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Number 200

I'll leave you all to speculate..  Ellie's moving on to another call after this. =P

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  1. 1 : It appears that this isn’t the first time Tarra has had a run in with the numb foot clan

    2 : My sister used to lick the flavor of chips and then put them back into the bag. So I find this to be funnier that it should be really.

        1. Dude, watch it, it’s on Netflix last time I checked. It’s stupid but in a good way. Dane Cook’s cameo alone is worth the price of admission.

        2. Stupid? The movie was very good dude, it was a forerunner to the ‘real life super hero’ fandom, were it not for Mystery Men a good number of well known series and characters would never have existed.

          That and we’d never have gotten so many fond memories lol

        3. I’m not saying it isn’t good, it’s hilarious. And yes, with the real life hero genre becoming over crowded it’s probably more relevant now than ever before. Though it definitely plays to the camp aesthetic which isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking to shoehorn it into intelletual comedy or stupid comedy I submit that one of the main characters uses flatulence as a weapon. These are not bad things, just facts.

        4. To be fair, thats a case of weaponizing a curse though. Never mess with an old gypsy women, you will pay.

        5. Mystery Men or Websters 2nd Edition?

          If its Mystery Men you’ve never seen, you should really go rent it. The movie was one of the best comady flicks ever made, and technically, the first modern comic book hero movie since the Tim Burton Batman (long story short, the Mystery Men were guest characters in a very obscure DC comic series)

          The movie is also responsable for a rather well known song. ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth was made for that movie originally, though now the song is far better known lol

        1. That sounds like a Mystery Men name for a hero who has bad social skills when it comes to dating women and has a knack for showing up at really, really bad times. However, he’s able to mentally sweep villains off of their feet, throw books with deadly accuracy, enough to give multiple paper cuts to disable a crook, and can balance any checkbook within five minutes.

        2. The Lurker? That’s beautiful. A great idea.

          Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow? No, not him. The Lurker knows! For he is the one who lurks. (hat tip to Heisenberg)

  2. That guy has very impressive hand/arm strength. and… butt strength? How on earth is that wheelchair staying up there? how did he get there? Why is a ninja good enough to get up to the top of an elevator and stay there, all while still in a wheelchair, still dumb enough to pick fights with Tarragon?

      1. The real physical impossibility is that Tarra was surprised. I assume she is emoting merely for the sake of Wheelchair Ninja’s ego. It’s nice to throw him a bone before he becomes quadruple amputee ninja.

        1. Head in a jar ninja!

          You destroyed my body, now I will destroy your… destroy… I’ll gnaw on your toe if you put it my jar? C’mon, put your toe in the jar! Curse you!!!

        2. You do know that Tara had mercy on him and get him the Pringles before Number 5 licked them off.

          But Johnny didn’t have a tongue before.

        3. There really isn’t enough Pringles-related mercy in the world. If that doesn’t cause every single person who dislikes Tarra to have a change of heart, I don’t know what will.

        4. That was the shotgun guy last episode, remember? Dr. McCoy was able to beam him up from the scene and cut his head off and put it in a jar and shipped it via Planet Express to the “Moronic Crook Planet – Vespa 83”

      2. it makes perfect sense… it’s one of her boyfriends, and he’s surprising her with one of their fave roleplaying scenes

        oh, and the wheelchair? it’s a costume prop – velcro’d to the back of the gi

      3. Bah, physical impossibility. She hair whipped an armed robber while on the phone, and failed to notice something that would have been seen while boarding the elevator?

        She had to be pretending; there’s no way she would have missed that (unless Ellie is somehow her Kryptonite).

        1. You mean, physical probability! Ninjas are exceptional at hiding, even in plain sight. I once saw this show about how ninjas have specialized cells called chromatophores which allow them to change their coloration and pattern in reaction to changes in surroundings and also for camouflage. By blending in with their environment, ninjas stalk and kill their prey, which they consume whole to leave no trace behind. It’s completely plausible that he was right there in that spot when she walked in, and she didn’t see him (although she may have sensed him).

          Apparently some species of ninja even use these color-changing abilities as part of mating rituals.

        1. So you’re saying he was waiting there for less than four hours, or he needs to seek immediate medical attention aside from whatever happens with Tarra?

        2. Tarra just seems to be in the right place at the right time. Side effects commonly associated with her appearances are….

  3. An average day for Terra involves foiling a robbery, saving a baby (and possibly others) from a burning building, and battling with a ninja…. o.0

    I’m curious (and a little afraid)…what does she consider a “great” day? Or a “bad” day? Does Terra even have bad days, or is that something reserved for the non-perfect?

    Keep up the awesome Rusche!

        1. How else could she learn to regrow limbs? Though to be fair, the wood chipper was undeniably in much worse shape after that altercation.

  4. Dang, that robber from last panel sure matured fast. What school did he go to? I’d love to train there and be a full class ninja in just a few short Panels. . . . Do I have to break my spine first?

    1. Thanks. Continuing the trend of merging two concepts that really shouldn’t be.

      Strip 100: Country music rap.
      Strip 200: Wheelchair Ninja
      Strip 300: Gender-confused robots… ?

      1. Strip 300 could be flying monkey war but instead of winged, it’s the jet engine monkeys against the helicopter monkeys.

        Things to consider: speed vs maneuverability, damage inflicted with propulsion systems, and the impact of going faster than the speed of sound versus helicopter downdrafts on flung poop trajectories.

      2. Clearly, there needs to be a different theme for Strip 300.

        “Madness? THIS! IS! SARASOTA!”

        (at which point somebody gets kicked into a flying shark. Because flying shark needs no excuse)

  5. Will our hero survive her encounter with the deadly Wheelchair Ninja!? Find out next week! Same time, same channel! This is the season final you dont want to miss!

    Sorry, couldnt resist that one lol

  6. I feel like “The Adventures of Tarragon the Paragon” could become a spin-off comic XD. Or the next string of comics once this one ends (I know it’ll be a very long time before that happens).

    1. I noticed that too. She’s sufficiently perfect that her birthmarks are not bound to the confines of her physical form. I wonder if she can send them to scout out buildings and see through them too.

    1. No, the shark jumping isn’t until after the zombie apocalypse which has already been established to be 80 some year away (at the current update schedule.)

      This is merely a prelude to the impending (and foreshadowed) insanity. I can’t wait. =)

  7. What interests me most is that this guy is actually ~called~ “Wheelchair Ninja”. Think about it. In order for that to be the name she knows him as, he would’ve had to have met her as Wheelchair Ninja before this. Which, in turn, would suggest that she broke his spine while he was already in the chair–his inability to walk is apparently unrelated to, but probably exacerbated by, his spinal injury.

    Either that, or he was a ninja who would use a wheelchair to lull his opponents into underestimating him, and she broke his spine as poetic justice.

    1. I read that similarly to The Tick, episode “Heroes” where he climbs up the building and proclaims, “Roof Pig! Most unexpected!” Not a proper name, just an exclamation at the unexpected sight.

      Then again, maybe I just have The Tick on my mind because both Ellie and Tarra look like they’d heartily agree that gravity is a harsh mistress (Ellie even referenced it once regarding Alex’s drawing).

  8. Haha. This reminds me of myself because my friends all say if I was a superhero, my power would be my hair. Seeing as I can sit on it, I agree.

    No! Not the wheelchair ninjas! They know my weakness! Cutting my hair!

        1. Yes, you are right of course. It is a very good one…it’s just…well…how am I supposed to yell at kids to get off my lawn now? This avatar is too adorable for that!

      1. What’s that? Only Metal Gear Solid- one of the greatest video game franchises around! A series about espionage, conspiracy, nuclear weapons, and a man that saves the world!

        But seriously though- please play it! Play Metal Gear Solid 1, if you ever have the time. That shit’s AMAZ-AAH! Or, alternately, you could play Metal Gear Solid 3, which is actually the chronological first game in the series, and arguably the one with the best story. I’m not gonna lie- I cried at the ending. I cried MANLY tears! MGS3 can be played on the PS2, the PS3 and on the 3DS.

        1. Okay, well, some of us have been stymied by life to a point where some of the popular geek vernacular have dropped out of our vocabulary like a bad batch of yogurt covered pretzels this side of a Kevin Smith movie.

          I remember playing the one with the dinosaur robot in Alaska.

        2. Haha, don’t be so upset- I was just trying to be funny.

          And I understand. I really don’t have a lotta time to play video games anymore. I’m a full time college student and I work, so I’m behind on plenty of stuff too. I don’t really hear about news headliners until a week or two after something big happened. Life kinda gets in the way of having fun.

          The robot dinosaur in Alaska was MGS1.
          …. you know, when you put it like that, it really makes the series sound a lot more ridiculous than it is. :D But it’s still fairly ridiculous!


          No, not like that. Stand up, chin out. Now, hands out forward, thumbs up, fists balled. Now, grunt moan, good. Now put some bolts on the side of your neck and get ten inch lifts for your sneakers. You’re my new Frankenstein.

        4. Ok now… Are there two Pats (no wait three) or are you taking this Split Personality thing too far

        5. Sweet! Do I get superpowers now? Do I get super strength like Aaron Eckhart? Can I manipulate electricity? Ooh, I hope I can do both! XD

          While I’d love to kid around some more, the nerd in me simply cannot ignore a certain error in your comment- the being you referred to is known as “Frankenstein’s creation” or “Frankenstein’s monster.” Its name isn’t Frankenstein, though a lot of contemporary works make it out to be that way.

          The creature actually had no name, and was intentionally left nameless by Shelley for dramatic effect, after all- if it doesn’t have a name, then the readers are still curious as to what to call it, and we’re left as perplexed as the people in the book.

  9. Damn ninjas get around. also whys it called Number 200? that the literal number of the comic or is it implying that Teras got 200 other ninjas at her back

      1. On the Fifth day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me……….


        Four shotgun shells

        Three board games

        Two torn t-shirts

        And a very obese kiitt taay!!!

  10. Did anyone else notice that Ellie likes the Dill Pickles flavored Pringles? Unless it’s the Sour Cream and Onion flavor. Or did they come out with a new flavor in honor of the Heavy Metal Hair Band Poison?

    1. I’m sure that it is adequate foreshadowing on the part of the author in order to allow the reader to utilize the information in a cognitive sense to come to the direct conclusion that these two sisters are not following the same paths in life.

  11. ok, the fact that a ninja(in a wheelchair) is after her is’t really weird to me, she seems to be the type to attract that kind of people to her anyway.

  12. When I finished reading this, I got the image of that old James Bond movie where a female assassin kills by using her thighs after or during sex.

    Then I thought…. what if the eldest sister and the ninja was sleeping together and the eldest sister during an orgasm accidentally broke the ninja’s spine?

    Which would make his last line have a bit more innuendo…


    That was with Pierce Brosnan. The Oil heiress, the guy who could feel no pain, the precursor to blowing up a Russian Submarine.

    It was


    1. Goldeneye is the correct movie, but it did not have the Oil Heiress. It was the one with the Cossack Janus. The woman was Xenia Onatopp. Goldeneye was about a Satellite

      The Oil Heiress, the guy who felt no pain and Russian Sub were from The World is not Enough.

    2. I suppose if you ignore the movies with Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton… of course most people probably do want to ignore that Timothy Dalton played Bond… then Goldeneye could be an Old Bond Movie.

      1. Well, we’re going off internet age (as this is a discussion on the internet) so anything older than 6 months is “old” Yeah, Goldeneye is one of the “old” bond movies (I mean, it had an N64 game adaptation, and that thing is ANCIENT!)

        I am invincible! Invinci-

        1. all right sorry… i mean the old style of James Bond. Where he got fancy spy toys, doohickes and wachamacallits.

  14. god with how amazing Terra is……I call her marrying a major geek just to balance things out lol

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