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No One is Safe, EVER.

I'll be able to correct the post-lateness issue next week with any luck. Still working with getting quicker on the tablet. Hopefully you can see both sides of the argument these two are waging with each other. ;P  

65 thoughts on “No One is Safe, EVER.

  1. First?

    I love their banter. They need to compromise in a way equally inconvenient to both of them. They both drive her home, but detour through Pensacola?

    1. Ellie’s inclusion may change the equation. I’d bet either that will happen or it’ll be he follows her and either stops in a noticeably different car after she’s dropped off by her pre-arranged ride or he marks the address down and shows back up after unloading his boxes in his dad’s garage to be obvious about not following her.

      1. Ah yes… Ellie will have to pry Mr. One-Eyebrow off her with a crowbar first. I’m willing to bet he will be willing to fight for the right to drive Ellie home, no matter how out of the way it might be.

        1. Maybe. He has her number and the line of possible future employment to show up later, and he did sink a lot of money last night. With Pumpkin in the room, though, he probably assumes that whomever gives Ellie a ride is also giving Pumpkin a ride. I could see mental calculations equal out to save gas and try to play it off as graciousness so Ellie can keep an eye on her adventurous younger sister.

  2. Rusche, you’re not late, you’re just trying to spread the love to your commenters for the pool likely to get first comment. That’s all.

  3. Totally pointless observation. 1/5 of the cast page thumbnails picture their related character talking on a cell phone. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there is deep and meaningful significance.

    Because it’s been a while since I’ve stirred up a good minutiea debate.

    1. Clearly it’s a subtle social commentary on our consumer-oriented society and humanities obsessive need for constant connection and gratification.

      Tarra’s X-cheeked counterpart obviously comes from a dystopian future where everyone is permanently connected to the “net” except for the poor and the downtrodden who can’t afford the latest Omnicorp-brand upgrades.

      So it’s not aliens, it’s time-travel.

        1. Mr. Blue was under the impression that Time Travel would have originated within the city of Detroit because of the abuses of the board of chairmen of Omnicorp Consumer Products.

        2. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe that you seriously think the Illuminati would just let time-traveling aliens run loose on earth.

    1. Also, does no one else find it odd these two are now arguing over who gets to take Pumpkin home? She already has a ride. I suspect they just like having someone around who is actually interested in their work, but it still seems weird.

      1. No, I’m under the impression that they are arguing over who would seem less conspicuous in the eyes of the girl’s parents when taking her home. All of that sexual predator crap and stuff.

        1. Yeah, that’s the content of their argument, but I’m weirded out by the context. Pumpkin already has a ride; neither of them is needed to give her a lift home. So… why are they arguing about it?

  4. Sooo how are they going to react to the possibility of giving her super-hot and legal sister a ride home as well? Will a fight break out?

  5. It seems like he is loosing his grip on those boxes there. His hands started in proper position, on the bottom, but at the end there they moved up to the sides.

    1. That or he’s trying to fondle the boxes, in which case he went backwards. You start on the sides and move towards the bottom.

        1. Although, really, I can totally buy “blippity bloo” as a line of dialogue from Anise. Possibly while driving.

  6. oh man, today was INSANE and I can’t believe I’m even commenting so late. Haha. I love the friendship that comes out with these two. I dunno I just think they are a good combo of characters. Also, I’m a little creeped out about them discussing pumpkin, can…can this stop now?!

  7. A Tumblr user misinterpreting reality to advance her own agenda?! Say it ain’t so! Tumblr is the universal center of peace, love and objectivity in the universe! It’s all we have to show the aliens that will come down to destroy us all after watching the complete series of “American Gladiators” when the airwaves hit Rigel 7!

  8. It seems like they are arguing from from a perspective of “who’s MORE likely to take advantage of her [Pumpkin]” rather than a perspective of “the vast majority of people are good and baring other evidence no one is going to make any unjust assumptions or inappropriate moves”.

    Seems like a rather misanthropic view of the world overall.

    1. That being said, from a technical standpoint, Kat is right I think. Although the exact numbers are fuzzy, most studies agree that there are more straight people than gay people. They also seem to put the percentage of gay men higher than gay women, but it’s still insignificant compared to the first equation, so if I absolutely had to made a bet based on only this one factor, without knowing anything else about the situation, I’d bet on straight vs. not every time.

      1. That’s the problem; she’s right, but she shouldn’t be right, and by her own standards.

        This is actually seen a lot; why is it NOT okay for the straight white young man to ferry home the underage girl, but it’s just fine for the young woman to do likewise? Where’s the equality for the straight white young man? Why is he automatically presumed to be predatory? If we ever reversed the situation, and said that it was just fine for the straight white young man to do something but not for the young woman, we would be subject to multiple -ism accusations from sexism to racism and possibly beyond. This is sometimes called “reverse -ism”–reverse racism, reverse sexism, etc–when in reality it’s just the -ism in action but from a different perspective.

        1. Steve nailed it.

          And I’m not advocating college dudes driving home minors they barely know. They’re both old enough it would be inappropriate looking to take her anywhere, because they both like females. So who wins? No one. Damien got it right, though he’s using Katrina’s advocacy against her: “Neither of us should take her home.”

        2. Well, that solves that much. Everyone who had “Katrina’s gay” in the pool, collect your payout at the door!

        3. The clues that is was possible, yes, but you’ll find that webcomic fans are likely to discuss and argue over any competing theory until its blatantly stated which is correct. And even then sometimes they don’t buy it.

          I read Order of the Stick, which has an active forum, and I’ve seen people outright tell the Artist/Author that he’s wrong about his own characters (usually regarding morality and motivations, rather than sexual attraction, but the debates can be similar).

        4. Just one more thing for you to look forward to once you hit the Convention mark on Patreon. >:D

          Incidentally, ALL readers are prone to that. Ray Bradbury, who wrote Fahrenheit 451, was told by a college student that he was wrong about the point of his own book.

        5. I have to wonder what the hell that student would be thinking now. Bombarded on all sides by entertainment, social media, cable/satellite tv, online radio, free radio, radio free internet, radio free Berlin, Hey Free TVS!!!, letters for kids from Santa Claus to them, Storybooks from Santa Claus to kids, personalized story books from Santa Claus for kids. Restraining Order on Anise from Mrs. Claus, phone calls for kids from Santa Claus, JetBlue with a Blue Santa Claus and giving presents to passengers upon arrival.

        6. Mr. Blue

          Indeed. It’s reminiscent of the scene with the “walls”, where the protagonist’s wife (I forget their names) wants a fourth one so she’ll be completely surrounded by TV.

        7. Any webcomic veteran has at least one story when all the signs pointed to one thing, then all the signs were later revealed to be utterly bogus in support of said conclusion.

        8. Well all signs may point to Pumpkin having some involvement with their little makeup operation, and that will turn out to go nowhere. So yeah, I can see what you’re saying.

        9. Some writers take a particular glee in tossing out a slew of red herrings, only to later reveal that the whole thing was a dream / joke / scam all along.

        10. Being serious for a moment, I was wondering that about Pumpkin, actually. I know we’ve been having all the hints (if you can call them that) that Pumpkin isn’t straight, but it seems odd that no one would at least bring up the possibility that she could be swinging for both teams.

          As any SJW would be happy to tell you, I’m sure, attraction isn’t binary.

        11. When Rusche put out the question of pumpkin’s sexuality during Ellie & Quinn’s talk and put another tease in Thanksgiving pre-dinner, people did a lot of arguing and some got a bit heated about it in weird ways. I think there’s a combination of a hesitation to get that heated argument started again and people who already got it out of their system.

          I’m not sure about anyone else, but I suspect Rusche is going to intentionally leave that ambiguous for the entire comic.

        12. I feel like they are arguing about two different things though. On the one hand, yes, more people are straight than gay, and men tend to be stronger than women, so if you where worried about sexual assault then objectively you should be most worried about a female being taken advantage of by a male, less worried about a male being taken advantage of by a female, and least worried about someone of the same gender taking advantage of either.

          But then you also have what the appearance is- Kat knows Damien well, and (hopefully) knows that he wouldn’t take advantage of Pumpkin. Realistically the chances of anything happening are 0% for both cases. But to other people who don’t know Damien on a personal level, they can’t assume that he’s a good guy any more than they can assume that Kat is gay. So the APPEARANCE is that Pumpkin going home with Damien has a higher chance of impropriety than the chance would appear if she rides home with Kat.

          Personally, I think the argument is kinda silly- Pumpkin’s parents have allowed her to attend a convention without any kind of chaperon, so they obviously trust her judgement and independence to a high degree. At worst, just ask Pumpkin for her parent’s phone number, call them up and say “Hello Mr./Mrs. Buckingham, would you mind if I offered your daughter a ride home? We are currently at the convention and I estimate that the trip should take X time, making our ETA Y o’clock. If you’d like to speak with her please call her at any time for an update.”

        13. They let her go with friends they may be familiar with, then the guardianship switched to Ellie, which we’ll get into on Monday. So if anything, the easiest person to contact would be Ellie, who’s completely out of the loop on all this.

        14. In charge? In charge?! Don’t go ticking Pride off by confusing her employees (unwitting or not) of running the show.

        15. Don’t you mean Rusty Shackleford? What Wally? Is he listening to that numbnut dork friend of his? What was his name again? Eddie Haskel?

        16. That will be an awkward conversation.

          “Ellie, this is your mother, we need to talk about how you took Pumpkin home from the convention.”

          “But I didn’t take Pumpkin home from the… OOOH… umm… I can explain?”

        17. I’ve always observed things differently. From what I’ve seen homophobia is more prominent in men than women, and when talking about any concern over rape by a man it seems that rape by another man is a much higher concern than by a woman. It’s always seemed to me like both genders consider men more likely to go too far from a sexual aggression stance. Granted, that could be skewed by a lot of factors, but that’s always been my first-order, unscientific impression.

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