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No Love Lost

Ellie hugs are a privilege, not a right!

62 thoughts on “No Love Lost

  1. Careful there Ellie…. piss her off too much, your convention hall’s going to find itself infested with more than assassins…

  2. Twin sister who has been burned many, many times by her other half.
    I know everyone needs and deserves validation, but sometimes it’s hard to not give into those old, hurt feelings to give that hug.

    Could have been a real change event in their relationship; guess we’ll never know?

    1. Well, it’s still early. The fact that two 19 year olds missed the opportunity to change their relationship hardly means it never will.

  3. Ellie may not have a wallet to steal in that dress, but she knows the drill.

    “It’s Ellie’s fault.”

    (And hopefully getting the right avatar.)

    1. Granted, Ellie’s being a jerk about it, but there really IS something wrong with Cinnamon.

      After all, Ellie, she DID show up for this. She came when you called. That’s important.

  4. Maybe I just don’t remember things that have happened, but I don’t get the hate/disgust people have for Cinnamon. Unusual? Sure, she definitely is, but does it warrant all the negativity toward her? Personally, I feel sorry for her, and hope we end up getting a Cinnamon centered arc to learn more about her. And maybe she’ll make a friend in the process.

    1. This is the same girl who, because she felt slighted by a crowd of strangers, released an Omega Pestilence into a mall full of Black Friday shoppers. Then proceeded to loot the joint blind.

      Sympathy for Cinnamon is a hard thing to generate if you have even the slightest belief in karma.

    2. Seriously. Go hit the archives and read “Cinnavictims” and “Ratchantulas”. This is why all the hate for Cinnamon.

    3. Let’s take a little history of Cinn’s appearance in the comic [puts on archivist hat]:

      – The first image of Cinn was a chibi memory of Ellie with Cinn pinning Ellie down and cutting her hair (see comic Tarragon, current post date August 7, 2013).

      – The intro to Cinn included Ellie mentioning that she grew up with her twin blaming her for everything with a few of those scenarios (see comic Cinnamon, current post date September 4, 2013).

      – The first time we see Cinn in the present is talking on the phone to Ellie, where she demonstrates her sister title of the Dumb One (reminding her twin what day her birthday is) and tormenting children (see comic Cinnavictims, October 4, 2013, which Steve mentioned).

      – The first time we see Cinn interact with Ellie in the comic, she mentions being told she was being dumped for being manipulative, controlling, and creepy (she did have another explanation, see comic Mob Mentality, current post date October 30, 2013) and then proceeds to start talking to her mom about all of the sisters hearing their parents having sex with three other sisters present (next comic Ditch Digger, current post date November 4, 2013).

      – The first time we see Cinn as interact with Quinn in the comic she tries to rub salt in Quinn’s wound of Juniper stealing away the boyfriend she gave her virginity to (see comic It Pleases The Court, current post date November 25, 2013). Also note there the nonchalance of not only the sisters but also the nephews with requests to hurt Cinn.

      – Later that night (or maybe early the next morning, but before sleep) is the Omega Pestilence release Steve mentioned (see comic Ratchantulas, current post date January 27, 2014; though while unrelated I’d recommend starting one comic earlier with Stuck in the Middle with You, current post date of January 24, 2014, to get a good Anise-defining moment too). Note that after releasing an Omega Pestilence we see the first true signs of enjoyment on Cinn’s face through the whole comic.

      So all those together, plus whatever degree Cinn’s stupidity (or the stupidity/evil combo) bothers people is the general reason.

      1. While looking for those, I noticed the vote for the current path we’re on (see comic To The Fullest, current post date August 19, 2013) and noticed that we still haven’t seen Quinn’s little brother in, presumably, a wax museum or something (appears to be Indiana Jones & Yoda there), but could be imagination or hallucination or something else too I suppose.

        1. Wow, that is a lot of crap I forgot about, thanks for the refresh. I understand why people dislike her now, though I still wouldn’t mind seeing her more in the comic.

      2. I don’t think that first appearance is chibi. I think they’re just young and that was Chris’ style at the time.

        Also, I don’t know how much Cin’s conversation with Quinn was malicious as opposed to just being painfully unaware of how inappropriate the topic was.

        1. It was a memory, so I’ll agree that memory haze vs chibiness can be a difficult line to distinguish when children are pictured (and I liked the safety scissors in that memory, it was a nice touch).

          For the discussion with Quinn, I suppose that could go either way too. We’ve seen that level of obliviousness, but the only enjoyment we’ve seen from Cinn has been misanthropic as well. I will admit I tend to lean towards misanthropic interpretations with Cinn.

        2. I see Cinnamon as being somewhat manipulative still, even though she was hoping for a bit of a hug from Ellie. I mean, she was expecting a hug after admitting something a bit truthful about herself.

        3. Okay. That’s kind of the impression I was trying to convey with my post at the top of the page.

          This situation reminds me a lot of certain interactions I used to have with my brother back when we were both still teenagers.

          A bit of a Wounded Gazelle Gambit.

        4. I did mention the possibility that she was trying to plant the bloody knife on Ellie or something.

        1. The main gripe I’ve always had with the original is the “whoo-whoo” is too high in the mix. Motorhead solidly covered the song AND kept the “whoo-whoo” to stay true to the spirit of the original, while toning it down to where it probably should have been in the first place. For that reason alone I would consider it superior. Also IMO the world weariness of Lemmy’s delivery fits the tone of the song better.

  5. I think Cinnamon is actually jealous of the praise/hugs that Juniper and Ginger got. The headpat kind of sends the coded message, “I said I was sorry but I’m not THAT sorry about it.”

    1. I’m reminded a bit of Harold Lauder, only really, really dumb.

      “Outsiders hatch plots. It’s all that keeps them sane.”

  6. Ellie. Ellie, what the hell? Your sad, stupid sister is reaching out to you.

    Of course, when it’s Cinnamon, what are you going to do? Lie intensely? “Yeah, Cinnamon, you couldn’t score in a room full of eight hundred dudes so lonely they paid for a membership on a dating website. Next time, try making your opening line be NOT related to intense gas at bedtime.”

    1. I can’t really blame Ellie for blanking a bit as her mind was likely filled with “Holy crap, Cinn. WTF did you do/say? I don’t even understand how that works, I’m pretty sure we could’ve wheeled corpses on gurneys in and they would’ve had dates.” Her comments above were a decent enough save.

        1. “…and when they tried to achieve that in the laboratory the residue for the experiments made the foundation collapse.”

    2. Is she really reaching out for love or just doing the “hey me sister got something wheres mine” routine?

  7. Okay, yes, Cinnamon is kind of disgusting, a brat, and the owner of a hive of monstrosities that I won’t even begin to try to spell the name of.
    That being said, I think she had sort of a wake up call just now (though nobody really was there to see it)
    So maybe a pat on the head might have been near the bottom of the list for “ways to respond to her”
    Just saying..(goes back to his world of demons)

    1. It’s possible. It’s also possible that she cut one of the guys and was trying to plant the knife on Ellie.

      I mean, this IS Cinn.

  8. TFW even your own twin doesn’t like you very much. I feel for Cinnamon, but honestly Ellie TOLD her not to be gross and Cinn went ahead and got gross. What did she expect? And as for the hugs, Ellie obviously is giving them with all her heart and if her heart isn’t in it they aren’t even worth it. I can almost SEE the Awkward Sibling Hug (pat, pat) that it would be if Ellie took pity on her. It’d probably be even worse than the head pat she got here.

    1. To be fair all the behaviours I see from Cinnamon could also be less a choice and more a case of social blindness, wouldnt surprise me if Chris went down she went down the “somewhere on the spectrum” route.

  9. I’m almost surprised Ellie said sorry rather than something more like, “Yeah, we all noticed and have been trying to tell you that for years. It’d be great if you finally got it this time and didn’t just put it out of your mind by tomorrow like normal.”

    1. Wait, don’t you mean three sisters? Anise, Pumpkin and Tarragon? I mean, we got hugs from Juniper and Ginger. And an affectionate (?) head pat for Cinnamon.

      1. Pumpkin did leave the building and is underage besides, so counting her out is potentially reasonable (not that I’m certain that was the grandparent commenter’s intention, just guessing).

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