m not talking about his ill preconceived notions about humans either- breaking all of Ariel’s things, even to protect her, was a step too far. He could’ve protected her without going to such measures- perhaps a speech wasn’t going to cut it, but what he did… SMH…

          I can’t help but look at Rosemary in a similar light.

      2. True story time!

        My Dad kicked out one of my little brothers (who is a twin… o.O) cause of all the crap he pulled. He got my mom in on the deal to not let him in either. Had two weeks to get his act together – he could stay there if he paid rent (which he set abnormally high).
        He ended up bunking with a friend or two after the two weeks, but the threw him out too when he kept on about not having a job.
        To make a long story short, kid ended up getting his act together, applied for several places, got a pretty decent job and an apartment with a friend (which didn’t last, so he moved home for a rent minus the horrible-human-being tax).

        Turns out my dad “followed” my brother, and is part of the reason his friends didn’t keep him long (he offered to help pay rent if the friend played by his rules), and, more to the point, is the reason my bro got the great job. My dad went in to the places he applied and told the manager the story and got him interviews. He also helped pay rent for the 1st apartment.

        So tough love followed up by “I’m gonna actually make sure my hellspawn doesn’t fuck this up too bad…” And now my brother is actually respectable and still apologizes or being an idiot back then.

        1. While that’s a great and heartwarming story (seriously bro- write a book!), I don’t think that Rosemary was thinking or attempting anything like that. Just see my lengthy above comments above for my reasoning.

        2. I have a different theory.

          Story about Ellie living with Quinn and struggling with life decisions > story of Ellie living at home, slightly reformed and living comfortably.

          Character actions follow to perpetuate the better story, hyperbolized for comedic effect.

        3. While the Rule of Drama always plays a part in any type of fictional work, there typically ends up being a reason behind it. A cause and effect, if you will.

          Generally, an effect should be appropriate for the cause. If something simply “happens” with no intention other than to generate the drama, then it’s not interesting, therefore writers try to create a congruent cause. In the case of interpersonal actions, a character DOES have a reason.

          Case in point- Ellie’s mother kicked her out BECAUSE of something. I’m analyzing that something, and giving my opinions on it, and making assumptions on her character. It’s not quite simply because it’s more interesting to write about. While your example of Story A being better than Story B is true, the quality of a writing is typically hidden in the generation of the causes, which produce interesting effects. We, the readers, typically only see the effects, but those of us who like to analyze stuff, look at the causes and the generations of the causes.

          Myself, I like to actually try and figure out who these people are, and why they do what they do. I’m not criticizing the characters at all- on the contrary, if they were uninteresting or boring, I never would’ve “treated” you guys to my big ass comments. I’m just trying to figure out why Rosemary seems to be kind of okay with Ellie now. Does she care? Does she not care? Why? If she does A, then why does B follow? I’m sharing my theories with all of you.

        4. Essentially, anything that happens needs a reason (good or bad) and without that, it’s hard to immerse yourself in the story. I will point out that sometimes we don’t have enough information to fully understand the cause of the effect yet (not that I’m saying we don’t with Rosemary’s eviction of Ellie), but there does need to be something. When things only happen to make a story, then it’s usually not a very good story.

          Clearly not the case here.

          And thanks Nick for sharing your theories.

        5. Pumpkin’s paper couldn’t have been the reason, even with the most negative view of Rosemary’s opinions. She called Ellie in nearly immediately after finding out and stated that she’d already talked to Papa Buckingham about it and they were in agreement. I can’t imagine a quick, whispered “I want to kick our daughter out, ‘K?” being the extent of that conversation.

          The real reason was off camera before the comic started. The paper was just the catalyst or excuse.

        6. So, delving into the questions Nick raised, I think Rosemary does care and always did. Nick, you see her actions as incongruous because you see the kicking out action as uncaring. From my viewpoint, she was looking at her daughter and saw an adult stuck in a rut with no ambition. Extreme action was necessary to shake Ellie out of it, as the alternative was a life without achievement, passion or purpose. In her mind, the short term trauma is justified by the effects it has to make Ellie seize hold of her life. As ‘That one guy’ pointed out, it was obviously brewing for a while and Pumpkin’s paper was the catalyst.

          So, her current state of caring with judgement is exactly the same as her previous caring with judgment. I just assumed the room renting was for comedy, although TOG’s second post has an interesting theory as well.

          There you go. In story and out of story motives pushing in the same direction.

      3. I thought at the time it was odd/unrealistic for Rosemary not to recognize Ellie’s voice when Ellie called asking about her own room. I chalked it up as comedic license, but it could’ve also been put in for Ellie to find and every call she got that wasn’t Ellie received a, “Sorry, it’s already taken.” So far no mention of another boarder, though there hasn’t been a lot of time for Pumpkin (or second-hand through Ashliii) to mention.

        1. As we do not see Rosemary at that time we have no idea what her reaction is to the call. Perhaps Ellie was the only one who was clued-out (which she did quite well at the time) and her mother was having a “She’ll figure it’s me in time.” moment.

        1. Got it Dragoon, I know that I read it, it just didn’t stick. I was reading some heavy literature at the time. Same book is why I had a heavy handed response to the two mothers.

          I’m sure that Ginger had no weirdness to pass down to the sisters, except that she was a clone of mom. Tarragon was the perfect one and from there, no worries on mom’s part. Anise, weird, very weird, but still not one to worry about, unless she does marry a Santa Clause or a Hell’s Angels Biker. Juniper forced the parents to put their guard up. And I suppose having to handle the Cinnamon blaming Ellie from year two/three and on, should have tinted the relationship askew to a point, and it did. But to have the kid just sit there and do nothing while sheltering her to make a decision is one thing, but to let her stagnate would be worse.

          And to protect Pumpkin, who could be as successful as Tarragon and Anise in being somewhat self supportive in geek culture, well, I think that in the end is what it could be about.

      4. Ellie’s mom loves her family, even if the parents have to display tough love and use strict discipline in order to get growth spurts out of the kids in order for them to successfully leave the nest. I’m a bit certain that Ellie could have finagled a rich boyfriend because she has the assets for that, no pun intended, but inferred.

        Quinn’s mother, on the other hand, needs a punch in the face. Pure and simple. I would infer from that, is that Quinn’s mother is just Juniper exponentially let loose without any of the benefits of responsibilities.

        1. If she did, I wonder if Quinn was aware of it at the time. She was oblivious to Alex hitting on KK, so I wonder if some of that obliviousness is part of a pattern too.

        2. Uhm, sick. Yuck, disgusting, and I’m sure that Quinn’s mom would want to make sure that she could find some guy who she could get her hooks into just as well as their wallets.

        3. I thought age gaps didn’t matter to you.

          Anyway, I didn’t mean any of Quinn’s underage boyfriends necessarily. Like maybe the summer after graduation, she stole one of her 18-/19-year-old boyfriends, or even just tried to steal him away – maybe tried to seduce him, or told Quinn that she did. And not for him to be her own boyfriend or anything, but just because she saw something that Quinn had that she wanted and so she decided to take it. Would totally fit the profile. And I could definitely see that as a last straw for Quinn, in a “get me out of this house before I murder her” kind of way.

      5. Regardless, Rosemary kicked Ellie out so she could get started on her life; you would think she would then respect that Ellie has to work instead of expecting her to just drop everything to come over for a visit, cake notwithstanding…

        1. That’s an interpretation thing. When I lived a 14 hour drive away from home, mom told me a time or two that she made something for me for my birthday. It wasn’t a “you should be here” sort of thing, it was more “I want to celebrate your presence in my life even if you’re not physically present and this is my silly little way of doing so.”

          My guess for Rosemary, though, is trying to get Ellie to come over on break or after work for a visit.

  1. Ah, finally i can read this comic again!(my comp got busted in august, took 1 and half month to replace all the broken parts..) and i loved the background story on Ellie’s family.
    I can indeed believe that her dad went insane with having 7 daugthers and no way to keep em under control…
    And a Inimbus!???
    Whats next? real size goku sex dolls??

    Anyway, keep up the good work :)

  2. Okay, the wig on the left is Rikku (a darn good one I might add) but whose wig is to its right?

    Still, I recall seeing one panel some time back where Pumpkin was playing a video game, but I had no idea she was such a fangirl, I like this sister :)

  3. Awwwwwww moms :3 . Also I like this little glimpse into ellie and pumpkins relationship…and pumpkin and cinnamon too I guess haha, but that conversation was adorable! Haha. Or pumpkin might just be sucking up to ellie to see that inimbus hmmmm. Also, Presh!!!!!

        1. We’re not jealous are we? Or is this an injoke that I could be jealous of? half the time it seems that you and Banena seem to know Chris due to close personal interaction and shared histories and stuff.

    1. It’s not a stretch that the not-the-brightest-bulb sister with a strong troublemaking tendency might not be the youngest’s favorite. Even if she preferred blaming Ellie exclusively, I’d expect Pumpkin’ was the butt of mischief at times.

      1. Pumpkin is too much of a geek goddess at this time to be able to be pulling anything. The only down side is that she doesn’t have her own computer, until now… But I imagine that she’ll be doing her homework and promoting her side business to the school geeks/nerds/dorks/furrys soon.

  4. Uh oh. She’s got this hella expensive iNimbus to pay for, her rent, etc. Now she’s going to skip work to eat cake? Stay tuned to next time.

  5. And now Quinn’s FB page and Pumpkin’s tumbler are faces to the right.

    How often are you going to shuffle these “hidden” links?

  6. I’m sorry, but I would so totally skip work, for birthday cake. My birthday cake is always a delicious strawberry cheesecake, though… so that’d be why.

    And, I’m surprised by how “nice” Ellie’s mum is being (through the relayed messages, via Pumpkin)… well, beyond the “don’t come home preggers” bit. It’s hard to believe that is the same woman who kicked her kid out, with nary a chance to succeed.

    1. Her problem children are still her children. She probably suspected Ellie’d be back by now, but she hasn’t even visited. So maybe mama bird knew what she was doing. *shrug*

      1. The problem with visiting is it’s often mistaken for forgiveness in these circumstances. Ellie may not be in the proper head space yet for forgiveness or facing her mother. (Maybe forgiveness is the wrong word but there is likely some level of resentment going on) And having been in simiar shoes to Ellie I would have starved to death in the gutter before I went back, but I’m a stubborn SOB. Based on the fact that Ellie didn’t attempt to go back home when she left Quinn, instead opting to crash on KK’s couch, I would assume that she is either as stubborn as I am or is accustomed to treating her mothers word as law (or afraid of her.) Or maybe some combination of both (or all three).

        1. She’s borderline old enough to possibly be in the habit of reading the obituaries every day. Don’t know if my parents are at that stage yet, but I know all my grandparents were after a certain point.

        2. Once you start to hang around old people who could shuffle off their mortal coil in an instant, you start to glance more and more at the obituaries than the funnies. Let’s see. Two brothers, one older, one younger, two parents, two grandparents, one uncle, one aunt, one cousin, two nephews, one great aunt, and by now, numerous relations that I have absolutely no idea about.

          Besides, I said that because my mom used that against me. But she was a nurse, and well, I’m sure that mom and dad both knew about the morgue well before Mandy and Grimm started creeping around.

    2. She didn’t say don’t come home pregnant, she said to come home for another reason before then.

      I don’t think my mom always appreciated my tendency to listen for the finer points of maternal instructions.

      1. Well, what if she came home because she had a rich husband neurologist doctor with twins on the way? And he just died, and the estate is tied up in certificate of deposits with 1.5 million in value against 1.3 million in debt?

        1. I think Mom’d want to meet the hubby before he died.

          The thing I thought of too late is that a good response for Ellie would’ve been to tell Pumpkin, “Tell Mom I think I can manage that, but no promises about the second visit back home.”

  7. I like how the iNimbus looks like an empty thought bubble. Signifying that Ellie is a little bit of an airhead maybe?

  8. I like the reference to Pumpkin hearing Ellie news through Ashliii. Good excuse for anything you want to have Blind Guy mysteriously know.

    Although knowing the address to go punch Tired Guy still seems a stretch with that being the only information vector, so I’m assuming another explanation will appear for how he figured that out (don’t think Quinn has a land line, so even with her name probably couldn’t look her up in the phone book).

    1. I’m still waiting for Ellie and Blind Guy to have a convo at their booth and for Pumpkin or Ashliii to come up and say “Why are you hanging with my English teacher?”

        1. I was hoping that was asymmetric information in Ellie finding out without Blind Guy knowing, such as Ellie going to a HS football game with Pumpkin, or a school play Pumpkin’s in or something along those lines and her getting his ID too far away for him to hear/notice.

          Information balance is tilted too far toward Blind Guy as it is, I’d like to see Ellie have the chance to have the upper hand and rake him over the coals for a bit.

  9. I keep thinking that the little one’s voice dialogue should be coming out of the cloud, but then it would look like Ellie’s thought bubble was talking to her with her sister’s voice.

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