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Not the affection you’re looking for

Sorry to my early viewers for being a few hours late on the post. I typically don't sleep on the nights my uploads are due the next morning, but I ended up crashing. Most of this was due to me shooting myself in the foot for Tuesday's update actually including todays. If it looked like it was two comics, it's because it was. I included Friday's just for pacing sake, and to avoid anyone worrying the "art class" was yet another sub story slowing down the PLOT A conflict. =P And I know many expressed their choice of punishment Ellie was going to inflict, but it was already drawn... so there was no crotch kicking involved. (Tho, fixing to be alluded to...)

71 thoughts on “Not the affection you’re looking for

  1. Hahahahahahahaha Ellie’s face!!

    Alex totally deserved that. He is a very clueless man. Poor sap.

    Ellie’s last line makes me laauugh.

    1. He deserves being backstabbed by his “girlfriend” and being mislead (or even manipulated) by Ellie for her own specific purpose? I hate how people seem to judge others by appearance :S
      Having said that, he does deserve a BIG wake-up call and change his life, and I understand how everyone seems to like the main character :P

      1. It has nothing to do with his appearance, and everything to do with his actions. Ellie neither manipulated nor mislead him; she told him about Quinn eyebanging DJboy because of tension between herself and Quinn. Letting someone else pick up the bill at Subway (or hell, EVEN Red Lobster) is not a contract for a romantic commitment, and neither is asking permission to use his internet connection.

        When he started talking about how she’d be a better girlfriend, he immediately talked right past her objections and went for the kiss. The issue is not his beard, it’s his sense of entitlement, like he’s somehow owed reciprocation for his immature, self-centered ‘feelings’.

        Hell, I don’t even like Ellie all that much, save in comparison to Alex and Quinn.

        1. I’m not going to take Alex’s side, but I do think, that if this were to be according to stereotypical steps of a sort, his behavior was allowable, if and only if he was smoking hot. But he’s not Ellie’s supervisor, and he’s got that damn goatee, so he doesn’t get that pass for making a mistake. On the plus side for him, he doesn’t get the Tilex in the face either.

          Come on, in today’s day and age, where is the supposed line drawn between two consenting adults for dinner and a date? I would say that Ellie’s line is drawn at Red Lobster or better. Maybe not Olive Garden, but if the price of the dinner is fluctuating on a daily basis per ounce, then that may be a decent indicator of her possible behavior.

          Even though I don’t think that she’s 21 yet, I think that she is a legal adult. Even if she is addicted to social media.

          I will agree that Alex is dense, led around by mini me and the eyeball magnets, however he did just learn that his supposed relationship is dead in the water and heading for the rocks, over the falls without a barrel, up the creek without a paddle, etc, etc., there should be some leeway for allowances of mistakes on his part due to mental gaps formed by recent relationship traumas.

        2. There is nothing wrong with facial hair. And double standard based on attractiveness? See Freemage’s comment. I’ll give you that Alex read a little too far into Ellie’s actions and that Ellie had ulterior motives for what she did.

        3. I can agree on the ulterior motives, if we can agree on them. I think that one of them is peace and non drama in the house, along with the same applied to the removal of dirty hippies from walking in the drive through. And the second one would be the access to the internet.

        4. Hold up.

          Isn’t part of the foreplay, if there is any between two consenting adults, dinner? Or is that just a stereotypical assumption made by corporate America and romantic comedies?

        5. Assumption. It’s called eating, and many people like to do it in the company of others. I myself have enjoyed dinner with many of my friends with no post-dinner boot-knocking.

        6. It’s an assumption that RomComs and other assorted media’s love to continue.

        7. Again, it goes to show how shallow both girls are and how most women are “materialistic” on appearances (level of “hotness”). Both girls are manipulators… it’s as simple as that. Ellie uses guys to get what she wants done and Quinn uses guys like Alex to open the door and use him as leverage. When both girls seem easily influence by “material desire”, who can blame Alex? Ellie isn’t hard to understand either since the only reason she talked to Alex was to back-stab Quinn (like some brat).
          I just feel bad that every girl so far has rejected Alex like he’s no one special, I wouldn’t want ANYONE to feel that but it happens every day and messes people up.

      2. “…is a very clueless man” hardly counts as judgment by appearance.

        You think the guy who’s planting a kiss on another girl is being backstabbed? His back is no more stabbed than Quinn’s – so far he’s objectified Ellie right in front of Quinn and also invited her to pose for his art class. Quinn has talked to a guy she likes and hung out with him and his friends. Up until this point, they were pretty much tied, mistake-wise. Now Alex takes the lead, having actually made a move, so I predict either at this very moment or very soon Quinn will make an advance on Eagan (to which he will respond with crushing indifference – so Eagan). It’s like Quinn and Alex are doomed because they are so much alike.

        As far as misleading/manipulation, a girl saying “no” is neither, and making advances on a girl saying “no” certainly /does/ deserve a retaliatory uppercut.

        1. boog, if I may, hasn’t Quinn seen past the viel of indifference to get Eagan’s approval already, if somewhat garnered and placed?

        2. As a romantic interest? Or as a friend?

          So far his bros seem more interested in her than he does. And they are just stoked to have a friend that’s a girl.

        3. As a nerd who is easily enamored by feminine wiles to be blindsided by proximity, I would not care about either situation one or two.

          However, I’m of the thought that Quinn wants to establish a romantic interest in DJ Cornbread, and it might come about if she ever gives him a free flashlight on their next date.

          Richard seems to be aware of the effect that Quinn has on James, and he is absolutely astonished, bewildered to be around her. Richard can see that effect and is more than likely standing back to see what happens, as he is also able to see the effort that Quinn is taking to impress Mr. indifference. I’m thinking that if Quinn wants to get anywhere without the direct approach, Richard’s input is going to be needed to be shared amongst the friends.

          Eagan has already given the “You’re alright lady” to Quinn when she saw past the curtain. And no “Well bust my buttons” was needed.

      3. As everyone stated, no where in there did I judge Alex based off his appearance and any comments I’ve ever made in the past have been pretty sympathetic towards Alex up until now. Also being nice to someone doesn’t warrant unwanted physical contact. Soo…yeah.

      4. From our omnipresent perspective of the comic, we’re all judging him by his actions (with sporadic goofing on his hippie like appearance.) The only person primarily judging Alex by appearance would be Ellie. I’m ruling this a “silly misunderstanding.”

    2. What’s even worse, is that he’s cheap and clueless. On the plus side, according to the movie “RED” he’s not living at home with his mother. . . heh.

  2. ‘Not the affection you are looking for.’

    Wow, I’m slow, just picked up the Star Wars ref.

    Nice one, though.

  3. Oh my god I have to wait till Tuesday for the next comic. I don’t think I can hold out that long

    1. I’ve been hesitant to say anything, but hopefully sometime in the summer I’ll move into 3 posts a week. Can’t promise it yet tho…

      1. You could not commit to three posts, but post them.

        That way, people’s expectations will not legitimately increase, and if you fall behind one post, you can gently remind malcontents that previous triple posts were a Bonus.

  4. So much suspense waiting for this strip! You haven’t created this much suspends since strips 90-100 where mr fattyfatfat had to recover from that terrible hot air balloon accident (hopes for some double checks).

        1. Though now that it’s been mentioned Fatty McFatFat totally needs a ten strip solo story.

        2. Maybe that can be the third strip of the week? Fatty McFatFat and his orange hoodie travel the world in 80 swatches.

        3. With a hijacked mobility scooter and an insatiable appetite for junk food he travels the globe having wacky hijinks and adventures. It practically writes itself.

        4. I agree. Perhaps the first episode is in Southern California, where Fatty McFatFat suddenly trips through a wormhole to appear in a David Lee Roth/Van Halen music video. David Lee Roth almost trips over the rolly polly kitty, only to land on Alex Van Halen’s drum set. The drum set falls apart and the bass drum rolls into Eddie’s guitars,

  5. Wow, she punched him clean out of his glasses. The only thing that would make this comic better is if the first panel sound effect was “shoyruken!” Also I really like how dynamic Ellie’s pose is in panel 2. It’s almost more dynamic than the punching panel.

    1. When given the possibility of affection or free food…it’s better to read free food from a situation than the latter.

  6. Ok so there’s only one innocent party here, Eagan. Quinn liked eagen and was never honest with Alex about it, Alex liked Ellie which was obvious to Quinn. (Let’s face it, Quinn has probably had a crush on Eagan for awhile.) and Ellie is a spiteful mooch. She didn’t tell Alex because she felt morally just to- well she did, but her wish to spite Quinn is what led her to finally tell him. EVERYONE IS GUILTY EXCEPT EAGEN and he doesn’t care :D

    1. There’s a direct parallel with how Quinn treats Alex, and how she treats Ellie. As one of the commentors stated, they’re placeholders for Quinn to find “better” people for her life.
      There is however, a specific difference between Quinn’s pursuit of Eagan, and Alex’s pursuit of Ellie. I know everyone loves the idea of Quinn trying this same scenario with Eagan at the same time… and I do as well in a way… but it’s horribly too convenient. It’s tempting to write sitcomy-type coincidences, or situations where EVERYONE knows something except the character that should. I make an effort to avoid both if I can.

      1. I don’t love the idea of Quinn simultaneously being shot down for the convenience. I just notice that Quinn and Alex are both so blind to their own mistakes, but can clearly see the other making the same mistakes. If one criticized the other, I’d call him/her a hypocrite.

        One difference I will note between the two pursuits, even if it isn’t the one to which you are alluding, is that Eagan has been willingly spending time doing fun activities with Quinn and not for spite. Maybe that’s relevant. I guess. *shrug*

        So maybe Quinn won’t get shot down – but then again, maybe a relationship with Eagan won’t be all everything she has hoped it would be. Or at least not “better”, to use your quotation marks and word.

    1. When I was a kid, I wore glasses to correct my astigmatism. I absolutely HATED cartoons that depicted their characters who wore glasses, with beady eyes when they were removed. HATED HATED HATED.
      I don’t wear glasses now, and still hate it. It gives this soulless, unattractive, mole-like appearance. Something I vowed to never do to one of my characters.

      1. I’ve always hated it when a character’s glasses are removed and it just doesn’t look right. Luckily, I think you pulled off the rare “still looks like the same person even without glasses” maneuver.

      1. Yeah of course. LastOutlaw, Banena and Pat have all done it. I find it flattering that people make the effort to do that, honestly. =D

        1. Nope, I loved the A-Team Pizza Delivery man cartoon, and I asked to make it into an icon. Chris is cool. Better than the sweat-hogs ever were.

        2. It is a sincere form of flattery. I would have made a Team Ellie sig by this point but gravatar doesn’t do sigs.

  7. Probably not the right thing to do…

    … but then probably not the right thing to do precisely because she wasn’t attracted to him, and I don’t think he realised that.
    That that he’d be able to know the difference. Women tend to just “hint” at things rather than say them, more often than not.

    Apparently I’ve had two decent female folk fall for me, drop “hints” all over the place, get frustrated at my obliviousness and completely give up before… facts which I only found out about from their friends at a later point. Absolutely no idea at the time. That was a long time ago though.

    1. Funny. I never used to make so many weird typos (e.g. “That that”) before Microsoft incorporated autocorrect into everything.

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