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Not the vulpine you’re looking for…

I got another fanart from our commentor Money Guy, who's quite early on his next holiday-themed character. This time the honorary one. Full version can be seen on the fanart page by clicking on the thumbnail. Quinn Fanart I'm also taking off Wednesday because I have alot of misc things I need to get done, along with trying to get a piece of merch started, which I'm planning to be a poster. Don't expect it by Friday or anything, since I want it to be art that rivals my regular weekly work for the comic itself. See you guys Friday. :)

219 thoughts on “Not the vulpine you’re looking for…

      1. Ha! I remember that episode (CSI), and how weird everyone felt talking to the furries. Hpwever, I also think this use of a furry wins….something just makes me think Pumpkin got in a couple good hits before the police got there. :)

    1. Agreed, but I feel like it should’ve been a bear instead of a canine of some form. Maybe that would’ve telegraphed the punchline too easily, though.

        1. I did refrain from an Olympic reference, though the first Google hit for that is from the Telegraph.

  1. He was not just a weirdo, those can be acceptable people. This one was a borderline pedophile (borderline because Pumpkin is only a year away from some states legal definition of “legal age”), that is a weirdo of another color and this was a good take down of one.

    1. I am wondering though if security took him all the way down or if she knocked (figuring he has a dent in a portion of his fur-suit) him down first before calling for them.

        1. meh, both of them, or at least all four or five of them should be crawling out of a manure pile, furry here, included in that count.

          I just don’t remember the exact number of times that Biff did crawl out from that pile.

    2. Really? Borderline? This comment wierds me out. I can believe someone has tried to use this as an excuse. She’s almost legal, come on!

        1. I for one don’t mind if a pedophile creates fantasies in their heads about their potential conquests. It’s when they start propositioning 15 year old girls for sex or start looking up pornography related to your “interests” that things cross a line. Everyone is guilty of having weird or evil thoughts. Evil actions are what make you truly evil.

        2. Everyone has to be responsible for themselves and that includes keeping their thoughts and mind moral and in check. Evil actions come from a corrupted heart and mind. When people dwell on, nurture and cultivate evil thoughts, evil actions surface. No one rolls out of bed evil one morning. Just like lingering on negative thoughts leave you in a sour mood all day. Positive thoughts give you a cheerier outlook. Let’s say some guy thinks a fifteen year old that’s your son or daughter is attractive. He dismisses the idea and moves on with his life. Or..

          He stays on it. Fantasizes about it, repeatedly. It becomes an on-going ritual, and one that’s increasing in magnitude. He’s eventually got to feed what’s becoming an obsession until it’s no longer controllable. This is where the thoughts become acted upon. I’ve never heard of or seen an obsessive person not act on their obsession.

          A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.
          Mahatma Gandhi

        3. Hey no fair, that’s not the comment I replied to. Chris don’t rewrite your comments on me like that.

        4. Now, I’m not a pedophile, but I have certain evil thoughts I think about pretty regularly. I’ve done so since I was at least 12. Do I act on it? No. I don’t even write it down; just think about those evil things I know I have the potential to do. I have the same self-control every individual does, and the lack of control you describe sounds like an excuse for an individual to not own up to the fact that they have that same self-control as me, barring the truly mentally ill.

          It comes down to choosing good over evil. A good person feeds the good wolf within them and not the evil wolf; however, they need not murder the evil wolf. It is a part of them as well, and a sword turned inward is in itself a sword of obsession. It just so happens that obsession is over cleansing oneself. What evil would a person do to remove evil from their midst?

        5. The furry is a jerk because he’s assuming that 1) because everyone is at the convention, then they will be expecting just what (he/she/it) is expecting just by the premise of being there. 2) He’s also a jerk because he doesn’t know how to take NO for an answer. In any shape and/or form.

          And even if he did not cross the line physically, he didn’t back off. The only difference is the phrase attempted added to the charge.

        6. He’s also a jerk for assuming that cause she’s dressed as a furry character (yes, furries consider Sonic the hedgehog characters as furry as well), that she’s interested in Yiff (sex, not Biff). Not all furries are weird pedos like him.

        7. Trust me, I know. But like I said, their self serving egos and choice of extra curricular activities lends to their singlemindedness BS.


          No, never mind. I’m just going to say that particular frame of mind seems to support my point.

        9. Really? So me pointing out that your irrational stereotyping of a fandom as single-minded only supports that your viewpoint that your stereotypes and bashing are justified?
          Most furries are simply fans of a genre like any other. Look at gaming, movies, Rennaissance faires, comics, even Pumpkin in the comic above. Just people dressing up for the fun of it. Do they get into character? Sometimes, yes. Do they sometimes get a bit TOO much into character? Yes, some of them. Do they have amongst their number some truly sick individuals? Yes. But that last part can simple be said to be true for society in general.

          The furries that are into the sexual aspects of the fandom are perhaps 1/3 of the fandom at most. Hell, show me a StarWars fanboy that has NOT had at least one fantasy of Slave Leia. Those that take it to extremes (creepy fursuit sex) are even fewer.

          Yet at the end of the day, furries are just normal people like you and me that enjoy normal things and have maybe one or two kinks that the average person may not understand.

          If you’re going to condemn a fandom based on the actions a few in today’s sensationalized media world, may as well spread that hate to the very thing that has been showing in the last several pages of this comic and condemn ALL cosplayers.

        10. ALRIGHT. I don’t mind a little back and forth, but don’t let differing view points or non-choice words make you uneasy, guys. Just because someone’s a furry doesn’t make them a creep, obviously. The guy in the above comic is a creep because he’s a creep, and as far as I’m concerned with writing it, he’s using the suit as a shield to conduct said creepery. Hence the dead feeling we get from his eyeless costume. Is that the reason furries dress in suits? Of course not. That’s why I don’t consider his suit one a true furry would wear.

          He’s essentially a stranger inserting himself into the con-scene with the intent of scoring with a girl. This comic in no way condemns all furries.The fur suit is merely a platform for the joke. If he were dressed as a Final Fantasy character, I’d have someone arguing the same points from that angle instead.

        11. I think that’s using a self-referential definition of obsessive.

          How well a person manages their worse tendencies is what I’ve always considered the true measure of the person, not how few they have. It takes effort to resist doing what you want but shouldn’t and none to resist what you don’t even want to do (but also shouldn’t).

          My personal dark sides tend strongly in the Wrath direction as opposed to Lust, but I don’t see why the principle shouldn’t apply to both. I do my best to find non-destructive ways to drain or release my temper, and while maybe I’ve made some comments I shouldn’t have made I’ve never struck anyone since elementary school (and only a couple of times then). It’s not something that I’m proud of about myself, but it’s there and if I tried to hide from it then it’d just blindside me and I might not be able to control the reaction and then I could do something regrettable.

          While I’ve never researched the specifics for pedophilia and could be way off base on how it works, I’d imagine that someone who faces, accepts, and finds socially acceptable ways to fill their need (non-curvy and/or mentally/emotionally immature grown women, depending on where the fantasy draws from) would be what I’d hope for. I’d consider someone who hides from it and someone who considers it 100% ok to be on par danger-wise (second more obvious danger, but also seems more likely to get caught and stopped).

        12. So… pedos are people too?

          I was just joking – obviously the point was, as Mark N already said, not all weirdos are pedos. I thought it would be funny, given mario’s poorly-worded comment, to swap them around. I don’t expect anyone here disagrees with you.

        13. Sure they do, but when that happens these fantasy men are arrested and labeled fantasy sex offenders. Then whenever they move into a fantasy neighborhood they have to fantasize introducing themselves as such to all their new fantasy neighbors.

        14. same happens with homosexuals in some places and still is wrong to consider them criminals

      1. The age of consent has nothing to do with whether or not you are a pedophile.
        A Pedophile is a mature adult who is attracted to prepubescent and early adolescent children.
        An Ephebophile is a mature adult who is attracted to mid and late adolescents (typically about 14-17).

        BOTH are skeevy, in my opinion.

        1. wait… are you sure that it has to be a “mature ” person?

          I have read of news stories where teenagers were charged as adults with pedo/rape because their victim was younger than them.

        2. Those were probably cases of statutory rape, and depending on the state the story is coming from, the laws can get weird with how the ages of the parties involved determine exactly how legal/illegal the situation is, and what kinds of charges can be filed. Sometimes is a simple under/over age of majority (16, 17, 18, whatever) where if one party is above, and the other is below, the older is a rapist. Other times there are ranges that the different parties ages can fall into, where even if the younger party is under the age of consent it might be okay if the older party is within a certain age of the younger.

          Anyway, everywhere is different, but it doesn’t change that there are creepy people out there that the systems were designed to keep away from the general population (and that some of those same creeps learn the systems really well in attempts to “game” the system, and just barely keep on the side of what’s legal [though probably not what’s socially acceptable])

          Okay, after some more of that “fun” subject, I think I’m done for the night.

        3. I guess my point is still being missed.

          Pedophilia and Ephebophilia are psychological terms, not legal ones (as far as I know; I’m a therapist, not a lawyer).

          The laws doesn’t label you a pedophile, it labels you a sex offender for having sex with people the law says you can’t have sex with.

          You can be a pedophile without doing anything illegal. All you have to do to be considered a pedophile is to be attracted to children. (If this is the case, please seek treatment.)

          Conversely, you can be a convicted sex offender even if your actions are considered within the psychological “norm”, for example an 18 year old and his 16 year old girlfriend having sex. Illegal in some states, legal in others, but the boy is neither a pedophile nor an ephebophile.

        4. You can also be an ephebophile legally in most states, see my above example of the 40 year old dude and a 16 year old girl in Nevada.

          Legal, but very unhealthy. (And honestly just plain creepy.)

        5. Everything is a legal term :-D

          Silliness aside, I think you explained the pedo/ephebo stuff more than adequately, it’s just that with how most news stories are presented certain words are used outside of their original context, and as such we get the understanding that pedophilia (or other non-law related terms) is the term for a specific crime, instead of an aspect that lead to whatever the actual crime/charge may be. Like you said, a psychological condition is just that, be it legal or not (and of varying levels of creepy, depending on the details) and the act/crime (if it is illegal) is it’s own thing.

          One-shot tanget question/comment: How are things going with you & your site? I still check every week or so to see if there’s any new info up, and hope that things haven’t gotten more chaotic than they were before.

          Okay, back to work for me.

        6. opinion is one thing, reality is another. one doesn´t change the way they are or stop doing what they like just because people don´t like it. they don´t do it unless is a crime, and crimes without victims are not crimes. just actions that people with wrong or different points of view dislike and want to forbid it through law and morals that seek to cause difficulties to the people that are attacking. happened with homosexuals and happens now with pedophiles

    3. Definitely not an Atlanta convention … the cops wouldn’t be the ones taking care of the Yiffster if it was DragonCon.

      (- cue next panel of comic being the bruised and bloodied furry sans headgear … with a odd bulge in his abdomen. The X-rays showing where his headpiece ended up but not HOW it got there. -)

    4. By the way, my statement was not to say that the offensive action is OK because she is close to age but a reminder that definitions are affected by age. Just trying to clear the air.

  2. While I got the general gist the first time, I decided to google yiff for fun to see if it meant more than I knew.

    1) I didn’t realize how appropriately creepy the term was for this situation.
    2) There was no actual fun from this knowledge.
    3) yay, pumpkin storyline! yay convention storyline! both of them together? Very scared.

      1. I didn’t know what the word meant either… I… I googled before I read all of the comments…

        You learn something new every day.

        You also die a bit every day.

        Sometimes, those things are connected.

        1. well technically, you do die a bit every day just because that is how time works on the human body.

      2. Was that reverse psychology? I had no intention of googling this (well the thought occurred but I was like… meh) till you said don’t Google.

        Now I am meh about the result, seems fairly timid for the most part, unless maybe I got the less volatile link.

        I recall in the Forces driving for an NCO and as we passed by a couple of young teens (13-14) he pipes up with “Now there is some tasty jail bait”. Just the way he said it wanted me to shower when i got back to the barracks. Context plays a big part.

  3. Love the ‘STOP’ sign in the background. Cause I swear if I behind one more person that does that at a con and I will go all Street Fighter on their butts. ;-)

    1. But then they stop to read the sign instead because it’s got that big STOP right across the front of it and that only slows things down there. You can’t win for losing here.

        1. If you have to slow down to read a roadsign, than either is that sign designed very badly or (more likely) you’re going too fast!

        2. Apparently you’ve never been on a California freeway. The signs are huge; they span the entire 6 – 8 lanes and they are positioned so they can be seen (and presumably read) for a LONG time. Most people drive in such fear that they hit the brake first in virtually every situation, which is why traffic is as bad as it is in most places…

        3. Well, okay. I didn’t really take bad drivers into account here.

          And when I say bad, I mean like bad! Looking ahead and foresight are one of the basic principles of driving.

  4. I was not expecting this for today’s update. That fur-suit has terrifying empty eyes, and I can’t help but imagine different potential voices for that dog. Is it a high pitched voice, designed to keep the young ones “at ease” while they creep about? It it a deep (heh, autocorrect almost made that “derp”) gravely voice that one really wouldn’t expect from a dog-person (oh, never mind, Scruff McGruff, it’s expected, and now makes everything involving that character really wrong)

    Or, is it a lady in there (term being used loosely) That gives us limitless vocal potential!

    Last aside: I hope it was pumpkin who took the dog down initially, via the tails on her Tails cosplay/hoodie. She seems like she’d be prepared, and if there’s anywhere a young lady might need to preserve her personal space (especially in costume), it’s a Con.

    1. White Rice, I was thinking the voice of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, deep, but trying to be feminine at the same time. Spectacularly creepy.

      1. “Would you yiff me? I’d yiff me. I’d yiff me hard. I’d yiff me so hard.”
        *stars swaying*

        Ouch, I think I pulled something picturing that :-P

  5. aww….wish we could’ve been able to see the initial impact before security got there :/

    totally ok with all this, it’s funny as usual, especially since the furry is creepy.

  6. Yea Verily, doth it say in the Codex Sororitas Buckingham,

    “Suffer not the Pedofurry to live without genital pain. Nor allow them to remain conscious while the Adeptus Arbites perform the Cuffing of the Fool.” Verse 5, Chapter 7, of the Book of Pumpkin.

    1. Don’t forget the portion of the codex that has a myriad of defense techniques against flurries, all of which involve fire with the occasional multi melta ;)

      1. Pumpkin wouldn’t want to risk catching her own costume on fire. I’m sure she’s got plenty of non-flammable countermeasures. All of her older sisters probably took her aside and made sure she was aware of lots of options before the Sister Council allowed to go to her first con, especially in an animal costume. And all but Cinn were trying to give her good advice, and she already knew better than to listen to Cinn. Besides, Cinn makes the best practice dummy anyway.

        1. Yeah, but, perversely, I could see Cinn giving the BEST advice.
          Who else but Cinn when mayhem is your goal?

        2. Well, when it comes to destructive mayhem, Cinnamon would be your girl. But that would also have to be if you care about being seen or not. The outbreak at the mall was a bit of a growth spurt out of opportunity on her part. But for pure bedlam, go with Anise.

        3. The problem with Cinn’s advice is the follow-thru. Such as, “Well that’s really get the guy off my case, but how do I deal with being on fire?” The answer to that is always a patented Cinnamon D. Buckingham blank, soulless stare.

          (no, I don’t know Cinn’s middle name, but that statement needed a middle initial)

  7. What the hell does “yiff” mean? Haha I feel so old when I read this comic sometimes…I need alot of need culture references explained to me.

    1. On the off chance you haven’t looked it up, and the above comments haven’t spelled it out, he’s propositioning her (with suits/cosplay to be included in the act).

      “Yiff” is a verb, conjugated normally with “to yiff,” “yiffing,” “yiffed,” etc.

      …I know too much.

      1. haha i always forget that i can look stuff up online…jeez…im only 32 for gods sake….but i went without reliable internet for so long that im still not used to just looking things up….

        1. True, though he’d probably still be right with “at least more times than I have the patience to count.”

          Granted, I don’t know his level of patience and he might surprise me.

        2. I understand DragonCon had to buy out one of their previous founders.
          Just as people tend to think they’re sufficiently anonymous on line, I suspect there are idiots who think if they put on a costume, they can get away with.. I was going to say murder, and that’s true enough, but since we’re talking about sexual predation, that’s bad enough.

      1. I notice the backgrounds are different, so I’d say she probably suffered him until she got to the front of the line, then said “oh, by the way…”

        Too bad, too, but then, just because no DA would convict doesn’t mean she’d be cleared to neuter him with a well placed boot.

        Remember, people. Spay and neuter your furries.

  8. After checking the fanart page, I am convinced that, somewhere in Florida, there is likely a ten-foot radius of increasing heat somewhere near an apartment complex. This heat is likely the by-product of intense rage and can be seen from space with the correct equipment.

    There is also one very happy, but dirty, hippie. The less said about that, the better.

    1. I can’t decide if Alex would approve or if object that she looks a bit too padded. I mean, I know he’s slime, but I can’t tell if he has some sense of artistic integrity to match reality as closely as he knows it or not.

  9. I was waiting for this. Not the Furry, but for Pumpkin to get hit on. I doubt this will be the last time either. Sometimes I honestly feel bad for women at Conventions.

    1. I’m not exactly a frequent congoer myself, so all the details are unclear. But what is it that makes you feel bad? That women get hit on at conventions? That the quality of said hits is inept at best and approaching criminal at worst? That there are large numbers of socially-inept gents at cons fumbling their way through pick-up lines?

        1. Can’t be that. There are too many degrees of possibility involved. Surely the socially inept need love too.

        2. Some guys being socially-inept and women being hit on relentlessly (to the point of sexual assault, in some disturbing cases) are not mutually exclusive.

          The problem isn’t that geeks don’t know how to pick up women and so it makes them uncomfortable. The problem is that they have to put up with that behavior to begin with. Women aren’t attending these cons to be hit on, they’re there for mostly the same reasons as everyone else (but not Ellie, she’s there for money). Being surrounded by guys hitting on them, socially-inept or not, is really uncomfortable.

          Imagine being a nerd and going to a jock convention. You wouldn’t want to be pushed around and get wedgies and swirlies by everyone, you’d just want to go about your business and be left alone. Same thing really. I mean, that’s a bad example because it seems unlikely that a nerd would have any reason to go to a jock convention (except maybe for all the cool swag?), but you get my point. Those uncomfortable scenarios you spend your life trying to avoid, you don’t want to be surrounded by more opportunities for them.

          And just to be clear, I’m not saying to leave the girls alone or anything. Geeks can talk to girls (sort of?), but that doesn’t mean they have to hit on them.

        3. Of course other people are there for money too, but those aren’t the people I was talking about when I said “mostly the same reasons as everyone else”. Ellie was just my representative counter-example of “people who are NOT there for the same reasons as everyone else”, in no way implied to be the only one.

        4. Getting hit on (not harassed) is at the very least a sign your outfit looks cute. It might make for an awkward 20 seconds but it’s not going to ruin your day. Don’t lump that in with harassment. They are totally different.

        5. Yes, at the very least it is a sign that “your costume is cute”. But is “the very least” representative of the problem? Suggesting that “being hit on” is something as innocuous as implying “your costume is cute” is much the same as suggesting it is as vile as rape. Neither extreme is relevant here. I’m talking about the far-too-common middle-ground, where the message conveyed is more like “I want to see you naked”.

          I could just as easily suggest that bullying at the very least may just be a form of hazing, of welcoming others into a group while filtering out those who won’t fit in. I’d certainly be wrong, not because this kind of “bullying” isn’t real or even common, but because it doesn’t represent the larger problem that is “bullying”.

          And was I lumping “being hit on” with “being harassed” together? They are both unfavorable situations, which is precisely the point I was discussing, so wouldn’t it therefore be a valid example?

          Still, 20 seconds seems like a fairly conservative estimate. I mean, who’s to say how long the effects of some-dude-tryin’-to-get-laid really last? I’d bet it depends on the situation, the girl, how long the guy keeps trying after being turned down the first time, and how many times she has been hit on already that day. All those instances probably add up.

          tl;dr – If your 20 seconds is the average, what’s the standard deviation on that?

        6. I can’t disagree with you, but I can’t quite agree with you either. There are definitely scumbags and guys who think any woman he finds attractive must want to sleep with him. The world would be a better place if they’d no longer speak. However, a day full of awkward guys who maybe just aren’t good at talking to women who try to talk to you can be wearisome, that seems to me like a hazard a rational female should expect when wading into a room with a large content of awkward guys. It’s kinda’ the same way that having a fair justice system is a good thing, but that doesn’t make it pleasant while you’re going through the process of defending a false accusation.

          Pumpkin seems to respect this, as she communicated “not interested” to Naruto fanboy last comic, but didn’t try to completely shut him down. If he’s capable of appreciating it, it’s a data point that he needs to improve. This guy she did shut down very completely, but that wasn’t until he crossed the line.

        7. Again, you’re equivocating being hit on with being harassed but now you’re doing it with a pretense of science. Mentioning standard deviation? Really? That doesn’t change the fact you just claimed that my pointing out being hit on can be complimentary is no different someone saying rape is vile. Neither of those are extreme statements; they’re both obvious feelings resulting from thinking about specific behaviors.

          Pretending that a social reaction can be quantified is not going to draw attention from the fact you’re deflecting. You’re claiming being hit on while dressed in an attractive manner is going to ruin a woman’s day because, in your words, it’s no different than being sexually harassed. I’m pointing out that’s gross equivocation. So how about you leave the pretense of high intellect aside and stop speaking down to people who disagree with you? Because you’re way too sloppy to sell it.


          tldr version: Your attempt to weasel out of what you said by deflection failed. Sexual harassment is still not the same thing as being hit on.

        8. Okay one, the standard deviation thing was just me making light of the fact that you obviously made up a measurement (i.e. 20 seconds) to try to make your case. I wasn’t speaking down to you; I was being passive aggressive with you. So lighten up.

          And two: I’m not equivocating or attempting to weasel out of anything.

          “…you just claimed that my pointing out being hit on can be complimentary is no different someone saying rape is vile.”

          No, that’s not what I said. What I said was that neither extreme (i.e. simple compliments OR rape) is useful to this discussion, because I’m not talking about them. I don’t consider simple compliments to be “hitting on” – maybe you do, which is why I was trying to clarify my position. The point I’ve been making all along is that girls are not there just to be “picked up”.

          “Sexual harassment is still not the same thing as being hit on.”

          At no point did I say it was. I did say early on that in some disturbing cases women are hit on relentlessly to the point that they are sexually assaulted – which is true – but that’s not equivocating the two. That’s just saying that sometimes it gets worse than othertimes.

          tl;dr – I have no idea what you are getting so defensive about.

        9. Oh, one more bit I left out:

          “You’re claiming being hit on while dressed in an attractive manner is going to ruin a woman’s day because, in your words, it’s no different than being sexually harassed.”

          I never claimed that, but it was a nice strawman attempt. It even came pre-packaged with an “in your words” followed by you cramming your own words in my mouth. So thanks for that.

        10. Yeah sorry things are getting pretty heated and so I’m ready to move on now.

          For the record though, I like Gravatarless just fine, I just dislike my comments being misconstrued more. Wait, why am I on the internet?

        11. Good points, Boog, though shouldn’t intent be a part of that equation? Your hypothetical jock convention would be full of people deliberately trying to inflict pain and humiliation, while that women-at-cons concept is full of people inadvertently doing likewise.

        12. I think intent is a valid point, although in a lot of cases, the point of hitting on a girl is to get laid. That is, in my mind it’s the difference between “hitting on” and “just chatting up”. And women don’t go to these things just so guys can get laid is kind of my point.

          And again, to clarify, I’m not so concerned with the inadvertant uncomfortableness – we geeks can’t help but stumble over every syllable when talking to a pretty girl – I’m talking specifically about unwanted advances.

        13. Got to be careful with that distinction, Boog. You don’t figure nearly every advance we geeks make is unwanted on a certain level? We aren’t exactly the most pleasant of people, savvy?

        14. Sir, it seems you are misunderstanding the point of a distinction. There is cordial conversation (“hey, cute costume”) and there is wanton proposition (“it’d look a lot cuter wadded up on my cheap hotel room floor”). It is SPECIFICALLY the latter which I am discussing – of course we geeks being weird means the latter would more likely come out as something like “you’d look a lot more um cuter… I mean… I want to do the Tails at my hotel, err, my room… Um… Have you seen that episode of the Simpson’s where Bart’s a vampire…? I have it on DVD if… Are you selling those costumes?” and so on.

          But whether or not geeks are weird to talk to (yes, we are, I CONFESS) is not the point. The point I’m trying to make is that women are not there so that guys will hit on them.

        15. I believe I misunderstood your point above too and I’m in much closer agreement than I’d thought.

          However, I also know some women who’d argue against you on that premise (as they’ve argued against me at times).

        16. Suppose there’s something to be said for the term “hit on” as well. There’s a fundamental difference between an offer of coffee and discussion of wadded costuming. I fear I may be using an older definition of the term, proving how out of practice I am.

        17. @That one guy
          Yes, sometimes my points don’t come across as clearly as I think they do. Maybe because we all focus on different parts of sentences. For example, my “All of the above” comment included “socially-inept gents … fumbling their way through pick-up lines”. I was arguing that women aren’t there to be “picked up” – focusing on the “pick-up lines” bit – whereas it seems that others were defending against the “socially-inept gents … fumbling” bit. Seems we all have to get past that before we share an understanding?

          And yes, I’m sure there would be women too that disagree with me. I know that, as a man, I can’t speak for them – I’m just going on what I’ve read/heard from women and men alike, admittedly some of whom are actively working against the described behaviors.

          Yeah, it’s important to establish definitions. I don’t really mean to imply that “hitting on” or “picking up” a girl always means the guy wants to get freaky – sometimes it does just mean getting coffee or an ice cream together. Still, in either case I’d wager it’s best to start with friendly chit-chat rather than fumbling with pick-up lines or forced flirting.

    2. Honestly, I thought Ellie would have been first, what with that outfit she’s wearing. But it seems Pumpkin beat her to the punch.

      1. Ellie is quite a bit more intimidating than Pumpkin, so I bet even fewer guys know how to approach her. Still, I’d be surprised if she hasn’t been hit on dozens of times already anyway. And she hasn’t even met her boss yet!

      2. Believe it or not at things like this the “sluts” are generally steered away from. People tend ot gravitate towards the cosplayers, especially the cute ones.

      3. There might be a certain degree of pacing involved in that. Depending on what he’s got planned, Rusche may want to stick with Ellie’s story a bit longer once it starts, have planned what goes over a weekend break, or perhaps have a larger comic for it that takes a bit longer to prepare. These Pumpkin in line comics could easily be moved around a bit where they help for pacing planning.

  10. Fifteen, eh? I can see his confusion: that’s 105 in dog years (maybe he likes them old?). Then again, not sure how old that makes her in two-tailed fox years.

    At first I though he was sniffing her in panel 3 and I thought “damn, dude’s committed to the character,” but I guess he was just looking to see if con security was within earshot. His mistake was not realizing that when you hit on a fifteen-year-old, everyone’s within earshot. Also, hitting on a fifteen-year-old.

    I think the only thing that would have made this comic better would be if his face was on backwards while he was being detained. Like backwards-bank-robber. A nice homage to Pumpkin’s older sister, it would be.

    *sigh* But I guess forward-facing-furry will have to do.

    1. Agreed, backwards mask would’ve been a good nod to Tarra training Pumpkin in how to deal with that kind.

    2. I moreof got the impression he is checking her out in panel three and then panel four is him checking for unwanted listeners/onlookers.

      1. Could be – maybe he didn’t believe her when she said she was fifteen so he was like “whoa really?”

        Of course going in for a closer look to confirm it AND THEN continuing to proposition her makes him seem like even more of a scumbag in my mind.

        Taze him, bro.

        1. Problem with a stunner might be that the costume might be thick enough to protect him.

          But otherwise: Fully in agreement.

  11. Man. Pumpkin is still cute even when she is pissy. As fur the furry. He had no chance I hell. Even if he is in the whole sliding age scale Florida has (18 is legal but has several exceptions) I think daddy would like to have a word with him.

        1. Awww, there goes the theory that the cops are his slave-minions charged with guarding the girls while at the convention. I totally forgot the con was in a totally different jurisdiction.

        2. Yes but Herb is still the chief of police and the Lakeside metro is a good size (500,000+) and is likely going to have first hand contact with other local police departments. That or some of his staff moonlight as security officers during the weekends.

        3. With normal human tendencies, I suspect that it takes very little incentive to give someone brought in for propositioning a minor a worse time. If nothing else, I suspect they’d let Herb drive over and intimidate him in interrogation and have an officer refer to him as “Chief Buckingham” (which would be a correct form of address, even if it falsely implies he’s chief in that station) in horn dog’s hearing.

    1. To wit:

      Age of consent in Florida is 18, UNLESS the older partner is under 24, in which case it’s 16.

  12. He’s being cuffed face-down on the floor with a gun or taser pointed at him. There must have been a bit of a scuffle.

    Still, he’s lucky security/police caught him. As opposed to, say, sisters.

    1. Oh it is a gun. Tasers always have some bright colors on them to differentiate them from handguns. Also it might just be the cops going hard in our furry friend. I would nut be surprised at all if they knew who she was.

      1. I think once someone pulls out the (probably) pedo-card, cops (and most of the general public) get a bit less friendly, and a lot more…insistent on keeping the pervs away from their targets. Cuffs & a drawn gun pretty clearly demonstrate that what you (the unknown age/probably pedo fur guy) was not considered socially acceptable.

        While most Tazers posses some coloration, different departments can get different colors/patterns depending on what they want. Sometimes they’re bright yellow, with yellow or green cartridges, other times the main body is mostly black, with just some trim and the cartridge being the only colored bits. Since most police need to be able to draw their gun/tazer/whatever while keeping an eye on whatever’s causing them to draw, the colors are more for anyone else observing (like the one having it pointed at them) As such, one of the better policies some departments have is to have the Tazer & pistol on opposite sides of ones duty belt, as opposed to a belt holster for one, and a thigh holster for the other on the same side (that was, you know one hand goes to each item, and there’s less chance of grabbing the wrong one)

        And now everyone knows a little bit more about Tazers, and other fun things (remember, Tazer is a brand, stun-gun is the generic item [though I think only Tazer makes stun-guns for law enforcement])

        1. Additionally pulling a gun on the guy is a good way to keep from mob justice taking over, which with a crowd that size has a potential to be pretty damned dangerous. If someone very obviously DESERVES something awful and cops have him handcuffed face down on the ground with a gun within a few feet of his head, no one’s going to think he’s getting off too easy and feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

        2. Also true. Since he’d only said things so far, the con probably wouldn’t have gone all Lord of the Flies on him, but the moment there was unwanted contact, all bets are off.

          Heck, the cops ended up protecting the guy from bringing himself a world of hurt by removing him from a scenario where he’d be getting into all kinds of trouble.

    2. Oh, it definitely looks like a gun, not a Taser. The ones I have seen are bulky, kind of boxy, and a bright color (yellow I think).

      This is comic escalation for humor effect. In real life, the cops wouldn’t point a firearm at the guy unless they had some reason to think he is immediately dangerous. We can imagine that in the missing scene, they demanded he show his hands and instead he made a sudden furtive move. Or perhaps he has a history and it’s really bad. But it’s easy to imagine this guy’s mouth digging him deeper and deeper until that last panel…

      In comics world, it could just be “he’s a furry, point a gun at him!” Not very likely in the real world.

      By the way, Rusche: great job of actually drawing the police officer. His trigger finger is clearly indexed along the side of the pistol; it’s clearly not curled around the trigger. That is the correct way to hold someone at gunpoint. (It doesn’t take long to slip the finger back inside the trigger guard, and it’s much safer… the movie _Pulp Fiction_ has a classic scene about what can happen by mistake with a finger on the trigger.)

  13. Lucky Pumpkin, managing to go to a con where the security takes their jobs seriously. She’s so unfluttered, I guess the Buckingham girls are used to sexual harassment.

    Um, that IS con security, right? And not Herb’s minions on a secret mission to protect his youngest daughter?

      1. Always a good idea to know to local troublemakers. And when said troublemakers are the chief’s seriously hot daughters? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls get their own secret security detail sometimes. Both to protect them from unwanted advances, and the protect the general public FROM them.

    1. Not to be pedantic, but propositioning a minor after she’s announced herself as a minor is generally considered worse, and more clear cut, than sexual harassment. I suspect nothing would’ve happened to him if his last statement was that she looked older and he’d keep an eye out for her in three years (which still would’ve been creepy).

  14. Hey all you “she’s only 15” folks? I’d just like to point out that we have no idea how old the guy in the suit is. If he’s only 15 himself, then what do you think?

    1. Then it’s only slightly less creepy?

      But you’re right, we should be ashamed for thinking about Pumpkin’s safety and well-being and comfort without having sympathy for the maybe-fifteen-but-probably-not-as-suggested-in-the-comic furry guy.

      1. I don’t think there’s anything creepy about one 15 year-old approaching another.

        However, I don’t think “I’m not hearing a ‘No…'” would be his next line…

        1. And on addendum, if the punk in the fursuit is only 15, then I equate him with the punk in the movie “Uncle Buck.” That punk is kind of lucky that he only got hit with a golf ball. . . taped up and stuffed into the back of a car with very leaky exhaust. . . stuff like that. Probably had the whole party watch him being carried out of the place. . .

    2. That’d be quite unfortunate for him as 15 year olds generally don’t have state-issued ID with a picture and a birthday on it, so he can’t prove his age very easily.

      If he’s 15, then he deserves the learning experience of being treated like a pedophile for a few hours, hauled away from the con in cuffs, and have to wait for his parents to come to the station with his birth certificate or something to prove he’s young enough that it’s not pedophilia to clear any charges (which also involves his parents hearing the whole story and I can’t imagine a 15 year old would have a good time with that).

      However, from the stance of this comic, let alone Rusche’s comment above to someone else, I’d be very shocked if he were 15. That’s not the sort of twist or surprise that seems likely to be relevant/useful/interesting to the story.

    1. I am a butt hurt furry!(not for anything sick or to do with the comic…. I had milk and I’m lactose intolerant.) honestly I don’t even think a person could be mad at it because furries always get thrown under the bus. Plus I think we have all gone to a convention and seen one over zealous fan there. I went to NYCcc in 2012 and saw one guy suuuuper into his assassins creed outfit.

  15. I don’t see the big deal. It barely shows more than my driver’s license photo.

    It cut off the top of my head, though.

      1. Huh. I tapped it with my finger and nothing happened. Guess that’s what I get for looking with my phone. Let’s just have a look h-fgklasdgklh

        1. What are you so made about. Your the one who posed for the whole photo set. :p

    1. If that picture shows barely more than your driver’s license picture, you might want to consider going to a different DMV.

      As a note it’s also not normal for restaurant waitstaff to request a blood sample or a dentist to request you remove your pants.

  16. I am only astonished by the lack of butt-hurt Furries in the comments, claiming “fursecution” and other such absurd drivel…and as someone who regularly draws fuzzy people? I would CELEBRATE this guy bleeding all over his expensive fursuit.

    Seriously, the pedos and goreans are the dregs of all human society. Even the FURRIES hate them with a burning, white-hot passion.

      1. Seeing as they (at least the ones I know of) are quite open minded and forgiving people? Yes, it is indeed.

    1. Keep in mind, this isn’t about “furry”. This is about random dude, at a public event, propositioning a girl (woman) he has never met for sex. Repeatedly. To the point that the authorities had to be called in.

      I work security. At a dance, or similar event, we have to keep our eyes open for this. The one causing the problem is usually drunk, stoned, or some combination there of. And, they can be just a step away from escalating things into a fight of some sort, with or without intoxicants.

      You notice that he looked around, before pushing things further. He was checking for someone that might be “looking out” for her, or may object. He may have gone on to name calling, or shaming in the off camera portion.

      1. I agree, it’s not about the fact the dude is a furry, it’s the fact he’s skeevy and sexually harrassing someone after they said they weren’t interested AND said they were underage. Even if it was a guy on the street with no markers of furfandom or other geekdom he would deserve the face down in the dirt treatment from the cops. The fact he IS depicted as a furry puts into a convention context and also allows for a bit of the “oh those nutty furries” but I don’t think it bleeds over into “fursecution.”

        1. Yeah, the furry thing seems most useful to him in that the mask hides his features from cameras or later complaints (that don’t incapacitate him).

    2. Wait, how did goreans get lumped in with furries? I thought they were their own sick group.

      Shit. I’ve been on the internet too long. I haven’t seen a subculture term I didn’t recognize (and wince at) yet.

  17. I’m just going to throw this out there, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether “the guy in the suit” might be 15 or not, however, I’d like to point out that it might not necessarily be a “guy” in the suit.

    I’ve seen some really skeevy women hit on girls at cons, too.

    Still, I LOL’d.

  18. You know the fanart’s probably for Memorial Day, not Independence Day, right Rusche?

    I’m glad my daughter is into cosplaying obscure anime characters instead of animals. She hasn’t had much trouble at cons so far, though she usually goes with a group of people.

      1. Cinnamon would be perfect for the Fourth since we’ve already seen her in flashbacks with explosives.

  19. I know I’m probably hoping for too far of a coincidence, but could that be Alex in the canine suit?

      1. I agree. It’d be fun to see Alex, dog head helmetless, sitting shackled to a bench as they stroll by later.

        1. I doubt that he’d have the money to spend on a fursuit like that. Dog collar, blackened screen to see through. I think that it’d be two midgets and some stilts.

        2. It’s possible of course that he’s already had such a suit for some time, and we just didn’t know about it.

  20. You know, all things considered, maybe you (Rusche) should put a warning in the post-comic blog. Something simple, in big red letters, that says, “You probably shouldn’t look up any words from the comic/comments you don’t recognize.”

    I haven’t seen any new words, mind you, I just don’t want some of the younger/luckier bastards here to have an unfortunate learning experience.

  21. Personally, I like to think of this being what transpired between panel five and panel six, and not one of the panels at the con.

    Panel Five: I’m not hearing a “NO”.

    In between panels.

    Pumpkin: You know, you’re right. My name is Alexis. What’s yours?

    furry creep: Steve.

    Pumpkin: Okay, hi steve. I’ll go over there, by the bathroom. You come by in ten minutes. I’ll show you what my sister’s taught me.

    furry creep: . . . . ok.

    All this time, Pumpkin had her cell phone out, acting like she was texting someone, all Ashliii style. But she was filming the perv. Then as she left the line to go to the bathrooms, she called her dad’s cell phone and sent him the video, told him that he was propositioning her, and to call the Orlando Cops and the Convention Security. Then she told him where she told the perp to go, while she pushed her hood down and found a security guy.

    Intro Panel Six:

    1. On behalf of Steves everywhere, we resent having our name used as the hypothetical furry in question.

        1. FYI, I was using a real life Steve for example, and not one of the chat Stevens. The Steve I know, is an avowed 70s style sex maniac, free love, Beetles music loving person.

        2. Oh, I don’t think anyone was actually offended. “Steve” is such a common name… I tell people that if all of us Steves could get organized, we could rule the world, because we would outnumber everyone else put together. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. “Steve” is a common name in China and India, right?)

          In the Yellow Peril comic, the main characters had to deal with a guy named “Steve”… I didn’t write angry letters to Jamie Noguchi, honest!


        3. Well if you Steves ever form an army, I hope you don’t use Possibly-Steve-The-Furry’s costume as a uniform.


  22. Being of a certain generation, I had to google ‘YIFF’ for what it meant. It was a WTF moment for me.

    Also being the father of a 15 year old girl
    into fur suits I’ve decided never let attend another convention again.

    Ok, maybe not really but I’ll be going with her with a baseball bat.

    1. Take a cattle prod instead while dressed as a cowboy instead. That way you can be “in character.”

        1. You just need a cowboy hat, rancher’s gloves, blue jeans, and a plaid style cowboy shirt, maybe one solid color shirt, button down instead. And make sure that you take the hat and roll around with it in the dirt.

    1. Unfortunately they do. One more reason why people should not go to one by themselves. The buddy system is very good with public events.

    2. They happen pretty much anywhere else, so I’m pretty sure they do at cons as well. Not necessarily more often though. Or that more often, considering the possibilities concealing costumes offer.

  23. lmao this is the 2nd webcomic that I read this WEEK to mention furries in it. Is this becoming a big thing or something XD

  24. As a furry, let me spell this out for everyone, 1 do these things happen, sadly yes but it’s very rare and even REAL furrys stay away from people like that! 2 furrys are VERY misunderstood, i have heard of people who have been molested by family members and use being a furry has a way to cope with it, 3 furrys have been around since the 80s but (sadly) it only became more well known because of that one csi episode that ruined everything! and 4 alot of older furrys are married and some even have kids! i know this one guy who’s a furry who used to work at nasa! and lastly…did anyone think the furry in this looked like a fnaf character?

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