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Number 300

Next comic will have to be on Monday. You already know I hate doing this when I do, but I'm running too far behind for it to be posted at a reasonable time today. You won't lose anything since I'll just attach it to Monday's strip. It'll read better anyhow. Alot of this one is done, just not the shading. One thing that's crippling me this week is school starting back, and the kindergarten classes are doing half days. So I spend an hour every morning  just trying to drop my kids off, then an hour later picking my kindergartner up at one time, and an hour more later on, picking up my 2nd grader. Not the only thing consuming my day... but it's certainly not helping it.  BLAH. :P

203 thoughts on “Number 300

      1. 30 hours… I know a labor of love when I see one, just please don’t burn out, ok?

        FWIW, I’ve got the hugest grin after reading today’s update. :)

        1. I definitely agree. It’s very clear a lot of work went into this and we’re reaping the benefit. (I’m sure you are too, seeing your hard work come to fruition.) Just don’t get to the point where you lose sight of your enjoyment of the comic in the need for challenge.

          It’s one of the traps of good webcomic artists. The comic turns into a burden for its maker, because constantly making more work for yourself leads to the point where you have to choose between your home life and your comic, or the comic goes from being an enjoyable task to a chore.

          You probably picked up on that in your research/preparations, but I’m mentioning it just to be safe. I like this comic and I’d like it to last until you draw it to a natural close. :D

        2. Man, I hate it when one of my favorite artists (web comic or Youtube) end up raising the quality bar so high that they make it impossible for themselves to keep it up

  1. Dang it! So close to first for the first time!

    Oh well, nice page you got here, and congrats on reaching 300! Not many web comics make it this far ^^

    Though for the record, ‘Uncle Phil’ died a few months ago :(

        1. Hmm… Dheu… Uncle Phil… You didn’t happen to get a list of cryptic rules with that last sketch book you bought by any chance, did you?

        2. If I find out Mork was going to be in your comic, I’m going to be VERY disappointed in you.
          Do not use the murder book like that. There are plenty of very terrible people out there. Cameo one of them.

        3. I dunno. About the only thing I can place him with is “Roseanne,” and I kind of think that the association might detract from the “je ne sais quoi” level of the comic and put a tangible bias on the fandom through the transitive property of association.

        4. Try “Big Bully,” “The Stupids,” or a very brief cameo in “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” backed up by Roseanne. Man, that was creepy.

        5. Ok. I have some vague recollection of some kind of thing with that name, to be honest I don’t think that I have seen it outside of commercials.

        6. I have two televisions, and I don’t make use of them. I had the same DVD in my laptop for four days, and I haven’t felt like sitting down and watching a movie I’ve seen at least twice before.

          And I don’t want to succumb to a black hole that would eat up unnecessary bandwidth if I could either rent a disc that would let me know if I wanted to have such, or just subscribe to cable with a DVR device.

          But I’m not knocking what you’ve chosen to do, just showing some of my reasons for not letting them into my house.

      1. I have to admit I am curious though as to which of the sisters tried out for Baby Spice, Ellie would have been the most likely but given that she is the one saying it she’s out, I doubt it would have been Anise and it couldnt have been Juniper or Cinnamon.

        That leaves Juniper or Terra since Pumpkin is to young…Terra never fails at anything even if its the universe against her, so process of elimination would be Juniper?

        1. Why look at thet ma, we’s got a three headed calf here that’s all black. And it wants coffee, bacon and eggs in the basket for breakfast for two of the heads. That middle one is kinda high falutin er sumthan. It said sumthin about Eggs Benedict, toast points and a haf soy, haf non dairy low fat triple expressions. An it wants the new yerk post.

        2. psst…

          (a black three headed calf is typically regarded as an almost comically bad omen. it’s ludicrously bad. Mr. Blue is taking the ball and running with it, through the end zone, out into the parking lot, and down the street to the Starbucks three blocks down. you may frame a response accordingly.)

  2. Are we gonna see Jay Leno MC’ing the Hammer Dance competition?
    How can we miss the ’90s when they won’t go away?

    1. And they never will. Not as long as us mid-30s and early-40s denizens have anything to say about it. Because we have the disposable income now! Muwhahahahaahaaaaa!

      1. Just like my (de)generation added “Disco” and “Album-Oriented Rock” and “Punk” to the grand stream of music, so your generation must do the same with your “Grunge” and other stuff, and your children will add theirs. You’re only about 10 years away from your favorite music going from “Modern” to “Classic” to “Oldies” to “Never heard of them”…

        1. In high school, I told all my friends that, one day, we would have to explain Marilyn Manson to our children. They didn’t believe me. And now, they do.

  3. This is just awesome. Second fav to the Cowboy Bebop opening one :)

    No $5 milkshake?

    As always, keep up the awesome, and congratulations on reaching 300 comics!

    1. I have a hard time picturing Ginger, Tarragon, or Anise either needing or wanting to work here, unless it was a long time ago, such as a part-time job while in highschool.
      Pumpkin is probably too young.

      So that just leave Cinnamon and Juniper.

      1. Well, I think that there was a scary spice, but Cinnamon only has it down halfway. And as for Juniper, I don’t think that there was a sleazy spice. At least until now, boom chica bow wow.

        1. I know that she was black. And the best analogy to her description would be the lead actress in “28 Days Later.” Which is why I said that Cinnamon only has it down 1/2 way, dude.

          *Mr. Blue walks off muttering about having gone fishing for five days. FIVE days, forgets where he’s walking and walks off the end of the pier*

  4. Danny and Ellie seem to be having a good time. I’ll give my belated seal of approval to this date. Danny seems more like guy-Ellie than Alex 2.

    Also, congratulations on 300 comics. Please keep it up!

    1. I agree with the 14. The only other thing they could have added was a Gremlin or Delorian in the parking lot. Great way to celebrate 300! Seems a long time ago when I found the comic and you were up to 14 or so.

      1. If you separate groups/their songs, or characters from shows/scenery depicting bits from said show, I think we could go as high as 17-18 references in here.

        Regardless, lots of love for this page, the pulp fiction/90’s references (wait, it being a pulp fiction reference is another reference in and of itself…referenception)

        And, to make people feeling neither young nor old (unless it has the exact opposite effect on everybody) I fully remember the 90’s through growing up in them. 6 in May of ’90, and I made it through the whole decade reletively safely (it was rough sailing at the end though, broke a toe & fractured my wrist at the end of the decade)

        Dang, now I’m feeling old talking about decades I’ve lived through. Curse you…me!

  5. I love this comic. From the “Mambo number 5” reference (my wife and I just heard this song somewhere recently and were complaining about how bad it was) to the POG coaster the 90’s it was pure awesome.

    Except, I actually liked cystal Pepsi…

    Also, do they really have Red Lobster in Florida? Given the proximity to the coast and “real” seafood place there isn’t a Red Lobster for a couple hundred miles of Maine, wasn’t sure if the same applied to the southern coast.

    Also here’s a random fact I have no other place for. I was once briefly in a band that was called “Five dollar milk shake.” Good times.

    1. Red Lobsters are EVERYWHERE in Florida.

      Also, I liked Crystal Pepsi as well. And Crispy M&M’s. And Crunch Bars back when they came in the foil. I miss that foil. :/

    2. As I recall the first Red Lobster was opened in Lakeland, a fact I’m sure has been mentioned here by now and possibly beaten to death.

        1. Hey! In another twenty years they’ll be ‘in’ again and popular, making my vintage classic Pogs worth a fortune lol

  6. I like the fact that the waitress is just doodling a picture in her order pad. You know you’ve been a waitress to long when you don’t have to write down the orders anymore…. I can’t tell what the picture is though..

      1. I completely missed that on my first read-through. Personally I think DBZ would be a better 90’s-themed anime, but I guess that’s not very girly.

        What’s with all the Union Jack’s though? That’s one reference I’m not getting. My first thoughts are all jumping to the first British Invasion. By which I mean the Beetles of course.

        1. The spice girls where British? I wasn’t a fan so I guess I never really looked into it. I just assumed they where American.

  7. These can’t be the nineties. There’s not nearly enough flannel.

    But wow, Rusche…it’s almost worth not getting Wednesday to see this panoply of nineties fun on display. Of course, I say almost here because any day without Shotgun Shuffle in it is worse by comparison.

    Though I don’t want to know what deal they struck with who to get Fruitopia. Man, that stuff was great.

    1. Oh good, somebody else mentioned flannel! I was wondering about that–my memories of the 90’s are way more Grungy and way less neon, but I’m from Seattle, so it’s possible my entire decade was really, really skewed.

        1. If it makes you feel any better my grandma was 18 when the Great Depression ended. And my dad was 3 when the 50s ended so.

        2. Future reference, Janobii: the phrase “you’re my father’s age” really never makes anyone feel better. :D

        3. The chair rules Steve to be out of order because of the tv show “Say Yest to the Dress.”

          The chair also awaits the dress to be worn by the actual character who was shopping for it in the “Black Friday” sales arc.

          The chair is bored by this as well, but needs the practice as people in real life would rather drink beer and bicker over trivial stuff instead of actually getting rules hammered out as to how a body should act rather than just grope in the dark and accidentally reach for something that they shouldn’t have done.

          At least in legal manner. At least the group that I am associated with should honor Robert’s Rules of Order because of what the man did before he created those rules. Then we could have a damn agenda, and at least fly over those damns points of business instead of just throwing things and seeing if it sticks.

        4. Wait, that’s…

          Oh, no, wait, that’s right. Roughly four decades between yourself and your father is the same as me. I just get screwed up because my parents were born on opposite ends of the same decade–my father in 19X1 and my mother in 19X9. (Leaving out the tens digit out of politeness to CptNerd but it shouldn’t be hard to guess given that I’ve already stated that the age difference between me and my father is close to 4 decades and I remember the 90s more clearly than you.)

        1. Yea, flannel, jeans and black band t-shirts were my 90s. It was a great time musically speaking. So many scenes and influences mingled freely. Music scenes these days feel much more pigeonholed and seperatist. But that’s a whole different story.

        2. I don’t know about that meat suit. But imagine that if it were put on the grill, people would fight to be first in line to eat it, desecrate it, venerate it, and maybe crucify it.

    2. You can still get Strawberry Frutopia at McDonald’s… or you could last time I went there (6 months ago?). It’s not on their online menu.

      I don’t think I ever had Crystal Pepsi, but I do remember it (I think I was too broke to buy pop when it was out).

    1. “Buy me two dinners at a location of my choice and you can pick where to buy me dinner the third time. Who can resist this offer??? Buy now while supplies last!”

      Then again, by this point it’s not like we should be surprised at Ellie’s penchant for getting free stuff, right?

  8. I like the *sparkle sparkle* touch. Makes it seem like she is seeing him in a good way?

    Also, congrats on your 300th comic. Awesome job, Rusche!

        1. Well. What about:

          1. You damn kids get off of my lawn!


          2. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for these pesky kids and that dog named Scooby-Doo.

        2. I get that way when people are in my parking lot after hours. Stealing wifi from the businesses there.

          That or drinking. Which they only seem to do when the bars are open on the weekends. But I don’t have a lawn, so I can’t tell them to make like a tree and get outta here.

        3. And if you can complain about it being worse because you can read, thank your parents for teaching you your A, B, C’s. That and having you go to school, improve (somewhat) your reading levels, graduating high school and MOVING out of the house so you don’t have to put up with them when they complain about the bills that they have to read every month.

        4. Try watching, “Back to the Future,” Janobii. You’ll like it! And Bugs Bunny. Kids need to watch lots of Bugs Bunny. And not the new one on Cartoon Network (can’t believe how much they messed up Bugs Bunny).

        5. You act as if I’ve never watched any of these things. (Totally agree, the original is much better.)

        6. Bravo, then.

          I think it needs to be a high school graduation requirement that you’re able to identify where the line “Spear and magic helmet!” come from.

        7. The tab lines are straight from Back to the Future, which is why I assumed you hadn’t seen it.

          The Bugs Bunny recommendation was based on my kids. My 11 year old loves it, but hadn’t seen it until this past year(and didn’t want to based solely on my recommendation, for whatever reason). My apologies for assuming you hadn’t seen it.

        8. Muria,

          Wouldn’t that be a situation where you have the DVD for the originals, and just leave them out a few days before you know that there are going to be thunderstorms forecast. Like at 10:05? And you just happen to be next to the cable control junction box for the house and bam, lightning flashes and the thunder hits just as you pull the cable from the receptacle? Then you hear the panicked screams of the kids as they don’t know what to do…

        9. I suppose that’s one way to go about it. Since the cable is the internet, the weeping and gnashing of teeth might be audible for miles.

          It would mesh well with the unfortunate bug/feature of our xbox 360 occasionally refusing to eject the disc…

    1. That show was terrible. I couldn’t tell if it was trying to be a slice of life or some kind of horrendously stylized view of young people at the time. Maybe things were just that different in California, but if I ever created a swimsuit calendar involving my best female friends and then sold it behind their backs, I’d be face down in a peat bog with my arms and legs wrapped in tow chain and concrete. Right now.

  9. Is this a Place?! I want this to be a Place!!! I would Eat there! and Bonus Points for a Savage Garden Reference!!!

  10. Wait a minute….

    *but on Greek war ware*


    *Kick some poor bastard down a well*

  11. I want this to be an actual resturaunt! This would be an amazing resturaunt!

    And I love the Hamtaro the waitress is drawing. Reminds me of my childhood.

  12. Did I miss a reference or does panel 8 say “so how did hear about this place?” You’re missing the word you.

  13. I have but one question. Is this one of those things where the guy onthe sign actually owns the place and shows up from time to time? Like Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles, or Willie’s Place in Carl’s Corner, Texas? Because a Fat Boy Slim appearance would make this date totally funky fresh. Also, if he agrees to her terms on the dates, these two will become my new otp for this comic very quickly. Making Danny replace Quinn. .. Not sure I’m cool with that, but I feel it.

    1. I think it’s more along the lines of the fact that “Fat Boy Slim’s” is similar to “Jackrabbit Slim’s” from Pulp Fiction which this scene semi parodies. (Another 90’s milestone.)

  14. If you continue this “pulp fiction” theme I would love to see Quinn quoting Ezekiel 25:17 “And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you! – Now where is my rent!!!!!”

  15. Congrats on 300! This was an excellent comic to celebrate it. Everyone’s already commented on most of the good stuff, but I did like the fact that the waitress is drawing a Hamtaro rather than taking their order (unless it’s both?(

        1. Killing and frying hamster for human consumption is wrong, and bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing and frying hamster like badwrong, or badong. YES. Killing and frying hamster for human consumption is BADONG. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing and frying hamster for human consumption. GNODAB.

  16. Another truly great post! Your satire on pop culture is spot on. Very funny (loved how the waitress was simply just drawing a picture instead of an order) The artwork, as always, an ocular treat. Congrats on #300!

    1. As joyful as our Monday was, so mournful was the rest of our week without new Shotgun Shuffle. We sigh under the weight and long for Friday.

        1. At least Jake “The Snake” Roberts is more palatable then Jessie ‘the body’ Ventura. Why they let him into the SEAL reunions still would be beyond me. But then, on the other hand I don’t have to share the same general atmosphere because of being in the same room with him.

          And I think that I’d rather have an elegant afternoon tea downwind from a large scale single farmer pig farm on a high humidity, scorching summer day than to share air with him now. No matter how famous he is/was/or could be.

    1. So we talking about the First Cartoon Shredder (which should really go report to the 80’s café down the road) the Live action movie version, The Live Action TV show or the Coming Out of Their Shells one?

        1. You’re never too young for references! I was two when the 90s ended and I understand all of these!

  17. No bus? My kids never understood why I didn’t like dropping them off and picking them up. I didn’t understand how they couldn’t grasp that waiting behind a quarter mile long linr of cars wasn’t much fun. It got worse with the minivan, because they tried to move the line as quickly as possible, and the door just didn’t move fast enough.

    Consider this lapse before the next comic a chance to fully appreciate the awesomeness that is Number 300.

    1. But than again, kids used to be able to swarm out of school at the end of the day. Now you hear stories about parents being arrested because a spouse got out of the car and – – – gasp – – – walked up to the school to pick up the kids, out of order and cutting in line.

  18. You’re not doing artwork here; you’re creating works of art. We understand this. There’s no need to fret unduly about deadlines you create for yourself. We’re not glaring at stopwatches while you create these miniature worlds for us; we’re just waiting for our cue to applaud.

  19. It’s like everything I grew up with in my pre-teenage years rolled into one place! Too bad it’s not real. :/

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