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Nothing New to Me

Energy. Trying to find some. Thanks for hanging in there. Plenty more on the way. :)

54 thoughts on “Nothing New to Me

    1. From her body language in this strip versus before her ‘chat’ with Tarra, Pumpkin is definitely taking the whole self-confidence and center-of-attention personality traits to heart.

      1. Which is not necessarily the best thing. Tarra might be speaking Word-of-God when it comes to the core personality and demeanor of “Buckingham women”, or, just as likely she might just be speaking Word-of-Tarra, who as we have started to learn is a foolhardy egoist who leaves ugly messes in her wake.

        Still, if this is a mistake (or Her Destiny) there is only one way to learn it and have a chance the lesson sticks. So let’s sit back and break out the popcorn.

        1. “a foolhardy egoist who leaves ugly messes in her wake” IS the core Buckingham personality trait though.

    2. Exactly. Having the power and having any idea how to wield it are two completely different things.
      I have a feeling this will backfire and get ugly fast.

  1. Is that the gay guy that Ellie used to work with at the McDonalds knockoff? If not, he looks an awful lot like him. If so, Pumpkin’s boobs are far more powerful than I thought!

    1. No, I think this is the OTHER guy. The guy who was one of Santa’s elves and staring speculatively at Anise, who, when confronted with a mall Santa, promised that she would do undefined “sexy things” that Mrs. Claus wouldn’t do.

        1. And it really DOES underscore the “fruitless” part. Been too long since i last ran the archive, I suppose; you seem to have the right on this one.

      1. I have gone all the way back to the early days of the comic to confirm, and I am pretty sure that the gentleman currently withdrawing a nosebleed is in fact “incredibly gay” Tommy!

    1. It takes confidence to deliver that line, with her mouth full even. Kudos to Quinn. Kudos to Rosemary on the salad.

      1. Further to that, when was the last time you saw someone draw a person talking with food in their mouth convincingly? Manners aside (seriously, we all do this IRL, can we agree?) So Pumpkin’s body proportions are unreal, but it isn’t because Chris can’t draw bodies!

  2. Pumpkin used BOOBS on Quinn!

    It wasn’t very effective.

    Pumpkin used BOOBS on Tommy!


    (Yes, i had to re-read half the early archives to find the strip e was named in)

  3. Oh, and I don’t know if this was intentional…but that’s almost the EXACT SAME THING Martha Stewart said on one of those morning talk shows back in like 2001 when she was going up the river for insider trading. “I just want to focus on my salad.”

  4. Pft, Pumpkin, darling…Quinn is straight, why would flaunting your new…confidence… in her face make her change her mind? Silly girl.

    1. Unless there is a canonical reference I have missed, we are not sure if Quinn is straight — only that she has said she likes boys.

      And why? If she is 100% heterosexual, why not just come out and say it and leave no room for hedging and fussing and assuming and misinterpreting and doubt? It’s not like there is any stigma attached to “coming out” as straight. With straightness announced, she gives Pumpkin only two options: cease her futile efforts with a scintilla of grace, or double-down on being a nuisance and ruining the friendship. As it is, since she has not shut and locked the door, she is enabling a continuing trickle of low-level flirting and continuing attention and interest. Is that what she is after? A steady stream of feeling wanted that she does not have to make effort to acquire? A feeling of being desired that makes up in quantity what it loses in quality?

      I really really there is some sort of story-based answer that is not simply kicking the can further down the road for later drama.

      1. Because you don’t have pregnancy dreams about your roommate and her sisters if you’re 100% hetero.

  5. Pumpkin’s extremely buxom chest is certainly her main and most beautifull/advantageous feature. There’s no denying that and we must thank Chris for that! ^_^

    But the rest of her body and feminine curves are certernly not to be overlooked too either!! Look at that perfect hourglass body shape and those slender curvaous waist,hips and thigh! Not to mention also those marvelous and perfectly feminine legs. She really is gifted by nature and slowly becoming has busty and beautifull as Ellie. You go girl!!!! ♥

    1. This reads weird, like we have Chris to thank for her chest, but Pumpkin to credit for having penned the voluptuous lines of the rest of her own body…?

      You go, Chris!

  6. Where did the whole “sexiness = nosebleeds” come from anyway? It’s one of those Tropes I never really understood, and only gets weirder the more I think about it.

    1. Their brain has an aneurism from jet-training to bonerville too fast and starts to leak through their nose. or something I’m sure, I’m entirely guessing.

        1. I did but then I ate it?

          real answer is I’ve been here the whole time I just don’t comment much anymore, lol.

      1. That was a much more detailed answer that I was expecting…. thank you, I guess.
        I’m still a little weirded out by the whole thing.

  7. Again. I can’t help, but respect Pumpkin’s taste in women. Also, just because a guy has a preference for guys, doesn’t mean he won’t go after chicks. I’ve known a good few guys who presented themselves as gay, but I would later learn were fathers of several kids from several different women.

    1. Hasn’t her taste in women just been Quinn and some even older woman who wanted to keep her from her friends and control her?

      1. Which is why I think that Pumpkin is making choices based on who she feels comfortable talking to. I.e., opening up on what she shares when talking to people. I think the storm of Katrina saw something and prised open to see what was inside. With Quinn, I think that Pumpkin led herself astray because she felt comfortable talking to her. Some of the common interests seemed to cement the fixation.

    1. Probably right around when the Patreon support starts to drop off again. People are still paying sickening amounts of money for this comic to not update, so why should it bother.

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